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									                                CENTRE FOR PERMANENT MAKEUP



All pigments can be mixed together. To prevent brow pigment fading to orange, pink or purple, add a drop of Taupe,
Olive or Purple Corrector. For feathered strokes, use one shade darker than the required color.

        Chocolate Brown: for Asian, African, American, Latino or olive skinned clients. For a softer look, add light
        brown. Add Red or Orange to prevent any grey/blue tones.
        Coffee Bean (DD): A medium brown for clients with auburn, red or light to medium brown hair color. If
        needed, neutralize with an olive base.
        Dark Brown: Ash base, lighter than Chocolate Brown, good for all skin tones, mostly used on Asian, Latino
        and olive skinned clients. Add Orange or Light Brown for a more natural look.
        Deep Brown (DD): A deep rich brown good for Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin tones. Use with Midnight Black to give a
        natural and very dark brown eyeliner.
        Espresso (DD): A very dark rich brown for Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin tones. Add orange to prevent color turning
        too dark.
        Brown: Reddish base for people with red hair because of the warm, red tone in the pigment. If skin has alot
        of yellow, this color will add a warmer brown tone.
        Golden Brown (DD): The lightest brown available in Double Drop, good Fitzpatrick 1-2skin tones. Add
        Taupe to prevent color fading to Orange.
        Light Brown: Golden Base, used for people with Anglo or light skin for a soft look. Add a little Yellow or
        Taupe for a blond look. Good for Fitzpatrick1-3skin tones.
        Mocha (DD): A darker blonde color. Use with Purple Corrector or Olive to create an ash base neutralizing
        warm tones, good for Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin tones.
        Raisin (DD): A reddish brown color. Add rose red for a neutral color or blush for a darker shade.
        Taupe: for blonde hair and fair skin and for clients who want to enhance their brows. Good for Fitzpatrick
        skin tone 1-2.

        Grey for clients with salt & pepper hair. Add taupe or light brown to lighten or dark brown for Asians.


        Expresso (DD): A Dark Rich Brown, mix with Blacks for a Brown Black Eyeliner.
        Chocolate Brown: Cooler than Espresso, for people with grey eyes who need a soft look.
        Blue: Pure blue. Add Black on eyelash root area or mix with Gray or Taupe for a soft blue shadow on top of
        Black eyeliner.
        Green: Mix with True Black or Espresso for clients with green eyes. Mix with Taupe, Gray or Brown for
        different shades of green eye shadow.
        Black: A soft Black eyeliner. Always add Orange or Blue Corrector to prevent fading to blue.
        Jet Black: Carbon Base, the blackest black. Add Orange or Red to prevent fading to Blue. For soft black
        eyeliner mix one drop of Jet Black, one drop of Midnight Black & one drop of Fire Red.
        Midnight Black (DD): Adark black hue. Needs a complimentary base of Fire Red to maintain true color. For
        clients who want a soft black eyeliner.
        True Black (ML): A pre-mixed color True Black offers a very dark, matted looking eyeliner. Add orange for
        people who have naturally black eyebrows and only need a little feathering.
        Wet Black (ML): A pre-mix ed color offering a very dark, glossy looking black eyeliner.                              1                                         613 447-5871
                                CENTRE FOR PERMANENT MAKEUP

Lip pigments are safe for all skin types and can be mixed and matched. Add Orange or Strawberry for Fitzpatrick 4
and higher skin tones to prevent pigment turning blue. The darker the skin tone, the more Orange needs to be added.

       Blush (DD): A soft earthy red. Mix with rose Red for a soft fresh colour. Darken with Mystic Red or Raisin.
       Lighten with Skin, Beige or Magic Colour. Blush evens out natural pigments, for example when a client of
       African descent presents with varying shades of lip pigment from very light to dark.
       Rose Red: Neutral soft rose hue. For a softer shade, mix with Skin. Mix with Pink Mauve for a richer colour.
       Darken with Mystic Red. Good for Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin tones.
       Japanese Red: Neutral soft red. Add Dark Red for a darker lip liner. Add Hot Pink to highlight pout area.
       Mix with Skin to soften.
       Mystic Red (DD): An earthy brick hue, lighten with Rose Red. Add Orange to neutralize the blue undertone.
       For Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin tones.
       Real Red: True red. To maintain brightness on darker skin tones, add Orange.
       Red Wine: A dark mauve colour, add Orange to prevent Red Wine from turning too dark.
       Dark Red: Dark earthy red lip color. On clients with darker skin tones, add Orange to prevent colour
       turning blue.
       Pink Mauve: A soft pink, mix with White (with caution) for brighter pink or to highlight pout area. Good
       for Fitzpatrick 1-3.
       Strawberry (DD): A rich, coral color for clients who prefer oranges, bronze and warm tones.
       Burgundy: Deep berry. On darker skin tones, add Strawberry to prevent Burgundy turning blue.

       Sunset Orange: A soft orange.
       Fire Red (DD): A vibrant red that compliments many different skin tones, light or dark. On darker skin
       tones, add Orange to hold brightness.
       Cranberry (DD): A dark berry color. Add Strawberry to neutralize blue tones.
       Pink (DD): A soft, gentle pink that will fade to a very natural, almost nude shade. Mix with Rose Red for
       added depth.
       Hot Pink (DD): True pink. Mix with Japanese Red for added vibrancy and fade resistance.


        Yellow: Lighten dark brown colors, for example, eyebrows that are too dark.
        Taupe: Neutralize darker shades of orange, pink or purple brows, or mix with brown colors to prevent
         pigments turning orange, pink or purple.
        Olive: Neutralize lighter shades of orange, pink or purple. Mix with rown colors to prevent brows turning
        orange, pink or purple.
        Purple Corrector (ML): Use on purple, orange or pink brows, or mix with brown hues to prevent brows turning
        orange, pink or purple.
        Orange: Neutralize darker shades of blue or grey on brows and lips. For blue eyebrow correction, dilute with
        10-20 drops water. For darker skin tones, add to lip colors to prevent lips turning blue. Add to black to
        prevent eyeliner turning blue.
        Blue Brow Neutralizer: Lighten & neutralize bleu-grey brow. Lighten lip and aerola colours.
        Blue Brow Corrector (ML): Correct blue, grey, greenish-blue brows. After application, the brow will turn to a
        brown shade.
        Blue Lip Corrector (ML): Use on top of a blue or brownish correction area to neutralize. Can be used alone as
        a lip color or mix with other lip colors to prevent color turning blue. Not strong enough for correcting very dark
        lips. Use orange or strawberry for very black lip correction.
        Strawberry (DD): A great blue lips corrector, use alone on blue black lip area or mix with lip colours.                               2                                          613 447-5871
                              CENTRE FOR PERMANENT MAKEUP

       Beige: For lighter skin tones, camouflage small mistakes (dilute with water 1:1). Darken by mixing with Skin,
       Magic Colour or Taupe to better match the client’s skin tone.
       Skin (DD) A flesh tone to lighten and soften the lip and aerola pigments and to camouflage brows (lighter
       hues), lip mistakes, scars. Dilute with water. Mix with Beige or Taupe to match the client’s skin tone.
       Magic Colour (ML): Use alone or with Beige or Taupe to match the client’s skin tone. This hue will blend well
       and leave no residue. Can be used for camouflaging on eye liner, brows, lips and scars.
       White: Use with caution & never use alone as a camouflage! For lightening lip colours. Don’t mix with brow
       Fade: To lighten dark brows. Use every 6 weeks for 18 weeks. Then do colour correction or camouflage.

DD: Double drop
ML: Magic Line                            3                                        613 447-5871

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