October 2009 OCTOBER EVENTS October 13 _Tue._ Club meeting by wuyunyi


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October 13 (Tue.) Club meeting (6:30 PM) at Hansen Dam. Please attend as important
matters regarding rthe club will be discussed.

October 24 (Sat) 7:30 AM- Tricks or Treats - October Madness
Format: LowGross/LowNet at Hansen Dam Golf Course
Deadline: October 13, Maximum Number of Players: 56, $57.00, Contact: Darrell Van Roy

Another season has come and gone. I want to congratulate Our 2009 Club Champion “Andy
Parker”; he was waiting a long time for this. And congratulations to all the other flight
Champions, in the “A” flight “Eric Ramirez”, “B” flight “Albert Gonzalez”, “C” flight “Mark
Porter” and in the “D” flight “Jim Lacasse”. Way to go guys, you are our Champions, and as our
Champions for the 2009 season you will represent our club in the PLGA Champion of
Champions tournament. This event usually was held in December, but for some reason it will be
held in January 2010. I have not received the application yet and as soon as I do I will let you
know when and were. Remember the club will pay your way if you play at this event, if you do
not show up with out us knowing you can’t play then you will refund the club the tournament
fee. So be sure to let us know if you will or will not be there.

The Trophy presentation was going to be held at the Beat the Champion tournament in
November. However the Katska Match Play tournament has not yet been decided. Thanks Guys,
this was suppose to be finished by now. So it looks like the Trophy event will be held at the
Member Guest event in December. I am okay with this but there is no reason the Katska should
have taken so long. Be at the October meeting so we can work out the schedule for next year and
discuss other important issues that face our club. We need you to also get your 2010 renewal
applications in this month. All 2010 applications need to be turned in to PLGA before December,
so do not wait until the last minute guys.

Our newsletter has become electronic and website-oriented and since not all of our members are
up to date yet. I ask you to please call all the members you know to let them know to be at the

Our next club meeting is on October 13th at 6:30 pm. Fairways, greens and a few birdies.

President and MGA Capt.                        Home and Away
Paul Andrews                                   Tournament Director
Phone: 818-762-6720                            Darrel Van Roy
Cell: 818-314-1338                             Phone: 818-709-6834
E-mail: pafromla@aol.com                       E-mail:golfingdarrell@socal.rr.com

Vice President                                 Communications Director
Danny Garcia                                   F.J. Lennon
Phone: 818-612-1141                            Phone: 818-419-1145
E-mail: precisiongunite@msn.com                E-mail: fjlennon@aol.com

Publinks, Membership, and                      Secretary and Player Rep.
Handicap Chairman, Treasurer                   Tim Sower
Wayne Petty                                    Phone: 818-429-3142
Phone: 818-993-4036                            E-mail:tim.sower@lausd.net
E-Mail: petty@compuall.net

New Membership                                 Golf Advisory Rep.
Albert Romero                                  Ted Winship
Phone: 818-523-1821                            Phone: 818-769-6711
E-mail: albert.romero@lausd.net                E-mail: winship_t@adelphia.net

Katska Update: Still waiting for a few matches. Chavez just won his match monday 9/28 and
will be playing his next match with Dave Ortiz on monday October 5th. The winner of that
match will play Rick Vasquez for the division. Tony Delgadillo will play Victor Garza the week
of October 5th to determine the winner of that division. The championship will be decided by the
end of October.

My report is short. Out of respect for Yom Kippur, GAC's September meeting was postponed
until Monday, October 5. I will post any new news, if any, after that date.

Recreation and Parks (RAP) is still reeling from their defeat over the golf carts. They can attest
to apparent fact that the RFP process is dysfunctional. I plan to attend the next RAP Board
meeting and push for an immediate 3 year deal with Kishi and new carts. I will advise them to
provide for an early cancellation and no compensation for carts after the end of three years. We
all should be advised that barring massive cash infusions from the Federal or State government,
Los Angeles will be broke before the beginning of the 2010/2011 fiscal year. Golf is a profit
center, but the greater the golf profits, the larger the bite will be taken by the Mayor and/or City

With only the Katska left to be decided, the player of the year race looks like this:

                          PLAYER                                             POINTS
Eric Ramirez                                                   4.5
Mark Porter                                                    4
Jim LaCasse                                                    4
Andy Parker                                                    3.5
Mike Gelbrecht                                                 3
Rick Vasquez                                                   2.5
Doug Baillie                                                   2.5

If Rick Vasquez wins the Katska, he will tie Eric Ramirez and we will go to the tie-breaker. If
not, Eric is the2009 Player of the Year.

