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					Unit Three;
Unit 3 Travel Journal
  Travel Journal
   Let’s discover the beauty
        of the world!

          Period One
 Period Three:Reading and Grammar

         Period one
  常用时间副词:now, at this moment, at this time
a.此刻正在进行的动作 Are the students dancing (now)?
b.一段时间内进行的动作 Those Americans are learning
                          German (this year).
                         What are you doing recently?
                         My sister is now working in a hospital.
☻c. 表说话人的情绪 The girl is always smiling happily.
                      She is constantly changing her mind.
d. 事务逐渐发展过程 It’s getting colder and colder.
                    The leaves on the trees are turning brown.
E. He often falls asleep while he is doing his homework.
F. go, come, leave stay, arrive
 How are you getting to the airport? Is anyone seeing you off?
 They are playing some folk music next.
 We are having an English party tonight.

常用时间副词:tomorrow, next week, in a few days’ time,
a. We shall meet this morning.
   There is going to be a wonderful film in our school tonight.
   I’m not going to tell him the secret as he has a big mouth.
   The train is about to start.
   Are you to meet at the entrance to the park?
   When is the plan to be put into practice?
   Who is to blame? (应该)
   The uneducated are more to be pitied than blamed.
   As long as you work hard, you will become successful.
 b. 表示移动意义的动词come, go, arrive, leave, start与进行时
       Christmas is drawing near. p87

1. --I don’t know how to use this computer.
      --OK, I (help) will help    you.
2. --Did you phone Bill?
     --Oh no, I forgot. I (phone)   will phone      him now.
3. –Remember to post this letter.
   --OK. I (forget) won’t forget       .
4. I don’t want to go out alone. (you, come) Will you come
    with me?
5. --(we, go) Shall we go                ?     --Just a
6. --Have you made tea?
    --Wait a moment, please. The water
    (boil) is going to boil     .
7. We (pick)are going to pick        up apples on the farm
    this Saturday. Would you like to go with us?
8. –What (do) are you going to do this Sunday? --
    Nothing much.
9. How freezing it is!    Is it
    (snow) going to snow          ?
10. --Shall we go out this evening?
     --No, I am going to finish (finish) my homework.
11. We were about to leave when it began to rain.
      We were enjoying ourselves when a cry came from
    Li Dong.
Finish off the Ex at P.57
Speaking task:
A huge dam wall built on a river that can
produce electricity for millions of people.A dam
can also stop floods in places that get lots of
rain.For these reasons, the Lancang-Mekong
River now has dams.In our country, a lot of
dams have been or are being built on the
Changjiang and yellow Rivers.
1.What do you think a dam does to a river and the
people who live on it

2.Make a list of at least two good things and
two bad things a dam does.

3.Discuss your repot with your classmates
Imagine that you are a friend of Wang Wei. Write a
short letter to her and ask her to describe:how she
feels,what she is doing,and some place you want to
know about.Then wish her on her journey by using
at least two of these expressions:
Have a nice/good time    Have a nice/good trip
Good luck on your journey.     Say “Hello” to
Give my love/best wishes to…       Have fun.
Take care .                  Write to me.
Sample writing
My dear brave little Wei,
   How I worry about you and Wang Kun! Are you
enjoy your trip? I hope so. What are you doing now? Are
you in Cambodia yet? When you get to Phnom Penh, tell
me about the Buddhist temples there. Please send some
photos with your next letter! Well, have fun and don’t
forget to write to me! Say “Hello” to Wang Kun for me.
Good luck on your journey.
Take care!
                                  Your friend forever,
                                                Ju Lin
  Make an advertisement of a place of interest
for a travel agency in a newspaper, which
foreigners and Chinese can read so that it can
bring more business for the travel agency.

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