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					                                       Peak Hill Central School
                                       Quality, Innovative Education in a Caring Environment

                                              Thursday 23 September 2010
                       Sept    Fri      24        Last Day of Term 3 
Caswell Street
Peak Hill 2869         Oct     Mon      11        First Day of Term 4 Staff and Students  
                               Tues     12        Year 10 Trial HSC Exams (12 ‐ 14 Oct) 
                               Thur     14        P & C Meeting 7pm School Library  
                               Thur     14        HSC Examinations Commence 
Fax:                           Thur     14        Meals on Wheels (14 ‐ 30 Oct) 
                               Tues     19        Cultural Day Dubbo 

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Paul Farquhar

Deputy Principal                                      Peak Hill Central School
Debbie-Lee Hughes
                                                 CREATIVE ARTS EXHIBITION
Head Teachers
                                                                  At the
Brendan Maher
                                                  Arts & Crafts Leisure Centre

                                                     Artworks displayed from
Angela Bottaro                                                 students in

Science                                              Kindergarten to Year 12
Maria George
                                                          OPENING NIGHT
                                                      Friday 15 October 7pm
Anne Fisher
                                                        Drinks & Finger food
Assist Principals                                  Guest Artist: Sharyn Preisig
Meredith Bennett
Crystal Williams                                    Music from band members
                                                          Raffle and Prizes
School Admin Manager
                                                   Entry: $2 each or $5 per family
Tanya Stanford

                                                        EXHIBITION OPEN
Parents and
Citizens Assoc.                                   Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 October

President                                                     10am - 4pm
Ian Westcott
                                                      Devonshire Teas Served
Cathy Goodwin

Margaret Edwards
Peak Hill Central School are holding their
Bi-Annual Creative Arts Exhibition from Friday                   There will be an opening night on Friday 15
15 to Sunday 17 October at the Arts and Crafts                   October starting from 7pm with lots of activities
Leisure Centre.                                                  happening. Drinks and finger food will be served as
Students from Kindergarten to Year 12 will be                    the Community Band plays. A special guest artist
displaying their artworks made in many different                 from Parkes, Sharyn Preisig, will review and present
mediums. Among these are lino printing, ceramics,                her work. Students will talk about their work and
photography, sculpture, video, digital works,                    many prizes will be awarded to the students on the
drawing, painting, silkscreen printing, pastels,                 night. There is also a raffle and lucky door prizes.
charcoals and many more.                                         The raffle helps us to cover the costs of running an
The abundance of talent, creative energy, ideas                  exhibition, and we thank all the businesses who have
and imagination shown in the artworks of our                     contributed.
students will have an inspiring impact on their                  Make it a family outing and come to our opening
audience. As Art Teachers we are continually amazed              night. If you can’t make it, Devonshire Teas will
at the high standard achieved, and proud of the work             be served over the weekend.
produced by students here at Peak Hill Central
                                                                 Hope to see you there.
School. We want to give family, friends and the
community a chance to experience the great work                  Daneille Diener & Brenda Cartwright.
that we see being made everyday at school.

We would like to thank the following                             $25.00 voucher                Oils Plus Caltex
                                                                 5 x $20.00 vouchers           Central West Optics
businesses for donating to this year’s
                                                                 $20.00 voucher                Coffee Pot
Creative Arts Exhibition.
                                                                 $20.00 voucher                141 on Main
These donations contribute to student prizes and a raffle that
                                                                 $20.00 voucher                Vanessa's Wool and Crafts
helps us cover the costs of running the exhibition
                                                                 $50.00 voucher                Nangar Gems
Details of raffle will be in the next newsletter
                                                                 $20.00 Gift card              Sports Power
                                                                 11 New Release video vouchers       Video Ezy
Tile cutter                     Parkes Tile Market
                                                                 $30.00 Gift Voucher           Lotus Imports
Sewing machine                  Griffins Leading Edge
                                                                 $25.00 voucher                Cunningham's Supermarket
4 pairs of sunnies              OPSM
Tongs                           Retravision
                                                                 $50.00 voucher                Book Connection
Sheet set                       Dimmeys
                                                                 Nail Polish Kit, bath foam, 2 Mens aftershaves
Frame, photo album              Camera House
                                                                                               Lawler's Family Pharmacy
Photo frame                     Reject Shop
                                                                 Essential Country CD’s, DVD, Music matters
School Bag                      Arnold Byrne
                                                                 4 Mugs                        Homeart
Hat & pencil case               Lady bird
Glass Bowl                      Pink Orchid
                                                                 Peak Hill
2 x $20.00 vouchers             Telstra
                                                                 Painting Easel, Paints,       Peak Hill Post Office
Ed. Video games                 Leading Edge
                                                                 $25.00 voucher                The Friendly Grocer
2 Key ring torches              Repco
                                                                 $30.00 voucher                Family Cafe
Natio gift basket               Soul Patterson Chemist
                                                                 Lavender product basket       Open Cut Gallery
Plate                           Painted Daisies
                                                                 $30.00 voucher                D&B Quality Meats
Nightie & socks                 Hidden Agenda
                                                                 Hand Cream, 4 coffee mugs     Peak Hill Pharmacy
Crystal Vase                    Reflection Jewellers
                                                                 2 hair smoothing Products & 2 Mens line products
Stationary textas..             Leydock Stationary
                                                                                               Lyn’s Hairdressing salon
Wooden Frame                    The Framing Shop
                                                                 $40.00 voucher                CRT
Bangle                          Little Black Dress
Necklace                        Affordable Jewellery
                                                                  Secondary “Keys to Success”

