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OCSA 40th Anniversary by wuyunyi


									Z   E R O S I N K : O F F I C I A L    N E W S L E T T E R   O F   T H E   O   R A N G E   C   O U N T Y   S   O A R I N G
A   S S O C I A T I O N

                                                                                                                  September 1999
                                                                                                                  Hemet, CA

                                      Zero Sink
                                      40th Anniversary Edition

                                      Welcome to the OCSA 40th Anniversary
                                      This chronology has been compiled from            ganize and plan these activities. However,
                                      OCSA Zero Sink newsletters and personal           until we really read about the generous
Inside this issue:                    interviews with past and present club mem-        contributions of TIME, MATERIAL, EN-
                                      bers. I have extracted items                                ERGY & DEVOTION given by
Welcome to OCSA              1
                                      that reflect the behind-the-                                many individuals, we tend to for-
Origin of OCSA               2        scenes activity conducted by                                get the efforts made. Problems
The Lake Elsinore Years      3
                                      individuals, both members of                                are solved, then pop up again and
                                      the Board and contributing club                             are solved again. It is a circle
The Perris Years             9        members.                                                    revolving in a straight line like a
The Hemet-Ryan Years        19        Flying sailplanes is the com-                               sailplane thermaling. Each time
OCSA Lists                  25        mon goal of each member; we                                 you complete a circle, you are
                                      each have our own memories of                               either a little above or a little be-
The Big List                26
                                      our first solo, badge flights, Noel Keller, OCSA pilot, low where you started. You will
                                      contests, and just soaring! instructor, board member, notice that in this chronology
                                      Each of us appreciates the ef- and head of 40 Anniver- things (campout adventures,
                                      forts of those leaders who or- sary Committee – photo “don’t grab both wingtips,” de-
                                                                       from Dec. 1979 Zero Sink bates about new ships, etc.) re-

                                      Welcome From the President
                                      Today we celebrate the 40 years of exis-         the soaring community. Our club has
Inside!                               tence of the Orange County Soaring As-           trained many pilots who have gone on to
                                      sociation. It’s a length of time that cov-       purchase their own aircraft and earn many
• Year-by Year Highlights
                                      ers two generations of mem-                                    soaring badges of achieve-
  of Major Club Events
                                      bers interested in a common                                    ment. What a great opportu-
• Board Member Rosters                desire to make use of the                                      nity this occasion presents for
                                      clouds, thermals, ridges, and                                  reuniting friendships and
• Unique Photographs                  mountains to master the skill                                  stirring fond memories. Af-
  Covering 40 Years of                of motorless flight by using                                   ter 21 years of being involved
  Club History                        gliders. This reunion is a                                     with OCSA, I’m proud of
• Locations of Club Op-               grand occasion to exchange                                     being active in this associa-
  erations                            information between earlier                                    tion with so many fine peo-
                                      and newer members, giving                                      ple. What makes OCSA an
                                      insight into the dedication of                                 enduring entity? It’s all you
                                      our members throughout the Ralph Fuller, OCSA pilot, in- people who have contributed
                                                                      structor, board member, and
                                      years, making us an organiza-                                  your time and talents and
                                                                      current president – photo from
                                      tion that is well thought of in May 1999 29 Palms campout. desire to fly these past 40
Page 2                                                                                                   Z e r o   S i n k

                      Origins of the
                      Orange County Soaring Association
                      The Orange County Soaring Association story           “Ziler's Zoaring Zealots.” This group con-
                      began with Cliff Winters, a stunt pilot flying        sisted of Ralph Gross, Jack Wolfe, Sam
                      out of Santa Ana. Cliff had received a glider         Horowitz, and others.
                      rating in Elmira, NY. He mentioned his idea           Since the Baby Bowlus was a solo ship, the
                      to form a glider club to a friend Buzz Murray,        new owners thought it might be a good idea to
                      who was working part-time for Jack Wolfe.             have a better training glider. A decision was
                      Jack was building a BG-12 kit sailplane out of        made to merge the two groups. Corporation
                      wood and was a member of Southern Califor-            papers were filed September 30, 1959, under
                      nia Soaring Association.                              the name Orange County Soaring Association.
                      Early in 1958 Cliff and Buzz formed a group           The first directors were Jack Wolfe, Buzz
                      of power pilots, each of which put up $50.00          Murray, Sam Horowitz, Bob Fleming, and
                      and bought a Baby Bowlus from Frank Keans             Don Slotten.
                      in Bellflower, CA.                                                               The first club meet-
                      The Bowlus was a                                                                 ing was on Novem-
                      basket case. After                                                               ber 16,1959, at the
                      many hours of work                                                               home of Sam
                      in Buzz's carport,                                                               Horowitz.       Sam
                      the glider was taken                                                             was elected Presi-
                      to the airport to be                                                             dent that evening.
                      rigged and tested.                                                               It was noted that
                      It went together                                                                 the club’s most im-
  The first annual    great! But all the                                                               mediate concern
                      control      surfaces                                                            was a lack of in-
                      worked together in                                                               structors,      tow
   OCSA $5.00         the same direction!                                                              planes, and a more
    SSA $10.00        Back to the car-                                                                 suitable training
                      port...                                                                          glider. With that
   Flight Group
                      After being fixed,                                                               meeting, the club
  Initiation $25.00                                   John Wayne Airport, birthplace of OCSA.          was on its way.
                      the glider was taken
Monthly Dues $5.00.   to Mile Square,                                                                  After the club
                      then an outlying U.                                                              formed, it operated
                      S. Marine airfield for helicopters. On week-          only a very short time at Santa Ana airport
                      ends, civilian pilots used it for practice. The       (SNA), now John Wayne airport, on a quarter-
                      ship wasn't registered yet; nevertheless, Ralph       mile drag strip north of the 3-21 runway,
                      Gross, the bravest and the only one current in        where the old control tower is now. In addi-
                      gliders, made the first flight off a 300-foot         tion to a weathered winch, a Marine with a
                      auto tow line.                                        N3N (Stearman) provided some aero tow serv-
                      A registration number was soon obtained –             ice. Walt MacFarlane was the first A&P, get-
                      N21780 – and the initial group of participants        ting the LK-10A in service.
                      were Cliff Winters, Buzz Murray, Jerry Bab-           One day Walt towed the ship to Elsinore be-
                      cock, Norma Heffner, Ralph Shadoan, Verne             hind a pickup, getting a flat on the way, get-
                      Carlson, and Ralph Gross. Articles of Incor-          ting lost later on, and finally arriving via
                      poration were drawn up and signed on May 6 .          Bundy Canyon. That was the club move to
                      This document, however, was not filed with            Skylark airport at Lake Elsinore. Q
                      the state for over a year.
                      Meanwhile, another group of enthusiasts
                      leased an LK-10A from Carl Ziler, called
Hemet, CA                          Page 3

Skylark (1959 – 1969)

                        “Did you know that
                        as recently as 1939
                        Skylark Field, where
                        our flight shack
                        stands, where our
                        gliders are tied
                        down, was covered
                        by the waters of
                        Lake Elsinore? The
                        sand that now blows
                        so freely about in the
                        wake of takeoffs is
                        really damp sand
                        that has had 30 years
                        to dry out..
                        - Zero Sink, 1969
Page 4                                                                                               Z e r o    S i n k

                     1963: A Year of Improvement
      President:     Although the origins of the club were well documented, club activities in the following three years
     Karle Jessop    were poorly documented. Through the kindness of Bob Gurr, statistics were compiled for 1963, re-
   Vice-President:   vealing the growth and improvements of OCSA over the previous year:
      Secretary:                                            1962                          1963
                     Total # of Flights:                    924                           1011
      Treasurer:     Total air hours:                       584                           837
                     Average Duration:                      38 min.                       50 min
     Unknown         1-26 Utilization:                      491 Flights                   448 Flights
     Operations                                             349 Hr.                       533 Hr.
                     1-26 Average Flight Time:              47 min.                       65 min.
      Unknown        Pratt-Reed Utilization:                476 Flights                   520 Flights
                                                            235 Hr.                       304 Hr.
                     Pratt-Reed Average Flight Time:        30 min.                       35 min.

                     Pilot Proficiency: Bob Gurr is OCSA’s # 1 Pilot for 1963, replacing Evan Turner, who was in the
                     military and could not compete. Don Slotten had the greatest improvement, from 15th to 2nd place.

                     1964: Becoming a Three-Ship Club

                     A decision was made                                                     approx. $165 freight,
   Jack MacFarlane   to sell the unfinished                                                  and 4% sales tax. It was
   Vice-President:   LK and seek a used                                                      delivered to L.A. a week
     Unknown         2-22. Al Leffler per-                                                   before the Torrey Pines
     Secretary:      suaded the board to                                                     meet.    We became a
   Chris Hamilton    make the purchase.                                                      three-ship club!
     Treasurer:      OCSA purchased a
  Tommy Thompson                                                                             Also this year, Jack El-
                     Schweitzer       2-22
    Maintenance:                                                                             vis and Bob McCoy
     Unknown         from Holiday Soaring Jack Mac Farlane, Bob Gurr, Walt Mac Farlane,
                                                                                           reached 16,300’ at Elsi-
     Operations      School.       Tommy Bill Meyers, Ken Dunlavy, Al Leffler, Marv Hobbs,
                                                                                           nore in wave. (As far as
     Unknown         Thompson made the
                                                                                           Zero Sink has been able to
       Safety:       motion, which passed             rying the brunt of the train- find out, the Skylark field alti-
      Unknown        unanimously. The intention ing. Fred Harris Holiday
                                                                                      tude record is 17,500‘.) The
                     was to save the Pratt-Reed for Soaring got a new E-model
                                                                                      club record at the field to date
                     fun rides, promotion, and pas- for $3659 FOB New York,
                                                                                      had been 15,000‘, set by Bob
                     senger hops, with the 1-26 car- plus crating charges of $112,
                                                                                      Gurr, with his son Charles as a

                     1965: The First OCSA Ground School
                     OCSA co-sponsors Southern         Diego), OCSA co-sponsored         the owners’ group would en-
                     California Soaring Champi-        the S.C. Championships in         ter. Providing ground sup-
                     onships                           1965 with the AGCSA. Club         port and crewing was also an
                     At the invitation of the Asso-    policy forbade the use of club    enjoyable and exciting expe-
                     ciated Glider Clubs of South-     ships in contests, but it was     rience for OCSA members.
                     ern California, Ltd. (in San      hoped that a number from                     (Continued on page 5)
Hemet, CA                                                                                                           Page 5

1965: (Continued)
(Continued from page 4)          Bud Mears and Dave McNay           glide ratio.                              President:
                                 in a Prue, Al Leffler in his                                                Ken Dunlavy
                                 LM-1, Carl Walters in his 1-       Fifteen months after the pur-           Vice-President:
First OCSA Club House
                                 23, and Tony Terrigno in his       chase of the 2-22, OCSA                   Unknown
Karl Jessop liberated a con-     Cherokee II. Dave, a one-          paid off the note and the ship           Secretary:
tractor’s small field house      time Nationals winner him-         was all ours. The Board                  Rex Parrish
and secured permission from      self, placed 4th, and Al took      commemorated the occasion                 Treasurer:
Skylark to place it on the                                                                                 Tommy Thompson
                                 6th. Tony was 17th in a field      by burning the note at the
field next to the water tank.    of 25, but was 4th among a         general meeting Monday                    Unknown
                                 group of eight under 25/1          night.                                    Operations
The 99ers                                                                                                     Unknown
During the third weekend in                                                          A Fun Gath-
May OCSA played host to                                                              ering at Te-            Karle Jessop
another group with hopes of                                                          hachapi
promoting the soaring move-                                                          Helen Dick,
ment.       They were the                                                            SSA SOCA
Women’s 99ers, a group of                                                            Governor,
women pilots in the area.                                                            wrote, “
The women did a fine job as                                                          informal, old
“Glider Guiders” for the first                                                       fashioned get-
time. Thanks to all for a suc-                                                       together    is
cessful fly-in.                   Instructor Gerald Kruska (left) congratulates being planned
                                  Marvin Hobbs while Wayne Smith and Ed San- for July 3, 4, &
OCSA Pilots in Regionals          toya look on. They were part of a class of 13 who 5.     Plan to
                                  completed the 15-week session..

