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 steve jobs
 how he redesigned the world
                   why Matt DaMon
                   is no actor


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Jan/Feb 2012                 pAlm springs
Issue 15

                                                                THE COMPLETE LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE FOR THE AUSTRALIAN MAN
                    JAN/FEB 2012
                    ISSUE 15
                                                                                                  42    MATT DAMON – IS NO ACTOR
                                                                                                  46    STEVE JOBS – THE END OF AN ERA
                                                                                                  112   THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN

                                                                                                  14    M2 CALENDAR
                                                                                                  18    UPDATE
                     AustrAliA                                                                    116   FILM
                                                                                                  120   MUSIC

                        11     whY modern
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                                                                                                        STRANGE FACTS

                               BUsinesses fAil                                                    MAN MADE

                                                                                                  54    THE NEW APPLE HQ

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                            steve jobs
                            how he redesigned the world                                           FASHION & STYLE
                                              why Matt DaMon                                      26    STYLE
                                              is no actor                                         30    MONTBLANC – A TRIBUTE TO THE CHRONOGRAPH

                                                +                                                 32    WHAT DO CEOS WEAR?

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                          Jan/Feb 2012                  pAlm springs                              98    DEXTER IN ZEGNA
                          Issue 15

                                                                                                  108   11 FOODS TO MAKE YOU SMARTER
                    M2_Cover.indd 1
                                      MATT DAMON                          11/29/2011 9:58:35 AM   110   8 WAYS TO BE A HEALTHY COUCH POTATO

                                                                                                  34    WHY MODERN BUSINESSES FAIL
                                                                                                  36    WILL DEAGUE – BRAND BUILDER
                                                                                                  56    KRM ARCHITECTURE

                                                                                                  FOOD AND DRINK
                                                                                                  91    CLASSIC FOOD WITH A TWIST

                                                                                                  78    DESTINATIONS TO SEE NOW BEFORE THEY DISAPPEAR
                                                                                                  84    PALM SPRINGS


                                                                                                  9     OPINION
                                                                                                  10    MAN ON THE STREET

                                                                          T-REX MyThbusTEd
                                                                             With advances in technology in the field of paleontology,
                                                                          some long-held myths about the Tyrannosaurus Rex
                                                                          have been busted painting a very different picture to the
                                                                          Jurassic Park version of the T-Rex we’re so accustomed
                                                                          to. The assumption that like Spielberg’s murderous
                                                                          predator, the T-Rex could run at speeds of up to 45
                                                                          miles per hour was challenged with a report in the Nature
                                                                          Journal back in 2002 which examined its anatomy and
                                                                          found that with its enormous size, it was extremely
                                                                          unlikely that the Rex could have run faster than 25 miles
                                                                          per hour and that more likely, it would not have been
                                                                          able to run at all, also challenging the Rex’s position as
                                                                          the biggest predator of its age with the discovery of new
                                                                          fossil evidence of the Spinosaurus, a species initially
                                                                          discovered in 1912, which showed the long jawed, sail-
                                                                          backed monster dwarfed its T-Rex cousin by 13 feet
                                                                          at a whopping 55 feet. Poor Rex also gets demoted
                                                                          from its pedestal as the fiercest predator in the dinosaur
                                                                          kingdom with a claim from one of the world’s leading
 AussIEs LovE To FLy                                                      paleontologists, Jack Horner, that because of its size
   Have you been out of the country on holiday this year? Snap. In        and therefore slow speed, its dental structure and those
fact, a lot of Australians have taken to the skies in herds...flocks.     “useless” short arms, it was more likely that the creature
The survey shows where we like to travel domestically          was a scavenger that fed on carcasses killed by the more
and internationally. Obviously, the strong Australian dollar has helped   reputable hunters, the velociraptor.
make travel more affordable for us and long-haul destinations seem        It seems that perhaps the next installment of Jurassic Park
a common holiday hot-spot of choice, with the US having many              will see the Tyrannosaurus Rex in a mere supporting role.
of our ports of preference. In particular, New York and Las Vegas,
with Los Angeles and San Francisco not too far behind. In New
York, hotel prices average at AUD $260 per night, and average AUD
$132 per night in Las Vegas. London fell two places to fifth and
Tokyo slipped from fourth place to nineteenth place – following the
devastating earthquake that hit Japan.

         Top 5 International Destinations in 2011
                                                       Average cost
        Ranking                    City
                                                      per night (AUD)

            1                    New York                  $260
            2                   Las Vegas                  $132
            3                  Los Angeles                 $174
            4                    Honolulu                  $205
            5                     London                   $213

Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast retained their spots in
the top three destinations we visit domestically. In good news
for Queensland tourism – Cairns, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Port
Douglas and the Sunshine Coast all featured in the top 10, despite
the extreme flooding in January, which saw Brisbane drop three
places to seventh.
On average, Australians spent AUD $159 per night on
accommodation within Australia, compared with the Swiss AUD
$212, Norwegians AUD $186 and Singaporeans AUD $177.

