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									St. Mark Catholic Church                      November 14, 2010

(Block in)                                               9:15 am PSR
(2h)                                                     9:15 am Adult Bible Study
Saturday (November 13)                                   10:00 am Rosary in Church
6:30 pm        Dan Clark (A) by Jo & Family              11:45 am Confirmation Class
Sunday (November 14)                                     6:00 pm Cantata Practice
8:00 am        People of St. Mark                         (Block in)(15R)
10:30 am       John Silcott                                                OUR SICK:
Monday (November 15)                                     Wk 1: Sandra DeWilde, Marie & Tom Crosby,
               No Mass                                   Mandy Mason, Chuck Huston, Adrian Solis, Jini
Tuesday (November 16)                                    Joos, Michael Sprague, Barb Gianvito, Tom
8:00 am        Albert Cenci Sr. by Cheryl &              Flowers, Msgr. Geiger
               Mike Logsdon                              Wk 2: John Azbell, Regina (Allen) Gottliebson,
Wednesday (November 17)                                  Kathleen Butler
6:00 pm        Jo Abel by Linda & Deward                 Wk 3: Phil Boyle, Roy Pargeon, Robert
               Watts                                     Leohner, Stacey Flynn, Don Gardner
Thursday (November 18)                                   Wk 4: Kay Workman, Mona Rice, Phil
               No Mass                                   Momburg, Pam Brewer, Virginia Snoke, Don
Friday (November 19)                                     Gideon, Johnny Statten, Rod & Judy Hixson
8:00 am        John Silcott                              Wk 5: Michael Whitehead, Pat Schooley, Norm
10:00 am       Rockmill                                  & Elsie Lynch, Margaret O’Brian
Saturday (November 20)                                   Wk 6: Mark Kemp, David Kemp, Mary Beth
6:30 pm        Gerald Woodgeard by Linda                 Spencer
Sunday (November 21)                                     (Names will be removed every six weeks and
8:00 am        People of St. Mark                        must be resubmitted, thank you)
10:30 am       Fred Kiger by the Light of Life
               Prayer Group                               (Block in)
                                                         Please pray for our military: Adam Probstfeld,
Anointing of the Sick will be on November 7th at 10:30   Gerald Sprague, Brandon Elkins, Keith Ballard,
Mass                                                     Robert Brunney, Billy Paskins Jr., David Kalb,
                                                         and Jason Brunney. If you wish to write to our
For anyone who is interested Fr. Gideon will say         military their addresses are available in the front
Mass intentions in Rome. Please call the office          hallway under their pictures. Items requested
to schedule, 653-1229.                                   are also available.
(Daily Scripture Readings)
Monday: Rv 1:1-4; 2:1-5; Lk 18:35-43                     Those in Nursing Homes: Mary Street, Al
Tuesday: Rv 3:1-6, 14-22; Lk 19:1-10                     Muckensturm, Marie Dunn, Gertrude Eitelbach,
Wednesday: Rv 4:1-11; Lk 19:11-28                        Susan Reinchild, Tom VanBuren (Lanfair);
Thursday: Lk 19:41-44; Mt 14:22-33                       Virginia Shue, Norm and Elsie Lynch (Carriage
Friday: Rv 10:8-11; Lk 19:45-48                          Court); Kathleen Boulware (Rockmill);Helen
Saturday: Rv 11:4-12; Lk 20:27-40                        Woodgeard (Sunbridge); Ruth Hilliard, Mary
(38m)                                                    Ann Kessler ( Sterling House) Mark Kemp,
Tuesday, November 16                                     (Crestview)
7:30pm Light of Life Prayer Group                        (End block)
Wednesday, November 17
                                                                             (Block in)
7:00 pm RCIA
                                                                  Available for your convenience
Thursday, November 18
                                                         Hearing assistance devices available in back of
6:30 pm Prayer Shawl
                                                         church on organ.
Friday, November 19
                                                         Spanish Missalette available on table in back of
5:00 pm Staff Meeting
Saturday, November 20
                                                         Cards available to place in collection for
Scrip Sold before Masses
                                                         parishioners who use ACH (Electronic giving)
Sunday, November 21
                                                         by doors.
Scrip Sold before Masses
                                                         (end block)
St. Mark Catholic Church                   November 14, 2010