1966: More New Pilots
Several members took their         and Richard Robinson               the founders would have                 President:
first lessons in soaring: Al       for the pedestal with the          been astounded. How-                   Ken Dunlavy
Krosner, Ford Baker, John          cardinal compass points            ever, the Association is              Vice-President:
Nordbak, Martin Risher, and        and model glider, both                                                    Bob Wright
                                                                      evolving into an organi-
Ted Hoffman. James Ter-            in the Flight Office.              zation which is attract-                Secretary:
                                                                                                           Richard Robinson
rigno and Bill Pennock (on       Q This year 42 Flight                ing a wider spectrum of
his 14th birthday) earned          Group members enjoyed              membership.       During             Tommy Thompson
their A badges. Norm John          the fruits of labor, not           1967 decisions will have               Maintenance:
and Wayne Smith soloed.            only of the original 1959          to be made as to just                  Karle Jessop
                                   group, but of hundreds             what OCSA is trying to                  Operations
Notice: “The TG-2 is now at        who followed and con-                                                      Unknown
the field and assembled,           tributed until OCSA‘s            Q National Geographic is                    Safety:
ready to fly for all qualified     assets exceeded $10,000.                                                 Stan O’Donnell
                                                                      about to come out with
pilots!”                           If in 1959, at the start,          its long-awaited article
Q “OCSA decals are here            three ships, parachutes,           on soaring. It has been a
  for your car, sailplane,         barographs, radio, oxy-            long time in the making.
  or whatever. 25 cents”           gen systems, tow ropes,            The magazine’s photog-
Q Thanks to Norm John              etc., had been offered             raphers flew on assign-
  for making a wind sock,          then for $10.00 a month,                        (Continued on page 6)
Page 6                                                                                                  Z e r o   S i n k

                     1966: (Continued)
                     (Continued from page 5)                                                    the first of the fledglings
                       ment with OCSA                                                           to receive instruction
                       several times during                                                     under the club aegis.
                       the past two years.                                                      Others introduced to
                     Q In case you missed                                                       soaring: Eric Freeman,
                       it in the June issue                                                     Jim Terrigno, Norm La-
                       of Soaring, here is                                                      mont, Jim Emery, Bill
                       the LP-49 with de-                                                       Pennoc, & Ted Hoffman.
                       signer-builder Jack                                                      Q This year OCSA
                       Laister securing the                                                     also hosted an Explorer
                       rear section of the                First Photo of Club LP-49             Scout troop.
                       canopy. This first
                       ship will be used for cer-         Murray Freeman will get
                       tification.   Tony Ter-            the next three.
                       rigno, Jack Jordan, and          Q Terry MacFarlane was

                     1967: OCSA Meets the Space Age
     President:      Q Annual Dues: $5.00                 Group pressure for air-            Prices: 1 for 10 cents, 3
    Bob Wright         OCSA, $10.00 SSA,                  time grows ever larger             for 25 cents, 7 for 50
   Vice-President:     $3.00 Soaring.                     as membership reaches              and 15 for a dollar (plus
   Tony Terrigno     Q 4th Annual Gold Badge              an all-time high. Money            4% state tax).
     Secretary:        Pilots’ Banquet:     The           is changing hands for          Q OCSA Fleet: With four
    Norman John
                       guest speaker on Mar 18            the 2-33 in May & the              club ships and 41 pri-
  Tommy Thompson
                       was NASA Astronaut                 LP-46 by July 15th.                vately owned ships, it
                       Neil Armstrong.       His     Q Soaring Postal Cards:                 looks like the thermals
    Karle Jessop       talk was titled: “Soaring          George Uveges has put              could get mighty
     Operations        in the Space Age.” He              out a diamond-sharp                crowded at Elsinore.
     Unknown           compared his Gemini                postal card in vista vi-       Q OCSA’s Karle Jessop
       Safety:         orbital trip to atmos-             sion and super Techni-             was a featured guest on
  Jack MacFarlane      pheric sailplane soaring           color. It’s a shot of a            NBC’s “For Your Infor-
                       endeavors. His sense of            Foka on tow over Stead             mation,” a popular after-
                       humor tickled the audi-            Air Force Base, NV.                noon TV show hosted by
                       ence; when he re-                                                        Tom Hransen.
                       ported the Gemini                                                        Q Shade at Last: It
                       space capsule had an                                                     was intended that the
                       L/D of 0.15, the                                                         OCSA flight shack be
                       crowd of 190 diners,                                                     moved north and par-
                       honoring 19 Southern                                                     allel to the San Diego
                       California Gold badge                                                    shack and that a tarp
                       pilots, responded with                                                   be stretched between
                       a loud ovation!                                                          them.
                     Q It’s Definite! We are                                                    Q Aug.: Six new
                       getting a 2-33 and an Neil Armstrong, Gemini VIII Astronaut, is look- Flight Group Members
                                                ing over the cockpit of the Prue with Bob Watt
                       LP-46. With only two                                                    completed their check-
                                                (L) and Dave Mc Nay (R) prior to flying their
                       ships available at the ship as their guest.                             outs.     Two students
                       moment, the Flight                                                            (Continued on page 7)
Page 7                                                                                                  Z e r o       S i n k

1967 (continued)
(Continued from page 6)             when his 95 lb. son flies           sell or to keep...that is
  soloed: Dan Dickerson,            in the front seat is miss-          the question. The San
  checked out by Jessop,            ing. It was left in the             Diego Club has upped its
  and Larry Schroeder,              flight shack. It couldn’t           offer, but not enough for
  OK’d by Walker.                   have been taken by a                the Board...yet the winch
Q A Weighty Issue: Dan              member, as most of                  stands unused. So, there
  Dickerson reports that a          them are naturally                  will be a three-month
  special 35-lb. sand pil-          equipped with this much             wait to see if it is util-
  low used for ballast              ballast.                            ized or needed. If not, it
                                  Q Winching Decisions: To

      “This winch, powered by a Ford motor, hauls in a mile of cable to jerk sailplanes into the
      air. The plane then cuts away from tow, rides air up-drafts, or “thermals,” on its own,
      without power. Altitudes of 8,000 feet and flights of several hours are common with prac-
      ticed soaring pilots. Orange County Soaring Association is a newly organized group of
      soaring enthusiasts who meet every week-end to take advantage of soaring conditions at

                                                                                                       Tony Terrigno
1968: The Sport Grows                                                                                  Vice-President:
The Walt Disney show              which was totally devoted to     broadcast has caused the big-         Secretary:
“Wonderful World of Color”        the sport of soaring. The                                              Unknown
                                                                   gest surge of growth of soar-
showed the film The Boy           filming was done around the      ing the community has ever            Treasurer:
Who Flew with the Condors,        Tehachapi area, and the          seen. Q

1969: The Club Gets a Towplane                                                                            Safety:

Q An OCSA Towplane?:                  to tow, preferring to             Citabria, a Super-Cub,
  With the increase of in-            have a commercial or              and an L-5 with a radial
  terest in soaring, the              club do the towing. The           engine, and one spare
  Tow traffic has in-                 Board recommended a               that would permit re-
  creased by leaps and                Tow Plane be purchased,           placement during servic-
  bounds. The Field man-              for $5000 to $8000.               ing. The combined ef-
  agement does not want               They considered: a new                   (Continued on page 8)
Page 8                                                                                               Z e r o   S i n k

                      1969 (Continued)
                      (Continued from page 7)         Q When Karle Jessop and           bringing the club into
     Dave Jessop        forts of Dave Jessop and        Don Slotten announced           existence.    They had
    Vice-President:     Norm Walker resulted in         they were going to go           given unsparingly of
     Jim Seguin         the delivery on April 12,       into partnership and turn       their time and effort for
      Secretary:        1969, of a 1958 Piper           their hobby into a busi-        years because they loved
      Bill Reed         Super Cub with 175 hrs,         ness (Sailplane Enter-          the sport.
     Treasurer:         150hp, and a Piper-             prises), there was much       Q Verbal accounts relate
     Norm John
                        installed tow hitch.            shaking of heads among          that some problem de-
    Jerry Chambers
                      Q For about six months            OCSA’ers. Both men              veloped between OCSA
                        OCSA moved to Thomp-            had been instrumental in        and the Skylark manage-
      Unknown           son Field. a Private strip                                                      ment,
      Safety:           about seven miles south                                                         result-
    Norm Walker         of Skylark.       Soaring                                                       ing in
                        Conditions were not                                                             OCSA’s
                        good. The shear line                                                            leaving
                        would seldom reach that                                                         Elsi-
                        far south, and if it did it                                                     nore. Q
                        was late in the day.
                        However, Dan Dickin-
                        son flew his Silver
                        Badge flight from there
                        to Banning, only because
                        he was saved by a ther-
                        mal in the landing pat-                 The Birth of Sailplane Enterprises
                        tern at Skylark.
Hemet, CA                        Page 9

The Perris Years (1969 - 1990)
Page 10                                                                                                 Z e r o   S i n k

                                                          No Zero Sinks Available

     President:                   Letter To The Editor
    Ken Dunlavy          Happiness is Soaring Either at Perris                                       out together. This
   Vice-President:          or Elsinore - by H. S. Thompson                                          was the start of the
    John Gavin                                                                                       show. This may
                     Now that we are welcome back at Elsinore we
                                                                                                     have been the last
     D. Neilson      have a choice; Which shall it be?
                                                                                                     time Jack Laister
     Treasurer:      • At Perris, the parachutes drop right through                                  saw all three ships
    Ron Nicholes
                       our landing pattern, so we dodge them.                                        in the air at one
  Tommy Thompson
                     • At Elsinore, chutes drop on the northeast        Ed Sullivan takes over as time.
                       side of the power runway, while the glider       editor of Zero Sink.
     Operations                                                                                    On Thursday May
     Unknown           runway is on the southwest side of the
                                                                                                          27, OCSA’s
      Safety:          power runway.
                                                                                                          First Annual
   Dan Dickinson     • At Perris, when strong north or east winds
                       blow, we have no ridge to soar on.
                                                                                                          Awards Din-
                     • At Elsinore, the ridge is within a 2000 foot                                       ner was held
                       tow and runs to Saddleback.                                                        at the Elks
                     • At Perris, gliders take off down-wind most                                         Club in Santa
                       always.                                                                            Ana.       The
                     • At Elsinore, gliders take off and land, most                                       honored
                       always, into the wind.                          Frank Renek’s solo ended with a guests were
                     • At Perris, there is no lawn or shade trees.     bit of a walk.                     the committee
                     • At Elsinore, acres of lawn and plenty of                                           members that
                       shade trees.                                                                 labored long on the
                     • At Perris: Shall we now plant trees so as to                                 show, the pilots
                       have a little shade three years from now?                                    who performed so
                       The airport owner is planning to buy land                                    spectacularly, and
                       adjoining to the northeast and move the                                      their spouses. The
                       glides over there.                                                           highlight of the
                     • At Elsinore, a new tie-down area will be                                     evening was the
                       installed for the OCSA gliders.                                              presentation       of
                     • At Perris, members’ spouses and children                                     awards by Air
                       rarely visit because of dust and no shade.                                   Show      Chairman
                     • At Elsinore, even the public likes to picnic                                 John Gavin.       He
                       there.                                                                       designed and pre-
                                                                       Exposition Queen Alice sented plaques. At-
                     This year OCSA organized the First Perris         Blackwood & President tending: Mr. And
                     Soaring Exposition. It was a big event with       Ken Dunlavy.                Mrs. Dean Engle-
                     an air show, food booths, merchandise (and a                                  hart, Walt Mooney,
                     big crowd). Ken Dunlavy said that a big event         Skip Volk, Dan Dickinson, Ron Nicols,
                     was a flight of three LK-10s (from OCSA,              Wayne Smith, Norman John, Gene Sullivan,
                     Wayne King, and Walt MacFarlane) flown                John Gavin, Dave Jessop, Jack Jordon, OCSA
                     over the field in formation, splitting off, and       President & Mrs Ken Dunlavy, Ricky Lock-
                     making their landings so that they all came to        wood, Mrs Sarah Schofield and Tommy
                     a stop at the same time and were able to get          Thompson. Mr and Mrs George Galton were
 Page 11                                                                                                       Z e r o    S i n k