 Week Commencing                 Week Commencing
      Mon 11 October                 Mon 18 October                                              Winner for
                               Mon      _______________                                          Week Nine
Mon      Alana Simmons
                               Tues     _______________                                        Abbey Swain
Tues     _______________
                               Wed      Judy Bell
Wed      _______________
                               Thur     _______________
Thur     _______________
                               Fri      _______________
Fri     Suzie Swain
        Barbara Kopp

                                                          Year 5 and 6 are reminded that final payments are
                                                          due for the Burrendong Excursion. Medical notes
                                                          also need to be returned.
                                                          Hope all students have a well deserved break.
What a great Term!                                        Happy Holidays!
Kinder/ Year 1 have made some fantastic snakes in
art this week. They have also made up a new dance to
a song called ‘Aint That Funky Now’. K/1 have
worked really well this term.

Over the last two weeks we have had the pleasure of
having Miss Natalie Barnes and Miss Danielle
Barnes teaching the 2/3/4 class some ICT skills and
HSIE. Thank you very much for all your effort.
Wednesday morning we enjoyed a presentation from
Author Katrina Nannestad (pictured right) who was
very entertaining and great to listen to. Katrina is a
former student of Peak Hill Central and now is a                      Teacher of the Week
successful author. There are several books in the             Bev Rathbone: For all her organisation in
library by Katrina as well as her latest “Red Dirt           primary and the implementation of interesting
Diary’                                                                      science lessons

                   Who Has Shown Persistence in Class This Week?

         K/1 Akayla Hando                2/3/4 Morgan Staunton                 Yr 4/5/6 Wesley Sharkey
           A Message from
             the Deputy                                     discussion around the requirements for the School
                                                            Certificate. Tuesday 26 October at 6pm in the School
Congratulations to the Year 12 students on the
successful completion of schooling at Peak Hill
Central School. I extend the best wishes of the staff
and students to you and know that you will make             Attendance- some parents may have received
your way out into the world with a wealth of                information concerning their child’s attendance for
knowledge, skills and experiences. I know that where        Terms 1-3. The information describes the number of
ever you may go that you will always do and be the          whole and partial days (explained and unexplained).
best you can possibly be. I extend our best wishes to       If you received a letter then an improvement must be
you as you approach the HSC examinations and                made with regard to attendance. Habitual absences
know that you will endeavour to achieve the very            and   lateness    impact    significantly   on   student
best you can achieve and remember the motto of              learning. It is important that the school and parents
Success Through Effort. I look forward to celebrating       work together to provide the best educational
with you your successes at the Year 12 Banquet to be        experiences possible in order for students to achieve.
held in November.                                           If you have any concerns or issues with your child’s
Congratulations to the staff and students as we             attendance     please   contact    Debbie-Lee    Hughes,
celebrate your success during our commendation              Deputy Principal to develop some strategies to
assemblies. Students are working to strive for              support you and your child.
excellence and it is the expectation of high standards
                                                            Goodbye and Good Luck to our visiting prac teacher
that will ensure success for all students at Peak Hill
                                                            Miss Eleanor Preisig of Parkes. Eleanor has
Central School.
                                                            completed her teaching internship with us in the Art
Year 10 Trial School Certificate Examinations               department during Term 3. All the best in your
will be held during Week 1 of Term 4, commencing on         teaching career Eleanor.
Tuesday. It is important that all students attend
these examinations. In the event of an illness arising      Congratulations to Mr         Brendan       Maher   and
which prevents you attending, you must ring the             Hayley who celebrated their wedding last weekend
school and have a Doctor’s Certificate to explain your      in Dubbo. Mr Maher is on leave and will return in
absence.                                                    Term 4.

