Administrative Council Bullet XIII by wuyunyi


									Administrative Council Bullet XIII
Tuesday – January 7, 2008

       1. We need to tie down Distance Learning Room. We will go with Poly Vision, a division
          of Steel Case. BMC is preparing documents. We will take out partitions and move
          lockers. We will move 601 classes to 501. We built 50 more lockers to
          accommodate this.

       2. The Laser Cutter Committee will meet soon to decide what laser cutter we will buy.
          Brian and Glenn will call a meeting this week and report at the next Administrative
          Council meeting.

       3. Future Practice Symposium – Glenn Hill will check on arrangements. This will be
          held on a Tuesday in February.

       4. HKS Day – needs poster – David Driskill.

       5. Working on High School Houston Program – try to have students set up by Spring
          Break – David Driskill.

       6. Kiowa Sibley-Cutforth will attend LBJ 2008 Student Leadership Conference at Austin
                     th          th
          February 28 – March 7 .

       7. AIA National in Boston in May; Patti and Kathy and David will organize.

       8. New Student Orientation began yesterday (transfer students).

       9. El Paso Program has an advisor, Heidi Herrera. She will visit Lubbock soon.

       10. New travel budgets will be out soon.

       11. Moved Print Bureau to 902. Moved walk in computers to 901A.

       12. University is going to VISTA. Everyone should also upgrade Microsoft Office
           to 2007. If you want to upgrade, call Larry.

       13. Server space is becoming a problem. We need to archive files on server.
       14. CH Foundation meeting with Kay Sanford, January 17 at 2:00. Kathy, David, Glenn
           and Andrew.

       15. Students are encouraged to store paint material in the Shop, not in the Studio.

       16. Need offices for Marti Gottsch and Maria Perbellini, Michael Martin will work on this.

       17. 120 studio chairs arrived yesterday.
       18. 40 MDS layout tables are here and put together – 2 studios on 5 floor. We will get
           the next 40 MDS layout tab les next HEAF cycle, 2009.

       19. Architectonic T.A.’s will need an office. Michael and Brian will work on this, probably.

       20. Furniture for ARDC is on the way.
          21. Community College Pathways contacts are difficult. No one seems to be interested.

          22. Development meeting at 9:30 on Mondays.

          23. Next Monday Dr. Overley will be here.

          24. Dean’s Council and Administrative Council 3:00-4:30 on Thursday. They will
          25. MDS exhibit for First Friday, May 2 , possible at “Stray Dog”. David and Michael will
              look at it. We have to “book” a space soon.

* If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the Administrative Council

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