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31, January 2008

                                Rough Draft Essay Prompt #1

        Should there be a law or some kind of program to protect children everywhere on

MySpace, Face book, or any other sites? Should companies operate websites responsible

for providing in terms of protecting teens or even little kids? What solutions or laws

should there be to protect people using the internet? These are the everyday questions

mom’s, dad’s, grandparent’s anyone ask themselves while their loved ones are using the

internet. Should something be done to protect people not just grown up but teens and

little children using the internet to chat with friends or just doing any kind of research

paper for school.

        No there shouldn’t be a law for the internet. But yes there needs to be something

to protect al of us somehow that wont cost us a fortune just to protect ourselves on the

net. I as a teen use the internet everyday and I know that talking to a stranger or trying to

meet him is a very bad idea so I don’t try. I only use MySpace for personal use, like

keeping in touch with long lost friends, not try to meet with other guys because they

sound nice. The responsibility is on us and on our parents or guardian to watch what

were doing. It’s the person’s responsibility to watch out for phony ads or anything that

seems funny. In the Megan Meier case yes that was a sad story but the parents should

have cancelled the internet or blocked MySpace for a while. The parents have every right

to have justice for what had happened to their little girl but it is up to the their parents that
if your child tells you she’s talking to a strange teenage boy then you at least read what

her messages are so you can keep them safe. Teens are very delicate when they are on the

net. They think they know everything but I, for one, know that we don’t know everything

and in the Megan Meier case that’s the same thing. We the teens not only help ourselves

through bad time but we also need help from our parents or guardians.

       Technology is changing everyday and new things are popping up everyday but

there will always be someone out there using the internet trying to check you out so they

can harm you. The internet is getting unsafe everyday. There are new software being used

to watch our every move, and people are using that to try to hack into our accounts or

even try to get information about us. More predators are using that to meet girls or guys.

There are more programs that can help them hide who they really are and taking pictures

off the net to say that’s them. People everywhere lie on the internet and they will hide it

from you so you should be very careful with whom you talk to. They might sound nice

but you will never know. Use your common sense and gut feeling. The first thing as a

teen you should of done was not to post your exotic pictures or say where you live at or

any information that can give you away. If you want all that down then at least put your

page on private and if a stranger tries to add don’t add them. It’s your profile, it’s your

will and letting old guys who can be 80 years old with a young persons picture talk to you

is disgusting. Or getting killed just because you thought that guy was a young nice

looking guy off the internet. He’s off the internet hello. People are very deceitful these

days. Be a smart teen, don’t let a guy try to talk to you if you don’t know them. There

maybe not a law right now but there might be one in the future and I suggest you don’t
try to sell your self out use it smartly. Some stranger trying to talk to you, block them

make sure they don’t have any kind of contact or information about you.

       Should companies operate websites responsible for providing in terms of

protecting teens or even little kids? Yes they should, but that would be more money out

of our wallets and our taxes and bills are high enough. We need a system of some kind to

protect ourselves but it’s our common sense that tells us no not to go to this site or talk to

this person or that etc. The parents should have some kind of system to protect teens but

us teens should have a system like a group system to try and protect ourselves. Talk to

each other about who your talking to who your meeting with the group. Teens will need

boundaries but we will take things to the limit so there should be something to stop us

from going overboard. Teens can be a lot of responsible but we have to limits to what

their doing or who their talking to. You don’t want to have a phone call in the middle of

the night from the police saying they need you to go to the morgue to identify a body

which is your child. Companies should do more than just ask the age of the person.

People always lie on the internet so there should be some kind of protection for us teens

and children. I’m not saying do what ever you want. I’m saying be safe with what your

going to do. You wouldn’t want your love ones to come to your funeral when you only

16 or even younger. Think smart. Think about how you will affect the people around you.

You think know one really cares then you’re wrong. Your parents will so don’t let them

live a life without you and be smart on the net.

       We have to be smart not to go meet strangers we don’t know. Internet can be fun

a games but going to meet someone is not a smart idea. Letting your child talk to an older

man just because he makes her feel pretty or because you didn’t know. Well you need to
get into the real world. Technology is booming and there are new things being invented

each day so we have to protect ourselves since the there’s no way the government can

help us. We have to help ourselves because it would be more money were losing so the

government can site in their office to see if this person is a predator or not, and that’s

pretty hard seeing how there’s millions upon millions of us in the world using the

internet. We have to protect ourselves. That’s really hard. We have to take matters into

our own hands. We should make sure that we know who were talking to not a weird

person. Form a some kind of protection group to protect each other. Have volunteers that

are good with computers or take a computer class. The money paid for the computer is

also worth it but you’ll feel much safe knowing that you and your family members are

safe as well because of you.

   Having useless laws that no one will really obey is just a waste of time. While were

waiting for a law to pass theirs people on the internet talking with predators. Don’t wait

do it yourself. Watch and listen to what your child is telling you. If their talking to a

stranger makes sure you are there when they write each other letters or just ask to not talk

to them or get a program to limit where they can and can’t go. We have to watch

ourselves. If a deal on the internet sounds to good to be true then it must be a con- artist.

We have to protect ourselves today not tomorrow but today.

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