  1972: The Exposition Grows
  Q January: Dan Dickinson                Brenda is an avid scuba          kle Family and Perris                 President:
    reports in Zero Sink, “A              diver and took her first         Valley Skydivers, high-             Dan Dickinson
    few people thought we                 glider ride today in an          performance sailplanes,             Vice-President:
    didn’t make enough                                                     Walt Mooney aerobatics              Chuck Jennings
    money, but we more                                                     in the 1-26, Dean Engle-             Secretary:
                                                                                                               Marion Neilson
    than doubled our treas-                                                hart aerobatics in his
    ury, and made a lot of                                                 Stevens Akro, Rick                   Frank Renek
    new friends, (so, maybe                                                Lockwood aerobatics in               Maintenance:
    a few enemies) for our                                                 the OCSA 1-26, radio                 Scooter Jessup
    club.”                                                                 control model gliders,                Operations
  Q June 4: OCSA held its                                                  winch and aero tows,                  John Gavin
    Second Perris Soaring                                                  Jim Lasley aerobatics in               Safety:
                                                                                                              Tommy Thompson
    Exposition. Events be-                                                 the Aeronca Champ, and
    gan at 9:30 a.m. with               Brenda Cline, 1972 OCSA            Dean Englehart aerobat-
    the arrival of Brenda               Exposition Queen                   ics in the T-Craft.
    Cline, OCSA’s 19-year-                                                 (Below are some ships
    old secretary, and Presi-             LK-10. Events included           on display at the Exposi-
    dent Dan Dickinson.                   hot-air balloons, the Far-       tion.)
                                                                         Q Perris Valley Report:
                                                                           Jerry Kierman, one of
                                                                           the owners, has had the
                                                                           main runway oiled to
                                                                           kill the dust problem
                                                                           that has bothered us for
                                                                           so long. He plans to ex-
                                                                           pand the field, hoping to
                                                                           cash in on people com-
  Schempp-Hirth Austria SHK – Owner: Danny Pierson, Compton CA.            ing to the area when the
  Built in Germany 1965. 573 lbs. Empty. 39:1 glide ratio                  Perris Lake Dam is fin-
                                                                           ished.     Concrete slab
                                                                           was poured on Dec 15th
                                                                           in front of the flight
                                                                           shack; trees and grass
                                                                           were planted.
                                                                         Q Woman’s Auxiliary of
                                                                           OCSA will be organized
                                                                           by Carol Sullivan. It
Schweitzer 1-34 – Pilots: Jay Dement, Dan Dickinson, Terry Little,         will consist of wives,
Frank Renek. First one flew in April 1969. 550 lbs. empty, 34:1 @ 55       girlfriends, and what

Prue Standard – Owner: William L. Stowers, Lynwood, CA. Built Cirrus – Owners: Tony Terrigno, John Helton, Herb Devies, Bob
1961, one of three, 446 lbs. empty, 35:1 g/r                  Embleton. All fiberglass, 753 lbs. Empty. Incl. water ballast, 44:1
Hemet, CA                                                                                                         Page 12

                    1972: (Continued)

                                 LK-10A (TG-4A) - Owners: Wayne Smith & Allan Krosner, Origi-
                                 nally designed in 1942 by Jack Laister. Produced in quantity for the
                                 military, this glider was made in 1944. The present owners spent
                                 four years rebuilding it. 475 lbs. empty. 22:1 g/r.

                                                               Laister LP-46 – Owner: Orange County Soaring Association.
                                                               The LP-46 is the prototype for the highly successful LP-49, made
                                                               by Laister Products in El Monte, CA. Standard Class. 475 lbs
                                                               empty. 36:1 at 50 mph.

                       LM-1 – Owner: William C. Meyer.
                       Designed and built in Southern Cali-
                       fornia by Al Leffler, Walt MacFar-       Editor’s Note – No Zero Sinks were available from
                       lane & Bill Meyer. The LM-1 first        1973 – 1976, so it is difficult to tell what happened to the
                       flew in 1963. It features a two-wheel    Soaring Exhibitions. We hope to fill in the gaps in future
                       retractable landing gear. Wings are
                       from an early LK-10 and span 50
                       feet. 693 lbs. empty 30:1 g/r.

                    1977: The Second Battle of Midway
     President:     Q OCSA put a limit of 60             lengthen the runway.                    around the world. He
  Jim Pendergrass     members in the flight            Q The September General                   was impounded for two
  Vice-President:     group, including instruc-          meeting and program                     weeks by the Navy at
   Al Krosner
                      tors. Ben Canaster, who            featured Don Taylor, a                  Midway Island until he
   Jim Terrigno
                      now owns PVA, is trying            Retired Air Force Lt.                   and friends convinced
                      to buy the property to the         Colonel who flew his                    the Navy that 144 gals of
  Gary Loogman        north to be able to                homebuilt T-18 solo                     fuel would get him to
  Bill Campbell
  Merrill Lowery
   Ken Dunlavy      1978
                                                          No Zero Sinks Available
Page 13                                                                                         Z e r o        S i n k

1979: The Work Party Year
Q Lots of work on recover-       30. The entire fleet of           bers be OCSA General
  ing the 2-22 and work          ships (4) and towplane            Members, and (2) that          Ed Cook
  on the Blanik in Jim           were available for flying         persons damaging Club        Vice-President:
  Gallacher’s equipment          out of our new strip at           ships on AFG outings          Noel Keller
  yard in Costa Mesa. Our        Perris Valley airport.            are responsible for the        Secretary:
  proposed new landing           The last launch at 5:15           insurance deductible.           Pat Hill
  strip at the south end of      p.m. still got strong lift.   Q Doc Haverty, Safety Of-          Treasurer:
                                                                                                  Ed Cook
  the field has been tenta-    Q Jim and Dianne Pender-          ficer, made and put up a
                                 grass started a “Cross                                         Maintenance:
  tively approved by the                                         glass-enclosed Bulletin        Larry Meidel
  FAA.                           Country Group” for all          board under the Gazebo.         Operations:
Q In May, OCSA starts a          members interested in
                                                               Q In December, the rains           Ed Cook
  new service, a recorded        X-Country flying. This                                            Safety:
  update on status of air-       was later renamed the                                           Doc Haverty
  craft, instruction, and        “Advanced Flight
  field.                         Group” by Malcolm
Q Another OCSA mile-             Kyle. The group had
  stone occurred on June         two rules: (1) that mem-

1980: Rain, Rain, Go Away
Q The San Jacinto River            OCSA to hold glider and         deductible fund is started     President:
  floods half of Perris air-       power ratings.                  at $10 for flight and re-     Noel Keller
  port, forcing the club to    Q Work begins after re-             serve group members.         Vice-President:
  pull aircraft out of the                                                                         Ed Cook
                                 turning to Perris from        Q Donations are requested
  water and set up opera-                                                                         Secretary:
                                 Hemet. The north end            to repair the 2-33’s              Pat Hill
  tions at Hemet-Ryan air-       of the landing strip is         warped wing.                    Treasurer:
  port. Lake Elsinore also       graded, grass is planted
  floods, forcing soaring                                      Q The tow plane has two          Mike Sanders
                                 around the trailer, and         accidents bending the          Maintenance:
  operations there to move       plans are made for a                                           Allen Monroe
  to other locations in So-                                      prop.    The first cost
                                 patio and wash rack.            $265, the second over            Operations
  Cal. Skylark moves to                                                                         Jim Gallacher
  the north end of Perris      Q At this time, inflation         $1200.    Flight group
  runway.                        sets in – annual dues are       members are assessed            Ralph Fuller
                                 $12, SSA dues $23,              $50 each.
Q Feb. 10: Ed “The Red”          flight group initiation
  Baron becomes a CFI.                                         Q September: OCSA Open
                                 fee $200, and monthly           House.     Through Bob
  Recent solos: Red Da-          dues $15.
  vidson, Howard Sears,                                          Jones‘ (OCSA Public
  Ralph Mjelda, and Art        Q June 30: President Noel         Relations) efforts, the
  Crabble.                       Keller resigns, due to          Fullerton Daily News
                                 transfer to the Naval           Tribune publishes a full-
Q March 2: Cliff Combs           War College in Newport,         page article on Septem-
  solos. Cliff is hearing-       RI. Ed Cook becomes             ber 26 with “John” Cook
  impaired.                      president, Malcolm Kyle         in the caption under Ed
Q March 9: Pat Hill re-          becomes Vice President.         Cook’s picture. Q
  ceives glider license.       Q Mandatory no-fault in-
  She is the first woman in      surance appears, and a
Hemet, CA                                                                                           Page 14

                     1981: The Year of Upgrades
     Ed Cook         Q March: Red Davidson,             vides a new wind veloc-         Costa Mesa.         Walt
   Vice-President:     Frank Newberry, and Ed           ity pennant.       Ralph        McFarlane completes
    Bob Franzke        Cook pour the patio slab         Fuller provides the paint       reworking the 2-33
     Secretary:        and install the Tetrahe-         and Reed McManus pro-           wings. They are hauled
      Pat Hill
                       dron. Keith Monroe and           vides the brushwork for         out to Hemet, test flown
    Tim Greaves        Bernie Kilcher, Jr. fill         the patio and trailer.          on one of Don Slotten’s
                       holes with sand. Dan             Terry McFarlane and             2-33s, and they check
    Unknown            Dickinson provides two           Company provide re-             out fine.
    Operations         new fruit trees. Ed Cook         tractable gear and a        Q October 18: John W.
   Red Davidson        puts in a step in front of       fresh annual for the          Giese gets his Private
     Safety:           the Outhouse.         Dan        Blanik. Allen Monroe          license at Perris from
   Mike Sanders        Dickinson does the de-           provides shelving inside      Examiner Don Slotten.
                       sign and Morrie Nelson           the trailer.
                       does the digging for a                                       Q John Gavin builds a
                                                     Q The 2-33 is recovered at       home in Wrightwood
                       new entrance sign.              Red Davidson’s place in
                       Sharly Davidson pro-                                           and invites the club to a

     President:      1982: A New Honorary Member
     Ed Cook
    Bob Franzke      Q The OCSA Board unani-                                            Gallagher, Jim’s father,
     Secretary:        mously bestows Honor-                                            for donation of large
     Bill Dale         ary Membership to Jim                                            drain pipers, and Ben
     Treasurer:        Gallagher (left) for all of                                      Canaster for use of the
    Tim Greaves        his incredible hard work                                         water truck. The new
   Maintenance:        making our field possi-                                          road has a 15 mph speed
   Gene Sullivan
                       ble.                                                             limit.
   Bill Campbell     Q Don and Lois Slotten,                                        Q Guest ride rates are
      Safety:          long standing members            thanks to Jim Gallagher,      raised from $18 to $20.
  Frank Newberry       and friends of OCSA,             Red Davidson, Jim           Q OCSA has an especially
                       sell their sailplane op-         Hoppe, Morie Nelson,          good campout and soar-
                       erations at Hemet.               Ed Losing, Noel Keller,       ing at the SSA Home-
                     Q OCSA gets a new access           and Bob Van Houten.           builders Contest Labor
                       road and runway apron,           Special thanks to James       Day weekend at Te-

