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					Hi Darren and others,

Thanks for copying me in on the correspondence below. Much is for others to consider....but since
you copied it to me, let me offer a few comments.

1. Rod makes the point that the RYA has trouble getting support for their multihull program (this was
certainly behind their submission re the events for the World Youth Sailing Championship (WYSC)) .
We have the same issues here and anecdotally I gather other nations do too. We all need to work
harder and together on this. We still haven't really cracked it. It is too easy for MNAs to say "we can't
get them to join in so they can't be interested"!!

2. Numbers at the WYSC remain a weakness. The RYA submission on the multihull at the WYSC was
withdrawn but the multihull will come under renewed pressure as a result of the Olympic decision. Be
ready for this.

3. The Hobie has always had our support over the SL16 simply because of availability. If spinnakers
on the Hobie 16 are an issue, let's get a submission in to change it. Rob is right in that the WYSC is
seen as part of the progression to the Olympics. If the Olympic boat has a spinnaker, there needs to
be a good arguement put as to why the boat used at the WYSC does not. Not insurmountable but we
need to be realistic.

4. I think that the vote at ISAF Council was as much about the equipment as the event. I don't know
much about it but if the F18 offers a lower cost boat with broader appeal that might be perceieved as
truly "Open", this would be the way to go. The best crews will still win!!

5. If you want to be in the game, you need a game plan that everyone is playing to. The multihull
lobby at ISAF is not well organised and sometimes perceived to be driven by commercial interest.
Frankly the Tornado Class is poorly represented when compared to some others.

6. Darren is spot on regarding the need for a participation initiative. Yachting Australia will help where
we can but you guys need to lead it. You have the passion for this part of the sport and passion is

Hope this is helpful and happy to provide input.

All the best,


Phil Jones
Yachting Australia

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Subject: Building cat fleets from the bottom up!


I have been thinking some more on my last email, a couple of ideas to run by you all.


We define a one design youth boat with tight tolerances and clear rules.. not one
manufacture. Its given a name not associated to a manufacture. We encourage all
manufactures world wide (Hobie, Nacra, Laser / anyone) to produce and promote.
The "XYZ" produced by Hobie Cat or the "XYZ" produced by Nacra. A Multihull
association owns the rights not a manufacturer. I would be in favour of an existing
boat as I hate seeing new classes. Any suggestions? They need to be willing to
forfeit the rights for the benefit of the sport!. I have suggested the Maricat in my
previous email. Maybe it needs a square top for the modern look.

The boat needs to be 14ft, competitive cat rigged (1up) or sloop rigged (2up), simple
and look cool/modern. Cheap to produce and recourses available world wide. Target
audience between 8 yrs (crew) and 17yrs (Cat rigged skipper). Also if a adult could
sail it competitively all the better. I think no spinnaker or trapeze.


Manufactures could you see this happening?

Nationally/NSW (AUS)

We encourage everyone in the AUS cat community to buy a old 14 ft of some
description (its the Laser of cat sailing). Once a month we travel to a designated
club. We publish a schedule on the internet so everyone knows where to be.
Everyone can keep their 16's/18/F18's etc and sail them 3 out of the 4 weeks or they
might enjoy the 14 more?? Second hand boats are cheap $1000 on a trailer and
don't take up to much room in the back yard. It will be fun and easy, we should be
able to build good numbers once a month. A few of us might be able to chuck in and
buy a couple of extra boats to get some kids on and double deck the boats on the
trailer. We get the kids involved and help them with boat setup and point them in the
right direction. We work with Yachting Australia on a youth program.

First regatta is Forster October next year. (I have a bit on before then) but you guys
can start now.


Hi Rod,

I think your on the right track but we need to go back even further before these kids
get to a youth worlds age.
My generation and earlier came from 14's. The 14ft scene has died because we all
wanted to go bigger and faster.

I started crewing on a 14ft Maricat when I was 8.

I started steering a 14 when I was 15. From what I can remember the H16 was a
massive boat when I was that age. (I was a weed)

I remember during school holidays Brad Sumner, myself and a couple of others used
to reach around all day capcising and surfing waves on the 14's.

I still think the most fun boat I have sailed is the 14 Turbo in 18 knots. Its perfect,
quick to rig and plenty of fun.

