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									To Coin a Phrase                                                                       Idiom Dialogues (BBC)

Rewrite these sentences with correct word order.
       LIN: You sound don't cheerful
               Have a day had you bad?
       SAM: Not really. It the home was
       LIN: Oh. Had wait stop a to the
            long at bus time, you did?
       SAM: No. It bus this man on was
               0oh, made angry he me so!
       LIN: Why? What happened?
       SAM: Well standing and bus people
            packed a of the lot was were.
               Then came a free seat, and I
               old back to stood sit let an
               down lady.
               But she before could there
               get, a just threw from himself
               behind me into man it.
       LIN: You about get these upset
            things shouldn't.
       SAM: I furious was. I him at glared,
            but sat just he and smiled
       LIN: Try about to it forget.
       SAM: Oh, it my that blood makes
            boil people when like behave.

List the vocabulary associated with public transport.

List all the words that express negative emotions.

List the vocabulary of facial expressions and stance.

What phrases does Lin use to try to calm Sam down?

                                      On a crowded bus, one man noticed that another man had his eyes closed.
                                                    "What's the matter? Are you sick?" he asked.
                                            "No, I'm okay. It's just that I hate to see old ladies standing."

James Thomas                                                                                       19/08/2012
To Coin a Phrase                                                       Idiom Dialogues (BBC)


LIN: You don't sound very cheerful. Have you had a bad day?
SAM: Not really. It was the journey home.
LIN: Oh. Had to wait a long time at the bus-stop, did you?
SAM: No. It was this man on the bus...0oh, he made me so angry!
LIN: Why? What happened?
SAM: Well the bus was packed and a lot of people were standing. Then a seat came free, and
     I stood back to let an old lady sit down. But before she could get there, a man from
     behind me just threw himself into it.
LIN: You shouldn't get upset about these things.
SAM: I was furious. I glared at him, but he just sat there and smiled.
LIN: Try to forget about it.
SAM: Oh, it makes my blood boil when people behave like that.

James Thomas                                                                      19/08/2012

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