Human Resources by ewghwehws


									              NIS Human Resources
Position Control
– Conversion of NEIS data complete
– Outstanding problem with Headcount / FTE numbers

Employee Self-Service
– Portal in development (State CNC)
– Programs being tested

– On-line application interface (programmer assigned)
– Initial set-up complete
– Security complications
      NIS Human Resources
Class / Comp
– Basic comp grid enhanced and available
– Continued work on CPQ via “Requisition” and pay
  change approval “electronic” processes

Safety and Health
– Sedgewick interface (programmer assigned)

Manager Self Service
– Future portal
       NIS Human Resources
Competency Management
–   Roadmap - Information Technology Job Class
–   Enlisted Information Technology Review Team
–   First meeting scheduled June 17
Performance Management
–   Initial set-up complete
–   Performance evaluation templates in NIS
–   Work in progress…
Reports / Interfaces / Mods
– 423 “customs” requests – 107 are HR / Payroll

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