There will be NO SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT DAY                     A big thank you to the staff, students and parents for
on the first day of Term and therefore students are         another great term at Peak Hill Central School. I
expected to attend school on Monday 11 October              look forward to the success to be achieved in Term 4.
2010.                                                       Have a safe and pleasant holiday.
Students    in    Year   8   will be provided with
information during Term 4 concerning their Elective
                                                            Debbie-Lee Hughes
choices for 2011. An information evening for both
parents and students will allow for questions and           Deputy Principal

   Helpers Wanted to Deliver Meals                                             Meet and Greet at the
                                                                                 School Canteen
             on Wheels
                                                                                              Term 4
 The P & C are looking for assistance to carry out Meals on Wheels
 from Thursday 14 to Saturday 30 October, Tuesdays, Thursdays and                             2-3pm
 Saturdays. Volunteers would be required to collect meals from the
                                                                                    Cuppa and a Chat
 hospital and deliver them around the town. Students from Year 6 will be
                                                                                       All Parents Welcome
 able to assist on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
 Please contact Cathy Goodwin if you are able to assist. 6969 1434                  Date to be advised
                                              Year 9 Laptop Upgrade
 Good Luck                                    A number of upgrades have been identified for the
                                              year 9 laptops. These upgrades require all students to
      All Year 12 Students                    hand in their laptops to the school Technology
          in their HSC exams                  Support Officer (TSO) before 9am Monday 18 October
                                              2010 (Term 4 Week 2) so that these upgrades can
                     &                        take place.

    Their future endeavours!                  It is very important for the laptop to be handed in
                                              fully charged (at least 80%). This is because as part of
From PHCS P & C Association
                                              the planned upgrades is a firmware upgrade to the
                                              battery that needs the battery to be fully charged.

                                              Although there will be no upgrades to any of the
                                              operating systems on the laptops which affect your
                                              work, it is still recommended that all students
             From the Mail Box
                                              backup their files to an external drive in case there
Dear Cliff                                    are any problems.
On behalf of myself and John McMaster         Students will be issued with a card when handing in
(chief ring steward horse events) I would     their laptop which will have a unique number on it.
like to thank the students of Peak Hill       Students are required to keep this card and bring it
Central School for their assistance in the    with them when they collect their laptops. It is
                                              estimated that these upgrades will take 1-2 days to
horse events at the recent Peak Hill Show.
I would like to especially thank Nathan
                                              Any student who fails to hand in their laptop before
Carr, Mikaela Dart and Shari Carpenter
                                              9am Monday 18 October may be held responsible for
who ably assisted on both days (the judge
                                              the costs to have their laptop sent to the
that Mikaela stewarded for was very           manufacturer for the upgrades. Failure to have these
impressed with her and asked Mikaela to       upgrades will in some instances void the laptop
assist her on the second day as well).        warranty.

A big thank you to Molly Pearse, Samantha
Wright and Sharene Pearce for their help
on the first day.                             Jason Lyons

All six of these young people conducted       Technology Support Officer (TSO)
their jobs with eagerness and they were a
credit to themselves and Peak Hill Central.

I hope that next year we may be able to
have more children assist in the ring

Yours sincerely

                                              Award Winners for Week Ending
Nerida Corbett
On behalf of Herself and John McMaster                  Friday 10 September
Horse Section                                    Bronze Awards

Peak Hill Show Society                                    Hassan Dirani
                                                        Remember you can access Mathletics
                                                           during the school holidays
                                                         Year 10 Trial and School Certificate Exams
 Poultry Growth Trials
                                                        Please find information with regard to both the Trial
Year 9 Agriculture has been conducting a trial with     and School Certificate Examinations. The Trial
chickens looking at the effect of genetics on growth.   School Certificate Examinations will be conducted
                                                        here at School during Week 1. The examinations will
Meat birds were purchased as day olds and students
                                                        occur in Room 2. All students granted Special
hatched out eggs in the incubator from the schools      Provisions will complete their examinations in the
Rhode Island Red hens.                                  Library under separate supervision.
The broilers and layers had exactly the same            If students do not attend the examination they must
environmental conditions as each other. They were       have a Doctors Certificate explaining their absence.
                                                        In the event of illness/misadventure students will
regularly weighed and their average weights and
                                                        need to complete an Illness/Misadventure form to be
growth rates were calculated.                           sent to the Board of Studies.
After thirty two days the average weight of the                        Peak Hill Central School
broilers was 2,400 grams and the layers was 362                 Trial School Certificate Timetable
grams.                                                  Week 1 Tuesday 12 October
The trial concluded when the broilers were dressed by   Morning School Certificate English literacy
the students. Chicken sandwiches are on the menu.       9.20am–11.30am
The mixed sex Rhode Island Red chickens are for         Afternoon School Certificate Science
sale.                                                   12.50pm–3.00pm
                                                        Wednesday 13 October
                                                        School Certificate Computing Skills online test
                                                        Thursday 14 October
                                                        Morning School Certificate Mathematics
                                                        Afternoon School Certificate Australian History,
                                                        Geography, Civics and Citizenship
                                                        Students will be required to remain at school between
                                                        examinations. Students must bring their own food
                                                        during the breaks. The canteen will remain open for

