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                                                               2010 Seed Potato list
                                   All our seed potatoes are of the highest quality Scottish certified stock
       Standard 1st earlys                                  Standard 2nd earlys                        Standard maincrop
        VARIETY                       qty   £P            VARIETY                     qty   £P         VARIETY                      qty   £P
       Accord 1996                                       British queen                                 Cara 1976
 Partially resistant to potato cyst                     Irelands favourite potato                   A popular variety good
             nematode                                 excellent flavour with white                cropper produces large part
    Boil, steam, salads, chips                                 oval tubers                         coloured oval tubers good
                                                                                                        blight resistance
   Arran pilot 1930                                      Catriona 1920                             Boil, steam, mash, roasts,
 An old favourite good flavour                         Part coloured oval tubers
                                                                                                     jackets, wedges, sauté
    long oval white tubers                               with a mealy texture
      Boil, steam, salads                              Boil, steam, roasts, jackets                   Desiree 1962
                                                                                                   Large cropper of red oval
 Duke of York 1891                                     Edzell blue 1915                               tubers very popular
   A heritage variety with a                          Blue skinned with deep eyes
                                                                                                   Boil, steam, mash, roasts,
pronounced flavour creamy oval                                very floury
                                                                                                    jackets, wedges, sauté
      Boil, steam, salads
                                                          Kestrel 1992                             Golden wonder
                                                        An attractive blue eyed
                                                                                                  Scotland’s favourite potato
           Epicure                                     variety flavour improves
                                                                                                 good flavour thick russet skin
 White round tubers deep eyed                          with storage good show
                                                                                                        on round tubers
        distinct flavour                                         variety
                                                                                                   Boil, steam, mash, roasts,
                                                             Slug resistance
  Lady christl 1996                                    Boil, steam, mash, roasts,
                                                                                                    jackets, wedges, sauté
 High yielding disease resistant                                                                   Kerrs pink 1917
 pale yellow oval tubers waxy
                                                                                                    Deep eyed pink variety
      Boil, steam, salads                                Marfona 1975                              Boil, steam, mash, roasts,
                                                      A high yielding variety large
   Maris bard 1972                                    uniform white tubers drought
                                                                                                          chips, jackets
 Very early variety large tubers                                                                 King Edward 1902
     skin pale yellow oval
                                                           Boil, steam, jackets                    Probably the most popular
   Boil, steam, salads, chips
                                                                                                 potato good crop good flavour
Pentland javelin 1968                                     Maxine 1993                            floury texture white with pink
                                                           Red skinned variety
  Produces numerous tubers of                                                                                  eyes
                                                      produces a uniform crop firm
 uniform shape skin white with                                                                      Boil, steam, mash, roasts,
                                                        texture good show variety
  short oval tubers good show                                                                     chips, jackets, wedges, sauté
             variety                                                                                 Lady balfour
       Boil, steam, salads                             Maris peer 1962                             Good cropper good disease
Red duke of York 1942                                 Good cropper of white oval                  resistance grows well in low
  A heritage variety producing                                  tubers                           fertile soil white with red eyes
 deep red large tubers very good                         Boil, steam, salads                             cream oval tubers
       flavour oval shape
    Boil, steam, salads, mash
                                                            Oral 2000                                Majestic 1911
                                                        Good disease resistance                    Floury texture white oval
       Rocket 1987                                        creamy oval tubers                      tubers produces medium to
High yielding variety producing a                                                                          large tubers
 good crop of even sized round
                                                          Osprey 1999                              Boil, steam, mash, roasts,
     tubers with white skin                            Good scab resistance white                         chips, jackets
       Boil, steam, salads                              with red eyes good show
                                                                 variety                          Maris piper 1964
Sharpes express 1900                                      Nadine 1987                            High yielding popular variety
An old flavour with A distinctive                                                                      white oval tubers
mealy flavour white oval tubers                        Very popular good cropper                  Boil, steam, mash, roasts,
       Boil, steam. salads                            of uniform white oval tubers               chips, jackets, wedges, sauté
                                                           good show variety
        Swift 1994                                         Boil, steam, mash                       Pentland crown
 Very popular variety one of the                                                                              1959
 earliest excellent flavour white
                                                          Vivaldi 1999                            Large cropper good drought
            oval tubers                                  Great flavour good scab
                                                                                                  resistance white oval tubers
        Boil, steam, salads                           resistance yellow oval tubers
                                                                                                   Boil, steam, mash, jackets,
                                                             Good all rounder
     Vales emerald                                                                                        wedges, sauté
                                                       Boil, steam, mash, jackets,
   Charlotte/maris peer cross                                 wedges, sauté                           Picasso 1992
produces excellent baby potatoes                                                                 Very high yielding variety red
  large cropper creamy round
                                                           Wilja 1967                             variety good show variety
              tubers                                    A high yielding variety
                                                                                                  Boil, steam, mash, jackets,
       Boil, steam, salads                             producing uniform yellow
                                                                                                         wedges, sauté
                                                             long oval tubers
      Vanessa 1973                                     Boil, steam, mash, wedges,                     Roster 1993
 Long oval red tubers good slug                                   sauté                          Very popular all rounder good
  resistance good show variety                                                                        flavour good yields
           Boil, steam
                                                           Colum total                             Boil, steam, mash, roasts,
      Winston 1992                                                                                chips, jackets, wedges, sauté
 Disease resistant variety makes                                                                     Romano 1978
 good early baked potatoes good                           PRICES FOR STANDARD SEED                 Large uniform red round
          show variety                                                                                 tubers good taste
   Boil, steam, salads, baked
                                                               1KG - £2.00 + p&p
                                                                                                  Boil, steam, mash, jackets,
            potatoes                                           2KG - £3.50 + p&p                         wedges, sauté
       Colum total                                             3KG - £4.50 + p&p
                                                                                                      Colum total
 Standard maincrop con’t                              Organic 1st early’s                          Conservation/heritage