   Red Davidson
                     1983: Wedding Bells At Perris
      Pat Hill
                     Q The Chief Flight In-          Q OCSA donates $100 to            Noon.”
    Secretary:                                         the World Champion-
   Mike Sanders
                       structor and Chief Tow                                       Q Guest rides are abol-
                       Pilot are made ex officio       ships in Hobbs, NM.            ished, one-day member-
    Noel Keller        members of the board.         Q “Patricia Ann Hill and         ships created for giving
   Maintenance:      Q The club shares the             E. Edward Cook request         rides.
   Gene Sullivan       landing strip with the          the honor of your pres-      Q Operations: 116 flying
     Operations        ultra-lights until Ben          ence at their Wedding
      Ed Cook                                                                         days, 1484 tows (16.48/
                       Canaster (Perris owner)         Ceremony on April 2,           day). 38 members in
  Frank Newberry       can build a separate            1983. Perris Valley Air-       flight group.
                       strip.                          port. Twelve O’clock
Page 15                                                                                        Z e r o        S i n k

1984: Silver Anniversary
Q OCSA lease is renegoti-           all.                           members with a 14%            President:
  ated with Perris Valley       Q June 3: A Cessna lands           turnover the last three       Pat Cook
  owner Ben Canaster by           and runs into the Jump           years; 23 members own/     Vice-President:
  Red and Noel.                                                    interest in a sailplane.     Art Crable
                                  DC-3 parked on the
Q Drain pipes are installed       ramp.                        Q OCSA Christmas party         Scott Winneguth
  across the runways.           Q Dennis Rampe, new              is celebrated in the up-       Treasurer:
Q The 1-26 was recovered          Zero Sink editor, puts         stairs of the Hansa            Noel Keller
  in Phil Caricof’s shop in       out a new slick full-color     House.                        Maintenance:
                                                                                               Phil Caricof
  Costa Mesa.                     newsletter, and the          Q What to do with the 1-
Q March 1: Flight Group           club’s 25th Anniversary        26, and 2-33? Some say        Red Davidson
  monthly dues are raised         is celebrated with a pot-      paint, do not sell the 1-        Safety:
  to $20.                         luck dinner at Perris          26, use it for X-country        Ed Cook
                                  Valley airport.                training.   Fred Baron
Q John Giese, former Chief
                                Q Operations: 117 flying         opposes the sale of the 1-
  Tow Pilot, moves to
                                  days, 1063 tows (12.8/         26 and wants a 1-34.
  Reno NV. Thanks for
  being a great friend to         day). OCSA has 114

1985: Milestones and Records
Q Improvements to the           Q April 17: Sheryl and         Q Red Davidson has pur-          President:
  Field: New graded road          Allen Monroe spent a           chased a piece of con-         Art Crable
  with ditches, crowned           day on location shooting       struction equipment          Vice-President:
  landing strip, improved         a television commercial                                      Ralph Fuller
                                                                 known as the “Blade”
  angle take-off strip and        for Mazda of America.          and hopes to have it at        Secretary:
                                                                                               Allen Monroe
  installed new water line,       When you see the Mazda         the field for maintenance
  donated by Jim Galla-           RX7 ad with a sailplane        of our landing strip and       Noel Keller
  gher.                           in the background, keep        road.                         Maintenance:
Q Ultralight squadron of          in mind that it is the Li-   Q Solos in 1985: Herb           Bob Moberg
  America arrives at Perris       belle NIXE that belongs        Krause, Don Borchert,          Operations
  Valley Airport.                 to Allen and Allan             Sue Muncey, and Curtis       Rick Lockwood
                                  Arnold (both club mem-         Parks. Private Rating:          Safety:
Q February 16: OCSA sets          bers).                                                        Bill Lopez
  a new record for number                                        Fritz Baeder, Doug
  of tows at Perris in one      Q April 24:       Instructor     Lung, and Ed Schafer.
  day - 27! Operations ran        Fred Baron and tow pilot
  from 11:30 am to sunset.        Chuck Moore conduct
  Rick MacFarlane was             the first mid-week flying
  the Tow Pilot.                  at Perris for OCSA.
Q Instructor Noel Keller        Q OCSA tow plane makes
  takes daughter Brenda           an unapproved turn on
  and wife Marjorie on his        the runway, buckling the
  999th and 1000th                landing gear, right wing,
  flights, respectively, plus     and prop.      Ships are
  ten additional flights          moved to Hemet, return-
  that day.                       ing to Perris on Novem-
                                  ber 16.
Hemet, CA                                                                                            Page 16

                     1986: OCSA Works With the Government
                     Q October:     Zero Sink                                              People will be held at
    Noel Keller        cover is a hand-colored                                             the Ontario TRA-
   Vice-President:     cover (right) of Susan                                              CON office on Feb
    Bob Franzke        Muncy’s outlanding                                                  18 at 1:00 pm to
     Secretary:        (coloring by Noel                                                   draft a final version
    Herb Krause        Keller).                                                            of the letter of agree-
     Treasurer:                                                                            ment to operate in
   Sam Rutherford    Q OCSA started the year
                       with 101 flights for                                                the ARSA.
   Bob Manning         January.                                                            Q The Feb 20 Gen-
                                                      The road passed its first        eral Meeting is on
     Operations      Q The Line Chief duty is         rain test in fine condi-
    Allan Arnold
                       very important to the                                           Thursday night at 7:30
       Safety:                                        tion. Thanks to Red for          pm at the MCAS El
      Ed Cook
                       Club's operation. For          grading the road. Febru-
                       this reason, the Opera-                                         Toro Aviation Physiol-
                                                      ary is generally the             ogy Training Unit. Petty
                       tions Officer is organiz-      rainiest month in South-
                       ing a training program                                          Officer Stan Kosinski
                                                      ern California.                  will cover several sub-
                       for Line Chiefs and As-
                       sistant Line Chiefs.        Q Another meeting with              jects appropriate for
                                                     the FAA, USAF, Perris             Glider Pilots. In addi-
                     Q The field and road are in     Airport and Balloon               tion, an orientation on
                       the best condition ever.                                        night vision will be con-

                     1987: Some Good and Bad News
     President:      Q Special thanks to Bryon        IRS won’t catch me.              another story. Then the
    Bob Franzke        Alexander, who joined          Another reason is that           “Looney Gooney” is a
   Vice-President:     OCSA in 1967. He has           “Looney Gooney” is               picture of grace and
    Herb Krause        contributed much to the        you ... and you ... and ...      beauty. And that’s what
     Secretary:        soaring community:             you, too. And I can              soaring is all about.
    Sue Muncey                                                                         This is all you get for
                       CFIG, author, owner of         prove it. The “Looney
     Treasurer:        a Scheibe 25 E Super           Gooney” is a big, ugly           now. But I’ll be back -
   Sam Rutherford
                       Falke which he flew for        bird which flops around          once a month if your
     Hal Lord          an evaluation by the U.S.      awkwardly on the                 editor will tolerate it.
                       Air Force for training at      ground, trusts most eve-         Don’t forget to look over
    Noel Keller        the Air Force Academy.         rything and everyone,            your shoulder from time
       Safety:         After 19 years Bryan has       and when it launches             to time because ... the
      Ed Cook          decided to pursue some         itself into the air a cas-       “Looney Gooney” will
                       of his other interests.        ual observer is astounded        get you if you don’t look
                                                      it ever makes it. And it         out!
                     Q Now it is time to reveal
                       the Author of S.L.I.P.K.       doesn’t land so hot ei-       Q New Maintenance Offi-
                       (Sticks, Levers, Pedals        ther. Sound familiar?           cer Hal Lord takes on
                       and Knobs) by Looney           But don’t feel too badly,       the challenge of putting
                       Gooney – I prefer the          brother and sister “L. G.       order into the “FRIGHT
                       anonymity of “Looney           s,” there’s more. Once          SHACK.’ This is a re-
                       Gooney” for several rea-       the “Looney Gooney”             peating cycle, however
                       sons. For one thing, I         makes it and is really          the circle does not seem
                       might get famous like          airborne, once it has           to move.
                       Mark Twain or some-            “slipped the surly
                                                      bonds,” so to speak, it’s              (Continued on page 17)
                       body and then maybe the
Page 17                                                                                          Z e r o       S i n k

1987 (Cont.)
(Continued from page 16)           one day. The Cessna            leg, and pelvis, and has
Q Hal Lord and Lloyd               182 is at Orange County        a concussion. Lloyd suf-
  Collins transport the 1-         Airport for top overhaul       fered injuries to his
  26 to MCAS Tustin                by Walt MacFarlane,            back. Lloyd recovers to
  Open House for static            Noel Keller and Lloyd          walk and scuba dive
  display. Sam Rutherford          Collins.                       again, with pain in his
  helps with the event.        Q Saturday July 18th:              back. Noel loses 2 1/2
Q Mike & Sue Muncey              CFIG Noel Keller                 weeks of memory, in-
  take 1-26 to MCAS El           checks out Lloyd Collins         cluding the accident. He
  Toro in June.                  in the Lark; he notices in       spends 77 days in the
                                 Lloyd’s log book that he         hospital with an opera-
Q Herb Krause puts in a                                           tion to decompress the
  timed sprinkler system         has not had a simulated
                                 tow rope break in the            T-8 vertebrae, recovers
  for our new grass.                                              to walk again with a
                                 Lark. After a tow to
Q For $12,000 OCSA buys          2,000 feet where stalls          cane, but has permanent
  a Lark from Bruce Ka-          and other maneuvers              nerve damage.
  poster of Houston, TX          were performed, a return     Q In October OCSA again
  with an enclosed trailer,      was made to the field          does battle with the FAA
  electric vario, radio, al-     with a good pattern and        regarding the proposed
  most new interior, per-        approach and landing by        ARSA changes that
  fect canopy, excellent         Lloyd. A second flight         would affect our ability
  exterior, and new an-          was launched for pattern       to approach Perris from
  nual. Lloyd Collins vol-       and simulated tow rope         the East. We could not
  unteers to drive to Texas      break with Ed Cook as          fly east of the field below
  and pick it up; Kevin          Tow Pilot. At just above       5,600 feet MSL. Noel
  Laude goes along.              200 feet AGL a simu-           Keller drafts a letter to
Q Our field lease doubles,       lated rope break was ini-      the FAA. The proposal
  due to new flood control       tiated by the CFI, and an      would require us to fly
  assessment passed on to        accelerated stall oc-          from the East to Sun
  PVA owner Ben Conas-           curred, resulting in a         City and then to Perris.
  ter.                           spin and a crash through       The FAA agrees to
Q The second weekend in          trees and a power line.        maintain the current
  July, Bernie Gartner,          Both pilots were seri-         limit. We WIN!
  running the line, sets a       ously injured. Noel suf-     Q Treasurer Sam Ruther-
  new record of 34 tows in       fered a broken back, left      ford reports in Oct. that
                                                                                                   Phil Gross