Bulletin sponsor of the Week                          Office at 614-241-2560 or email
Our bulletin is furnished free of charge because
of the generosity of our advertisers. We thank
Reflections Retirement                                Coats for Kids Drive takes any gently used
Community for their continued support.                coats to Fashion & Vanity Cleaners or the lobby
Please consult the back of the bulletin for your      of the Eagle Gazette between now and the end of
professional needs and support our sponsors.          January.

The Rosary is said every Sunday at 10am in the        Lancaster Men’s Chorus at 3pm on 12/5 at the
church, please come join us.                          Grace United Church of Christ. Contact Dan
                                                      Kemp for more information.
Prayer cards for all the confirmation candidates
in the front hall. Please take one and prayer for     Next week, we will take up the Collection for
a confirmation student as they make their             the Catholic Campaign for Human
journey.                                              Development (CCHD). CCHD was founded 40
                                                      years ago by the bishops of the USA when they
Entertainment Books, St. Mary Athletic Dept.          realized that the lives of those in need would not
is again selling the 2011 Entertainment Books.        improve until the systems and policies that keep
Books maybe purchased at David’s Pharmacy, E.         people in poverty were changed. For 40 years,
Main St. or at St. Mary School Office. The cost       CCHD has funded community groups that seek
is $20 and book is loaded with great deals.           justice and create lasting change.
Advent and Christmas seasons, “Advent and             Middle School students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th
Christmas Traditions: Keeping the Seasons             grades are invited to “Jesus Jams” at St.
Holy,” is a valuable tool in making your              Catharine Church, 500 South Gould Rd.,
celebration of these liturgical seasons more          Columbus, on Sunday, November 21st. The
meaningful for you and your family. It is             program begins with the Mass of Sunday in St.
available for $5 (includes postage) by contacting     Catharine Church at 5:00 pm followed by the
the office at 614/241-2560 or emailing                “Jesus Jam” program immediately following in A companion                  St. Catharine School Gym concluding promptly
version for the seasons of Lent and Easter is also    at 8:00 p.m. The November 21st theme is “Deal
available.                                            or No Deal!” The fast-paced and action-packed
                                                      Jesus Jams features The Fiery Fish Band, skits,
Holiday Happening, at St. Mary, Saturday,             dramas, keynote speaker, student testimonies,
November 13th from noon to 8pm; November              and snacks. This event is FREE and is
14th from 9am-4:00pm.                                 sponsored by Catholic Youth Summer Camp,
                                                      Inc. (CYSC). For more information, please visit
RCIA meets at St. Mark every Wednesday at   
7pm, next weeks topic will be God: Creator of
Humans.                                               High School students are invited to “Holiness
                                                      Revolution” at St. Dominic Church, 453 N. 20th
Trust… God has a plan for your marriage.              St., Columbus on Saturday, November 20th
Whether you’re hoping to achieve or postpone          7:00-10:00p.m. Challenging High Schoolers to
pregnancy, Natural Family Planning can help           embrace and live their Catholic faith, “Holiness
you and your spouse live God’s plan for love and      Revolution” features music, skits, dramas,
life, while strengthening your marriage               keynote speaker, student testimonies, and food in
relationship. A diocesan NFP workshop, offered        a unique environment. Tickets can be purchased
through the Marriage and Family Life Office will      at the door for $5. “Holiness Revolution” is
begin Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 6:30 – 8:30         sponsored by Catholic Youth Summer Camp,
pm at St. Nicholas Parish, Zanesville. The five       Inc. (CYSC). For more information, please visit
session workshop will continue on November   or
30, December 14, January 11, and February 8.          or Facebook “cysc live” or “holiness revolution.”
 The registration fee is $60 per couple and
includes instructional materials; financial           St. Mark Blood Drive, November 29 from 1-
assistance is available. For more information or      7pm. Sign up sheet available in front hallway.
to register, contact the Marriage and Family Life
St. Mark Catholic Church                  November 14, 2010