                                                              2010 Week 5 – School Certificate week

                                                         Monday 8 November – School Certificate Day 1
                                                        Morning School Certificate English literacy
                                                        Afternoon School Certificate Science
                                                         Tuesday 9 November – School Certificate Day 2
                                                        Morning School Certificate Mathematics
                                                        Afternoon School Certificate Australian History,
                                                        Geography, Civics and Citizenship

         Clothing Pool                                  Wednesday 10 November-School Certificate Day 3
                                                        School Certificate Computing Skills online test-
                                                        to be held in the Technology Room
 Any donations of school uniforms, large
                                                        Mandatory online for all schools in 2010
  and small sizes are greatly accepted.
    They can be left at the school office.              Debbie-Lee Hughes
                   Thank you                            Deputy Principal
                                                                In the mail this week:
                                                                  Undergraduate Guide for University of Sydney
        TERM 3 WEEK 10                                              Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Re-
                                                                    sources for 2011 also Arts and Social Science for
I had the pleasure of attending Mr Brendan                        Conservatorium of Music Open Day 9 October
Maher’s wedding last Saturday to Hayley – what a
                                                                  Nursing Scholarships worth up to $10,000 per
special and beautiful occasion.
                                                                    year for 3 years full time study. Closes 1
Congratulations to them both.                                       October.
For the past 2 weeks we have welcomed Mr Nathan                   Discover Architecture – Summer School UTS.
Cluness (from Yeoval Central School) replacing Mr                   10-21 January 2011.
Maher as Access Coordinator until the end of term.      
It’s a small world but I knew Nathan as a young                     discoverarchitecture
primary school student who came to visit his
                                                                  Country Energy Apprenticeships. Applications
relatives in Narromine and went swimming with my
                                                                    close 24 September
boys during the school holidays – yes he makes me
feel very old! It is good to have you here Nathan and      
I hope you enjoy your time at PHCS.                                  apprenticeships
                                                                As I have mentioned previously these publications
Final week for Year 12 and I am hoping to sight                 aren’t just for senior students – any interested
their uni preferences before the term ends. These are           student/parent/caregiver can borrow these resources
due to the University Admissions Centre (UAC) by                and take a look at the “future”.
30 September, any later and they will incur a heavy
                                                                Some definitions of interest;
fee. TAFE applications close 29 October for those
intending to study those courses.                                Undergraduate       - someone at uni studying their
                                                                first degree
                                                                 Postgraduate     - someone continuing on with
These holidays are a reward for Year 11 and the end
                                                                further university study
of their Preliminary year. When they return they will
begin Year 12 studies and their final year of                    TAFE – Technical and Further Education
schooling.                                                       VET    – Vocational Education          and    Training
                                                                (subjects for Years 11 and 12)
Year 10 will have work experience in Week 8 Term 4               TVET –A TAFE delivered VET subject
(29 November – 3 December) I would like students to              WAP – Western Access Program
start thinking of what they would like to do and
                                                                       (now incorporating 15 school including PHCS)
where they may like to go. We will complete a work
readiness session early in the term and begin the               ATAR -Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank
paper trail for the world of work.                                    (formally the UAI or TER)

                                                                       Christine O’Donoghue Careers Adviser /
                                                                               Work Placement Coordinator
                                                                    Peak Hill Central School Mondays–Thursdays

