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									GolfLogix: Golf GPS

User Guide for:

BlackBerry Bold 9000 & Bold 2 9700

Bold 9000 Version 1.4
Bold 2 9700 Version 1.1

Table of Contents                         Page                               Page                        Page
Getting Started                                    Measure My Shot            17     In My Bag            33

  Downloading the GolfLogix Application     4      Log your Club              18     Manage Stats         34

  Optimal Settings                          5    Statistics                         Support

Welcome to GolfLogix                               Statistics & Scoring       19     GolfLogix Support    35

  Sign Up as Free Member                    9      Current Round              22     Update Par Data      36

  24 hour Champion Expiration              10      Edit Current Round         23

  Become a Champion Member                 10      Previous Rounds            26

  Activating Membership                    11      Delete Club Performance    27

Play Golf                                          Delete Previous Rounds     28

  Search for Courses                       12      GolfLogix Community        29

  Hazard-Layups                            14    Settings

  Aerial Imagery                           15      Set Defaults               31

  Green screen                             16      Registration Info          32

If this user guide does not answer all of your questions please call our
customer service department at toll-free 1-877-977-0162 option 1. We are
open Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm Arizona Time.

Getting Started:
Downloading the GolfLogix Application
The GolfLogix application can be downloaded to your BlackBerry Bold three different ways, each having the same
end result.
Visit our website at select BlackBerry on the left side of the website, and then select your
BlackBerry Bold Model. Then you will have three download options to choose from…

                                      SAMPLE SCREEN
Getting Started:
Optimal Settings
Battery Life: To optimize the battery-life on your BlackBerry Bold while using the GolfLogix GPS application on the course:
   1. IMPORTANT: Adjust your screen brightness to less than 50%.
               Press the Options icon on your Bold, select the screen/keyboard option, and then scroll down to the Backlight
               Brightness option

                Select the Backlight brightness with your trackball and scroll down to at least 50%, once you have selected
               your desired backlight setting press the back key. You will then be prompted to save your changes.


   2    IMPORTANT: Always start your rounds with a 100% fully-charged battery.

Battery Life: To optimize the battery life on your BlackBerry Bold while using the GolfLogix GPS application on the course:

   4. External Battery Chargers can be used as a backup source during your round. A top-of-the line external battery charger
      is available at and members receive discounted pricing on all GolfLogix accessories.

Getting Started:
Optimal Settings
GPS Accuracy: To optimize GPS signals on your BlackBerry Bold while using the GolfLogix GPS application on the course:
   1. IMPORTANT: Be sure your location services are on, and finding coordinates (Note: Finding coordinates is not always
      available on all networks.)
               Press the Options icon on your Bold, select the Advanced Options option, and then scroll down to the GPS

               Once in the GPS option be sure your location services are set to “ON” not “E911” only. If you can refresh your
               GPS please do so by selecting the menu button and pressing “Refresh GPS”; some phones cannot do this.

Getting Started:
Optimal Settings (continued)
GPS Accuracy: To optimize the GPS signals on your BlackBerry Bold, while on the course:

   2. Use a mount or case like shown below so your BlackBerry Bold always has a clear view of the sky. The mounts and
   cases shown below are available at and members receive discounted pricing on all GolfLogix accessories.

Welcome To GolfLogix:
Registration Screen

Sign Up as Free Member – Establishes the free lifetime Club Membership
which has access to the following features: Pro-level stat tracking. The first 24
hours under the free Club Membership grants access to all Champion Member

Champion Membership is an annual $39.95 with all of the Club Member
features plus GPS yardage readings & the ability to measure your shot and log
your club. Champion Member features will no longer be available after the 24
hour trial.

24 hour Champion expiration

After the 24 hour trial ends (this screen only comes up after 24 hours has passed
from when a course was downloaded), there will be a screen asking if you’d like to
‘Continue as a Club Member’ or ‘Become a Champion Member’.

 Continuing as a Club Member will only have access to pro-level stat tracking & Aerial
Imagery. If you choose to become a champion member and pay the annual $39.95,
you will have full access to all features of the GolfLogix application which include
GPS yardage readings, measuring your shot, logging your club and all of the Club
Member features.

Activating Membership

Activate Member Code – Visit to sign up as a Champion
Member. Once you’ve signed up you will receive a member code either from
the membership confirmation page or an email confirmation. Select this
option if you have the Member Code. Enter the Member code and press ‘Tee it
Up’ to activate your Champion Membership on the phone.

Only press ‘Activate
Member Code’ if you’ve
already paid for the
Champion Membership
and decided not to try
the application first.
The Member Code can
only be used once to
associate your phone to
the membership.

Play Golf:
Search for My Course
Course Selection - The GolfLogix application gives you immediate
wireless access to more than 25,800+ golf courses mapped around the
world so there isn’t any syncing or loading with a computer.
There are two ways to search for a golf course, either by your current
location or an optimized search through our entire golf course list.

My Current Location - Pressing this option will show you the closest
courses sorted by your current location. Select a course from the list to
download and start playing golf.

