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									       Student Handbook
        Watt Hardison Elementary School
                   300 Gibson Street
                  Portland, TN 37148
                     (615) 325-3233
                   Fax 615-325-5305
               Cafeteria 615-325-5306
                    Hours: 7:40-2:40
             “Where children learn to dream!”

                 Susie Turner, Principal
                (for transportation information )
                Transportation Dept. 452-1520

                          Our Mission

“Preparing Graduates, Engaging Minds, Developing Character”


                       Where Children Learn to Dream!!

Welcome to Watt Hardison Elementary School. This will be my fourth wonderful
year to serve as principal at WHE!! I have never worked with students who work
harder or who have a bigger heart than our students here at WHE!! I love
working with our “Dream Team” staff and being a part of helping your children
grow and learn on a daily basis.

Our goal at Watt Hardison Elementary is for every child to want to come to school
and to develop a desire to learn. Your child will feel safe and loved by our entire
Watt Hardison family. Your child will be experiencing a variety of learning
opportunities that will open up a whole new world for him/her. We want all of our
students to be excited about the relationships they will build while engaging their
minds in new learning experiences on a daily basis.

We welcome you into our school at all times. Parents are encouraged to have
lunch, assist on field trips or help in the classrooms. We want to develop a
partnership with you so we can work together to help your child be successful in
areas of their development.

 Everything we do at Watt Hardison Elementary is with the goal of giving your child
the best educational year possible. Our Proud Panther Parent Organization and
fabulous parents can help to make this a reality.

If I can ever be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.
We look forward to working with you and your children this year! Come and be a
part of this exciting 2012-2013 school year!!

Most Sincerely,

Susie Turner, Principal
Watt Hardison Elementary

Watt Hardison Elementary is a member school of the Sumner County Board of
Education and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


An official State of Tennessee form of immunization and physical card signed by a
health care provider (doctor or Health Dept.) must be given to the school prior to
attending. Children who do not have the official state card will not be permitted
to attend school. Those children moving to Tennessee from another state must
present this Tennessee form before attending. There will be a two week grace
period granted, then children will not be allowed to attend school until all official
documents are received by the school.

Birth Certificate:
The Sumner County Board of Education requests a certified copy of the birth
certificate at the time of registration. This copy should have state identification
number at the top. A school copy will be made for the child’s record. A mother’s
copy or hospital record of live birth is not acceptable.

Social Security Cards:
Beginning with the year 2009-2010 school year, Social Security numbers are no
longer required. A student identification number will be assigned to each child.

Enrollment Age:
Children enrolling in kindergarten must be five (5) years of age by September 30.
Beginning first graders must be six (6) years of age by the same date.

First Grade Screening:
Children moving to Tennessee and those from private schools will be required to
proceed through the pre-first grade screening. This measure of readiness will help
us determine the most appropriate academic program for your child. This will take
place during the first week of school. All Tennessee school children must have
attended kindergarten before entering first grade.

School Fees:
School fees, fieldtrips, yearbooks and etc. can be paid on line at:

                                SCHOOL POLICIES
School Hours:

Kindergarten - 5th grade 7:40 am – 2:40 pm

Before School:

1. NO students are to be dropped off or picked up by the portables, in the bus
    lane, or at the front door. All car riders MUST be dropped off on the gym side
    only. Supervision is only provided in the bus and car drop-off areas. The front
    entrance is dangerous for students during arrival and dismissal times.
2. Students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school.
3. Special situations should be addressed to the principal.
4. No child should arrive at school before 7:00 am
5. Students eating breakfast must arrive by 7:15 am and report to the cafeteria.
6. All other students arriving between 7:00 and 7:30 must wait in the gym.
7. ALL students must have a book to read in their backpack. It can be any
    appropriate book or magazine of their interest to read in the gym each morning.
8. Parents must not park in the bus lane to go inside the building.
9. Do not block empty parking spaces, this jams traffic.
10. Kindergarten will be dismissed from the gym at 7:25 followed by 1st grade.
11. Second through fifth grade students will be sent to classrooms at 7:30.
12. No students should arrive at the classroom before their teacher.
    CLASSROOM DOORS FOR TEACHERS. Teachers must attend to students
    as students come into the classroom. Call for appointments with teachers.

