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Make a painted Christmas card

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On the occasion of Christmas you can send a handmade painted card for
your friends and relatives with a personal touch.

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Arts and crafts is a tool that provides you with unlimited creativity,
patience, skill sets and a whole lot of fun. Many times, people don’t
know or they feel ignorant as how to make something decorative, creative
and beautiful and as such there are different craft books available to
guide you for making a particular craft.

If it is the much awaited Christmas time and you want to send some
beautiful Christmas cards to your friends and relatives then why to
purchase an expensive card from the market instead you can paint a
Christmas card at your home that shall have a personal touch too.

To craft a painted Christmas card, you need to have a white blank card,
green acrylic paint, gold liquid marker, gold glitter paint, silver
glitter paint, calligraphy pen, black calligraphy ink, red calligraphy
ink, water, paper towel, yellow marker, grey marker, red glitter paint,
green glitter paint.

<b> Steps to create a painted Christmas card: </b>
<b>1. </b> First mix enough water with small amount of green acrylic
paint to create a thin wash and thoroughly mix it.

<b>2.</b> Dip your brush in the wash and paint the front of the card in
straight brush strokes. You have to cover the card with the wash as
quickly as possible as so the stokes of your paint brush won’t show and
the card has a nice even coat of the wash being created. After you finish
the wash you need to blot up the excess wash from the front of your card
completely. Let your card dry and then place a new piece of paper towel
over the card and place a heavy book on top of the card so that it dries
flat. This is necessary so that it is flat before you draw on your

<b>3.</b> Draw your design on the front of the card lightly with a pencil
and then draw a faint line where you could writer your own words.

<b>4. </b>Once you are satisfied with the design, assign colors to each
part and trace over these parts with the help of markers of the chosen
colors. These colors should correspond with the paint colors that you
shall use on the parts of the design later.

<b>5. </b>Trace over the thin lines that you drew for the words with the
liquid gold marker. Let it dry and then test it by pressing a paper on
the line and lift it carefully to check whether it had dried.

<b>6.</b> With the help of the red calligraphy pen write the words “Merry
Christmas” on the gold line you have created. Practice on another sheet
of paper if you feel necessary. You can also cover your words with a
small piece of paper to blot it while you continue to decorate your card.

<b>7.</b> You can trace the design with glitter paint and then using the
fine tip of the bottle or pen trace around the parts of the design in
their respective colors such as yellow-gold, silver-silver, red-red,
green-green. To spread the paint around the thinner than the lines
created by the tips of the bottles or pens you are using just smear it
with the help of a toothpick.

<b>8. </b>Next change the color of the calligraphy pen to black and write
a message inside the card as well. Practice it on a separate piece of
paper and then place a paper towel over the ink to blot so that it does
not bleed to other side of the card before it dries. You can also let it
dry standing up and open.

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