1988: Lots To Do                                                                                 Vice-President:
                                                                                                  Herb Krause
Q Lots of things to do, ac-    Q Walt MacFarlane heads        Q There are 37,163 Glider           Bob Moberg
  cording to President Phil      up an “Aircraft Survey         ratings in the USA, 7190           Treasurer:
  Gross.      Members are        Group” looking for a           in CA, 3618 in SoCal.            Sam Rutherford
  needed.       George Na-       Lark sailplane for the         4774 Gliders in US Reg-           Maintenance:
  jarian is setting up a new     club. Chuck Moore and          istry, 53 Larks in US.            Bill Mackert
  data-base             for      Tom Payzant are setting      Q Bob Harris, who holds              Operations
                                                                                                   Hal Lord
  “Membership Develop-           up Zero Sink on the            the World Altitude rec-
  ment.”                         computer.                              (Continued on page 18)
                                                                                                    Ed Cook
Hemet, CA                                                                                          Page 18

                     1988 (Cont.)
                     (Continued from page 17)         way again. Pete Larsen         passed away.
                       ord 49,009 feet, will give     drove a transit-Mix con-     Q Chuck Moore’s member-
                       a talk on Wave Flying.         crete truck out and filled     ship development pays
                     Q The National Geo-              anchor holes for tie           off with new CFIGs, tow
                       graphic Explorer pro-          downs and a new side-          pilots, and Flight Group
                       gram scheduled Chris           walk.                          Members: Steve Low-
                       Woods’ film of the 1987      Q Change can come with           ery, Hank Marlowe, Jim
                       Hitachi Masters of Soar-       great speed! One mo-           Kendell, Larry Zucher-
                       ing event “Running on          ment (July 20th, 4:20          man, Jerry Klopper, Carl
                       Empty.”                        pm) the Wednesday              Keil, Neal Brutsehz, Pat
                     Q April: Carl Ziler (an          flight day is smoothly         Russette, and Dave
                       OCSA founder) brings           moving along, and a lit-       Louis. The club now has
                       in his LK-10A for the          tle rain starts to fall.       53 Flight Group Mem-
                       30th Anniversary party         Seconds later three sail-      bers.
                       of the initial group. The      planes are destroyed,        Q First phone line to field
                       tables were overflowing        and damage to the Super        installed by Don Gil-
                       with Spring BBQ, and           Cub landing gear is in-        liland and Jerry Kleoph
                       Sharley Davidson enno-         curred. The Board de-          (714 943-0405).
                       bled herself with a deli-      cides to lease another 2-    Q Walt rebuilds former
                       cious Chile Relleno dish.      33.                            landing gear repairs
                     Q Maintenance: Red and         Q The club received notice       made on the Lark and
                       Shirley driving the van,       that Buzz Murray, a            makes repairs on the
                       drag the road and run-         founding member,               control        system.

                     1989: Insurance Issues
   Red Davidson      Q The first Board meeting        Feb 23-25.                     Airshow is July 15-16
   Vice-President:     lasts five hours, mainly     Q Two sailplanes are dis-        with Bob Underwood in
      Ed Cook
                       covering the $10.00 no-        played at Norton AFB.          charge.
     Pat Cook
                       fault deductible insur-        Sharley and Red David-       Q A Sad August: Frank
                       ance payment per acci-         son arrive at 5 am to          Newberry passed away
    Sue Muncey         dent. We currently have        help set up the Speed          after a short illness.
   Maintenance:        three sailplanes dam-          Astir; Bob Irving sets up      Many attended his Me-
   Bill Mackert        aged in the July storm         his Cherokee II. Bill          morial Service. OCSA
     Operations        and one claim for the          Machert, Megan and             lost a fine friend and
     Bob Irving        Blanik, which is in dis-       Bob Clark help out with        real worker. We will
      Safety:          pute with the Insurance        the crowd, estimated at        miss him and his wife
     Hal Lord
                       Adjuster. In the future,       350,000-500,000.               Dorothy, who will be
                       no-fault fees will be de-    Q A new Blanik, N3457, is        moving North.
                       termined by dividing the       now aboard. The club         Q The Tehachapi outing is
                       amount of the deductible       also purchased a dam-          a success, with 35 people
                       by the number of Flight        aged Blanik at Hemet for       attending.
                       Group members at the           parts to get N80CS back      Q OCSA establishes a me-
                       time of the loss.              in shape.                      morial plaque to be
                     Q OCSA goes to Ocotillo        Q The Chino Airshow is a         placed in the Club
                       Wells February 18-20,          success with Bob Irving        House.
                       SSA convention at LAX          in Charge; Long Beach
Hemet, CA                        Page 19

The Hemet Era (1990 – Present)
Hemet, CA                                                                                                           Page 20

                     1990: End of an Era
    President:       (Excerpts from the Dec. Zero        memories; the Jack MacFar-           were knee deep in mud picking
  Bob Underwood      Sink Letter by Pat Cook) As I'm     lanes, the Cathy Fullers, and the    onions for a cookout. I doubt if
   Vice-President:   sure you are all aware by now,      Frank Newberrys that have            it was for the time we almost
     Bob Clark       Orange County Soaring Associa-      passed through, always giving        got caught.
    Secretary:       tion is moving to Hemet, and        something.                           Then there were all the times
   Meggan Clark      soon. The 1990 Board of Direc-
                                                         Perhaps it was the first glance of   John Giese did the cooking and
     Treasurer:      tors beat the subject to death at                                        Sharley Davidson was yelling,
     Phil Gross                                          field and sailplane by flashlight
                     every general meeting until fi-                                          "Come and get it." Maybe it's
                                                         at midnight that sticks with me.
    Maintenance:     nally the vote was "yes." I have                                         the memory of Jim Gallagher
    Bill Mackert                                         Maybe it's all those John Gavin
                     been in the Club since Feb.                                              grading our new runway at the
                                                         types yelling at me in my stu-
    Operations       1977 and have served nine years                                          south end where we now oper-
  George Najarian                                        dent days, or those Terry
                     on the Board of Directors. I am                                          ate. Perhaps Perris holds senti-
                                                         MacFarlanes making damn sure
       Safety:       both a Glider & Power Pilot                                              mental value because I was mar-
     Paul Wood                                           I did it right. Or perhaps the
                     Besides, I am the only female                                            ried there, among my closest
                                                         laughter of Fred Baron in the
                     who has remained active in this                                          friends who the week before had
                                                         back seat during a landing
                     club for this many years. What                                           given up their flying to mow
                                                         where we dodged three jumpers
                     do I see for OCSA at Hemet?                                              weeds and clean the field in
                                                         and all came out alive. Maybe
                     Total change. Another soaring                                            preparation for that wedding.
                                                         it's the Red Davidsons or Bill
                     site will be gone.                                                       And who but members of OCSA
                                                         Mackerts always doing some-
                     So, now you want to know,           thing every time I was at the        would offer their sailplane as
                     "Who does this broad think she      field.                               my wedding coach?
                     is, and why is she’s so wound                                            I could go on and on, but I'm
                                                         Could it be my first solo flight
                     up over this move? Why does                                              sure I'm not the only one with
                                                         by the light of a full moon, sanc-
                     she appear to be so in love with                                         memories, or these types of feel-
                                                         tioned by an instructor who shall
                     Perris?" Certainly not for the                                           ings. I also know that I am not
                                                         remain nameless for obvious
                     scenery, the dust, or the noise                                          the only one who wants to have
                                                         reasons? I doubt if it's for the
                     from the ultra-lights, and defi-                                         one last New Year’s Eve party
                                                         time Bernie Kilcher and I put
                     nitely not for the hot summer                                            at Perris, (a tradition started in
                                                         the 2-22 in the ditch at the south
                     weather. So what is it? Of                                               1979). However, that idea is
                                                         end of the field, or for all the
                     course it's the flying. But it's                                         now looking doubtful.         The
                                                         buckets of water (and at times
                     also the social aspect and the                                           question has come up, "What's
                                                         hoses) I've thrown on solo stu-
                     close camaraderie. It's knowing                                          the difference if we have New
                                                         dents and private pilots. It
                     I won't wait around forever to                                           Year’s at Perris or at Hemet?"
                                                         might be for all the parties,
                     fly, but will spend the day be-                                          With tears in my eyes I say, "If
                                                         campouts, bar-b-ques and just
                     cause I want to. Perhaps it's the                                        you have to ask, you can't possi-
                                                         plain fun, or for the times we

                     1991: A New Era
     President:      OCSA made a successful              safely and make the most of          nal club they helped organ-
    Pat Russette     move to Hemet-Ryan Airport          your new home. We are                ize!
   Vice-President:   and its new host, Sailplane         Sailplane Enterprises. On
    Noel Keller                                                                               We have made plans to con-
                     Enterprises. OCSA is wel-           the radio, we are ‘Sailplane
     Secretary:                                                                               vert part of the club house to
                     comed to Hemet with a letter        Base.’ S.E. is owned by
    Bob Moberg                                                                                a bunk house with two sleep-
                     from Galen, the manager:            Mike and Julie Venable.”
     Treasurer:                                                                               ing areas and camping on the
     Phil Gross
                     “I want to begin by saying          Who would have known that            lawn area is allowed. Hot
                     that I truly welcome you all        in 1969 when OCSA charter            water for showers is also
    Sam Walker       to our gliderport. No, really!      members Don Slotten and              available.
     Operations      You all weighed the pros and        Karle Jessop decided to make
   Sam Rutherford    cons of the move. Now that                                               We need 10 Flight Group
                                                         their hobby a business, that         members for each of our five
      Safety:        you committed to the change         22 years later, it would be-
    Oscar Alonso     please count on me to help                                               sailplanes. We now have 30-
                                                         come the home of the origi-          35 paying Flight Group
                     you make the transition
Page 21                                                                                             Z e r o       S i n k

1992: Mourning a Club Member’s Passing
Q The club mourned the October 6 passing               established in his name at Long Beach
  of Thomas Irvin, a longstanding club                 City College, and a memorial display was      President:
  member. Thomas was killed while testing              placed in the OCSA clubhouse.               Bob Underwood
  a wing modification to his Swish II, a           Q The old tow plane was bid a fond farewell     Vice-President:
  powered glider for which he won first              and sold for $12,000, which helped the          Bob Clark
  place design in world competition. A               club’s finances significantly.                 Secretary:
  scholarship fund for aviation students was                                                       Meggan Clark
                                                                                                     Phil Gross
                                                                                                    Bill Mackert
1993: Doing the Wave                                                                                 Operations:
                                                                                                      Ray High
Q March: During wave season,                                                                            Safety:
  Bill Laningham reported reach-                                                                   Bill Laningham
  ing 21,400 MSL and Ralph
  Fuller reached 23,000 MSL at
  Cal City. The club had seven
  flights over 20,000 feet, with
  three Gold Altitudes, one Dia-
  mond altitude, and a Single
  Lennie by Anne Kind (25,300
  feet)! Zero Sink covers the de-
  tails of the annual Region 12
  Soaring Council (RESCO)
  Wave Camp held there that
Q June: To help club members,
  information about the airspace Anne Kind emerges from the club Lark with frozen fingers and
  reclassification is provided in toes after her first wave flight at California City.
  Zero Sink.                                                                                        President:
                                                                                                  Bob Underwood
Q September:     The Tehachapi
  campout is a success with 54                                                                    Anne Wilson Kind
  people, four dogs, and a cat                                                                      Secretary:
  attending. In addition to the                                                                    Meggan Clark
  soaring, there was a snoring                                                                       Treasurer:
  contest, with Dave Kind reach-                                                                   Rochelle Rotter
  ing an unbelievable 100 deci-                                                                     Maintenance:
  bels.                                                                                            Bill Laningham
Q November:        OCSA grants                                                                       Ray High
  “Little Joe” Stasneck an Hon-                                                                       Safety:
  orary Membership in the club.                                                                     Gary Rotter
  New club T-shirts (in orange,
  sky-blue, and cumulo-white)
  are available for $10.
                                    December: A new OCSA Memorial plaque was
                                    unveiled and presented by Gordon Sloan. Those
                                    present bowed for a moment of silence to remember
                                    those members who had passed on
Hemet, CA                                                                                                 Page 22