After School:

1. Car riders will be dismissed at 2:40 PM to the gym. Please DO NOT come in
   the front lobby to pick up your child.
2. Bus riders will leave at 2:40 PM.
3. Please remain in your vehicle. Please do not get out of your car and walk up to
   the car rider group. Please stay in line and your children will come to your

   vehicle. This will help to expedite the dismissal of all students in a SAFE
4. For the safety of everyone involved, in the afternoons students should always
   have the same transportation (either car or bus). If this changes, the student
   must bring a note or you must call the school office before 2:00 PM.
5. In case of emergencies, to avoid confusion, call with your message before 2:00
   for all students.
6. All students walking must live within site of the school and shall be accompanied
   by an adult. No students younger than 3rd grade will be permitted to walk to or
   from school.


Parents and visitors are welcome to visit the school at any time. The Sumner
County Board of Education policy on visitors to a school states: “All visitors will
report to the school office when entering and receive authorization and a visitor’s
badge before you visit elsewhere in the building.” Please be respectful of our
students so we do not interrupt class or take away the teacher’s attention from
our students.


Class parties will be held for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and at the end of the
school year. We do allow students to receive flowers and balloons on birthdays and
special occasions. If you choose to send these items to your child, he or she will
need to be a car rider on that day.

Breakfast and Lunch:

Watt Hardison Elementary Cafeteria maintains the highest possible rating from
regular inspections of County, State, and Federal agencies.
It is your responsibility as a parent to keep up with your child’s lunch/breakfast
account. The cafeteria may send out notices or make phone calls. (325-5306)

The school encourages students to pay for their meals by the week or by the
month. Send your money in on Monday of each week to the cafeteria manager. IF


We can only charge lunches for two consecutive days. This is a county policy.
Please send money in promptly. Free and reduced lunch forms are available in the
cafeteria office. Please direct all lunch or breakfast questions to the cafeteria
manager, 325-5306. You can pay lunches on line at

Please do not bring “fast food” from restaurants to the school cafeteria. If you
wish to eat with your child (and we do encourage this) please purchase a school
lunch or bring a sack lunch from home.


If a teacher chooses to have a snack time during the day, we ask that parents send
a healthy snack. Do not send candy, cookies, or snack cakes for snack. No drinks
are to be brought for snack time. Snack time is not meal time so please just send
a simple snack and only one per day will be allowed.

Care of School Property:

School property is for the benefit of students (both present and future). Proper
care of school property simply means a better education for you and others. Both
students and parents are legally responsible for the abuse of school property.


The school issues textbooks for the time needed. The student must pay for any
textbook or library book abused, damaged, or lost. The office will notify you
regarding the cost of a lost or damaged book.


School attendance is compulsory for every child in the state until he or she
reaches his eighteenth birthday or graduates from high school. A student who has
an excessive number of absences will be required to show a doctor’s statement to
verify his illness. Frequent truancy, tardiness, and absence will be referred to the
SCS attendance officer. Tardies and early dismissals are excused only by doctor’s
note, funeral or court note. Students are only allowed 5 parent notes per

semester. Anything above 5 absences requires a doctor’s note, etc. All students
are required to bring a note from home on the day following an absence from
school even if you have notified the school or teacher by phone. Excessive
absences may result in failure to promote a child to the next grade. Students will
not receive credit for perfect attendance when they have a total of 10
tardies/early pickups.

                            Excused/Verified Absences:
Student’s personal illness or hospitalization, a death in the immediate family,
special recognized religious holidays regularly observed by a particular faith, and
required court appearances. Vacations/trips will require a letter to the principal
and must be approved by the principal prior to departure. It really helps when
vacations and trips can be planned when school is not in session. Please try to
make all doctor and dentist appointments after school hours.
Students who have an excessive amount of tardies/early dismissals, though
counted present for the day, will not receive credit for Perfect Attendance.

