Body Image PSA project2 by cuiliqing


									                    Inquiry Steps: Body Image PSA project
Curriculum Objective:

Assess how body image satisfaction/dissatisfaction and over-reliance on appearance as a source of
identity and self-esteem affects the quality of life of self and family.

   1) Decide on a higher level open inquiry question:
              What do we want/need to know about the issue
              Use the questioning rubric to ensure the question is of a higher level
              Get the question approved by Mr. Lowe or Ms. Proctor

   2) Make a plan: How are we going to get there? (research plan)
              Gather information keeping in mind you could research, observe, survey, discuss or
              Always remember sources must be cited and looking for Canadian sources is best.
              A minimum of 5 sources is required and strive for a variety of sources.
              10 – 20 facts are required before you begin the storyboard process.
              Citing your sources is required. Please keep your PSA copyright free!

   3) What have we discovered? (making meaning)
              Spend some time making meaning out of your research!
              Summarize your findings and decide what is important and what you should include in
               your PSA or what main message you are going to get across.

   4) How are we going to show/use what we have discovered?
              Start to put the included content in a logical order and map out your ideas
              Storyboard your PSA (this is an ESSENTIAL step that MUST be done prior to starting
               filming). Utilize the storyboard outline or a similar outline of your choice
              What technology are you going to use to create your PSA?
                   o Flip camera
                   o Camera
                   o Still photos
                   o video
                   o Voice over
                   o Power point
                   o Adobe premier
                   o Movie maker
                   o Animoto
                   o imovie
                   o music
                   o one true media
                   o Other…
              What will you use to create mood in your PSA?
                   o Music
                   o Lighting
                   o Actors
                   o Voice
                   o ???
              Your plan must include details of text, images, sound effects, transitions, etc…

   5) Create your PSA (keeping the co-constructed criteria in mind)
Research notes
Website URL / book

Date accessed
Research notes

Summary of research

What I will use in my PSA
(use the back if necessary)

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