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       Scope of Biological Sciences in Space -14 Points Times (NewRoman) Bold for Title
                                              1 blank line
       Taroh Kasei1, Hanako Tsuki2, 10 point Times (New Roman) for Author, Superscript number on right if affilia-
       tion of authors is more than two
       	         	         	        	         1	blank	line
         Cosmos	Univ.
         Astro. Observatory on Moon, 10 point Times (New Roman) for Affiliation, Superscript number for different affiliation.
               	 	         	        	         1	blank	line
               Abstract		Abstract and body text should be typed with 10 point (pt) font; the preferred typeface is Times
        10mm (NewRoman). The font size and position for superscript or subscript characters should be chosen so 10mm
               that these characters will not intrude into other lines. Your manuscript should be prepared on a word
               processor and exported to a PDF file. On the first page of the manuscript type the title in bold (14 point)
               letters. Leave one blank lines between the title of the paper and the author(s) name(s) block. For multiple
               authors of different institutions, identify the authors by a superscript number(s) after each author’s name.
               (If all authors have the same affiliation, omit the superscript.) Leave one blank line between the author(s)
               name(s) and a block giving the author(s) affiliation(s). Use superscript number(s) at the beginning to
               identify each institutional address. The title, names of authors and addresses shold be right justified.
               1	blank	line
       Major section headings should be in bold and                      of your photograph if original photos are in color. It	 is	
       Italic                                                            highly recommended that figures and drawings are saved
                                                                         as gray scale TIFF (EPS) files before embedding them
       Major sub-section heading should be in Italic                     into word processing or desktop publishing file, which
           A short, informative abstract must be at the beginning
                                                                         is converted to PDF for the submission. Other format of
       of each paper. Leave one blank lines between the
                                                                         figures and drawings may induces processing errors. All	
       author(s) affiliation and the Abstract identification.
                                                                         figures must have a figure caption beneath the figure.
       Indent the abstract text on both sides. Leave one blank
                                                                              Resolution of the figures should be adjusted to
       line between the end of the abstract and the main text.
20mm                                                                     350 dpi (minimum:300 dpi; and maximun:600 dpi).                              20mm
       Major section titles are in bold and Italic, beginning at
                                                                         Resolution of figures created by PowerPoint should be
       the left margin of the composition area.
                                                                         adjusted to the right resolution before your put them in
           All paragraphs of text are indented 5 mm in Word
                                                                         your manuscript. The PPT resolution comes with 576
       proportional text. Do not leave blank lines between
                                                                         dpi. Screenshot are not recommended because of its low
       paragraphs within each section.
                                                                         resolution (72 dpi) .
       Major sub-section headings                                            Note that the label of Y axis of graph created by Excel
           Major sub-section headings in bold and Italic type 8mm are poor in its quality. (Adobe Illustrator is recommended
       begin at the left margin. Thus if any section or sub              for drawing figures).
       section titles appear one after the other, space (2 mm)               Figure captions should be in 8 point Times (New
       should be inserted between them. Do not leave any blank           Roman). The manuscript must be written in readable
       line under any section heads.                                     E n g l i s h . D o n ’t p l a c e p a g e n u m b e r s . S i n c e t h e
                                                                         information that is sent by authors is directly transformed
       Figures and Tables                                                to the table of contents on our Journal (Vol.20 No.3)
           All manuscript are printed in grayscale. Check contrast       and the database publicly accecible at Medline without
                                                                         any modification or editing. Title and author(s) shall be
                                                                         correctly spelled. Any changes from the original inputs
                                                                         made by online will not be acceptable.
                                                                             For details of annual meeting, please visit our

                                                                                              Table 1 Annual Meeting of JSBSS
                                                                                          Figure and Table should be in English.
        Fig. 1. Figure Title in 8 point Times (or NewRoman).
                                                                                   Manuscript prepared in PDF file (print quality) should be
        Figure caption should be in English. Font is 8 point Times (New
                                                                                   submitted for the publication.
        Roman), 10 point for line spacing.

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