            Top 5 Australian Destinations 2011
        Ranking                               City

            1                                Sydney
            2                               Melbourne
            3                              Gold Coast
            4                                Cairns
            5                                 Perth

   The film, Contagion, revolves around a fictional killer outbreak that spreads
from bats to humans, based on the real pathogen, the Nipah Virus, which
originates in bats and can be passed through pigs to humans. The real
pandemic, however, is afflicting bats, not humans. Biologists are seeing
evidence that humans are behind the spread of Geomyces destructans, a
fungus that is linked to “White-nose Syndrome”, which is wiping out 90 to 100
percent of the brown bat population in the Northeastern United States. Bats
with white noses were first noticed in 2006 in a cave in upstate New York but
while the death rate of the US bats is at pandemic proportions, scientists in
Europe have said they have bats exhibiting similar symptoms but without the
same problem with mortality. The leading hypothesis from the US Fish and
Wildlife Service is that recreational cavers potentially brought the fungus from
Europe and carried it to the United States where the fungal spores took root
in the New York cave and cold, damp conditions allowed the fungus to grow
with an effect eerily similar to that of the Contagion virus on Hollywood actors.
The bats were more vulnerable because during hibernation, their immune
systems are suppressed. So far, biologists have found signs of white-nose
syndrome in 17 states and four Canadian provinces. An international task
force is trying to decide how to treat the problem with possible solutions being:
holding the bats in captivity over Winter to keep them away from the fungus,
closing caves to human visitors, developing anti-fungal treatments and even
the cryopreservation of bat sperm and eggs to allow for invitro reproduction
– sounds like something right out of Aeon Flux if you ask us.

                                                                                         NICE sEAT!
                                                                                           Research out of Australia has found that working
                                                                                        behind a desk for long periods increases your risk
                                                                                        of rectal cancer. That’s assuming you’ve been sitting
                                                                                        all of that time. There’s also evidence to support
                                                                                        this study, showing that otherwise active blokes are
                                                                                        even susceptible to the disease. The essence of the
                                                                                        SitActive Posture Cushion is to provide constant
                                                                                        movement and adjustment while you’re on your...
                                                                                        seat. The frisbee-like cushion is filled with air and
                                                                                        has a similar sensation to sitting on a Swiss Ball,
                                                                                        except it’s safer, more discreet, focused and portable.
                                                                                        Because you’re having to adjust to its micro-
                                                                                        movements, the cushion is constantly engaging your
                                                                                        core, pelvis and spine, which in turn, activates your
                                                                                        muscles to aid circulation. So no more slouching,
                                                                                        blood pooling in your gluteal area, or cramped
                                                                                        posture, as this is all about active sitting.

    suPER EARTh dIsCovEREd
       Astronomers recently announced the discovery of 600 exoplanet candidates,
   including a “Super Earth”, which may be habitable. The Super Earth candidate
   is 3.6-times larger than Earth and is thought to be rockier rather than gaseous.
   It resides in a 58-day orbit on the inner edge of its orange star’s habitable zone
   and if it is protected by a thick, cloudy atmosphere, could have liquid water on
   its surface. Named HD 85512b, it is the second small world to be found within
   a habitable zone and is a mere 36-light years away in the constellation of Vela.
   It’s close enough for future telescopes to scour for signs of life. A ground-based
   telescope in Chile discovered 55 of the planets, including the Super Earth, using

   a High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planets Searcher (HARPS), which monitors
   nearby stars for tell-tale wobbles caused by orbiting planets. The rest of the 600
   planets were spotted by NASA’s Kepler space telescope much further away in
   space, and are monitored by watching planets that become silhouetted against
   their respective suns. The Kepler team says that roughly a quarter of the newest
   finds appear to be Super Earths, which suggests that an Earth alternative could
   be right around the corner – even if that corner may lie a few light years away.

                                                                                    Bring On The glare
                                                                                    Revealing a generous lens curvature for
                                                                                    increased peripherals, the Oakley Blender is ideal
                                                                                    for the action man. With a number of colour and
                                                                                    lens options, there is a new fusion of lightweight
                                                                                    alloy, which gives you the choice of keeping your
                                                                                    active lifestyle shades comfortably framing your
                                                                                    grateful eyes. Even when you’re hard at work or
                                                                                    working out, your style factor is kept in place.
                                                                                    You can also match the frames with Oakley
                                                                                    Authentic Prescription Lenses. If your shades
                                                                                    need to match your ever-changing mood, then
                                                                                    Dispatch II gives you the ability to customise your
                                                                                    frame. With extra changeable icons available,
                                                                                    you can mix and match your glasses with your
                                                                                    mix and match personality. If maintaining a little
                                                                                    more dash to your dashing and a tad more sty
                                                                                    to your style, then the uber-cool Jupiter Squared
                                                                                    is your design friend. It doesn’t just give you
                                                                                    engineered UV protection in the lens but also
                                                                                    colour options all over to give you that “cut
                                                                                    above” attitude. These sunnies were created to
                                                                                    give you style squared.

