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sw by cuiliqing


									Kindergarten                            1st Grade
 Book bag                              Book bag
2 boxes of tissues                     2 boxes of tissues
1 box of baby wipes                    2 box of baby wipes
1 boxes of 24 crayons                  4 boxes of crayons
2 pair of blunt tip scissors           1 box of pencils
1 pencil box                           1 pair of child scissors
10 glue sticks (not the liquid glue)   1 pencil box
2 pairs of blunt tip scissors          10 glue sticks (not the liquid glue)

2nd Grade                              3rd Grade
 1 red composition book (1             3 ring binder
subject)                               4 single subject spiral notebooks
 1 green composition book (1           Wide rule loose leaf notebook paper
subject)                               Glue sticks
 3 dozen pencils                       Crayons
 5 glue sticks                         Scissors
 1 pair blunt children’s scissors      Box of tissues
 2 boxes of 8 color crayons            Pencils
 1 zippered pencil container           Pencil box or pouch
   (not the hard plastic ones)         Highlighter
 2 large boxes of tissues              Red pen
 1 box of baby wipes / moist wipes     Dry erase markers
 1 package of multi-colored            4 pocket folders with prongs
highlighters                           4 pocket folders without prongs
 1 pack dry erase markers              Zip lock bags (any size)
4th Grade                              5th Grade
2 three ring binders with clear        2 boxes of tissues
view cover (1 ½ inch size)             4 Pocket folders with fasteners
4 packs of lined paper                   Loose-leaf paper
2 packages of pencils                  #2 pencils (No mechanical pencils, please)
2 box of 24 crayons                    6 Flexible Poly-binders
1 pack of dry erase markers            Colored pencils, markers, crayons, glue
2 boxes of tissues                     sticks
1 package of highlighters              4 red ink pens
Scissors                               Dry Erase Markers
1 pencil bag (not box)                 Assortment of highlighters
8 glue sticks                          3 x 5 index cards
                                       Pencil Sharpener
                                       Plastic page protectors
                                       Graph paper
                                        1 Rectangular-locker box (Crate style-
                                       1 box of Ziploc bags

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