         Mathematics Competition                                               English Competition
 On the 17 August, 2010, 9 students from Years 6 to 9 entered     On the 3 August, 2010, 5 students from Years 6 to 9
 the Mathematics competition. Results are as follows              entered the English competition. Results are as follows
 Participation Certificates to Isabelle Goodwin, Caitlin          Participation Certificates Isabelle Goodwin,
 Bell, Rhianna Goodwin, Amy Hart and Jack Miller                           Caitlin Bell, Rhianna Goodwin and Alistar Kopp
 Credit Certificates to Bradley Edwards, Rohan Kopp and           Credit Certificate to Bradley Edwards
 Bradley Hart.
 Distinction Certificate to Alistar Kopp.
                                                                  Well done students
 Congratulations to all these students for their efforts and
 certificates will be presented to the students next term.        Ms Langley

 Ms Bottaro
                                                        The following prizes were awarded.
                                                        Championship winner              Bradley Hart
  Junior Squash Competition                             Championship runner up           Jyi Cohen
The Junior squash competition finished on Friday        Championship back draw winner Bradley James
night with the playing of the Championships and the
                                                        Championship back draw runner up      Natasha Cook
                                                        Winner of Weekly competition     Samantha Wright
Players were ranked from 1 to 12 on a ladder. If you
defeated a player higher up the ladder then you         Most improved on the ladder      Amy Hart
swapped positions. Players were allowed to challenge    Other players were Courtney Hando, Nathan Wright,
other players to try and move up the ladder.            Victor Hernandez, James Peter, Corey Hando,
Players took turns at being the weekly organiser. All   Bradley Edwards and Hayden Cook.
players scored and umpired.
Two teams were formed each week from the rankings.
If you were in the winning team you gained a point.
The regular games have improved all players’ squash.
The level of play in the Championship was
A special thanks to the Ex-Services club for their
sponsorship, the parents who came each week to
supervise; especially Ellen Hart who helped each
week, Margaret Edwards for organising the BBQ, Rex
Rodda for cooking the BBQ and Jan Cook for
organising the prizes. President Tony Ellis presented
the prizes and also offered on behalf of the club the
opportunity for players to attend a coaching clinic.

       Peak Hill Men’s Shed Inc
                                                                    Greater Western Area Health
    Street Stall Friday 8 October                                             Service
                                                                         CARER PROGRAM
     Any saleable items greatly
                                                               Are you caring for a family member or
         Peak Hill Men’s Shed Inc                       friend with a disability, illness or who is aged?
         Fundraising Trivia Night                             Would you like to know more about being
                                                                          a Carer?
             Peak Hill Golf Club
                                                              Would you like more support, information
            Saturday 9 October                                       and practical skills?
                                                              Would you be interested in meeting other
              Registration 7pm                               people in a simular situation to you?

    Questions start at 7.30pm sharp                          A FREE information session is being held
                                                                  On Thursday 7 October 2010
      Teams of 4 at $10 per person
                                                              At Peak Hill Ex-Services Citizens Club
             Prizes to 3rd Place                               Time 10.00 am for 10.30 am start
                                                                   Morning tea will be provided
 Light entertainment between breaks                     For further information please contact your local
         Tea and Coffee available                       Carer Support/Liaison Officer on (02) 6393 3340

             Bring own nibbles
                          Community News
        Peak Hill Swim Club                                     Newton’s Nation

        Registration Days for 2010/11                          Mount Panorama

            Monday 1 November                                November 26-28 2010
                                                              Newtons Nation Road Trip!
          Wednesday 3 November
                                                              Experiential Tour in Parkes
                  At the pool                                             ON
   Fundraisers to kick start season                           FRIDAY 8 OCTOBER, 2010

       Chocolates– see Margaret                                     12PM - 3PM

         Edwards if you are able to                             PARKES SKATE PARK

         assist with sales                                        HOOLEY STREET
                                                  Check out the local paper for your chance to win a 30
       Raffle -Family Season Ticket to
                                                  minute private lesson for you and four of your mates!
         Parkes Shire Pools tickets will
                                                               Demos by Rockstar riders
         be available at 50th
                                                     DJ pumping out tunes from bands featuring at
         Anniversary pool celebrations                            Newton’s Nation
         or see Donna Kopp

  If you are interested in Pilates and Zumba
carrying on next term please ring or text Bonny                    (Family Service)
  Wakefield with your name, phone number &                  Sunday 26th September
email address. Bonny's number is 0410 767 671
 If she does not get enough people to contact
         her, the classes will not resume.                       Koinonia House
                                                       Featuring Westlink Youth Band
                                                            All Welcome - BBQ Tea

                                                        St Stephens Anglican
              General Meeting                                    Street Stall
           Thursday 30 September
                                                            Friday 1 October
               At Jan Mackay’s
                                                      Saleable Goods greatly
              69 Derribong Street                          appreciated
                  All Welcome

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