                     Classy POuCh
                    Here’s a classy touch for the bloke who likes to harness
                    his mobile phone in something that politely whispers
                    sophistication. From the gifted luxury designer Alexander
                    Amosu comes a stunning range of exquisite smartphone
                    covers customised to protect your cherished device.
                    Especially if that device has a wow factor all of its own.
                    Each handmade and hand-stitched case is beautifully
                    crafted from exotic materials including ostrich, crocodile,
                    various types of lizard or python. The bespoke pouches
                    come in your choice of finish or colour range and for that
                    extra special touch, you can have a name embossed onto
                    the case. Preferably your own. Expect to pay northwards of
                    $700 for your luxury carry-case and if you’re inclined, a new
                    solid gold or diamond embedded cellphone would match
                    it perfectly. You guessed it, the amazing Amosu can create
                    one of those for you as well.


        One yOu WOn’T ThrOW BaCk
It’s like wearing a rainbow on your wrist; a rainbow of sapphire crystals encased in a chunky styled steel case with a green croco
leather strap. The Swordfish watch range by Graham also carries the automatic bi-compax chronograph G1710 movement

which makes 28,800 vibrations per hour. Graham of London is a respected watch company whose horological fingers stretch
around the globe. Founder George Graham was an innovator and the company’s re-awakening by Eric Loth has resulted in this
stunning example of the brand’s outside the box ethos. The Swordfish also features fugley loupes, which are the half hour and 12
hour counters, over-sized numerals and large grippy pushers. A 48-hour power reserve is thanks to its stunning movement. The
Swordfish Booster Iris is eye-catching and achieves the rainbow effect using nanometer-scale coating which refracts the interference
of light waves. That’s a very basic explanation but you get the gist. What’s important is the highly technological process in achieving
what is effectively a work of art.



 Will Deague is a hands-on CEO who has taken the reigns of the
  family business started by his father, David, and continued
 the legacy of a company with a strong focus on family values
    and a penchant for Australian art. Asian Pacific Group’s
  extensive property portfolio also includes the innovative Art
   Series Hotels, which keeps the father of two and assiduous
            businessman understandably very busy.


                    The Spread
                      of fear

                     It’s a cold and blustery day in a suburb outside Chicago, with snow plowed into clumps at either
                      side of the front door of Central Elementary School in Wilmette, Illinois. Looking like any other
                    parent is Matt Damon, who exits the front door with a child no older than the kids who go to school
                     at Central. Later, he’ll give an interview and take a photo for the school’s third and fourth grade
                    student newspaper. But at the moment, the mood is tense. This is not a slice of life but a sequence
                    in his new film. Damon plays Mitch Emhoff, a man whose wife, Beth, played by Gwyneth Paltrow,
                      has come back from a business trip with some kind of aggressive flu-like infection. Emhoff has
                        learned that his stepson too has fallen ill. By the next day, both mother and son will be dead.