Early Dismissal:

If a child needs to leave school early for a doctor’s appointment, parents are asked
to come to the office to sign the child out (and back in afterwards). Children who
attend for over three hours and fifteen minutes will be counted present for the
day. Early dismissals are discouraged!! Please try to make all doctor and dentist
appointments after school hours. Students need to be at school until 2:40 to get
closure from their classroom’s daily work and to hear school announcements.

Students who become ill during the day may have the office call a parent or other
designated adult to come after them. List these persons on your child’s
registration card. Any person taking your child from school must be listed on your
child’s registration card. The office personnel may ask for an ID to better ensure
the safety of our children.


      1.     You will be counted tardy if not in the classroom by 7:40 AM.
      2.     Parents must come in and sign students in who are tardy.
      3.     You will be counted as early dismissal before 2:40 pm for Kthrough 5th

The consequences are as follows:
      1. On the 5th tardy and /or absence: a letter will be sent to the parents,
         and a detention may be issued to the child.
      2. On the 10th tardy and/or absence: another letter will be sent to the
         parents, and a second detention will be issued to the child.
      3. On the 15th tardy and /or early dismissal: a letter will be sent to the
         parents and the director of attendance . A 3rd detention may be issued
         to the child.
      4. Tardiness and early dismissals are time absent from school and when in
         excess, may impact the attendance record and definitely negatively
         impacts learning.
      5. Students are expected to arrive on time and remain for the full day.

Early Dismissal Due to Snow:

In the event that school closes early during the school day, we will send your
student home the way you requested on the EARLY DISMISSAL FORM. It is
impossible to make numerous phone calls because it is important that in this
situation that we are able to expedite dismissal for the safety of your children.
Make sure you are signed up to receive information from SCS “Schoolcast” for any
school closures or early dismissals.

Postponement of School Due to Snow:

If it becomes necessary to postpone school due to bad weather, or any
other reason, the decision will be made by the Director of Schools and information
will come to you through our “Schoolcast” communication system.
The announcement will also be made over the radio and television (often before we
know it). DO NOT CALL the teachers or principal to confirm this announcement.
We do not receive the information any sooner than you will receive it.

Make-up Work:

It is the student’s responsibility to make up all work assignments missed and to
arrange a convenient time with the teacher for making up tests and projects.
Make-up work should be completed within a reasonable time for it to be of any
benefit to the child. The office should be notified by 9:00 am. when assignments
are being requested for an absent student. It takes time for a teacher to prepare
a student’s make up work. If you call to request it, we do expect you to follow

through by picking it up, and seeing that your child completes it. Assignments will
be left in the office to be picked up by 2:00 PM. Parents should not interrupt a
class to obtain assignments.
Report Cards/Progress Reports:

Report cards are issued at the end of each nine-week grading period. This report
indicates all academic grades and other pertinent information. Please sign your
child’s report card and send it back to school as soon as possible
       A = 93 to 100
       B = 85 to 92
       C = 75 to 84
       D = 70 to 74
       F = 69 and below

Most teachers send home progress reports weekly in the student’s folder. Some
may send home daily reports. Your child’s teacher will give you that information at
the beginning of the school year.
All students will receive a 4 week progress report.
Assignment books should be reviewed and signed by parents each day.


             All children should read and/or be read to every day!!

A reasonable amount of homework is necessary for students. Suggested amounts:

             Grade   1    10 minutes
             Grade   2    20 minutes
             Grade   3    30 minutes
             Grade   4    40 minutes
             Grade   5    50 minutes

It is the parent’s responsibility to check DAILY with your child about his/her

Homework and other important papers may be found in your child’s folder. Make
sure all papers are read, completed, signed, and returned (if indicated) on the
following school day. There will be little or no homework on Wednesdays or

Parent Conferences:

Sumner County provides two days for parent conferences in the fall and spring
(September 6 and February 7). Teachers sometimes call for extra conferences.
If you would like to set up an additional conference, teachers would be happy to do
so. Be sure to send a note or call the school office to arrange an appointment.
Conferences may not begin before 2:45, unless a conference is scheduled during
the teacher’s planning period.

