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					    Resources for Research :
Allison Library and UBC Campus
    “Everything is freely available
          on the Internet”

Most scholarly resources found:
        In print or
        Through subscription and password protected databases
Key Resources for a Good Paper
1.   Reference sources:
           Includes subject encyclopedias (not Wikipedia), dictionaries, etc.
           Provide good overview of topic and useful terminology for
            further research
           Found in the Reference section of library
2.   Library catalogue(s): Allison / VST, UBC, St. Mark’s
           Search for books
           Subject headings
3.   Journals/ serials:
           Articles
               Indexes, either print or electronic databases
Subject headings

   Best way to search
   Found in the record of an item on the
   Also in the Library of Congress Subject
    Headings (LCSH)
          Big “red books” by reference desk
Subject Searching

   Click on a title to find the complete information
    and subjects
   Subjects can provide other terminology for
    further searching
   Each of the subjects is hyper-linked and will
    take you to titles with that particular subject
Journal articles

   Print or electronic formats (full text)
   Found in indexes—print and/or computer
   Indexes
       provide information about the article (citation)
       may provide abstract
       may include full text
Journal Databases
Allison Library online databases requiring username &
   password (available at circulation desk)

   Ebsco databases:
       ATLA—main database for theology and religion
            Some full-text articles
            Scripture search function (also on NTA & OTA)
       New Testament Abstracts (NTA)
       Old Testament Abstracts (OTA)
       Catholic Periodical Literature Index (CPLI)
       Christian Periodical Index
Journal databases (Allison)

• Religious and Theological Abstracts (RTA)
       Some overlap with above sources
       For best results, search several databases

   ProQuest Religion database
       Mostly full text
Journal databases (UBC)
Useful databases through UBC library website
       must have a UBC card to access these
   Academic Search Complete:
       multi-disciplinary database includes some religion and
       mostly full text
   JSTOR:
       multi-disciplinary database, generally providing full runs of
       mostly full text
Journal databases (cont.)

   Philosopher’s Index:
       Provides abstracts from books and journals of philosophy and
        related fields
   Eric:
       Citations and abstracts from education-related journals
       Think broadly—education covers a wide array of topics
   PsychINFO and 3 other Psych databases:
       Citations and summaries from psychology-related journals
   MLA :
       for literature, but no full-text
• Many more
Subject Guides from UBC

   Useful for indicating which databases (and
    some print resources) to search
   Most subjects for Regent students will be in the
    Arts and Humanities
   But may be other possibilities
    •   E.g. Family studies—for some APPL courses or
    •   Business/ commerce—for some INDS courses or
UBC databases

   You must set up your computer with VPN or
    proxy server before connecting to UBC
   Click on the “Connecting from home” link for
    instructions on how to do this

   Regent students cannot register for CWL
    directly on UBC site
   Go to Regent’s Student Services reception on
    lower floor for CWL request form
   Once you have a CWL, follow the instructions
    to set up your computer with the VPN
    according to your computer’s operating system
    (See previous slide or UBC site)
Proxy Server

   If you don’t have a CWL you can still access
    the UBC databases via the proxy server
       More steps involved each time
       UBC recommends the VPN
    E.g. If you use
Firefox, click the Text
   & images icon for
 instructions to set up
   the proxy server.
Here it tells you and shows you
 exactly what to do to set the
          proxy server.
Proxy Server

   Once you have set the proxy server, go back to
    the database front page to connect
   A box will appear to enter your username and
                        Entire number from the back of
                                your UBC card

Last 5 digits of your
 username number,
until you change it.
Username and password

   If you are using the VPN,
    •   username and password is your CWL username
        and password
   If you are using the library proxy server,
    •   username is entire number on the back of your UBC
        card (beginning with 29424…)
    •   Password is the last 5 digits of that same number
        until you change it
See the guide for searching Ebsco databases on
the Allison Library website, under the “How do
       I” tab, then “Find journal articles”
J. R. Allison Library
Website Resources


Provides info for many types of resources
    •   Info from this session available here
Questions about your research?
Need help with databases, etc.?
   Please feel free to ask any of the other library staff, for
    help anytime. We’re here to help!
   If you would like to have hands on experience
    searching the UBC databases, there is a workshop in
    the library
       Wednesday, Oct 8th from 1-2 pm.

   There is also a session for using a great program to
    help you quickly format footnotes and bibliographies.
       Wednesday, Oct. 1st from 1-2 pm.

Please sign up at the circulation desk.

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