                                                                                                               COVER STORY

                          ut now, bundled up in parkas, Damon             “To do the detective work in a timely enough fashion to stop this
                          hustles the young actor, Griffin Kane, who      kind of two, four, eight, 64 multiplication is a real game to beat the
                          plays his stepson, Clark, down the cold         clock with huge consequences, and that was what Steven and I
                          sidewalk, saying his good-byes to the           really wanted to capture as one part of the film.”
                          school staff.                                   As it says on the poster, “Nothing spreads like fear.” As quickly as
                           Also out in the cold, dressed for the bitter   a virus can move, panic and misinformation can spread just as
                           weather, are director, Steven Soderbergh       handily. The film explores both through the eyes of a number of
                           and his crew quietly recording the             characters from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the U.S.
                           sequence on camera. This is one of the         Center for Disease Control (CDC) tracing the virus’ inexorable path,
                           early scenes in Soderbergh’s latest film, a    as well as the human beings – like Damon’s Mitch Emhoff – caught
global thriller with the unremitting, frantic pace of a disaster movie,   within it. “There was no way to play the movie from one character’s
involving an elusive, fast-moving and merciless killer – an unknown       point of view in all these different scenarios,” says Jacobs. “In
yet extremely aggressive virus.                                           designing it, everybody felt like you needed to have many locations
With a body of work that defies categorisation, Soderbergh                and interweaving storylines, as with Traffic, to truly show the global
seems fearless in tackling complex subjects in innovative ways–           impact of something like this at an appropriate scale.”
from sexual peccadilloes in his first film, the Palme d’Or-winning        Each character plays a part in the intricate puzzle of a worldwide
Sex, Lies and Videotape, to the many layers of the drug trade             pandemic, one Soderbergh and his collaborators both in front
in his Oscar-winning Traffic, to the blockbuster capers in the            of and behind the camera sought to depict truthfully. Though
Ocean’s trilogy, to the independent biopic about the mercurial            they used creative licence to up the dramatic ante, they wanted
Argentine revolutionary, Ché.                                             to reveal that there are real people behind organisations like
With Contagion, he is once again exploring new territory but              the CDC and WHO. “They will cease to be faceless, monolithic
with the consistent thread of humanity at its core. “It’s always          organisations that make statements from the mountain top but
compelling to watch intelligent people struggling with a real world       a lot of people working really hard,” Soderbergh says. “We were
problem,” Soderbergh says,                                                                                       never conscious of making
“especially one with a clock                                                                                     them heroic but they are,
on it in which the stakes                                                                                        in a real world way. When
couldn’t be much higher and                                                                                      something happens, they
every minute that ticks by,                                                                                      get on a plane and fly right
more people are getting sick                                                                                     into it.”
or dying.”                                                                                                          As with a number of his
From the earliest days of                                                                                           films, Soderbergh has
development, Soderbergh                                                                                             populated Contagion with
was interested in grounding                                                                                         an international ensemble
the film in the fascinating yet                                                                                     of acclaimed actors that
unsettling world of infectious                                                                                      reads like a who’s who
diseases. As he and his                                                                                             of recent award winners.
collaborators went down                                                                                             Gwyneth Paltrow plays
the rabbit hole of research,                                                                                        Beth Emhoff, whose final
the subject left its mark on                                                                                        24 hours of life become a
them. “You cannot immerse                                                                                           complex puzzle the scientific
yourself in this world and                                                                                          community must race to
not be forever altered by it                                                                                        unravel. “You put together
in some way,” the director                                                                                          her story gradually,” says
relates. “I’m aware of everything I touch; I’m aware of everything        Soderbergh. “That’s at the centre of the detective aspect of the
everybody else touches. I haven’t turned into Howard Hughes but           movie – the mystery of how it started. You’re gradually revealing
you really begin to see things a little differently.”                     what happened to her and how she got sick, and finding out more
                                                                          about her character as well. And Gwyneth was awesome being
“This is something that’s been percolating in Steven for a long           sick. That’s tricky and disturbing stuff, so it’s pretty alarming
time,” says producer, Gregory Jacobs, Soderbergh’s longtime
                                                                          to watch.”
collaborator. “These kinds of new diseases that can come from
anywhere and cause potentially massive devastation is something           Beth’s illness and shocking death following a business trip to
that terrifies everybody.”                                                Hong Kong becomes a critical clue as more and more people in a
                                                                          number of international cities begin to show identical symptoms.
Jacobs produces the film with Michael Shamberg and Stacey
                                                                          But she is not just a statistic. She has a family – a son who also
Sher, who previously worked with Soderbergh on his films Erin
                                                                          succumbs to the illness and a husband left in a state of shock as
Brockovich and Out of Sight. They, too, couldn’t help but be pulled
                                                                          his world crumbles around him, who now wants only to protect
in by the film’s subject matter. “You hear about some flu and hope
                                                                          his daughter, who may or may not be immune. “Emhoff is the
you don’t get it, you get vaccinated but I’d never really thought
                                                                          heart and soul of the movie,” says Sher. “And Matt Damon brings
about the truly stark implications of these things,” Shamberg says.
                                                                          such tremendous humanity, humour and surprise to every part he
“This story, in an entertaining but chilling way, explores what could
                                                                          does. His character really grapples with some tough questions
really happen and that reality is a scary thing to contemplate.”
                                                                          and does it with grace and courage, two things that I think Matt
The genesis of the idea came from screenwriter, Scott Z. Burns,

                                                                          brings to this performance.”
who previously penned Soderbergh’s satirical whistleblower
                                                                          “You never catch Matt acting,” Soderbergh adds. “There’s no
comedy, The Informant! Burns plunged into research on infectious
                                                                          vanity at all; there’s no self-consciousness. If your goal as an
diseases, invariably finding himself drawn in by the scientists who
                                                                          actor is to behave as though there are no cameras there, he’s
devote their lives to hunting them down and racing to find a cure.
                                                                          found a way to occupy that space.” This makes him the ideal
“There are all these discrete events happening around the world,
                                                                          Emhoff, who, says Soderbergh, “is like most people. He
and these people get on airplanes and go right into the belly of the
                                                                          doesn’t know what’s going on. He would be us if we were in
beast,” Burns describes.
                                                                          that situation.”