DAY”. This puts the teacher in a most uncomfortable position. Teacher’s room
duties will begin at 7:20 AM and her instructional and planning time is very
important. If you have a problem that needs immediate attention, get in touch
with the office. The secretary or the principal can give you a time that the
teacher will be able to have a conference. Always stop by the office first and
receive your visitor’s badge before going to the classroom.

                              STUDENT CONDUCT

Watt Hardison Conduct Code:

The Watt Hardison mission is to provide a safe and positive learning environment,
which enables our students to think, expand their knowledge, make decisions, and
be accountable and productive citizens. This mission can only be achieved through
a consistent conduct system that treats each student to the same disciplinary
action with regard to the individual and circumstances. Our goal in addressing
disciplinary action is to inform the student of the misconduct, provide feedback
about the proper conduct, and to correct the behavior to create a better learning
environment for the entire classroom. We expect our students to behave in a
manner that shows respect to ALL adults, fellow students, and property. The
student who cannot behave cannot be taught. We have developed a consistent
disciplinary system to meet the needs of all individuals. Individual teachers will
provide the necessary information concerning the grade-level system designed to
provide a safe and positive learning environment for your child.

                                    - 10 -
                                Citizenship Pledge

“I am responsible for all my actions and behavior. I will listen, do my work,
and learn. I will respect the feelings, property, and rights of others. I will
be a good citizen by doing what is right, not because I am being watched by
teachers, but because it is the right thing for me to do for myself and

This pledge is recited every morning during the morning announcements with
our pledge to the US Flag and the Moment of Silence.

General Rules:
The following school rules are in effect for the safety of students. Our goal is for
students to receive the maximum benefits from each school day. These rules apply
to all students:

   1. All hallways are “quiet” zones and students will use respectful hallway
   2. Every student in school will follow the instructions of all teachers and
       assistants at all times and in all places.
   3. All adult school staff members will be addressed as Mr., Mrs., or Ms.,and
       answered with Sir, or Mam.
   4. Students should not bring any items that are dangerous or appear dangerous.
   5. There will be no fighting of any nature at school.
   6. Students may not trade, sell or purchase items from other students at
       school. (The school will not be held responsible if this rule is broken.)
   7. Students are to keep hands and feet to themselves.
   8. Students will not be allowed to run in the classrooms or hallways.
   9. There will be no loitering or playing in the restrooms.
   10. Students should not bring any type of TOYS, GUM or CANNED/BOTTLED
       DRINKS to school. If these items are brought to school, they will be kept
       until the last day when a parent may come to collect them.
   11. The use/ possession by students of pagers, cellular phones, and other
       communication devices is prohibited in school.
   12. No disrespect will be tolerated toward any adult or student at school.
   13.No mechanical pencils or pencil sharpeners are to be used at school by

                                    - 11 -
   14.Students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school. If a cell phone is
   taken from a student the parent will have to pick up the phone at school.
   15. Bullying, of any form, is not permitted in school or toward any student or
   adult. This is a “zero tolerance” offence.

Physical Education Dept.
1. Please remember to wear tennis/gym shoes on your Physical Education class day.
   Tennis shoes are good to wear daily for safety on the playground.
2. If you have an illness/injury and cannot participate in P.E. class please send a
   note signed by the parent or doctor.

Lunchroom Behavior:
1. Proper behavior and manners are to be exercised at all times in the lunchroom.
2. Students must follow the directions of the lunchroom duty monitors.
3. Students may not bring sodas or soft drinks in lunches from home.
4. Sit with feet under the table and facing the table.
5. Students must use quiet, indoor voices.
6. All students will sit in their designated classroom area.
7. Students exhibiting inappropriate behavior will be assigned a designated area to
   have lunch away from the other students.
8. Students are expected to behave and display table manners as they would in a
   nice restaurant.