       VARIETY                     oty   £P          10 tubers - £2.00 + p&p                         10 tubers - £3.00 + p&p
       Santé 1985                                    20 tubers - £3.50 + p&p
                                                                                                    VARIETY                        oty     £P
Good disease resistance yellow                       30 tubers – £4.50 + p&p
          oval tubers                                                                           Arron victory 1918
 Boil, steam, mash, jackets,                                                                   Round blue tubers with very deep
        wedges, sauté                                 VARIETY                       oty   £P    eyes good flavour needs long
      Valour 1993                                     Amorosa                                          growing season
                                               Good resistance to tuber blight                          Best steamed
   Good blight and eelworm
    resistance good cropper                          good all rounder                           Dunbar rover 1936
   Boil, steam, mash, jackets,                     Red long oval tubers                        White oval tubers deep eyes good
          wedges, sauté                             Colleen 1993                                            flavour
                                                                                                   Boil, chip, roast, steam
      Colum total                             Good all round potato good crop
                                                        good flavour                           Highland burgundy
                                                    Boil, steam, chips
                   Salad                                                                            red 1939
                                                     Colum total                               Red long oval tubers with bright
                                                                                                 red flesh light fluffy texture
          1kg - £2.25 + p&p                                                                    Keeps red colour when steamed
          2kg - £4.00 + p&p                          Organic main crop                          Kepplestone kidney
          3kg - £5.75 + p&p                                                                           1919
                                                      VARIETY                       oty   £P   Blue kidney variety with shallow
       VARIETY                     oty   £P          Desiree 1962                                      eyes floury flesh

       Anya 1996                              Large cropper of red oval tubers                   Mr littles yetholm
 Waxy holds together well tasty                          very popular                              gypsy 1899
  pink skin long oval tubers                  Boil, steam, mash, roasts, jackets,
                                                                                               The only tricoloured potato blue,
     Boil, steam, salads                                wedges, sauté
                                                                                                red and white all on the same
  Belle de fontenay                                   Cara 1976                                      tuber good flavour
                                               A popular variety good cropper                            Steam, roast
         1885                                 produces large part coloured oval
  A classic French salad good                   tubers good blight resistance
                                                                                                       Ratte 1872
flavour good hot or cold yellow                                                                 Very old French variety long
                                              Boil, steam, mash, roasts, jackets,
     slightly curved tubers                                                                    white tubers with deep eyes very
                                                        wedges, sauté
       Boil, steam, salads                                                                               good flavour
                                                    Lady balfour                                      Boil, steam, salad
    Charlotte 1981                               Good cropper good disease
Very popular variety yellow long                resistance grows well in low
                                                                                                  Skerry blue 1846
           oval tubers                                                                           An old Irish variety which has
                                               fertile soil white with red eyes
  Boil, steam, salads, raclette,                                                               some blight resistance was one of
                                                       cream oval tubers
            crushed                                                                              the few varieties that could be
                                                     Colum total                                grown through the Irish potato
International kidney                                                                                         famine
 (jersey royal) 1879                                                                              Salad blue 1900?
 Firm waxy tubers very popular                            Organic salad                         Oval round blue skinned tubers
     white long oval tubers                                                                     blue markings inside the tuber
  Boil, steam, salads, raclette,                                                                      Salad, boil, steam
            crushed                                 VARIETY                         oty   £P
                                                                                               Shetland black 1900
       Nicola1973                                  Charlotte 1981                               Oval black yellow flesh with
 Excellent flavour waxy yellow                Very popular variety yellow long                  purple rings very small tubers
        long oval tubers                                 oval tubers                                    floury texture
  Boil, steam, salads, raclette,                Boil, steam, salads, raclette,
             crushed                                      crushed
                                                                                                      Colum total
Pink fair apple 1850                                 Colum total
 unusual knobbly variety long                                                                                Totals                      £ P
 pink tubers one of the last to                                                                         Standard 1st early
   harvest excellent flavour
                                                    Early order discount                                    sub total
      boil, steam, salads                               Order before                                    Standard 2nd early
      Colum total                                    20 December 2009                                       Sub total
                                                 And get 10% off* your order                           Standard main crop
                                                            *doses not apply to P&P                         Sub total
                                                                                                         Salad sub total
All our seed potatoes are of the highest All orders dispatched via courier or royal
                                              mail from mid January onwards                             Organic 1st early
quality certified Scottish seed                                                                            Sub total
                                                                POST ALL ORDERS TO :-                  Organic main crop
DELIVERY DETAILS                                                     GREEN SEEDS                           Sub total
                                                                                                         Organic salad
                                                                       117 parklands
                                                                                                           Sub total
NAME                                                                    Malmesbury                    Conservation/heritage
                                                                          Wiltshire                        Sub total
ADDESS                                                                   SN16 0QL                - 10% discount if ordering
                                                                      (01666) 822 999            before 20th December 2009
                                                                  info@greenseeds.org.uk                     P&P                         £8.00
PHONE                                                             www.greenseeds.org.uk
                                                                                                         Grand total
                                                                     PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO             GREENSEEDS

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