Course List - Pressing this option will allow you to sort through the
entire GolfLogix database of golf courses. Select a Country, then a
State/Province, then look at all of the golf courses in a City or type in
course names to filter the results. Select a course from the final list to
download and start playing golf.

Scoring and Stat-Tracking Options - This screen will show before you start your round. Pressing ‘Yes’ will allow you
to keep your score and track your stats during this round. The ‘Enter My Stats and Score’ screen will automatically
appear when you are finished with each hole.

Press ‘No’ and you will not see the scoring and stat screen in between each hole.

Aerial Imagery - This screen will show up after you select a starting hole and press ‘Play Golf’. Keep in mind
downloading the aerial imagery will increase the download time to download the course data.

Press ‘No’ if you do not wish to use aerial imagery.

Play Golf:
Hazard-Layups Screen
Hazard-Layups Screens - These screens display all of the
hazards, layups, and the green center yardages on Par 4 and Par
5 holes. The ‘To Green Center’ line will remain on the top of this
screen at all times. Please note: GPS calculates a straight line
distance from where you are standing to the center of the green
whereas tee box plates read down the center of the fairway to
pivot points on the hole and then to the center of the green.
Therefore, GPS distances and tee box plates will never match
up on Par 4 and Par 5 tee boxes.

When your location gets within 150 yards of a hazard-layup point, that hazard-layup will automatically disappear
from the list and the remaining hazard-layups on the hole will move up the screen. The remaining hazard-layups can
always be seen by scrolling the track ball down from the last showing hazard-layups line.

When the golfer is within 200 yards of the center of the green, this screen will change to a Green Screen.

Play Golf:
Aerial Imagery
You will see the fairway of every hole on the course, if
applicable. You can also zoom in and out and scroll up and
down using the specified hot keys.

Zoom in: Press the ‘I’ key.
Zoom out: Press the ‘O’ key
Scroll up: Press the ‘K’ key
Scroll down: Press the ‘M’ key

Play Golf:
Green Screen
Green Screens - These screens always display the front-center-
back distances to the green when you are within 200 yards of the
center of the green or playing a Par 3 hole.

You can use the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons on all Play screens to
view other targets on your existing holes or to move to a different

Play Golf:
Measure My Shot
Measure My Shot - At the bottom of all of the Hazards-Layups and Green screens, you can activate the ‘Measure My
Shot’ feature by pressing the “Space Bar” on your phone. This feature will calculate the distance from where you hit
your ball to where it landed and then log which club you hit. Pressing ‘Reset My Shot’ stops the ‘Measure My Shot’
calculation without logging a club.

Measure My Shot (Continued)

Log My Club - After pressing ‘Log My Club’ use the picker
wheel to highlight which club you hit, then press ‘Continue
Playing’ which will take you back to the appropriate Hazard-
Layups and Green screens.

Pressing the ‘Statistics’ icon at the bottom of the Hazard-
Layups and Green screens will take you to the screens where
you can view all of your club distances.

The names of your golf clubs that are showing in the picker
wheel can be edited by pressing the ‘Setup’ icon, then selecting
‘In My Bag’. This can be done prior to your round of golf.

Statistic and Scoring Features
Enter My Stats-Score
The Enter My Stats-Scores screen will appear when you are finished with each hole,
also you can manually bring up the Stats-Scores screen anytime you want during the hole
by pressing the ‘S’ key. Each statistic on the BlackBerry Bold is entered on one screen.
Once you highlight your option and press enter on the trackball the next statistics screen
will automatically come up. There are six screens in total.

The ‘My Score’ page defaults to the par on the hole you are currently playing.
Use the trackball to scroll and highlight your score.

The ‘# of Putts’ page always defaults to 2 putts. Use the trackball to scroll and
highlight your number of putts on this hole.

The ‘Fairway Hit?’ question defaults to ‘Yes’. If your first shot on this hole landed in
the fairway, you can leave this on ‘Yes’ and continue to the next question. If your
first shot did not land in fairway, select ‘No Left’ or ‘No Right’ based on where it
landed, then continue to the next question.

Statistic and Scoring Features (Continued)

Scoring and Stat Features (continued)
The ‘Green in Regulation?’ question always defaults on ‘Yes’. If you landed on the
green with two putt attempts remaining before reaching the par set for this hole,
then you can leave the answer on ‘Yes’, if not select ‘No’.

The ‘Chips/Sand’ picker wheel always defaults to ‘0’. Use the trackball to scroll
and highlight the number of Chips/Sand shots you hit on this hole.

The ‘Penalties’ picker wheel always defaults to ‘0’. Use the trackball to scroll and
highlight the number of Penalty shots you want to record on this hole.
Once you have entered the penalties screen and pressed enter on the trackball,
the application will take you to the next hole’s hazard and layup screen.

Statistics Tab
My Statistics and Scores
The Statistics and Scores screen can be accessed at any time by clicking
the “Menu” button and then selecting the statistics option. In this area you
can edit or view all rounds that you have stored within the application.
                      BlackBerry Menu Button
Current Round
The Current Round option will let you access all your statistics of your
current round of golf.
Previous Rounds
The Previous Rounds option will let you access all your statistics of any
previous round recorded.
Cumulative Stats
The Cumulative Stats option will give you an overall summary of all your rounds combined.