Bus Rules:

Riding a bus is a privilege. All pupils are under the authority of the bus driver.
According to the regulations of the Sumner County Board of Education, students
MUST obey the driver and the bus rules! Failure to do so can result in a student
not being permitted to ride a school bus. All students who ride school buses should
ride the same bus everyday. Students will not be permitted to change buses unless
the parents change their residence. Proper school behavior extends to the bus as

Disciplinary Action, which may include SUSPENSION FROM THE BUS, may be
taken toward students who break rules:

1. Disorderly conduct
2. Use of improper language or disrespect to the driver
3. Out of seat when bus is in motion

                                     - 12 -
4. Refusal to obey driver’s directions
5. Head or arms extending from the bus
6. Tampering with bus parts
7. Unnecessary noise
8. Scuffling or fighting
9. Have food or gum on the bus
10. Other causes as they may arise

Students who are written up on a bus will receive a verbal warning, any additional
write ups will result in bus suspension.
Students who are suspended from riding the bus a total of 3 times, will result in
possible permanent suspension.

Tennessee Code Annotated 49-1309

Any principal or principal-teacher of any public school in this state is authorized to
suspend a pupil from attendance at such school, including its sponsored activities,
or from riding a school bus, for good and sufficient reasons. Good and sufficient
reasons for such suspension may include, but shall not be limited to:

1. Willful and persistent violation of the rules of the school or truancy;
2. Immoral or disreputable conduct or vulgar or profane language;
3. Violence or threatened violence against any person or any personnel attending
    to or assigned to any public school;
4. Willful or malicious damage to real or personal property of any person attending
    or assigned to said school;
5. Inciting, advising or counseling of others to engage in any of the acts, herein
    before enumerated;
6. Marking, defacing, or destroying school property;
7. Possession of a pistol, gun or firearm on school property;
8. Possession of a knife, etc., on school property, as defined in Section 39-4901.
9. Assaulting a principal or teacher with vulgar, obscene or threatening language;
10. Unlawful use or possession of illegal drugs;
11. Any other conduct prejudicial to good order or discipline in any public school.

Administrative Consequences:

Willful and persistent violations of school rules will be dealt with immediately
through the use of various disciplinary consequences. These consequences are
issued following classroom interventions and administrative warnings. Students

                                     - 13 -
receiving administrative consequences are made well aware of their inappropriate
behavior. The following table identifies the progression and purpose of each action.
 Administrative Consequence                             Purpose
Classroom rules                  Students should follow classroom rules at all times.

Detention                        Provide student additional time during or outside of the
                                 learning day to work off misconduct.
Out-of-School Suspension         The most serious offenses will be handled through OSS.

Students may / will be referred to R.T. Fisher Alternative School for zero
tolerance and willful and persistent behavior.

Bottom Line Offense:

Some actions demand immediate attention from the administration. A bottom line
offense will be issued to any student for violations of rules related to
inappropriate language, physical contact to students (fighting), direct disrespect to
various authority figures, damage to property, or any other conduct determined to
threaten the safety of the learning environment.

Positive Reinforcement:

The key to a successful disciplinary system is to illustrate appropriate conduct
through the rewards gained by maintaining behavior that is respectful and
responsible. Positive reinforcement is individualized according to grade level.
Positive office referrals are built into the existing disciplinary system. The
administration will issue incentives to encourage students to maintain appropriate
conduct to support a safe and rewarding learning environment. Students may
receive “Good Office Visits” for outstanding work or behavior. A “Good Citizens’
Luncheon” is held monthly to reward those students who exhibit good character
and manners in the classroom.

                           WATT HARDISON DRESS CODE
Student Dress:
Dress will be reasonable and in good taste for the school environment. The
principal or teacher will determine the definition of the above. This is for safety

                                     - 14 -
All students must follow the following standards of dress, but this does not
necessarily constitute all standards of dress that students must abide by while
attending school.

1. Clothing worn by girls or boys must fit properly. This means that clothing
   cannot be too short, too tight, too large or baggy/sagging. Pants may not drag
   the floor. This includes biker shorts, spandex or body suits, leggings and
   leotards (unless with an appropriate length top or dress.) Cut off jeans that
   are frayed are not allowed. Pockets may not be pulled to the outside. Jeans
   are not to be worn with holes in the knees.