                   t’s a phrase that is often      Jobs was just 20 years old when he and his       In January of this year he took another
                   used to mark the passing        childhood friend, Steve Wozniak, started         leave of absence, returning only briefly
                   of someone great. In the        Apple. Within 10 years, Apple had grown          into the public arena to unveil the second-
                   case of the passing of          from two guys in a garage to a $2 billion        generation iPad and again in June, to unveil
                   Steve Jobs “the end of          company with over 4,000 employees.               Apple’s iCloud music synching service.
                   an era” really is the           In 1985, Jobs was forced out of Apple but        In August Jobs resigned as CEO. In a
                   perfect summary.                went on to buy a small unknown graphics          letter to Apple’s board and the “Apple
                   One of the original             company for $10 million dollars. That            community”, Jobs said he “always said
                   pioneers of the modern          company, which you might now know as             if there ever came a day when I could no
                   computer age, Jobs’             Pixar, has produced major hits like A Bug’s      longer meet my duties and expectations as
                   fanatical obsession with        Life, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Finding         Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you
                   the smallest details and        Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille,        know. Unfortunately, that day has come.”
                   hunger for achieving the        WALL-E and Up. Later, he sold Pixar to           On October 5, 2011 a much worse
                   largest of possibilities        Disney for $7.4 billion in stock, making him     day came.
                   has helped to define            the largest shareholder and also earning
                                                   him a seat on the board.                         President Obama issued a statement
                   and redefine much of
                                                                                                    just after Jobs passed away, saying that
                   our relationship with           After leaving Apple, Jobs also turned his        “there may be no greater tribute to Steve’s
                   entertainment, work,            hand to starting up another computer called      success than the fact that much of the
                   technology and design.          NeXT. A few years later, Apple bought NeXT       world learned of his passing on a device
                  Who can imagine a world          and it’s operating software. Consequently,       he invented.”
                  without the iPhone? The          along came Steve Jobs back into the Apple
                                                   fold. Steve Jobs’ return to Apple yielded        Obama also paid tribute to a man who
                  iPod? The iPad? iTunes?
                                                   what can be considered one of the greatest       defined the American dream, “by building
                  And while there are now
                                                   tenures of any business leader ever.             one of the planet’s most successful
                  alternatives to it all, it was
                                                                                                    companies from his garage, he exemplified
                  the iPhone that inspired         During this stint, Jobs grew Apple into the      the spirit of American ingenuity; by
a new benchmark for smartphones; it was            world’s most valuable technology company,        making computers personal and putting
the iPod that inspired a new benchmark             with a market value of $351 billion – a          the Internet in our pockets, he made the
                                                                                                    information revolution not only accessible,
                                                                                                    but intuitive and fun; and by turning his
                                                                                                    talents to storytelling, he has brought joy
                                                                                                    to millions of children and grown-ups alike.
                                                                                                    Steve was fond of saying that he lived
                                                                                                    every day like it was his last; because he
                                                                                                    did, he transformed our lives, redefined
                                                                                                    entire industries, and achieved one of the
                                                                                                    rarest feats in human history: he changed
                                                                                                    the way each of us sees the world.”
                                                                                                    Jobs not only changed the way we see
                                                                                                    the world, he redesigned it. He had the
                                                                                                    very rare vision to be able to define what
                                                                                                    the world wanted before the world even
                                                                                                    realised it.
                                                   wealth that was generated almost entirely        And while Apple might now be the world’s
for portable music players; it was the             since Jobs returned to Apple for the             largest technology firm, a question mark
iPad that inspired a new benchmark                 second time.                                     hangs over whether it will be able to ignite
for touchscreen tablets. And in a world                                                             consumer demand in quite the same way
                                                   This was also a tenure that resulted in an
where music piracy is a couple of clicks                                                            without Jobs. Still, it has an incredibly strong
                                                   outstanding array of mass hit products,
of a mouse away, iTunes has created an                                                              basis in the legacy that Steve Jobs created.
                                                   from the brightly coloured iMacs to the
incredibly successful music market and                                                              Steve Jobs might be gone but his values,
                                                   iPod Shuffle and the iPad. Building on
kept the music studios in business by                                                               his work ethic, his talent and his genius
                                                   Apple’s counter-cultural brand status and
creating a system that music studios really                                                         will remain. Whether they be in your
                                                   slick design ethic, Jobs pumped out iconic
should have created first.                                                                          pocket, on your desk, in your lounge or in
                                                   product after iconic product. Not only filling
Of course, this wasn’t the first time that         a gap in the market but at times creating        your office.
Jobs pulled the rug out from underneath            the market. Even a global recession              In 2005, after his initial battle with
companies whose sole focus is operating in         couldn’t stop the march of Apple. However,       cancer, Jobs delivered a particularly
their own specific industry. Mobile phones,        illness was another factor.                      profound commencement speech at
portable music players and music libraries                                                          Stanford University.
                                                   In 2004, Jobs revealed that he had been
aren’t the typical domain of a computer
                                                   diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic         “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the
company but within each industry, Job’s
                                                   cancer — an islet cell neuroendocrine            most important tool I’ve ever encountered

