Administrative Services Staff Meeting Minutes

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					                          Administrative Services Staff Meeting Minutes
                               Moody Center Conference Room
                                  November 16, 2005 9:00 a.m.
Present:    Dave Calvert, Dean Topper, Carolyn Lightfoot, Wayne Matthews, Octavio Herrera, Kevin Shipley
Absent:     Suzanne Machala, Jean Sanders

I.         Dean’s Report:

           A. SACS
              The off-site review team has been postponed until 8-10 Feb 2006. Everyone still needs to
              remember what QEP stand for and what our topic is (Quality Enhancement Plan-Reading
              and Critical Thinking). Drivers and campus escorts are still needed, contact Dionne Maxie
              x6304 if you can help.

           B. Outcome of BOR Workshop on November 12, 2005
              Dr. Ellis needs the following information: “I need to have the programming for the one
              stop shop, bookstore, and visual/performing arts areas done by the end of the semester.
              This is not for Moler Hall, but for either a remodel or new construction. We will be
              presenting the results of the programming to the board in January and do an RFQ for an
              architect to update a master plan also in early spring semester.”

           C. Upcoming Events
               The November Board meeting is tomorrow
               The college will close at 12:30 on Wednesday, November 23
               The division Christmas party will be on December 14, 2005 at 9am in the Moody
                 Center Conference Room.
               The college holiday party will be on December 15, 2005 from 2:30-4 in Cyber Café
               Rundell Hall Facility Programming Committee meeting is Thursday, November 17
                 from 3pm-4pm in the Moody Conference Room. As noted earlier we have to have the
                 FPD to Dr. Ellis in December.
               December board meeting is on December 15, 2005, action items are due to Dean
                 Topper by noon on December 6, 2005.

           D. CAO Update
               We have interviewed three candidates so far: Bruce Scism, Lucy Wright-Scozarro, Beth
                Lewis. The final interviewee is Larry Griffith on November 17th. The goal is to
                recommend someone by November 30th. Dean Topper is optimistic that the CAO
                Search Committee can recommend one or two of these four candidates to Dr. Ellis.

II.        Department News

               The evacuation chairs will be in sometime in January.
               Security has new Nextel phones with the capability of being able to contact emergency
                  services directly from the phone.
            There was a student that was arrested on campus yesterday for theft.
            There have been quite a few high school students in the student center, so the truant
             officer had to be called.

          They have been very busy with rentals. He also asked if it would be okay to rent Phyllis
             Davis at this time. Dean Topper said yes as long as there was no interference with the
             registration corral, asked Kevin to work with the ITT staff.

          She will be handling the concession stands as well as the vending machines on campus.
             Dean Topper asked Laura to work with Kevin on any questions she may have on how
             the concessions were handled during game time. Also, Laura mentioned that there have
             been no decisions made so far on whether or not the Café Sante will remain opened
             after December 2005.

          Moler Hall Update: The architect drawings are 95% done, the mechanical and electrical
            is still in the process. The mechanical may take another 2-3 weeks. As soon as he
            knows exactly what needs to be done, decisions will need to be made on what jobs can
            be done in house and which will need to be contract.
          The MHC HVAC project has not been proceeding as rapidly as they originally thought
            it would. Dean Topper asked Dave to contact CHPA and set up a meeting on Friday,
            November 18th.
          Mark Jaime is now in charge of the exterior custodial (Grounds department) as well as
            the interior custodians. Tom Harmon may be retiring at the end of December.
          There will be an auction tomorrow.

          Wanda is attending PeopleSoft query training. Trina from the mailroom is attending a
             bulk mail seminar.
          The transcript project is going well.
          The security cameras are on campus she is expecting the project to be complete by
             February 2006.
          Regarding the emergency network-She has given ideas to the architect and it looks like
             they may be doing something by the December timeframe.
          The media job had a few applicants and two people were interviewed, but none worked
             out or had the experience needed. She will re-advertise the position for another two
             weeks in hopes of getting some better candidates.

         Apologized that the work had not been spread about the auction tomorrow.
         He is working on the paper recycling, may have a new company picking up the recycled
            paper soon.

           No report.
The next meeting will be on December 14, 2005, 9am-10am.

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