2. Girls may not wear bare midriff, strapless dresses or tops, or spaghetti strap
   dresses/blouses of any type. This includes halter tops. Shorts or skirts must
   be LONGER than fingertips when hands are at sides.

3. Boys may not wear cut-off shirts or muscle shirts.

4. Fishnet clothes may not be worn by any student unless they are worn over other

5. Clothing with advertisements for tobacco or alcoholic products, suggestive
   slogans, or gang related items are not permissible. No slogans or writing on the
   rear of shorts or pants. Clothing with sarcastic slogans or sayings is not

6. Flip-flops, backless, or cleated shoes are not permissible for boys or girls.
   Sandals with back straps are permitted. Students may not wear high heeled
   shoes or platform shoes. Students may not wear shoes with wheels in them.

7. Hats, caps, wristbands, headbands and bandanas, may not be worn.

8. Excessive jewelry, extreme hair color, Mohawks, and tattoos are distracting to
   the teaching and learning process and are not allowed at school. Kindergarten
   students do not need to wear jewelry of any nature. (Only exception pierced
   earrings).Extreme hairstyles are not permitted – such as Mohawks.

9. Students wearing clothing that offends others may be asked not to wear that
   item again.

10. Students are not to wear makeup to school.

                                    - 15 -
11. Students in grades K – 4 are not permitted to bring pocketbooks. Fifth grade
    students may bring a pocketbook as long as it does not interfere with

12. Only students in grades 4 & 5 may have rolling backpacks. Rolling backpacks can
    be dangerous to other students when walking in the hallways.

If children are injured on the playground or in the classroom, emergency first aid
will be administered. We are not to remove splinters, treat infections, sore
throats, and stomachaches. We cannot remove ticks. Superficial wounds will be
disinfected and covered with Band-Aids when necessary.


Non-prescription medication cannot be given to a child unless the parent fills out
the form for non-prescription medications and provides the medicine. Non-
prescription medication must be brought to school in a NEW, unopened container.
Non-prescription medications include, but are not limited to: cough drops,
sunscreen, Tylenol, Ibuprophen, antibiotic ointments, etc. Prescription medication
that must be taken at school can only be given after the parent fills out the
Prescription form. (The Prescription medication form must have the physician’s
signature and container must have a pharmacy label.) If a child is to receive a
morning dose of medication, you must give that dose before school. The school
cannot administer antibiotics that are to be given 3 times a day. (3 times a day
means every 8 hours). See attached forms for your convenience.

Since the issue of head lice surfaces yearly, we ask that parents routinely check
your child’s head, especially if you see the child scratching frequently. Sumner
County has a “NO NIT” policy. If you or the school determines that your child has
lice, your child must have a written notification from a doctor or health care
professional that the child is “NIT FREE” before the child may return to school.

Students should not carry money to school except to buy meals, pay required fees,
buy workbooks, or school supplies at the bookstore. Money can easily be lost
through the course of the day. Money should be sent to school only in an envelope
with the child’s name, teacher’s name, and purpose of the money written on the

                                    - 16 -
envelope. Money should be given to the teacher or turned in to the office as soon

Book Orders:

Your child’s classroom teacher will handle all book orders. Please make all checks
or money orders payable to each individual book club. The classroom teacher will
then forward payment directly to the book club. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Field Trips:

When field trips are taken, parents may be asked to attend or help chaperone
students. Only students and school personnel may ride the school bus. Only adult
chaperones will be allowed to ride the school bus with space permitting. Parents
will pay any required fees at the entrance to the destination. If students ride the
bus to the field trip destination, they must ride the bus back to the school unless
prior permission was given by the principal. Inappropriate student behavior may
determine whether a student may participate in a field trip.

Student money for fieldtrips must be received on or before the deadline. This
is a “must” in order to secure tickets and make proper reservations. Failure
to meet the deadline may result in your child not being able to attend.

Siblings will be unable to attend Watt Hardison fieldtrips. These school trips
are designed for a specific grade level. This trip is special for your school
age child. Thank you for understanding!


The Parent Teacher Alliance organization offers you the opportunity to work more
closely with your child’s teachers, principal and school officials in order to provide
the best possible education for your children.