                      1994: Drop Zone Move Thwarted
                      Q April: OCSA contributes                                         people, 3 dogs (and 1 rabbit).
                        significantly to the petition                                   Highest flight is to 11,500
     President:         effort to stop the proposed                                     MSL and longest duration is
  Anne Wilson Kind
                        skydiving drop zone move                                        4:35.
    Pat Russette        to an area inside the pattern.                                  Q July: At Jacumba, the club
      Secretary:        A rabbit (to be exact, the                                      wins the 4th of July soaring
    Joann Lehmer        poor critter’s remains), were                                   contest against AGCSC and
     Treasurer:         removed from the club 1-34                                      the Chuck Jennings Memorial
   Rochelle Rotter      (Alpo). Pat Russette served                                     trophy returns to OCSA!
    Maintenance:        commendably as the fore-                                        Thanks go out to Walt
     Ray High           man of the Rabbit Goo                                           MacFarlane and his son,
    Operations:         Cleanup Crew.
   Marcus Elmore                                                                        Terry, Hal Lord, Ralph Fuller,
      Safety:         Q May: Another rabbit is                                          and Mark Lowry for the work
    Gary Rotter         found, this time in the Pat Russette relaxes on the tail of they’ve done recently on the
                        Blanik at Torrey Pines. his HP, checking his watch to see Lark canopy and strut.
                        Zero Sink circulation, which if he’s “L8” again. (February Zero Q December: At the club
                        has been steadily increasing Sink)                              Christmas Party, new board
                        for several months, reaches                                     members are each given a
                        150.                                                            copy of The Seven Habits of
                      Q June: Twentynine Palms trip report – 43              Highly Effective People, personalized and

                      1995: Moves Onto the Info Superhighway
                      Q January: Bill Laningham describes how                ited,” a soaring simulation software pack-
      President:        one can obtain weather information                   age, is released by Looking Glass Tech-
   Anne Wilson Kind
                        through one’s PC by using a dial-up serv-            nologies. Also, the first e-mail directory
     Pat Russette
                        ice known as DUATS (Direct User Access               of club members is formed by Anne Wil-
                        Terminal System). Information available              son.
     Joann Lehmer       includes winds aloft, terminal forecasts,        Q September: Oscar Alonso writes of his
      Treasurer:        and area synopses.                                 involvement in the maintenance of the
    Rochelle Rotter
                      Q May: Oscar Alonso writes an article intro-         SSA Web page (
     Maintenance:       ducing the capabili-
      Ray High
                        ties of hand-held
    Marcus Elmore       GPS receivers to the
        Safety:         club.      Later that
      Gary Rotter       month Oscar flew his
                        Silver distance flight
                        at the 29 Pailms
                        campout. Bill Lan-
                        ingham and Pat Rus-
                        sette flew their Dia-
                        mond Goal legs from Bill Laningham’s trace from his successful Diamond Altitude attempt on
                        there also.            February 12 in the club Lark at California City – April Zero Sink

                      Q June: “Flight Unlim-
Page 23                                                                                                Z e r o       S i n k

1996: Club Trip to the Altitude Chamber
Q February: Several mem-            event.                               Brooks organizes a work        President:
  bers attend the oxygen                                                 day for December 7,         Anne Wilson Kind
                                Q Thank you to Clint
  training class at Ed-                                                  hoping it will be a lousy    Vice-President:
                                  Brooks for working on                                                Pat Russette
  wards Air Force base in         finishing the 2nd trailer              soaring day for this
  preparation for wave                                                   earth-bound activity.          Secretary:
                                  for our Blaniks. Mem-                                               Joann Lehmer
  season. All agree that          bers have seen his plans           Q Thanks to Hal and                Treasurer:
  the experience was valu-        for the modifications,               Trudy Chilton for repair-      Rochelle Rotter
  able. The appearance of         and they look great.                 ing the canopy covers on        Maintenance:
  symptoms such as tunnel                                              the 1-34 and silver              Ray High
  vision, nausea, or diffi-     Q Congratulations to Tony
                                                                       Blanik.                         Operations:
  culty focusing without          Blane, Trudy Chilton,                                               Marcus Elmore
  oxygen was dramatic.            and George Clark on                Q Pat Russette writes an            Safety:
  The staff at Edwards was        their first solos. Jon               excellent article about         Gary Rotter
  professional and enthusi-       Wells also passes his                soaring in the Owens
  astic, and thanks go to         Commercial Glider                    Valley, which he re-
  Cindy Brickner of Cal           exam on October 4.                   names the “Diamond
  City for organizing the       Q Operations Officer Clint             Valley.”

1997: Club Gets First Website
Q The club inaugurates its          Gunk, paint remover,                 area underneath the
  Web page: http://www.             elbow grease, water, and             floor. Clint Brooks is in
  webpages.virtualrep.              a lot of time with a wet             the process of upholster-
  com/ocsa.                         vacuum cleaner were                  ing the side panels. He
                                    needed to clean the                  and Lynn Ericksen ap-            President:
Q OCSA attends the last El                                                                               Bob Franzke
  Toro airshow in April.            cockpit floor and the                plied fabric to all the
  This and other airshows                                                inspection holes and the        Herb Krause
  have been great opportu-                                               area around the base of          Secretary:
  nities to recruit new                                                  the vertical stabilizer.        Sue Muncey
  members.                                                               You will need to look           Treasurer:
                                                                         very closely to find the      Sam Rutherford
Q Thanks to some six days                                                repairs.                       Maintenance:
  of work by Walt                                                                                        Hal Lord
  MacFarlae and his son,                                             Q Jacumba Campout Re-
  the inside of the silver                                             port: The Good, the               Noel Keller
  Blanik is now cleaner                                                Bad, and the Ugly –                  Safety:
  than it has been since                                               Cheap tows, good soar-              Ed Cook
  leaving the factory.                                                 ing, camaraderie,
  Bearings are clean and                                               AGCSC sponsored BBQ,
  lubricated.     This in-                                             contest…all the ingredi-
  volved removing the in-                                              ents for lots of fun! We
  spection plates in the                                               had 16 club members,
  cockpit floor, removing                                              friends, and family show
                              President Jon Wells and the Board        up for a great time away
  the control stick assem-    worked hard to alleviate an aircraft
  bly, removing the rudder                                             from civilization to join
                              shortage during the summer, arrang-
  pedals, and the bulkhead                                             up with our AGCSC
                              ing for 2-33s to hold the students
  behind the back seat.       over until repairs were completed on     hosts. The bad news:
                              the Blanik.
Hemet, CA                                                                                                     Page 24

                     1998: Glass at Last!...
     Jon Wells       Q At the 29 Palms camp-
   Vice-President:     out over Memorial Day
    Pat Russette       weekend, two pilots
    Secretary:         completed their Silver
   Debra Stange        distance flights: Tony
     Treasurer:        Blane and Larry Tuo-
    Anne Wilson
                       hino. Tony landed at
   Maintenance:        Yucca Valley airport and
   Clint Brooks
                       returned to his water
    Clint Brooks       soaking celebration with
      Safety:          an aerotow. Larry, in an
    Tony Blane         infamous flight, could
                       not find the airport. Un-
                       daunted, he fell back on
                       his OCSA Cross Coun-         A three-year effort reached a happy conclusion as the club, through the
                       try training and selected    efforts of many club members, obtained its first fiberglass ship, a 15
                       a new landing spot, an       meter standard class ship with an advertised L/D of 35:1.. (October
                       empty street in an un-       Zero Sink)
                       completed housing de-
                       velopment – a few hun-
                       dred yards away from
                       the airport. Once se-            virtues of soaring, and               Year.”
                       lected, he made an ex-           letting the locals sit in
                                                                                         Q December: The monthly
                       cellent landing, and             the cockpit of the 1-36.
                                                                                           flight group dues were
                       when his crew arrived,           For this Larry was
                                                                                           raised from $35.00 to
                       he was giving im-                awarded the prize for
                       promptu lectures on the          “Outlanding of the

                     1999: ...and More Glass!
                     Q The club continues its
     President:        move forward with the
    Ralph Fuller
                       purchase of a second
   Larry Tuohino       fiberglass ship, this time
                       a Grob 103.
    David Raspet     Q March: Danny Gonzales
     Treasurer:        gave a great lecture on
    Jason Carey
                       soaring in the Hemet
    Maintenance:       Valley, revealing his
    Clint Brooks
                       SCM, or Secret Check-
   Lynn Ericksen       point Map, to the audi-
       Safety:         ence.
   Al Cangahuala     Q The club prepares for its
                       40th Anniversary Cele-       The latest club addition, a Grob 103 Twin Astir (May Zero Sink)
Page 25                                                                                              Z e r o   S i n k

 Glider Types That
 Have Been in the
 OCSA Fleet                                     Current OCSA Fleet
                                                Q Blanik L13 N82756 – Club’s most heavily
Q Baby Bowlus                                     used trainer
Q LK-10 Alpha
                                                Q Blanik L13 N51OCS – Formerly N86661,
Q Pratt-Reed                                      this ship’s registration number was changed
Q SGS 1-26, 1-34, 1-36, 2-22, 2-33                to coax the more superstitious members over
                                                  to it
Q Blanik L-13
                                                Q SGS 1-36 N3619U – First solo ship for
Q Grob 102, 103
                                                  many OCSA members
Q LP-46, LP-49
                                                Q Lark IS 28B2 N71566 – High performance
Q Lark IS 28B2                                    ship, used often for wave flights at Cal City
                                                Q Grob 102 N102FC – Club’s first glass ship
                                                Q Grob 103 N158SS – Club’s second glass
                                                  ship and newest acquisition

 Badges Collected by OCSA Members                                                                  “Lose not thine
                                                                                                  airspeed, lest the
  Editor’s Note: Despite the      William Meyer – Diamond
  availability of some informa-                                                                   ground rise up and
                                  1976                             1995
  tion from the SSA, we know                                                                         smite thee.”
  this list is incomplete. We     James Walker – Diamond           Oscar Alonzo – Silver
  encourage readers to send in    1984                             Marcus Elmore – Silver         - Hoot Sez, article
  additions to this list.         Dan Gonzales – Diamond           Bill Laningham – Gold          in December 1979
  1962                            1987                             Bill Laningham – Diamond           Zero Sink
  Ralph Fuller– Silver            Phil Caricof – Gold              Hank Marlowe – Diamond
  1966                            Dan Dickinson – Diamond          1997
  Allen Leffler – Diamond         1988                             Jon Wells – Silver
  David McNay – Diamond           Malcolm Kyle – Gold              Jon Wells – Gold
  1967                            George Najarian – Gold           1998
  Robert Buck – Diamond           Charlie Walker – Silver          Tony Blaine – Silver
  1968                            1990                             Larry Tuohino – Silver
  Carle Conway, Jr. – Dia-        Henry Marlowe – Gold             1999
                                  Pat Russette – Silver            Oscar Alonzo – Gold
                                  Pat Russette – Gold              Al Cangahuala – Silver
  Noel Keller – Silver
  George Uveges – Diamond
                                  Ken Walker – Gold
  George Thomas – Diamond
                                  Bill Laningham – Silver
Hemet, CA                                                                                                                Page 26

                        OCSA Contributions to the English Language
                        Q Franzke Notch – n., A                    small building, chock-                  Kelly).    The ultimate
                          1500 ft. notch off a 1500                full of club equipment,                 soaring dog. Example:
                          ft. tow, creating a perfect              arranged in the most                    “Boy, your dog is as
                          upside down “V” on                       random way possible.                    quiet as Kelly Dog.”
                          one’s barograph trace.              Q Kelly Dog – n., (origin:
                        Q Fright Shack – n., A                  Pat Russette’s dog,

