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					BSPG Policy PG-213A, Attachment A

                                    BODY ARMOR END USER CERTIFICATE

In connection with my purchase of body armor, I hereby certify that: (intial each item)
   1.               I have not been convicted of a violent felony, as defined under 18 USC 931.
   2.               I have not been convicted of any other crime that would restrict my ability to purchase, possess, and/or use
                    body armor under any federal or state law.
   3.               I intend to use this body armor only for lawful purposes.
   4.               I am purchasing this body armor for use in the following field: (check one)
                                    Law enforcement officer                  Correctional facility personnel
                                    Security guard                           U.S. military
                                    User authorized in writing by a law enforcement agency (copy attached)
   5. Initial one (and complete as noted)
                    I am the end user of this body armor and certify that I will not resell or give the body armor to any other person.
                    I am not the end user of this body armor and certify that I will not (directly or indirectly) resell or give the body
                    armor to any person other than the following named end user:
                    In signing this certification and completing this sale, I am responsible for the end user's compliance with
                    these certifications.

                       Purchaser's Signature                                      Date

                      Purchaser's Name (Print)                           Badge # or Official ID #

Employer Name:

Employer Address:

Employer Phone Number:

                                                     TO BE COMPLETED BY RESELLER

        Reseller Responsibilities: This certification must be signed by the purchaser, with the original retained by the
        reseller and available for audit by and upon BAE Systems Products Group (BSPG) request. Each certification must
        identify the serial number of each body armor product component sold.

        Requirement for In-Person sales in Connecticut. No reseller may sell body armor in, or deliver body armor to,
        customers in the state of CT, except in person or as otherwise authorized under CT Penal Law 53-341b.

        Reseller Company Name:                                                              Store Location:

        Component Serial # - Front Panel/Plate:                                      Rear Panel/Plate:

        Reseller Order #:                                        BSPG Order #:

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