touch has meant a revolution.
                                                   tumor. He underwent surgery and said he          to help me make the big choices in
And of course within the industry                  had been cured.                                  life. Because almost everything — all
Jobs operated in, he helped transform                                                               external expectations, all pride, all fear of
                                                   In 2009, health concerns resurfaced for Jobs
computers from the domain of geeky                                                                  embarrassment or failure — these things
                                                   after it came to light that he had received
hobby, to a world wide modern day must-                                                             just fall away in the face of death, leaving
                                                   a liver transplant during a leave of absence
have. Not bad for an adopted, middle                                                                only what is truly important.”
                                                   from Apple.
class, college drop-out.

                                                                                                                                      David Katon (Left), Harlan Redgen (Centre)
                                                                                                                                          and Phillip Mathieson (Right) are KRM.

                    NEW DIMENSIONS        Young architecture firm, Katon Redgen Mathieson are fast
                                                   redefining our living and work spaces.

                                                                          PhotograPhy By DELLANO PEREIRA

                              n 2010, in the heart of the architectural monster of a          This relatively new company has already produced some of the
                              metropolis that is Sydney, three well established Australian    finest architectural structures in Australia and is a firm that is fast
                              architects, David Katon, Harlan Redgen and Philip               on its way to setting a new benchmark in Australian architecture.
                              Mathieson, put their heads together and formed Katon            We talk to founding partner, Philip Mathieson about his experiences
                              Redgen Mathieson (KRM); their contribution to bringing a        in designing world class buildings, his opinion on regulations in
                              timeless, modernistic twist to classic design principles.       architecture, and his views on the trends of today.
                              Each of the founding partners has a strong individual           When you look at a bit of land or you look at someone’s brief
                              reputation as an architect and they were all leaders in their   how does it work; what considerations do you bring into that
                              fields before forming KRM. The three of them worked             starting process?
                    together at Sydney based design firm, Burley Katon Halliday, where        A lot of it literally comes out of where the site is located or what is
                    David Katon was a partner and cofounder.                                  on the site you are dealing with. I guess our projects do have some
                    Following the success of Burley Katon Halliday, one would think it        consistency throughout. However, it is not necessarily something

                    would be difficult to step out of its shadow and establish KRM as         that you can see overtly; we are not all about just churning
                    a separate entity. But a year on from the birth of KRM, and they          out white boxes all the time because that would get boring for
                    have already completed their first 4.5 star hotel, The Burbury, as        everyone. It is very much about what the client wants to get out of
                    well as numerous residential buildings that are making waves in           a project and that really is where it starts from. People do come to
                    the architectural community – some of which we profile in the             us with very different ideas of what they want.
                    coming pages.