                        OCSA Notable Flights
                        This unofficial list is by no means complete; feel free to write in your own entries – Editors

                        1 Any club member’s first                ing the longest straight-               373.5 miles.
                          solo (and subsequent greet-            line distance flight (outside      5 Any club member’s first
 “The only way to fly     ing with buckets of water).            the U. S. Nationals) that            cross country flight.
  cheaper than with     2 July 9, 1994: Hank Mar-                year.
                                                                                                    6 1966:      Dave McNay’s
                          lowe, with Phil Gross as            3 Any club member’s first
  OCSA is to jump                                                                                     launch is captured on page
                          crew, took off from Crysta-           flight with a passenger af-           51 of the January 1967
  off a building, and     laire in his DG-600 and               ter getting a private li-             National Geographic.
                          landed 10 1/2 hours later             cense.
  then you get only                                                                                   While many club members
                          in Weiser Idaho, some-
                                                              4 September 5, 1971: Al                 have appeared in the news-
     one flight”          where north of Boise. He
                                                                Leffler wins the Region 12            paper and on television,
                          was credited with 669.94
  - Lynn Ericksen,                                              Soaring contest on the last           this flight by an OCSA
                          miles and won the 1994
                                                                day, flying his Cirrus                member may have been
        1999              Barringer Trophy for mak-

                        Finally, the All-Time OCSA Membership List
                        Abell, Norman 2/87           Bale, Bill 3/81            Bradford, Ken 64             Cangahuala, Gloria 1/99
                        Alexander, Byron 12/67CFIG   Bale, Jacki 1/82           Brashear, J. 77              Carey, Ethel /80
                        Allen, James     69          Barbour, Bob 11/91         Brasher, John 3/79           Carey, Jason
                        Alonso, Oscar 12/87          Baron, Fred 7/71           Brink, John 69               Caricof, Phil 5/81
                        Anderson, David 2/90         Baron, Melissa 80          Britton, Jim 64              Carlson, Vern Founder
                        Arauz, Mary 6/95 CFIG        Bates, Marge 67            Broadent, Stephen 7/89       Chamberlain, T /84
                        Archer, Don 1/68 CFIG        Bayless, Jeff 7/93         Broadwell, Robert 9/97       Chambers, Jerry 67
                        Arnold, Allan 5/84           Beadlescomb, Wm Ted 7/86   Brooks, Clint 8/95           Charleboix, Howard 97
                        Ashbaugh, Victor 2/97        Beattie, Jack 64           Brown, Byron 69              Charles, Mike 86
                        Auman, Greg /80              Beck, Hans       69        Brown, Ray 1/69 Life         Chilton, Harold 6/95
                        Austin, Jerry 64             Beenen, Gerard 3/79        Bryan, Gillmore 69           Chilton, Trudy 6/95
                        Autry, Bill 3/76             Beenen, Henri      3 /79   Buchanan, Bill 69            Christ, Ed 8/80
                        Babbit Jeff 2/81             Bennet, Roy 1/83           Buffington, Shawn 97         Clark, George 9/96
                        Babock, Jerry Founder        Bennet, Dave 77            Burner, Sharon 1/81          Clark, Meggan 1-89
                        Badger, Monte Rex 5/86       Bennett, Craig 1/83        Burnfin, Jim 69              Clark, Robert 8/88
                        Baeder, Fritz 5/83           Beroldi, Ronald B. 69      Burns, Sara 6/83             Clark, Valerie 10/96
                        Bailey, Doug 7/82            Bingley, R. 77             Bush, Dick 64                Collins, Garnet 69
                        Baker, Bill        64        Blane, Don(Tony) 6/96      Buskus, Ruth 92              Collins, Katrina 99
                        Baker, Bruce 69              Borchart, Harold Jr 69     Cammell, Russ 3 /79          Collins, Lloyd 5/86
                        Baker, Evert     69          Borchert, Donald 2/ 85     Campbell, Bill 6/74          Combs, Cliff 1/79
                        Baker, George 64             Boston, Arthur 64          Campbell, Roseanna 74        Conrad, Wayne 11/97
                        Balaze, Karl 83              Boyd, Steve 69             Cane, Gary
                        Baldwin, Reid 3/85           Bradford, Doug 69, 7/82    Cangahuala, Al 11/92              (Continued on page 27)
Page 27                                                                                                             Z e r o     S i n k

The List (Continued)
(Continued from page 26)    Fontanilla, Romeo 93       Gunther, Jeffery 12/87     Kendell, James 8/88
Conway, Michael 10/90       Fontanilla, Ronald 93      Guokas, Gene 1/93 CFIG     Kenney, Terry 5/95
Conway, Sean 10/90          Foote, Ronald 69           Gurr, Bob 60 Inst          Kensrue, Mike 64
Cook, Ed 4/72               Ford, Steve 12/80          Gurr, Mickey 64            Kenyon, Steve 10/82 CFIG
Cook, John 69               Fordor, Csaba 3/79         Gyuris, Attila 10/80       Ketavarapu, Srinivas 1/91
Cook, Patricia 2/77         Fordor, Frank 10/75        Hamilton, Chris 63         Kiene, Thomas 69
Cooly, Don            64    Forrest, Barbara 9/89      Hampel, Tom 10/83          Kilcher, Bernie 10/79
Cooper, Elijah (Bud) 6/84   Foster, Bob 69             Hanley, David 2/82         Kind, Anne Wilson 9/90
Copeland, Fayette 64        Foster, Richard 69         Hansen, Ben * 3/71         Kind, David 6/93
Costanzo, Clay 84           Foster, Robby 69           Hartman, David 69, /80     King, Wayne 70
Couey, Ruso 64              Frailich, Javier 12/95     Hartshorn,         87      Kinnaman, Bill 3/ 79
Cowherd, Eugene 64          Fraiser, Cliff 64          Harvey, Douglas 1/94       Kirkhart, Ken /75
Crable, Art 9/79            Franzke, Bob 5/71          Harvey, Glen 9/77          Kloepfer, Gerry 5/88 CFIG
Crabtree, Alfred 4/85       Frazier, Martin 1/88       Hassley, Joe 12/85         Kloepfer, Brian 1 /91
Crumby, Howard 4/94         Freeman, Eric 66           Hassley, Kevin 12/85       Koluvek, Roland 10/93
Crumby, James 2/94          Freeman, Murry 65          Haven, Robert 3/ 79        Kozma, Tibor 3/79 79
Cruz, Perry     10/95       Frost, Wayne 2/77          Haverty, Doc 1/77          Krause, Herbert 4 /85
Culbertson, Rob 11/81       Fuller, Anna 1/90          Hawkins, Phillip 69        Krosner, Al 12/67
Curtis, Roger 7/79          Fuller, Kathy 68           Hawkins, Ralph 69          Kruska, Gerald 63 INST
Cutler, Edwin 1/87          Fuller, Ralph 6/78         Hayes, Grover 69           Kwast, Steve 5/81
Daniels, Bill 64            Furman, Roland 7/80        Healey, Patrick 6/77       Kyle, Malcolm 2/78              “Learn to Fly on
Darling, Drew 98            Gallacher, Jim 2/77 Life   Healy, Mike 3/79           Ladd, Dan
Davey, Chris 99             Galton, George 3 / 79      Heckendorf. Jon 2/94       Laister, Jack 59               Solar Power – No
Davidson, Red *11/79 Life   Garner, Rich 3/79          Hedges, Gary 8/96          Lamont, Doug 4/68 Life
Davidson, Ron       69      Gartner, Bernie 8/80       Heffner, Norma Founder     Lamont, Norm        66             Charge for
Davidson, Sharley 8/81      Gartner, James 6/87        Hellyer, Elizabeth 2/95    Landreth, Jim 64
Davis, Jim 64               Gartner, Jim 9/81          Helmer, Bob       69       Lang, Michael 7/96             Sailplanes or Flight
Davis, Donald 9/89          Gartner, Joe 9/81          Henderson, Michael 8/94    Laningham, Bill 10/90 CFIG
Davis, Paul /80             Gartner, Rick 9/81         Hentschel, Art 87          Lappas, Tom       7/85            Instruction” -
De Baan, Peter 11/94        Garvin, Bob Sr. 6/74       Hernandez, Joe 9/90        Laude, Kevin 5/86
DeMoville, Robert 69        Garvin, Dana 3/79          Hessler, Gerald 69         LaViolette, John 93             OCSA Ads, circa
Deppen, Carl 1/81           Garvin, Robert Jr. 11/75   High, Charlotte     4/91   LeDoux,         79
DeVries, Herb       69      Gavin, Dana /80            High, Raymond 2/91         Lee, Joel 69                          1980.
Dickinson, Dan 1-68 CFIG    Gavin, John 1/69           Hill, Greg 3/80            Leffler, Al 59 Charter M
Dickinson, Danny Jr. 69     Geil, Scott 7/82           Hobbs, Marvin 63, 64       Lehmer, Joann 9/91
Dickson, John        69     Gerhart, Dave 69           Hobbs, Grace 69            Leibert, Craig 2/91
Dietrich, Ted        64     Gerhart, Frank 69          Hoffman, Ted      66       Leinz, Manny 11/80
Doherty, John 1/85          Gerlach, John 64           Holcomb, James 4/89        Lenny, John 3/71
Dorsky, Bob       64        Getzug, Don                Hooper, Ray * 3/76         Lesley, William 2/91 CFIG
Doyle, Wm Bill 1/87         Gidaszewski, Adam 3/ 79    Hoover, Michael 1 /91      Leverkuehn, Chris 9/93
Drury, Rick 64              Giese, John 1/77           Hoover, Cherly 7/89        Levitsky, Alex 7/86
Dudman, D.K. 69             Gilbert, Tom 77            Hoover, Howard 1 /91       Lewis, Leon 69
Duke, Jim 64                Gilizean, Scott 4/96       Hoppe, Jim 10/79           Liebeck, Kevin
Dunfford, Phil              Gillard, Maryanne 69       Horowitz, Sam Founder      Little, Terry 4/70
Dunlap, Burnie 9/96         Gillard, Terris 69         Hughett, Chris 5/89        Lockwood, Chris 5/81
Dunlavy, Ken 64             Gillard, Walter 69         Hynes, Charlie 9/80        Lockwood, Rick 5/69
Duran, Peter 9/81           Gilliand, Donald 2/87      Irvine, Harry Jr. 3/93     Logan, Jerry /80
Eads, Robert 6/85           Glaser, Norman 69          Irwin, Thomas 10/85        Loogman, Gary 8/75
Eastman, Steve 65           Glocamarra, Leo T. 69      Janovsky, Tomas 6/95       Lopez, Bill 9/83
Edberg, Don                 Goran, David 6/97          Jennings, Charles 69       Lord, Lloyd Hal 5/86
Elison, Blake 09/83         Gore, Edward Ed 5/86       Jessop, Dave 69            Lossing, Ed 9/80
Elmore, Marcus 6/92         Gormley, Thomas 69         Jessop, Karle 12/67        Love, Tim 69
Elvis, Jack          63     Graham, Raymon             Jessop, Malcolm 69         Lowery, Steve 6/88 CFIG
Embleton, Bob        69     Goel, Sanjay 5/ 89         Johnson, Tom      97       Lowry, Judy 3/79
Embleton, Warren 69         Goff, Gregory 5/84         Jones, Bob 1/79            Lowry, Merrill 3/79
Emery, Jim 66               Golding, Richard 69        Jones, J. Mike 6/85        Lung, Doug 9/83
Emery, Ann           69     Goldman, Rochelle d 69     Jones, Ken 7/80            Lyman, Chet 69
Emery, Jack 7/80            Grantz, Arthur 1/94        Jordan, Jack 65            MacFarlane, Jack 12/67
Emery, Kyle 12/75           Graves, Ronald 69          Jordon, Jack 69            MacFarlane, Rick 2/67
Ericksen, Lynn 1/95         Greaves, Tim 9/79          Juhl, Clarence 97          MacFarlane, Terry 11/67
Espinoza, Elias 8/97        Green. Jess                Juhl, Judith    97         MacFarlane, Walt 9/59 Life
Fabio, Grossi               Gross, Kirk 1/87           Kamps, Joseph      97      MacKay, Theron 69
Faeth, Henry 3/90           Gross, Phil 6/86           Kane, Vern 5/86            Mackert, Bill 1/84 Life
Farb, Norm 5/82             Gross, Ralph Founder       Keech, Kevin 3/79          Mahieu, Kareen 3/79
Fitzgerald, Daniel 2/85     Grossman, Steve 8/87       Keil, Carl 4/88            Mahieu, Pierre      69, 3/79
Fitzgerald, Ed     8/85     Gualdoni, Tito 1/68        Keller, Noel J 8/71
Fleming, Bob Charter        Gunn, Mike 9/80            Kelsey, William 69              (Continued on page 28)
Hemet, CA                                                                                                                         Page 28