TREASURER’S REPORT—Ted Winship, Treasurer Pro Tem
The happy news is that we are again solvent. Preident Paul Andrews and the Board applied
Draconian cuts to the expenses and with the institution of the "Golden Circle", we can close out
the year in the black. Darrell and Tanjya have up-dated the tournament results and monies are
deposited in our account within hours of each tournament. Club obligations to the Pro Shop are
still one tournament behind, but after the next Club meeting, we'll have that up to date. Your
patience is appreciated.

PUBLINKS—Wayne Petty, PLGA Rep. Ted Winship, Pro Tem
We have applications for the Annual Ken Smith Dessert Classic at Mountain Vista San Gorgonio
and Santa Ros courses. The Dates are December 12 and 13, 2009. The cost is $200. per person.
Darrell, please note the date. We should try to avoid any conflict with our Club tournament. In
the past, our Club has been well represented. In the past, Danny Garcia has been a most gracious
host. Plan ahead for this fun weekend.

The September 8th meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. Minutes from last meeting approved
by Paul Andrews.

TREASURER’S REPORT, Wayne Petty: It was good to see Wayne Petty at meeting. Ted
Winship stated the club is in the BLACK. Good news. Club still needs help raising funds.
Contact Ted for more information.

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT, Danny Garcia: Danny Garcia thanked everyone for
attending meeting. MINI tourn. Results announced . Katska matches going on contact your
opponent, and get your match done ASAP.

MGA REPORT, Paul Andrews: The MGA team plays the third Thursday of the month. The
team is doing well in 2 nd place. Call Paul Andrews if you can play.

PUBLINKS REPORT, Wayne Petty: Applications out for partner better ball & Ken Smith
tournaments. Go to the website: www.plga.org.

GOLF ADVISORY REPORT, Ted Winship: Cart concession awarded to Kishi Corp. they
have had contract since 1991. Will attend meeting and let everyone know what is going on. The
nines are still going to be changed, working out some small details. Stay tuned.

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR’S REPORT, Darrel Van Roy: Not at meeting. Club
championship Sept. 19,20th Sign up before DEADLINE !!! Are you ready ??

COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR’S REPORT, F.J. Lennon: Newsletter on time.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT, Paul Andrews: Paul Announced it is time for board elections. He
is looking to step down as president, but will stay on as vice-president and MGA captain. It is
time to RENEW MEMBERSHIP, if you can please do so as soon as possible. Please update
your PLAYER PROFILE , on the web page. Announced that Wayne Petty was at meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM and was followed by a private board meeting. Thank
you to the bar owner, Mr. Lee and thanks always to Lynn and or Allison for thier hard work
serving the members.

MGA REPORT, Paul Andrews
We split the match with Rancho Park and we are still two points out of first place with one match
left in the season. Sepulveda Men’s won both matches and are ½ point out of first. If either team
wins two points in October they are the champions. As for our chances we need to win both
points and need Rancho and Sepulveda to loose both points. With this we will tie Rancho and
since we did win the head to head matches against them this year three to one, we will win the
Championship. To do our part we must win two points against Griffith Park.

The money winners in September were, Louie R Rivera shot low net of 63 for $12.00 and also
got 6 points. The other 6-point winners for $20.00 each were George Villarreal, Mark Porter, Jim
Sabbe and Tim Sower. Mr. Match-Play 2009 official standings, Mark Porter 4.1, John Mazor and
Gil Camarillo are tied 4.0, Mike Lacasse 3.5 and Tim Sower with a 3.75 and Louie R Rivera has
one match left to make the qualifying five matches’ with 4.0. This is a very close race.

I want to thank our first time MGA Team Play Honoree Player of the Year, George Villarreal.
You came out late in the season but your participation inspired us and fell just one game short to
qualify for Mr. Match Play; your point average to date is a 5.0. You gave up some very
important time of yours to help our team this year and in behalf of all the team members, Thank
you. So George, next year be there for five matches or more and inspire our team again as you
did this year and maybe you will win Mr. Match Play. LOL

The preliminary roster for the October 15th team is below. The first six are in the top positions
for Mr. Match Play. The rest of you are the other best players on the team. This is an important
match and we need our best in October to play against Griffith Park, at Woodley Lakes Golf
Course 9:30 AM be there by 9:00.
                                ROSTER FOR October 15,2009
John Mazor, Gil Camarillo, Mark Porter, Mike Lacasse, Tim Sower, Louie R. Rivera, Tom
Foster, Jack Webb, Jim Sabbe, Tim McGhee, George Villareal and Paul Andrews. Others on
stand-by are Jeff Borsma, Art Delgadillo and Lester McKnight.