Do you have favourites; do you prefer working on residential or               I don’t know how you would ever regulate it, it is a shame there
commercial or multi-residential?                                              is not a way to control all the quality of buildings. When the
If we have to have a favourite I would say it is “residential”, if I may      Council gets a plan it might look good on the drawing but the
use that term - anything from multi-residential, to single houses,            materials might be cheap and it might get put up really quickly with
to hotels – things that are to do with people sleeping somewhere              construction techniques that aren’t fantastic, and once it is there
I guess. In our careers, we have worked on plenty of commercial               it is there and you end up with a building in 10 year’s time that is a
things as well but it is great to work on things where you are really         bit shoddy. In general, it tends to be fashionable to follow certain
impacting on the way people live and spend a lot of their time                trends and there is an emphasis to do fashionable buildings but
outside of their work environments.                                           not always to build them well.
It is a big responsibility in a way, particularly when you are                I guess there is a difference between a building that is
talking about where someone spends a lot of their time and                    fashionable, trying to be fashionable and a building that works
sleeps. It is their environment and you have got control over                 and a building that proportions work.
that, you are defining the way that they will experience a big                There are some development areas in the inner Sydney area
chunk of their time. Do you feel that responsibility?                         at the moment where there are lots and lots of brand new
For us, the result we want to end up with is when the client goes             apartment buildings, and probably individually they are actually
in and they really love it and feel relaxed in the space and you can          quite good, but because of this whole new development
see that they are really happy and it has achieved what you set               area, when you get them all side by side it is just – you get
out to do. That experience can be quite rewarding. It can be a bit            a headache looking at it. It is all these things competing for
nerve wracking if you have an inkling that maybe you haven’t quite            attention. Sometimes it is refreshing to look at a building that
got there along the way, but fortunately we get to work on projects           is just elegant and well portioned and it doesn’t have to grab
where everyone is happy with the result when the jobs are finished.           attention all the time.
If you come up with living spaces for people that they are really             In light of the recent credit crunch and what seems to be
comfortable to be in, that they enjoy being in, then it is positively         happening with a domino fall of economies in Europe, are
influencing the way they live.                                                people wanting to spend money on designing beautiful homes
Have you found that generally clients are very trusting of you                and buildings?
and just let you go for it?                                                   I think it has definitely slowed down but there are people that are
It is actually quite rare that clients will totally trust you from the        still building. People might not be in as big a rush to do things but
beginning and some of them tend to get to the end and then they               there are definitely still people that are doing it. If anything, it has
are like “oh we wish that we had given you a free rein”. I think that         changed the way some of the qualities that people are after are
is an area where people need to understand what you can do for                produced. There is a little more of an interest in things that are
them; what you can bring to the project and what they can bring               authentic and kind of handcrafted – over showy developments. It
to the project as well. You can really help them to get to a level            seems that people are drawing back to more natural materials and
that they wouldn’t imagine that they could get to otherwise on                things like that.
their own.                                                                    Has there been any development in terms of construction
There have been a lot of buildings erected over the years with                and building materials that has enabled you to design
what seems the sole purpose of just cramming people into                      things differently?
rabbit holes. Do you think that there is more appreciation                    In general, no. I think for us it is working with really good builders
these days for beautiful forms for architecture and for                       or specialised subcontractors who can develop particular ideas,
structures that are more than just for squeezing people in?                   like the Bondi house that we just finished. There are three
Yes and no. I think it is definitely an area that people are becoming         massive panels of glass that slide up and down to fill in a double
more sophisticated in. People are becoming more exposed to that               height opening – obviously that is not something you just ring
sort of thing, so people’s expectations are definitely higher than            up somebody for and have it installed the next day. It is about
what they were a few years ago. I don’t think it has got to the point         working with different people, especially when there is an idea to
yet where people fully realise that there is the opportunity to have          do something that can push the boundary a little bit and they are
things that are designed for them, and things haven’t got to levels           actually excited about working it out at their end and making it
of sophistication where major developers are actually doing things            work in a project.
differently; it just tends to be smaller developments that will take on       Do you work with them through the process or do you just go
board design as a major consideration. Also, what is considered to be         “this will be cool, make it happen”?
design worthy is probably a bit of a moving target, there tends to be a       It is a bit of both. Sometimes you come up with something and
lot of buildings now that aren’t necessarily that fantastic that are being    everyone drags against you and then somehow it does happen.
tricked up to look like they are satisfying people’s desire for design, but   Other times you can work just as part of a collaborative process
some of it is a little bit shallow, which is a bit disappointing.             and say “are you thinking about doing this?” and people are like
I was wondering whether there needs to be a council                           “yes”, or they grab it and say “oh it is untouchable but we can
regulation or local government regulation of some buildings                   actually do it like this, this and this” and that can be anything - like
but how do you get to the point where someone decides that                    I said - from the huge sheets of glass, down to something tiny like
a building is a nice piece of design or not. Is it a risky thing to           the detail on the end of a door.
get to that point?                                                            Are there cities in the world where you have been to where to
It is a little bit risky yes. For example, in Sydney, the Council has a       you think “wow they have really done it right”?

regulation now that apartments cannot have ceilings that are less             From a building perspective, I am a sucker for Paris just because
than 2.7 metres high, and that was a deliberate way of trying to              on one hand there is this overlying, almost homogenous kind of
stop developers squeezing lots of apartments into a small building            feel about everything, such as the limestone that is commonly
to maximise their income and ending up with housing that ends up              used. But then you look closely and everything is still individually
being substandard.                                                            designed; one building is still different to the next. >>


F That
   Not only has Lexus F’d their GS
   range but they’ve given the car a
   ‘Sport’ badge as well. Officially
   unveiled at the SENA show in Las
   Vegas in November the luxury
   brand created some motoring heat
   with the inclusion of the F-Sport to
   its GS collection.

                                          FUTURE TREND

Cruising the world’s oceans in a luxury launch might

be like the ultimate symbol of success. However, this
  is also one symbol that leaves a fairly hefty carbon
footprint in its wake and as recent events off the coast
of Mexico have proven, oil and water don’t really mix.