Sync Score-Stat will sync your stats to your personal Annual Member
website located at

Current Round
When you enter the Current Round option you will have several
options you can perform.

My Score Card – This
option will allow you to
see your current round
score in a professional
score card view.

Current Round (Continued)
Edit My Current Round – This option will allow you to edit any stats you have entered throughout the course of your
current round. When this option is pressed it will bring up the same ‘Enter My Stats’ screen described in the previous
section. From here you can make any changes and your stats and score
cards will be updated instantly.

Note: If you press the ‘Edit My Current Round’ button while in the
middle of a round. The edit screen will pull up with the current hole you
are on. (Example: If you press the ‘Edit My Current Round’ on Hole 14,
then Hole 14 will be the first hole displayed for editing.)

Current Round (Continued)

My Club Performance – Every time you measure a shot and log it with a
specific club, the results are stored here. GolfLogix will average each
club for you, and even record what hole you hit the club on.
If you click the name of club then it will display individual club stats for
each hole.

Current Round (Continued)

My Current Round Summary – This option will combine all of your
recorded stats from your current and all previous rounds. It will summarize
all statistics and scoring.

Previous Rounds

Cumulative Stats – When the cumulative stats option is pressed the application will combine all of your recorded
rounds into one summarized report.

Previous Rounds (Continued)
My Club Performance - You will be able to delete shots that you’ve measured by selecting ‘Delete’ then
highlighting what shot you want to delete, the text will turn white, and press down on the trackball. When the
shot has been removed, press the ‘Done’ option.





Previous Rounds (Continued)

Delete Previous Rounds –To delete previous rounds, press the menu button and go into ‘Statistics’. In ‘Statistics’
press ‘Previous Rounds’ and then press the ‘Delete’ option. A prompt will come up and ask to select which round you
wish to delete. Highlight the round you want to delete and press down on the trackball. The round will no longer be
counted toward your ‘Stats-Scores’ and will removed from the phone.

GolfLogix Community
The GolfLogix Community is open to everyone. However, as a GolfLogix Smartphone member you are able to sync
your rounds from the GolfLogix application to your personal Community profile. This will allow you to view and
manage your rounds from the convenience of your work or home computer. Visit the link below to login and view
your synced rounds as well as challenge your friends, create local tournaments and meet other golfers from around
the world:
If you do not have a GolfLogix Smartphone membership, feel free to join & participate in the community. You will be
able to do everything our Smartphone members can do besides sync rounds from the GolfLogix application to your
Community profile.

GolfLogix Community (Continued)
Transfer Membership – Allow you to
transfer your membership from one
supported phone to another supported
phone. You will have a transfer limit of 3
times and only one phone can have
membership associated to it.

Change Login Info – Allows you to
change your email login and password.

Update Billing Info – Allows you to
change your Billing and Credit Card

Remove Community Profile –
Currently this option cancels your
GolfLogix Champion Membership.

Set Defaults
From the setup tab you can access the default options. From here you can set some general options to your user

Distance Unit - This option will allow you to change the
measuring system from yards to meters.

Score-Stats – With this option you can turn the scoring
features ON or OFF. When the option is set to OFF the
scoring pages will not appear in between holes until you turn
the option back ON. (NOTE: At the beginning of each round
you will be prompted to confirm whether or not you want to
utilize the Score-Stats features)

Backlight – The Backlight feature will allow you to turn ON or
OFF the screens backlight timeout on your Bold.

Registration Info
From the setup tab you can access and edit the registration
information you filled out when first registering the

Golfer’s Full Name – Update your full name.

Golfer’s Phone – Update your phone number.

Golfer’s Handicap – Update your handicap.

Once you have updated all or any fields, press the blue “Update” button by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the

In My Bag
From the setup tab you can access the ‘In My Bag’ option. This option will allow you to customize your club selection
list, as well as custom name each club.
Delete a Club – Select a club and press enter on the track ball. The club will become highlighted in blue, then press
the “–“in the top right hand corner. A confirmation message will appear asking if you want to delete the club.

In My Bag (Continued)
Add a Club and Custom Name your Clubs – Click on the Blue ‘+’ sign in the upper right hand corner to add or press
the ‘Edit’ button to edit the name of any clubs you wish. When you add your clubs click the “Save” button and your
club list will be populated with the changes.

Email GolfLogix Support
Please use the ‘Email GolfLogix Support’ to ask us any questions or
provide us with feedback.

Our Frequently Asked Questions will address many items that may
come up throughout your round.

Send to a Friend
If you like our application, please send it to a friend!

Update Par on Scorecard
GolfLogix has over 25,800+ courses mapped and we realize how often courses update or change their layouts. If you
ever play a course in which the par data is wrong you have the ability to update it instantly. Once you have finished
your update press the “Submit to GolfLogix” button so that we can correct our master file for future rounds. When
you have updated the information, simply press the play button to see the changes immediately.


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