I ask you to please call me to confirm if you can or cannot play as soon as possible.
9/17/2009                                     TEAM MATCH RESULTS
 Team                  Gro. Hcp      Net Pts       T pts.   Hansen Dam       33-20 Rancho Park 39-16
 1 Paul Andrews         82     10     72     0       0      Sepulveda        42-21 Griffith Park    30-15
 2 Jack Webb            85     12     73     0              Sepulveda Srs. 33-21   Woodley         36-15
 3 Jeff Borsma          80     6      74     0       0      Mr. Match Play 2008 Braiden DeShields 4.7
 4 Tom Foster           84      8     76     0
 5 Mark Porter          77     13     64     6       5                TEAM STANDINGS 2009
 6 Mike Lacasse         11     82     71     1                                  W   L     T Pts
 7 George Villareal     70     +1     71     6       6      Rancho Park         13  5          13
 8 Tim Sower            72      1     71     6              Sepulveda           12 5      1    12.5
 9 Gil Camarillo        82      9     73     0       4      Hansen Dam          11  7          11
 10 Louie R Rivera      74     11     63     6              Griffith Park        7 10     1 7.5
 11 John Mazor          83      9     74     2       5      Sepulveda Srs.       5 11     2 6
 12 Jim Sabbe           74      6     68     6              Woodley Lakes        3 13     2 4
                         My office 818-762-3930, Fax 762-6720, Cell 314-1338

Tonja Jarret
What a great 2009 Season we had. Despite the fires, with the water drops and the smoke, we
missed out on the Snow/Hail of previous years so far, and it’s been a great Tournament Season.

We’d like to congratulate the Club Champions again –

                 Club Champion:     Andy Parker
                 A Flight    :      Eric Ramirez
                 B Flight    :      Albert Gonzalez
                 C Flight    :      Mark Porter
                 D Flight    :      Jim LaCasse

We are currently extremely busy, working with F.J and Adam to put together the year end results
– and waiting for the Katska to finish up so we can get those results in as well.

We’re also putting together the Schedule for next year’s Tournaments. Below is our Tentative
Home Schedule. Suggestions are being asked for with regards to Away Touranments – we’d
like to schedule at least three Away Tournaments. So – if you have some course(s) you would
like to see us travel to – please send us your requests.

                      Hansen Dam – 2010 Home Schedule (Tentative)

January 31, 2010           - 8:30 a.m. - 56 players
February 27, 2010          - 8:30 a.m. - 56 players
March 21, 2010              - 8:00 a.m. - 56 players
April 10, 2010             - 8:00 a.m. - 56 players
June 27, 2010              - 7:30 a.m. - 56 players
July 18, 2010              - 7:30 a.m. - 56 players
August 22, 2010            - 7:30 a.m. - 56 players
Sept 25/26, 2010           - 7:30 a.m. - 80 players - 2 Day
Oct 30, 2010               - 8:00 a.m. - 56 players
Nov 14, 2010               - 8:00 a.m. - 56 players
Dec 11, 2010               - 8:30 a.m. - 56 players

More to come in next month’s newsletter – we appreciate everyone helping to make this another
great season with Hansen Dam Men’s Golf Club.


October 13 (Tue.) Club meeting (6:30 PM) at Hansen Dam

October 24 (Sat) 7:30 AM- Tricks or Treats - October Madness
Format: LowGross/LowNet at Hansen Dam Golf Course
Deadline: October 13, Maximum Number of Players: 56, $57.00, Contact: Darrell Van Roy

November 15 (Sun) 8:00 AM- Beat The Champ
Format: LowGross/LowNet at Hansen Dam Golf Course
Deadline: November 1, Maximum Number of Players: 56, $57.00, Contact: Darrell Van Roy

December 12 (Sat) 8:00 AM- Guest - Member Team Scramble
Format: Team Scramble at Hansen Dam Golf Course
Deadline: November 30, Maximum Number of Players: 56, $57.00, Contact: Darrell Van Roy


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