                    6               Places To
                                    see Before
                                    IT’s Too laTe
                       What the planet’s recent disasters have made infinitely clear, is that
                     life is fickle. Earthquakes, floods and war have graphically shown the
                      fragility of existence. Mother Nature’s unpredictability, coupled with
                    social and economic upheavals, are contributing to a physical world
                    that is slowly disappearing right before our eyes. Here are some must-
                                      see destinations to visit, before it’s too late.

                                              The Maldives
                                              In the Indian Ocean, the islands of the Maldives have shown
                                              the most impact from the rising sea levels as a result of global
                                              warming. Even the nation’s President has voiced his anguish about
                                              the impact the levels are having. He echoed that “sea-level rise is
                                              not a fashionable scientific hypothesis. It is a fact.” Estimates are
                                              that over the next century the sea level in the Maldives will increase
                                              around half-a-metre. That’s on top of nearly 30 percent of the 200
                                              inhabited islands of the Maldives having already lost their beaches.


    5. Marrakech
     Marrakech is a hub of culture and tourism in Morocco. It
     also gives you a real taste of the region, offering the chance
     to barter in the largest souk (traditional market) in all of
     Morocco, and arguably the whole of North Africa. Holidays to
    Franz Josef Glacier
     the city are exotic, exciting and varied; you can spend your
     time there taking in the amazing monuments and buildings
    One of the seven natural wonders of Oceania,The city also has
     or relaxing in the gardens and courtyards.
     some amazing views of the desert and naturally
    New Zealand’s South Island phenomenon offers trips, treks and
     tours into and through the vast and advances.
    behaves in cycles where it retreatsexpanse of sand.
    Where once the glacier extended to the sea, it
    is now showing more regression due to global
    warming. Based on studied variations over the
    years, scientists expect that Franz Josef Glacier
    will retreat five kilometres. They also agree that it
    will lose a significant amount of its overall mass in
    the next 100 years, meaning the mighty glacier will
    eventually disappear.


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                    Coconut Parfait with
                    Mandarin & Sesame

                          Makes 6 to 8 portions


                                                                 MAndArin Purée
                                                                 4 x mandarin
                                                                 Stock syrup: 225g castor sugar, 300ml water & half a
                                                                 lemon, sliced – boil until sugar has dissolved.

                                                                 Place mandarins in a pot, cover with cold water and bring to boil.
                      CoConut PArfAit                            Strain the water, cover mandarins with cold water again and repeat
                                                                 seven times. Cover mandarins with stock syrup and simmer on low
                                         375g coconut cream      heat for one-and-a-half hours. once cooled, blend into a purée and
                                                                 pass through a fine chinois.
                      50g desiccated coconut, lightly toasted
                                      50g hazel nuts, toasted
                                                                 SeSAMe MASCArPone
                                               50g egg yolks
                                                                 50g black sesame seeds, toasted
                                             90g castor sugar
                                                                 25g mascarpone
                                250ml cream, lightly whipped
                                                                 1tbs icing sugar
 Bring coconut cream and toasted hazelnuts to the boil. Let
                                                                 Toast sesame seeds, then cool down and grind into a powder. Mix
   infuse, strain and cool. Whisk egg yolks and sugar over a
                                                                 through mascarpone.
  double boiler until the volume triples. Let cool. once cool,

add in the coconut cream, then fold in lightly whipped cream
                                and add chopped hazel nuts.      GArniSh
                                                                 Mandarin, 2 segments

                                                                 to finiSh:
                                                                 Spread mandarin purée onto a flat plate and place coconut parfait
                                                                 in the middle. Arrange mandarin segments around parfait and
                                                                 garnish with a quenelle of sesame mascarpone.



undertaker to
     He burst into notoriety and our living-rooms, playing
  complicated characters David Fisher on Six Feet Under and
    Dexter on the show of the same name. While on a recent
    visit here, the North Carolina born Hollywood actor and
  recent cancer survivor, Michael C. Hall, was able to share
  with M2 some of his perspectives on these compelling and
                       complex personae.

                  IntervIewed by: Heemi Katene-Hill
                   PHOtOGrAPHer: PaUl SUtHeRlanD
              PHOtOGrAPHer’s AssIstAnt: VineSH KUmaRan
                      styLInG: GReta Van DeR StaR
                 HAIr & MAKeUP: CHRiStelle mCintoSH


                                                   Black dinner suit jacket with matching trousers in superfine
                                                 Merino Wool $2,540, Egyptian cotton dinner shirt $505, black
                                                    fine Calf leather shoes $1,495 ALL by Ermenegildo Zegna

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