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Food and Drink - PowerPoint


									Food and Drink
     Food and Drink – vocabulary
Can you put these sentences into the right order?
1. I for usually toast breakfast     1. I usually have toast and
and orange juice have.               orange juice for breakfast.
2. I tomatoes never eat they         2. I never eat tomatoes
make because me sick.                because they make me sick.
3. lunch I normally eat a and        3. I normally eat a sandwich
some time fruit sandwich at.         and some fruit at lunch time.
4. o’clock eat never after seven     4. I never eat anything after
anything I.                          seven o’clock.
5. I headaches coffee drinking       5. I stopped drinking coffee
because it gave me stopped.          because it gave me headaches.
6. I water day try half a of        6. I try to drink at least a litre
litre to drink at least every a and and a half of water every day
7. night big every pizza             7. Every Saturday night I have
Saturday great I have a.             a great big pizza.
8. I eating wish could I stop        8. I wish I could stop eating
meals between.                       between meals.
         Ingredients and food.
How many vegetables can     Potato, cauliflower, lettuce,
you write down in English?  carrot, onion, tomato,
                            cucumber, pepper…
How many different kinds of Apple, orange, banana,
fruit can you write down in pineapple, cherry, mango,
English?                    pear, strawberry, grape…

How many ways of cooking      Boil, fry, roast (with oil), bake
can you think of? For         (without oil), grill, microwave
example, boil…                (verb), barbeque…
Please write down as many     Knife, fork, spoon, fridge,
objects as you can that you   cooker, microwave, sink,
can find in a kitchen.        kettle, toaster…

       - Tell me about the food
         that you don’t like.
       - What do you usually buy
         from the supermarket?

       - Listen to the lady telling
         her husband what to buy
         from the supermarket.
         Write down three things
         she wants.
Listen again and answer the questions

1. What vegetables does she        Tomatoes, salad and onions
2. What fruit does she want?       bananas

3. What is she going to cook?      Cod (Fish), coleslaw and new
4. What pudding do you decide to   Rice pudding and strawberry jam
buy? (two items)
5. What alcohol does she want?     A bottle of rose wine

6. Write two other things she      Some shampoo and conditioner
wants you to buy.                  (Vosine), bleach and toilet rolls
  Talk about these food questions
          with a partner.
1. What food do you really   5. Are you allergic to
   like?                        anything?
2. Do you make your own      6. What’s the strangest
   food? If not, who does?      thing you’ve ever eaten?
                             7. How important is the food
3. Tell me how to cook          you eat? Do you live to
   something –anything!         eat or eat to live?
4. Do people where you       8. What is traditional food in
   live eat healthy food?       your country?
Writing: Recipe – Beans on Toast
Ingredients                         Method
3 slices of bread               •   Open the beans and pour
A tin of beans                      them into a saucepan. Heat
                                    the pan on the cooker until
Butter                              the beans are hot, but don’t
Salt                                burn them.
Tomato Sauce                    •   At the same time, make
                                    three pieces of toast in the
Now please write a recipe for       toaster.
your favourite food.          •     Now butter the toast.
- Say what ingredients you need     Pour the beans over the
- Explain how to make the dish.     toast and serve with a pinch
                                    of salt or tomato sauce.
Please write 100 words

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