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       Earn a steady income
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You will need :
A ShareCash Account , to sign-up
A Googlemail Account, Click here to sign-up its free.
Mozilla FireFox Webbrowser, Download here.
AutoPager Add-on for FireFox, Download here.
Notepad (Optional)
                                                           Investment needed : $0
Proof of earnings and some inspiration :                   Difficulty level : Easy
My tested method of making
upto 300 Dollars daily :
Step one :
You are going to be searching for e-mail adresses so goto, click on "Search settings" in the top right corner
and change the number of results to display "100" per page, now click
save preferences. In the search bar you will type a keyword(s) and the e-
mail extension in speech marks. For example :
My keyword ""

What this will do is search for webpages that contain Gmail e-mail
adresses and that are also to do with your keyword. The speech marks
around "" make sure that "" is on every webpage
that is a result of the search. E.G, you could type "peanuts" and every page
that is found must contain the word "peanuts" somewhere in the text.

You can also search single websites for e-mail adresses as shown on the
example below; ""
The example shown above will search the whole of for
"" email adresses.

I recommend that your search has atleast 1000 results.
Step two :
With your results in focus, click the arrow at the side of the AutoPager icon
as shown in the picture below. Then goto "Immediately load > All pages" .

Step two continued :
With your search results still in focus, scroll all the way down and
AutoPager should load the next page of results onto the same page you
are currently on. Keep scrolling till all pages have loaded onto the same

Step three :
Press "ctrl + a" to select all of the pages then press "ctrl + c" to copy the
With the results still in the clipboard (Still copied) goto .
Paste your results into the first box which says "1. Put text with email
addresses here:"
The settings should already be correct with "unique emails" and "sort
ticked" and also "new line" should be selected.
Step three continued :
Click "Start Extracting Emails" and the e-mail adresses should show in the
results box below almost instantly.
Now copy the results from the results box paste them into notepad.
Sometimes the e-mail adresses seem to end in ".com." instead of just
".com" so in notepad goto "Edit > Replace" and in the "Find what" textbox
type ".com." without the speechmarks in the "Replace with" textbox type
".com" , without the speechmarks.

Step four - The Final Step :
In notepad press "ctrl + a" and then "ctrl + c" to copy all your e-mail
adresses then goto .
 Log-in to your Googlemail account and click on "compose mail" in the left
corner. In the "To" box paste in your e-mail adresses.
In the "Subject" box type in "RE : Breakup" without the speechmarks.
Now before entering the main text of the e-mail it would be best to go
over to and uploading a video file, i suggest around
5mb and make a note of the download url of the file once it is uploaded.

Go back to your open Googlemail page and in the message body enter
the following :

You really got the guts to break up with me over email,bitch??!?!

Tell you what! I just made a nice compilation of your/our best scenes
and put it up for download on YourShareCashLink.

Oh and btw: This email just went out to your parents. I bet they didn't know you're
into dirty stuff like this.


Your ex bf
Now click send ofcourse. And well done thats how easy it was, just wait
for the money to start pouring in!

I hope you learnt something new from this e-book.

Your's Sincerely,
    A ShareCash affiliate.

Disclaimer : I am in no way responsible in how you use this information. This
information is for educational purposes only.

You may not edit, resell or handout the information provided in this e-book.

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