Through the PTA, you will be able to voice your ideas and opinions concerning our
local school system. We welcome suggestions for improvements in our children’s
education. With your involvement, the PTA can help make our school the highest
quality educational program for your children.

                                      - 17 -
The PTA will be hosting six meetings throughout the year, with performances by
students. (Dates TBA).
Finally, you will be able to assist in our fall fundraising drive and our annual Spring
Fling. As you may know, the proceeds from these activities stay in our school and
in our children’s classroom. It is our children who benefit from the fundraiser;
therefore, your participation is very much needed and appreciated.
Our organization holds scheduled meetings throughout the school year. Your
involvement is an important factor in the strength of the PTA. Consequently, the
PTA is taking this opportunity to invite you to join us.

The PTA officers for the 2012-2013 school year are:
      Shondra Blankenship (President), Jennifer Hand, Crystal Rogers, Christy
Martin and Iris Knight. Other officers will be announced after school begins. If
you are interested in serving on the PTA board please call the school office.


1. Let your “Yes” be yes and your “No” be no. Do not give in or wear down to
    pleading. You are the parent and you know what is best for the child. Ask
    yourself, “Who rules?” at your house.
2. Make sure your child has a “fun” book in their backpack to read in the gym
    during the mornings before being dismissed to classrooms.
3. Show interest in your child’s learning at school and at home. TALK TO YOUR
    CHILD. Ask his or her opinion. Watch the news together. Talk about things of
    interest at the dinner table.
4. Ensure regular attendance, and that arrival is on time each day. Attendance is
    directly related to school success. Students must be in their classroom by
5. Talk with your child’s teacher regularly – even if no problems are apparent.
6. Ask the teacher for specific suggestions regarding what you can do at home for
    your child.
7. Read to your child regularly. Research indicates that this is the single best
    predictor of school success. Reading at bedtime is a great way to go to sleep!
8. Provide a quiet, orderly place for homework, away from the TV. Better yet,
    turn off the TV for a quiet time for everyone each evening.
9. Become familiar with the school wide discipline plan.
10. Go places as a family where your child can be an active learner.
11. Praise your child’s successes.
12. Set a reasonable bedtime and STICK TO IT! Tired students can’t learn!

                                      - 18 -
13. Be a learner yourself. Parents who love to learn are the best examples to pass
    on the love of learning to a child.
14. Have assigned jobs for children to do at home. If everything is done for them,
    they will expect the learning to be done for them at school.
15. See that your child is in good health. Have eyes and ears checked by a
As a parent or guardian of a child at Watt Hardison Elementary, I
understand that I have a responsibility and privilege to be actively
involved and engaged in the educational process. As concerned and
interested families, we are a vital part of our school and our child’s
education. This is a team effort. By working together, we can help
assure the success of your child.

     I pledge to be supportive of the school policies and activities
     because this is for the safety and benefit of all WHE students.

      I pledge to volunteer my time as much as possible. (P.T.A., Class
      Programs, Spring Fling, Fieldtrips, Field Day, Reading Practice,

      I pledge to work with my child at home and to help him/her with
      homework and all school work.

      I pledge to have my child at school on time and for him/her to
      remain for the full day, unless emergencies arise.

      I pledge to keep in touch with the school by signing the
      folders/assignment books daily.

      I pledge to keep a positive attitude and set high expectations for
      my child and my child’s teacher.

                                    - 19 -
            Watt Hardison Elementary School

                   Student/Guardian Contract

I have read the 2012-2013 Student Handbook and
explained the information, policies and rules to my child.
I have had the opportunity to ask questions about the
student handbook, policies and procedures. We realize we
are responsible for following all of the policies listed in
this handbook.

           Student’s Name: ______________________

           Parent’s Signature: _____________________

           Date:             _____________________

           Classroom Teacher: ___________________

*** Please sign this form and return it to your classroom teacher by
Friday, August 17th. Thank you for your cooperation.

I give permission for my child to have his/her picture made for
school events. This includes publication in the local newspaper

YES ____________                  NO ____________

                               - 20 -

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