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									  Do you want to succeed in life? Personal
     Branding is your key to success.

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Personal branding is a very important ingredient to success in your life
Are you employed by someone else or you are self-employed? Do you
know yourself and how others perceive you at your place of work or in
your business? Do you feel happy with the feedback you get from others?
I would like you to focus on how you can brand yourself to be successful
in your endeavors What's personal branding? Before I can go any
further, let's get to understand what a brand is I know there are other
definitions of the word "Brand" But in view of the ideas I am giving you to
lead a successful life, allow me to say that a brand is a collection of all
the perceptions in the mind of your customers Your customers are your
employers, who pay you a monthly salary in exchange for your services
Your customers are again the people who buy from you in your business
Your customers are also all people who relate with you in the day-to-day
running of your business or at your workplace Now the question is, "How
do they percieve you?" Do they perceive you as a corrupt person, a slow
performer, one who is not resourceful, self-driven or a non-achiever?
Whichever the case, you should know that for you to succeed in anything
you do, you need to be perceived positively Personal branding is
therefore the act of building positive perceptions in the mind of your
consumers How can you brand yourself to improve your service
delivery? Anything you do to build positive perceptions in the mind of your
customers is what I am referring to as personal branding There are quite
many things that one can do but I let me give you only 10 basic points
that you need to consider 1 Keep time A good number of people in this
century cannot keep time But let me ask you, "How do you feel if
someone you made an appointment with at 10 00am turns up at 2
00pm?" Obviously, so many things can happen to the two parties I do
not need the answers now but one thing I guess right is that the
consequences are not good If you are just wasting time doing and your
valuable resources doing nothing, you will regret and have nothing to be
proud of in your old age
 There is no time for Africans and for Whites We all have the same time
99% of the time is within your control reduce game lag Lost time is lost
opportunity, lost wealth People who do not keep time are a very weak
brand Cut them out of your way They are disrespectful and can only fail
you, fail your company or your business and make you lose great
opportunities 2 Be passionate I have come across so many people,
who do things for the sake of earning a living They complain almost
about everything: fellow workers, the salary, the workload, I just pity
them Never do something you are not passionate about Passion is the
fuel, catalyst, motivator and a key to success If you are passionate about
your job, your business, your family, your everything, the chances of
succeeding are high People who are passionate about their work, they
do not get tired and they are most of the time self-driven They can
initiate and pursue things to the end They are enthusiastic and even in
business, they always attract many customers
 Do you see how good it is to love what you are doing? 3 Learn to
deliver something extraordinary Let me begin by asking you What's so
special with you that will draw people to you? You are in business or
employed by someone, what's so special in the way you do your work
that will make your customers or employers consider you as a valuable
person? Do something extraordinary to improve your brand as the best
marketer, doctor, teacher, businessman, nurse, driver, administrator,
etc�If you are just an ordinary person in everything you do, I assure
you that you will live to regret and to be frustrated If it's promotion, you
will never get it and so many other opportunities To deliver something
extraordinary, you have to be reliable to your customers, to pursue what
you do to the end, to renew what you do and to renew yourself Do you
see how it works? 4 Read to get knowledge, new information and new
skills How often do you read? Do you get time to read or you are like
those, who say they are too busy to read? Well you can be busy but you
need to know that effectiveness is what matters in life Read to acquire
knowledge and skills and apply them to improve your livelihood and to
improve your service delivery Improved service delivery is key to good
branding Over the years, there are quite a number of things I have learnt
without getting any certificate but they have turned out to be my bread
winners 5 Understand globalisation and technology This again is a very
important issue I know a good number of learned fellows, who lag far
behind in this aspect I would like to tell you that life of a cubical slave is
gone In this era of information, one has to be up-to-date But how will
you if you cannot use the internet? How will you when you just use the
computer like a mere typewriter? How will you when you fear technology?
My simple advice is that learn to look at new technology and re-engineer
yourself before it's too late 6 Market yourself as the best Whatever you
do, do it to the best of your knowledge and ability
 If you are an accountant, be the best accountant The same with
teachers, administrators, doctors, politicians, etc� Position yourself as
the best to improve your brand Do not wait for your bosses, for your
customers to take action Remember that powerlessness is a state of
mind Do not mind about other people misinterpreting your motive when
you are on the right track Know how to market yourself, you will succeed
in your endeavors 7 Be credible To brand yourself as a good
businessman, a good worker, you MUST pass the test of credibility If you
cannot pass the credibility test, then you can never succeed in whatever
you do Trust protects you There are many people out there who think of
earning a living out of fraudulent means At times they are deceived by
unearned monetary gains when they accummulate a lot of money But it's
a matter of time If you think you will harvest where you have not sawn,
then you are yet to be born Learn the law of harvest ! Be honest ! 8 Be
an independent contractor As you work wherever you are, whether
employed by someone else or self-employed, get to understand the
principle of independent contractor You need future references for being
an independent contractor It does not matter whether you are a boss or
a junior staff, whether you are employed or self-employed
 Stop thinking like an employee but see yourself as an agent What you
do at job X will become a reference point to job Y A mason is likely to get
more masonry work if his previous customers recommend him as the
best mason Let me put it like this, you are not working for business X but
you are working with that business as an independent contractor If you
choose to do something, then do it right because it will be your future
reference Good references can lead you to success in your business, in
your work, in your career 9 Have a high level of moral authority
Personal branding demands a high level of moral authority Moral
authority belongs to those people who offer themselves for the wellbeing
of others If you think you will only be to yourself, then you are mistaken
10 Be organised The future is for those who are organised More people
are getting educated but very few people are organised Take it from me
that acquiring good organisational skills is a key to good service delivery
and to success in your business Learn to organise your files, your
documents, your furniture, your office wall hangings, your curtains, your
notice boards, etc� Learn to be organised at your work and at home
Learn to be organised with your finances and your expenditure Good
organisational skills will help you to save time and money, to reduce work
related stress, to be effective, to look respectable, to minimise your costs
and maximize your profits Do you see the benefits? I conclude by urging
you to develop positve perceptions in the eyes of others to brand your
self well
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