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									        What do you think?
• Complete the following statements.
1. “Electricity is…”

2. “Electricity comes from…”
                 What is it?
• It is NOT just the flow of electrons
  – That is one instance of electricity.

• It IS the flow of charged particles.
  – Electrons
  – Protons (if you can get them by themselves)
  – Ions (very common)
• Do electrons flow
  – Wire
  – Metals

• Do positive atoms flow
  – When you stick your hand in a light socket
  – Inside batteries
            Boiling water
• The most common way to “make”
  electricity is to boil water.
• This boiled water is steam that turns
• Turning those turbines moves magnets.
• Conserve electricity?
  – Electricity is not renewable nor nonrenewable
  – The stuff use to generate electricity is.

• We convert other types of energy
  (gravitational potential energy, chemical
  energy, mechanical energy) into electrical
• Spin magnets inside a coil of wire and you
  have electricity (or spin the coil).
  – It’s that easy!
• The tough part is making it spin fast and
  keep spinning.
• The top fuel to boil the water is coal
   – Nearly 50% of electricity generated in the US is by
     coal power stations.
• Other:
   –   Natural gas
   –   Falling water
   –   Nuclear fission
   –   Wind
   –   Solar
   –   geothermal
       Now we have to move it
• It’s very hard to
  “store” electricity.

• We must move it from
  the power plant to
  your house.

• William Stanley –

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