A boat like a Maricat 4.3 is a ideal youth boat as it is competitive 1 up cat rigged or 2
up sloop rigged as it has plenty of buoyancy. I know the word Maricat scares a lot of
you but I think its ideal.

We all need to go back to 14s and bring the next generation through. Still got the
moulds Steve?


Thanks for your support on the petition so far..

From: rod waterhouse []
Sent: 13 November 2007 14:38
To: Andrew Nelson;; Belinda Zanesco;;
David Brookes; David Fisher; David Lovell Work lovell; doug skidmore; 'Hobie Sports'; Hooper; John
McCormick; Kyle Amadio; mick butler; neil moxham; Sailing Scene; Sam Wood; Steve Fields (E-mail);
tim vance
Subject: Problem was at the base

Hi Everyone

More on the subject.The core reason for us losing the multi was in the RYA submissions(the British)
they proved that at Youth base the multi is very poorly backed.They had all the participation numbers
layed out

At ISAF worlds and UK based ISAF events,training camps etc the Hobie 16 turnout is very low.(This is
because the Hobie 16 with spinnaker is only used for isaf events wheras 109800 of the 110000
Hobies around do not have spinnakers) but RYA do not know this

At ISAF YOUTH worlds very few countries submit a a Hobie 16 with spinnaker entry eg 2006 Hobie
16 14 boats vs 420.29er ,laser etc 40ish each

In UK At camps..maybe 4 hobies vs 100 lasers ,200 420s etc etc..These are numbers we cannot
argue with.Our base for Hobie with Spinnaker ,the ISAF boat, sucks.

So why in the hell did we allow on ISAFs pushing ,the hobie 16..the worlds most popular 2 man
boat,suitable for men,women,youth,mixed all ages, to be added with a spinnaker.It should have been
resisted.Do they try and add a trapeze to the laser.It was imposed by the old idiots at ISAF..imposed
on the multis as we were too slack to resist.It then put us into this downward weak spiral.

Due to this spiral the Hobie 16 with spinnaker has been replaced at the next ISAF youth worlds by a
Serena SL16...Not necessarily a bad move except we know this is weak class worldwide..further
weakening the multis image with ISAF when this class fails to deliver good turnouts.
There are 0 Serenas in Australia and 0 Serenas in 95% of the countries of the world .
Aussie trials are on Hobies with spinnakers...jeeeez!Isaf idiots.

As an example at this years qualifying for youth ISAF in Victoria in 6 weeks we will be lucky to get 3
boats.So YA will secretly be laughing at us.It is stupid.If we prepared and had the youth quals in
Hobie 16 no spinnaker we could get many more especially with careful planning and everyone pulling

Being bring these clowns into line we have to get our own shit into line.

The arguement the monos put is our youth boat must lead into the Olympic boat.We know the
current Olympic boat is more a 30year olds domain and not a step up from Hobie 16.

So logic says Hobie 16 non spinnaker for youth be pushed asap with formula 18 one design as
Olympic boat.
The Formula 18 suits both sexes and late teens up, in line with progression from laser radial to full rig
or 420 to 470. This step must be fliuid with no interim step.

The RYA siezed on this missing interim step stating that it was pointless having the a youth
catamaran at the 2009 ISAF youth worlds as it was not realistically feasible for those kids to step up
to a Tornado for Olympics...they are correct.
The event was designed as afeeder to the Olympic classes

By having the Formula 18 as the Olympic boat more youth in general would sail the standard Hobie
16 as it is simple step.
Having owned a 16 with spinnaker for 3 years I can clearly state it is a waste of money which makes
the boat harder to sail and in most cases go slower.
If it was a direct feeder to the new Olympic multi we could once again build the Hobie 16 youth fleet.

Stepping from Hobie 16 with kite to a Tornado was unrealistic for youth and that is the chink the
British idiots and then the other has beens exploited.

The way I see it we need all manufacturers/associations to pull together to fix this.

Most of us started on the basic Hobie 16..we know it is our core base so lets back that as the youth

Above that at Olympic level lets pull back a level...Pick Formula 18 and have the manufacturers battle
for the one design boat at a trials
regatta where the winner on points becomes the one design Formula 18 for the following Olympics.

Keep this in mind as we go forward.


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