High School Boys and Girls Basketball
Players: The Diocesan Recreation Association                       Supporting our youth
wants you! Begin now to form your parish CYO                       Supports our future!!!
boys or girls basketball team. Boys and girls in     (End block)
grades 9-12 are eligible to play. Games will be      BRING VISITORS' SMILES TO YOUR
on weekends, beginning in December. All teams        HOME EVERY DAY Ever wonder how
must be formed by November 23. Contact your          to be as happy to see each other
parish athletic director for more information or     every day as you are to see
visit the Diocesan Recreation Association at         someone for the first time in or call: 614.241.2580        months or years? A Worldwide
                                                     Marriage Encounter weekend will
Sts Peter & Paul Retreat Center Presents             show you how! The next two
Shopping at Longaberger Homestead                    weekends are
(A Choice of any 1 Nights Stay)                       in the new year on February 18-20 and April 29-
Nov.20-Dec.20 For $45.00 a Couple 1 Night’s          May 1. For more information or to register,
Stay at the Retreat Center                           contact Paul & Marilou Clouse at 740-746-9003
 Which Includes 2 Meals enjoy a Day                  visit our website at
 of Shopping and Touring the Longaberger
Homestead. Call for Reservations.                    If you prefer to receive bulletin
                                                     Protecting God’s Children Training:
All single Catholics are cordially invited to the    To register for dates and locations go to
Columbus Catholic Alumni Club’s Thanksgiving, or call the parish office at 653-
Singles Dance on November 20th, form 8:30-           1229. Volunteer Code of Conduct available in
11:30pm at St. Michael’s church, Worthington.        church office and posted on bulletin board.
$6 admission includes music, soda, and snacks.
Deejay. BYO Alcohol. For more information            Schedule now available on our web site
call Peggy Schano at 614-575-0518.         

The Office of Liturgy, in conjunction with the                     Next weeks schedule
Office of Youth and Young Adults ministry and            Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
with the support of the Office of Religious          6:30 pm Deacon Hank, Don Bever, Elizabeth
Education and Catechesis, is proud to announce       Ford, Patrick, Kathy Sullivan
Gaudeamus. Gaudeamus will take place on              8:00 am Deacon Hank, Jon Archer, Keith &
November 21 at St. Joseph Cathedral.                 Martha Riggins, Fran Disbennett
Registration begins at 9:30am and Mass with          10:30 am Deacon Hank, Norma Hyde, Melissa
Bishop Campbell will start at 10:30am.               Edwards, John Brunney, Linda Jagielo
Participants will each receive a T-shirt and two                          Servers
meals. Gaudeamus is a program geared toward          6:30 pm Riley Yoder, Clem Hite
musically inclined students. For more                8:00 am Tierra Tooill, Volunteer Needed
information visit Gaudeamus Facebook page.           10:30 am Hadyn & Jesse Crow
Registration forms please go to the Diocesan                              Lectors
Office of Liturgy webpage.                           6:30 pm Steve Ford, Paul Sullivan
                                                     8:00 pm Tom Fleming, Kacey England
                                                     10:30 am Pam Dittoe, Leesa Funk
 (Block in)
                                                                     Money Counter
Youth Center
                                                      Tom King, Sharon Elder, Terrie Mitchell, Tom
14       Magical Night of giving
                                                         Church Cleaners for the week of 11/14
19       Guardian Angels
                                                                 Tom King, Linda Masone
21       O.Y.C.

Save a can, save an ink cartridge and help a
youth. Place cans in bins by front door, place
cartridges in the box in the front foyer area.
Thank you!

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