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									The Nevada INBRE ( is pleased to support an UNSOM Resident Research Block.

Proposals due by January 26, 2012. Please submit them electronically as pdf files to

Residents will have a 3 month opportunity to select a research block in an academic year if approved by their program
director. The three month research block will be selected competitively. Selection will be by review by a committee
composed of basic science and clinician researchers. Residents will be asked to submit a 3 page proposal for their
project accompanied by a letter of support from their identified research mentor and program director. The proposal
will include rationale including evidence of a literature search, study design and proposed analysis, and contribution that
the study will make to medicine.

To be eligible for this activity, residents must complete the following before beginning their research block:
       Participate in the IRB course and be certified by CITI
       Receive IRB approval of their project (submission must occur far enough in advance of research block to ensure
       Meet with the research mentor to prepare the implementation of the study so that data collection and/or
        experiments can begin as close to the start date of the research block as possible and have a dissemination plan
        following the completion of the project
       Participate in the UC Davis one week research intensive course in summer of year of research block – (funding
        will be provided to attend the course and educational time will be used for this)

The application must outline the schedule/timeline of how these preliminary requirements will be met as part of the
body of the proposal.
     The proposal must include a completed PHS 398 Cover Page including boxes 4 (Human Subjects Protection) and
       5 (Vertebrate Animals). If the research involves either vertebrate animals or human subjects contact Nancy
       Moody for instructions on providing information on IACUC approval or Protection of Human
     Submissions must be written with an NIH approved font (Arial, Helvetica, Palatino Linotype or Georgia typeface
       and a font size of 11 points or larger). Standard 1 inch margins apply.
     Page limit of 3 pages not including references, or budget.
     Application to include: Introduction, Study Objectives, Research Methodology, Proposed Analysis, Contribution
       to the field of medicine
     Appendices to include references, data collection instruments, study instruments (screening tools, anxiety
       measures, etc.), and budget
     Supplies budget not to exceed $2,200 accompanied by a justification.
     Support/approval letter from program director with mention of good standing in program.
     Support letter from an identified, qualified research mentor who will also articulate how the project will be
       completed (if not done at the conclusion of the three months) as well as a formal plan for data interpretation
       and dissemination of results (e.g. posters, manuscripts).

Publications and posters supported by the INBRE must include the following acknowledgement of support: This publication [or
presentation or poster] was made possible by NIH Grant Number P20 RR-016464 from the INBRE Program of the National Center for
Research Resources.

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