The List (Continued)
(Continued from page 27)   Murray, Buzz Founder          Reed, Lyla     69             Stasneck, Joe 11/93           Walker, Marge 69
Mahler, Susan 5/89         Najarian, George 10/85 CFIG   Reinecke, Gene 8/93           Steeld, Keith 69              Walker, Norm 2/68 Inst
Malcomb, James E. 5/89     Nash, Jon 3/90                Renek, Frank 2/84             Stephens, Harvey 69           Walker, Samuel
Malik, Howard 64           Nathanson, Stephen 11/91      Renek, Kevin /80              Stephensen, 79                Waller, Larry
Mallatt, Richard 69        Nay, Marc 12/77               Rezlar, Ed                    Stewart, David 7/90           Weeks, George 2/81
Maly, George 69            Needham, Marty 69             Ricey, Jim /80                Stewart, Gary 69              Wells, Debra 11/96
Manning, Robert 69, 88     Neilsen, Jaylene 8/81         Risher, Eric 69               Stoffers, Larry 69            Wells, Jon 9/95 CFIG
Marburger, Jim 8/80        Neilson, Dennis 69            Risher, Martin 66             Stone, Megan 7/96             Wells, Ken 10/94
Markle, Jim 99             Neilson, Marion /80           Roberts, Noel 3/79            Stone, Patti    6/97          Wendee, Paul 4/68
Marks, Gene 64             Nelson, Maurice 69            Robertson, Gary 3/79          Stubbs, Nelson 69             West, Stan 10/91
Marlowe, Henry 6/88        Nelson, Brian 69              Robinson, Richard 65          Stuckman, Greg 5/87           Whittaker, Howard 3/79
Marosz, John          64   Nelson, Morrie 6/80           Rodriquez, Edward 93          Sullivan, Carolyn 1/82        Wieland, Charlie 4/68
Marshall, James 69         Newberry, Frank 5/80          Rogers, James 69              Sullivan, Gene 5/69           Wilson, Anne 2/90
Marsky, Jim 69             Nichols, Ron 5/65             Rotter, Gary 6/90             Sullivan, Robert 69           Wilderman, Leo 64
Martellotti, Jim 5/93      Nichuss, Oswin 64             Rotter, Rochelle 6/90         Sullivan, Ronald 69           Wildman, Helen      1/83
Martin, Wayne 8/90         Nickerson, Larry 77           Rowe, John /80                Swenson, Lief 93              Willey, Michael
Mathews, Ronald 69         Nielson, John       69        Ruch, Weston         97       Talstad, John 6/91            Willy, William A. 84
Matlock, Anita             Niles, William 69             Russette, Pat 10/85           Taschetti, Keith     97       Wilson, Howard 69
Matlock, Tony              Nordbak, John 69              Rutherford, Sam 12/82         Taylor, Donald 7/93           Wilson, Lloyd 69
Maupin Janice 69           Norm, John 69                 Ryerson, Bruce 64             Taylor, James                 Wilson, William 69
Maupin, Jim      69        Oakshott, Dave         64     Sacher, Fred 69               Terrigno, Jim 66              Winneguth, Scott 10/77
Mawhinney, Robert 2/96     O'Dell, Dale 69               Sanchez, Frank 69             Terrigno, Jim /80             Winters, Cliff Founder
Maximov, Justin 5/93       O'Dell, Mike      69          Sanchez, William 69           Terrigno, Tony 1/68           Wolfe, Jack     Founder
Mc Junkin,            87   O'Donnell, Stan 1/61 CFIG     Sandeen, G Sandy 8/79         Terry, Rob                    Wood, Paul 4/87
Mc Manus, Jayleen 80       Oglesby, George 65            Sanders, Mike 11/77           Thomas, George, 1/68 Life     Wright, Bob 67
McClure, Ron 69            Ohmart, Jeffrey 10/93         Sanford, Don 69               Thomas, Jerry 92              Yegge, Roger
McCosh, Jack          64   Olsen, Mike 69                Santoya, Ed 65                Thompson, Mark 64             York, Steven 6/85
McCoy, Bob          64     Olson, Clebourne 69           Savaria, Paul 9/95            Thompson, Harry Pre/68 Life   Zeppenceldt, Bill    64
McFarland, Tom 11/80       Ornelas, Mario 6/90           Schafer, Clarance 84          Thompson, Jim /80             Ziler, Carl      Founder
McGrew, Robin 2/89         Orosco, Rodney                Schenbeck, Bob 1/79           Thompson, N. 63
McIndoe, Scott 1/85        Osmond, Don 69                Schneider, Robert E           Thurner, Wilfred 64
McLauchlan. Doug 93        Otto, Henning 5/68            Schneider, Wes                Thurnher, Milfried 64
McLaughlin, C. Dean 2/91   Otto, Thomas 6/85             Schroeder, Craig 7/79         Toshack, Bob /80
McLaughlin, Randy 8/90     Overton, Cecilia 3/79         Schroeder, Larry 67           Tracy, Helen 69
McManus, Reed 12/79        Overton, Don 3/79 CFIG        Schwenker, Rudolph 69         Tracy, William
McMillion, Bill 69         Ozer, Joe 86                  Sears, Howard 9/79            Truesdale, Paul 7/85
McNay, Dave 63, 4/93       Packer, Steve 5/86            Sechrist, Michael 86          Tuohino, Larry 11/95
Mears, Bud Charter         Parker, James 6/90            Seiveno, Don 69               Turner, Evan 3 /61
Meidell, Larry 2/77        Parks, Curtis 82/ FG 84       Sequin, Jim 69                Underwood, 7/88
Melby, Carl 9/88           Parrish, Rex 64               Sergent, William 1/94         Underwood, Larry 69
Mendoza,Joesph 5/89        Payzant, Tom 86               Sergott, Walter 69            Underwood, Sandra 1/90
Merris, Dick 69            Pendergrass Jimmy 5/77        Shadon, Ralph Founder         Urban, Mark 3/79
Merryman, Betty /80        Pendergrass, Dianne 8/72      Shelton, Larry                Urish, Morris 69
Mew, Thomas 69             Pendergrass, Jim 9/71         Sheppard, Claude 2/81         Uvegas, George, Life
Meyer, Bill     5/89       Pendergrass, Kim 9/79         Shequin, Jim 67               Valkis, George /80
Meyers , Bill Charter      Pennoch, Bill 65              Sill, Chuck 69                Van Fossen, Dennis 84
Meyers, Linda Charter      Perkins, Cy        64         Singh, Indi /80               Van Houten, Ralph 69
Miles, Ray 1/87            Perry, Dennis 93              Sloan, Gordon 93              5/90
Mitchell, Lance 3/79       Perry, Joann 93               Slotten, Don Charter M        Walters, Carl Charter
Mjelde, Ralph 8/79         Peters, Fred 63 INST          Slotten, Lois     59          Walters, Betty Charter
Moan, Bob 65               Pfeifer, Jeffrey 84           Smagala, Tom 1/94             Warburg, Donald 2/75
Moberg, Bob 5/80           Pio, David 10/92              Small, Larry 69               Watt, Bob 67
Moberg, Sharon             Planchak, Gene 1/93           Smith, Barbar 3/79            Weber, Frank 69
Moeller, Stephen 92        Plough, Richard 8/80          Smith, Carlton 69             Vander Molen, Scott 2/ 87
Monroe, Allen 6/77         Portock, Brian 5/99           Smith, Dave 6/77              VanHouten, Bob 1/69
Moody, Bill 9/86           Poteet, Britt 1/83            Smith, Don                    VanNimwegen, Larry 12/80
Moore, Bob 69              Powell, Cheves Bo 5/86        Smith, Fredrich S. I I I 69   Vargas,        82
Moore, Charles 86          Powers, Willis 69             Smith, Wayne 63               Veasey, Guy 7/73
Mosley, Susan 84           Rackliff, Stephen 69          Smothers, Larry 11/91         Veretenikoff, George 69
Mountain, Roy /80          Rampe, Dennis 3/83            Sperr, Douglas 4/90           Verhalen, Gregory 69
Mummey, Gordon 64          Ramsaran, Dave 8/86           Sperson, Bruce 64             Verhalen, James 69
Muncey, Harry              Ransom, Tom 7/78              St. Amant, Kurt 8/95          Volk, Skip       70
Muncey, Mike 7/82 CFIG     Rasmussen, Dick 1/68          Staley, Bill      93          Wadman, Bill 3/79
Muncey, Susan 9/84         Raspet, David 4/93            Stallard, Michael             Wagner, Hugh 69
Murayma, John 8/86         Reckard, Rocky 1/82           Standley, Bill l/69           Wagnor, Hugh 68
                                                              The Orange County Soaring Association is a non-profit organization
Orange County                                                 established in 1959 to promote and teach soaring and provide soaring
                                                              activities for association members and their families.
   Soaring                                                    Our general meetings are held on the third Monday of each month; in
 Association                                                  addition to reviewing club business, our meetings include programs
                                                              covering a variety of topics related to the sport of soaring. Call the
                                                              OCSA Info Line at (714) 284-5558 for more information about the
                                                              club, or write to us at:
                                                                                           P.O. Box 5475
                                                                                           Buena Park, CA 90622
                                                              Club operations are conducted at the Hemet-Ryan Airport in Hemet,
 Zero Sink: Official newsletter of the                        CA. Call (909) 658-6577 for directions to the airport. Q
 Orange County Soaring Association

           Zero Sink Co-Editors
        Al and Gloria Cangahuala
       311 East Glenarm Street #3
          Pasadena, CA 91106                                                          We’re on the Web!

                                         OCSA Poem
                                         I was anxious to soar            The tow gave a grunt            And then as we're sailing
                                         It had been so many years ---    Muttering "Alone", I said ---   Up, down and around ----
                                         Not quite a score                But there was my Instructer     How nice to be there
                                         But I had built up some fears.   and the Pilot ahead.            And not on the ground.
                                         They strapped on my chute        I breathed relieved             Somehow, it makes you realize
                                         And the belt fastened tight---   Knowing they cared ---          Up, up      high above ----
                                         I was ready to take off          And all together                That God really gives us
                                         For my second flight.            The sky we shared.              Oh, so much to love!
                                         As I was strapped down           What a glorious feeling
                                         And we're ready to go ----       For us to soar ----             Kathleen M. Fuller
                                         With my feet off the ground      When he let go the tow          Zero Sink Aug/Sept 1979
                                         I thought of the tow.            I wanted to roar!
                                         The winds were strong            To that plane ahead
                                         As I heaved a sigh ---           We're no longer fast ----
                                         Knowing we'd soon                I said to myself
                                         Be up in the sky.                How long will it last!

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