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Causes of American Revolution by yurtgc548


									                         Causes of
                                                             Tea act 1773
     Proclamation of 1763
                                                                            Intolerable Acts of 1774
                         Townshend Acts of 1767

                        Stamp Act of 1766
                                                                   Boston Tea Party 1773
French and Indian war
                                            Boston Massacre 1770
   The French and Indian
The French and Indian War started in southwestern Pennsylvania 250 years ago
when France, Great Britain and Native Americans battled for control of one of the
most important pieces of real estate in North America during the 18th century. As
the British colonies became more populated and prosperous, their citizens began
to look towards the rich lands across the Appalachian mountains as providing new
opportunities for settlement and economic growth. The French became worried
about British encroachments into this region. The conflict resulted in the British
acquiring Canada , while Spain gained Louisiana in compensation for its loss of
Florida to the British.
   Proclamation of 1763
This law was put in act to keep peace in American colonies. The law stated that
colonists could not settle west of the Appellation mountains. This did not go well
with the colonists because owning land meant everything to the colonists. The
colonist ignored the law and moved west anyway. In effect closed off the frontier.
  Stamp Act
The stamp act was the first attempt of Britain tax. The act required that each
sheet of every legal document was stamped to show that a tax had been paid.
The colonist were angry because there was no representatives in parliament
therefore parliament could not tax them. The colonists reacted by boycotting
British goods. The British did not give up to the colonists instead they passed
the declaratory act which give parliament the right to rule and tax colonist.
    Townshed Acts
The town shed acts were a way to tax the colonists without offence. There are five
townshed acts. They were a plan to trick colonists to cut the British land tax and
tax colonists instead. The colonists reacted to these acts by boycotting British
goods. Even though taxes were not high colonists believed this was just the start
for British to take over colonists.
Boston Massacre
 no March 5, 1770 the Boston massacre began. Five men had been
 shot to death in Boston town by British soldiers. The event known as
 the Boston Massacre was a mob of men and boys taunting a sentry
 standing guard at the city's customs house. When other British
 soldiers came to the sentry's support, a free-for-all ensued and shots
 were fired into the crowd. Four died on the spot and a fifth died after
 four days. Six others were wounded. The soldiers were arrested for
 murder but with the help of John Adams and Josiah Quincy six
 soldiers were acquitted.
Tea Act
The Tea act was not suppose to raise revenue in the American colonies, and in
fact imposed no new taxes. It was designed to prop up the East India
Company which was floundering financially and burdened with eighteen million
pounds of unsold tea. This tea was to be shipped directly to the colonies, and
sold at a bargain price. America found reason to believe that this act was a
maneuver to buy popular support for the taxes already in force. Colonist did
not like the tea act and boycotted tea. The Boston massacre was a result of
the tea act.
Boston Tea Party
The British East India
Company had controlled
all tea trading between
India and the British
colonies. As a result of
the tea tax, the colonies
refused to buy the British
tea. And on December 16,
1773, a group of men
known as the" Sons of
Liberty" went to the
Boston Harbor. The men
were dressed as Mohawk
Indians. They boarded
three British ships and
dumped forty-five tons of
tea into the Boston
Intolerable acts
The Intorerable acts were past to take more control over American
  colonies. There were five acts.
 The first act which is the Quarting act, was passed on March 24,
  1765. this act stated that all colonist were to house every British
  soldier who came to there door and asked to stay.
 The second act (the Boston port act ) closed the port of Boston
  until all damages from the Boston tea party were paid for. This
  act was put into law on June 1, 1774.
 The third act was the Administrative of justice act. This act said
  that British officials would not be able to be tried in provincial
 The Massachusetts government act was the fourth act. This act
  gave British control of the town meeting and took control out of
  colonist hands.
 The fifth and final act is the Quebec. It changed the Canadian

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