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					                                                                              Cognac, Brandy and Eau de Vie
                                                                           Germain Robin Fine Alambic Brandy              13.00
                                                                           Courvosier VSOP                                12.00
                             Desserts                                      Hennesey VSOP
                                                                           Hennesey XO
                Cakes and Pies prepared in our bakery daily
Deep Dish Dutch Apple Pie                                          8.50    Martel VSOP                                    12.00
Award winning pie with Granny Smith apples and a crumb topping             Martel XO                                      23.00
Triple Berry Pie                                                   9.00    Remy Martin VSOP                               13.00
Incredibly delicious! Baked with raspberries, strawberries and             Pierre Ferand 1er Cru Reserve                  14.00
boysenberries.                                                             Massenez Eau de Vie Poire Williams, Mirabelle,
Four Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake                                    8.50    Kirsch, and Framboise Savage                   11.50
A chocolate lovers dream, dark chocolate cake with a semi-sweet
chocolate ganache
Ice Cream                                                          7.00
Dreyer's Chocolate, Vanilla, or Raspberry Sorbet
California Artisanal Cheese Plate A selection of
California artisanal cheeses with quince jam, apple chutney, fresh
                                                                           Metaxa Five Star                               9.75
seasonal fruit and crostini                                      16.25
                                                                           Benedictine                                   11.25
                                                                           B&B                                           11.25
                  Dessert Wines                                            Chambord                                       9.75
                                       Glass                     375ml     Galliano                                       10.25
Dolce 2006 Late Harvest                15.00                      75.00    Sambuca Romana                                 9.25
Torbreck 2010 The Bothie                8.00                       40.00   Grand Marnier                                 11.00
Marc Tempe 1998 Gewurtztraminer SGN                               95.00    Amaretto di Saronno                            10.25
Chateau Gilette Crème de Tete 1983 Sauterne                      150.00    Drambuie                                      11.25
Cold Heaven 2003 Late Harvest Viognier                            50.00    Tia Maria                                      10.25
                                                                           Tuaca                                         11.25
                                                                           Fernet Branca                                   9.00
                  Sherry and Port                                 Single Malt and Blended Scotch
Ficklin Old Vines Tawny Port California               5.50   Clynelish                                    12.50
Sandeman Founders Reserve                             6.75   Chivas Regal                                 10.25
Dow’s LBV 2003                                        7.50
                                                             Cragganamore 12 Year                         11.25
Dow’s 10 Year Tawny                                   9.00
Dow’s 30 Year Tawny                                  22.00   Cutty Sark                                    9.25
Dry Sack                                              6.00   Dewars White Label                            9.25
Harvey’s Bristol Cream                                6.00   Dewars 12 yr Reserve                         10.75
Nieport 1995 Colheita                                10.00   Dalwhinnie 15 Year                           12.50
                                                             Glenkinchie 10Year                           11.25
                                                             The Glenlivet 12 Year                        11.00
                     Hot Drinks
                 With whipped cream on top                   J&B                                           9.25
Nepenthe Coffee with Metaxa Five Star                 9.75   Johnny Walker Red Label                       9.75
International Coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream and           Johnny Walker Black Label                    10.25
Frangelico                                           10.25   Lagavulin 16 Year                            13.50
California Coffee with Germain Robin Brandy          10.25   The Maccallan 12 Year                        11.00
Irish Coffee with Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey            9.75
                                                             Oban 14 Year                                 15.50
Keoki Coffee with Kahlua, Crème de Cacao and
Korbel Brandy                                        10.25   Talisker 10 Year                             12.75
Mediterranean Coffee with Tuaca and Kahlua           10.75
Almond Roca Coffee with Amaretto and Cointreau       10.25
Klondike Coffee with Yukon Jack, Kahlua              10.75               Whiskey and Bourbon
Dreamy Delight Hot Chocolate, Baileys and                    Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon    9.25
Amaretto                                             10.25
Super Cider Organic hot cider with Kilo Kai                  Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon        9.50
spiced rum                                           10.25   Wild Turkey Rare Breed                       10.25
                                                             Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey             9.25
                                                             High West Bourye                             10.25
                                                             High West Rendezvous                          9.75

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