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Planning A Trip


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									Planning A Trip
               Why Travel?
• Traveling broadens our perspective of the
  world in which we live.
• Going to foreign countries provides exposure
  to different cultures, different food, and
  different languages.
• Entertainment
• Relaxation (Vacation)
• Business
                  Be Safe and Smart
• Many countries encourage international tourism as a way of
  boosting their local or national economies, but there are some
  countries and cultures which view foreigners with suspicion and
  do not particularly care for strangers in their land.
• Even in some popular "civilized" travel destinations it is easy to
  become a victim of thiefs and criminals who will take your
  luggage, assault you to steal your jewelry and valuables, or cheat
  you in the price of taxi fares or other services.
• Your best protection is to be alert, book your tours through
  trustworthy agencies, and never travel alone to an unfamiliar
• Make sure that you know the traditions and etiquette of the land
  where you want to travel before you start your trip.
                 Where to Start?
• Travel agents can help you to organize some of
  your preparations.
• The internet can also be a big help.
  –   Trip Advisor
  –   Frommer’s
  –   Fodor’s
  –   Expedia
  –   Travelocity
  –   Orbitz
  –   Hotel and Airline Websites
  –   Visitor’s Guides
• How will you get there?
  – Plane, Car, Bus, Train, etc.
  – Check available dates, times, rates, etc.
  – Compare different companies.
• Where will you stay?
  – Resort, Hotel, Motel, Hostel, With family/friends
  – Check available dates, rates, etc.
  – Compare different companies.
  – Look at where you will stay in relation to places
    to eat and attractions you will visit.
• What will you do while your there?
  – Business
  – Leisure – Attractions, Tours, Beaches, Famous
    Historic Sites, Shopping, etc.
     • Consider how much these will cost and when you can
       visit each
• Where will you eat?
  – Restaurants, Fast food, Buy food at markets to
    prepare yourself, etc.
     • Consider how much each will cost
     • What types of foods are served in the area
• How will you get around while you are there?
  – Train, subway, car, bus, walking, etc.
 What to take care of before you go…
• First of all, take care of your travel documents. Some countries require only
  passports, but others require passports and visas. Do not wait until the last
  minute to obtain your passport because this may require several weeks.
• To get the best deals for your transportation and hotel accommodations,
  you will need to make your reservations well in advance of your travel. The
  best bargains can be obtained during the off-season when demand has
• Make sure to print and bring a copy of all of your reservations for flights,
  hotels, and tours with you on your trip.
• Along with your passports and visas,
  you may need to take along vaccination
  certificates, and prescriptions for any special
  medicines that you need.

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