Jumping Frog by ewghwehws


									A Motion Investigation ---
 with a Japanese twist…err…fold.

How far can a frog jump?
Construct an origami jumping frog
Collect Data: Mark
locations for each frog
jump. Create a
data table.
Analyzing Data:

1.) Determine mean, median,
    mode of frog jumping data set.

2.) Interpret your results by
     constructing a graph that best
     represents the answer to the
     question of “How far can a frog
1) What factors affect how far
    your frog jumps?
2) Demonstrate Newton’s 3 Laws
    of motion with your frog.
3) Demonstrate energy changes
    that occur during a frog jump. 4)
How is an origami jumping frog
    like a metal spring?
5) What forces are acting on your
    frog during its motion?
Further Investigation…

 1.) Use your newton scale and a
     caliper to determine how much
     force is required to “compress”
     your frog for a maximum jump.

     Hint: you will need to modify
     your scale. (@5N)
   View Frog
Compression Video
Further Investigation…

  2.) How high can your origami
      frog jump? Outline possible
      experimental designs to
      determine this.

 View Frog High
   Jump Video
Further Investigation…

   Use of Technology to answer
   question of how high can your
   origami frog jump?

   Vernier Logger Pro can insert a
   movie of your jumping frog and
   analyze its motion…

 View Vernier
Logger Pro file
Play Frog Game

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