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									Influencing Energy Systems for Longevity

There are ever-increasing ways to manipulate and enhance your health that
will bring about a longer healthier life. The more you practise these,
the greater the accumulative effects on the outcome of your health. Our
bodies are extremely complex things that resist change of any kind. To
'keep things as they are' is one of the primary functions of our body.To
bring about changes; spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically
requires applying knowledge on many levels to get results.

Taking a well-chosen pill will possibly give you a result you are looking
for. However, there is no magic bullet. One adjustment will produce a
certain limited result. Combining many improvements will multiply the
effect on Longevity. Here, we are looking for an improvement in the
quality of life too. Practicing these improvements daily, without fail,
will help to sustain your life extension, Longevity.

Internal Energy Systems.

The following Cosmic Connections need to be well constructed and solidly
established. When they are not, all manner of; mental, emotional,
physical and even spiritual issues can arise. Administering the right
advice and metaphysical therapy is critical here.

The Higher Self.

Opening up the 'higher self' will connect the individual to a 'greater
creative' awareness, the Great Love, the Oneness of all Creation and the
special part we have to play in it. When this 'Cosmic Connection' is
made, the individual becomes profoundly aware of the value of life,
especially their own. This experience is life changing and awe-inspiring.
Life takes on a new meaning and direction when you 'know' who you are and
where you are in the 'scheme of things'.

Once the Higher Self is opened, other areas of our consciousness can be
explored. We can open areas of; clairvoyance, clairaudience etc.
Discovering our 'higher abilities' is not only rewarding but essential.
It can help us grow beyond our limits, to give us more meaning and
purpose in this life and further into our spiritual evolution.

The Chakras.

Very generally, stimulating the higher Chakras will open up our
Spiritual, Mental and Emotional abilities. Stimulating our lower Chakras
will enhance our Earthly pursuits. Great care must be taken when
stimulating these 'Power Centers'. When the wrong kind of energy or too
much energy is sent through these Vortexes, the lower Systems (nerves,
brain etc.) can be overloaded and ' burnt out'.

The general approach is to enhance with balance. Stimulation of the
Centers individually sometimes only moves the condition onto another
level, which then needs to be rebalanced. Testing, recording and
compiling a 'combined balancing treatment' is far more effective, since
treating several Chakras together will give a better result while
enhancing the whole. Getting the correct knowledge and training here is
essential, not only to stimulate correctly but also to map out what you
want to explore and achieve.


This simple yet effective system of alternative healing has been around
for some time. It requires extensive training and practice. The Chinese
'barefoot doctors 'used this healing system profoundly well. They would
travel from town to town making it a very important health service to the
villages. Hard working farmers with poor diets found this health service
essential in keeping their bodies healthy and free from ailments. This
tradition has been handed down to modern Acupuncture and Acupressure
practices and remains a critical addition to the healing choices at our

We can enhance the health and longevity of our bodies by stimulating
these 'Energy Centers' already within us. These 'doorways' into our true
selves are waiting to be discovered and opened. There are so many areas
within us where we can 'tap into' and influence to give us longer,
happier and healthier lives. Having 'quality of life' is important too,
since it is here we truly begin to experience the true wonder that is our
body in this life.

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