Jupiter the fifth planet from the sun

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 The Fifth Planet From The Sun

By: Brittany Powell and
     Nick kreklow
                           How big is it

• Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system.
• It is so big all the eight of the other planets could fit inside of it if it
  was hallow.
• More than 1,300 earths could fit inside Jupiter if it was hallow.
                  Jupiter's moons

• Jupiter has 39 moons.

• It has the largest moon in the solar system.

• Jupiter's 4 biggest moon was discovered by Galileo.

• The Galilean moons are bigger than some planets.
                     Jupiter’s rings

• Jupiter has 3 rings.

• Its rings are very thin.

• They are made of solar dust and rocky mater.
              The Great Red Spot
•   The Great Red Spot on Jupiter’s surface is a hurricane.
•   The Great Red Spot is so big it could swallow up the earth
•   The Great Red Spot is a mystery
•   The Great Red Spot is a storm
            Spacecraft at Jupiter

• Jupiter has been visited by some unmanned spacecrafts.

• Pioneer 10 in 1973.

• Voyager 1 in 1979
                      How far is it
• Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun.
• It is 483,000,000 miles away from the sun.
• It takes 12 earth years.
        What makes up Jupiter?

• Jupiter is made of gases, hydrogen, and helium.

• It is mostly made of hydrogen.

• The surface is watery.

• The core is rocky and very hot.
                  Belts and zones

• Jupiter looks striped because of the colorful zones, or bands, that are
  separated by dark belts.

• The colors include swirls of blue, orange, rust, yellow, light brown
  and white storm clouds.
                     Jovian Planets

• Jupiter is one of the 4 outer planets. It is the closest to Earth of all
  the outer planets.

• These outer planets are also called Jovian planets, which means
  “like Jupiter” because they are made up mostly of whirling gases.
       How Jupiter Got Its Name
• Early sky watchers named Jupiter after the Roman king of the gods
  and ruler of the sky.
                  A Day on Jupiter

• Jupiter spins on its axis faster than any other planet.

• One Jupiter day is less than 10 hours.
              Collision on Jupiter

• Jupiter was hit by a comet in 1994, which sent giant fountains of gas
  thousands of miles into the atmosphere.


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