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									               ISSUE 1 March 2008

   Published by ASSOC @ Macquarie
          elcome to the first issue      display your amazing skills on the        photos and see what’s happening
          of Actualite for 2008. On      tables.                                   in ASSOC. I would like to finish off
          behalf of the Cabinet this                                               by wishing the first years all the
year I would like to give a warm         The career-conscious will be ca-          best with their future endeavours
welcome to all the first-year actu-      tered for via two events – the QED        at Macquarie and I hope everyone
arial students. I hope you are en-       and MPN career nights. Both will          will enjoy the upcoming events
joying your university experience        provide you with the opportunity to       organised this year. See you
so far and are adjusting to life on      liaise with professionals from            around!!
campus. For all the other years,         across the Actuarial industry and a
welcome back and I hope you will         chance to apply your networking           Patrick Huang.
enjoy this issue.                        skills. These two events will offer
                                         an insight to what it’s like to be an
Many of us still remember our first      actuary. These will also feature
weeks of uni when we were taken          information on job prospects, ap-
around by a mentor and signed up         plication tips and the working envi-
at the O-Week Stall. This year we        ronment at each speaker com-
had a record number of students          pany.
signing up. Observing first-years
trading their ten dollars for a flashy   The Welcoming BBQ offers you
membership card and an envelope          the opportunity to meet interesting
of goodies, reminds me of the time       people and form new friendships.
when I made the important deci-          For the first time ASSOC will host
sion of joining the society.             a Poker Night for its members. So
                                         for all you Facebook poker fans -
This year is jam packed with             now is your chance to try to bluff in
events. The joint Soccer Competi-        a 7, 2 off-suit and win it all. And of
tion with UNSW will help you re-         course, the biggest event on the
lease your excitement built up           ASSOC calendar is the JASS Ball.
since the last world cup; the joint      This will be a great time to escape
Basketball Competition will have         your studies: dress up, enjoy the
you put on the Jordan singlet kept       entertainment and party all night!
away in the drawers. The Pool            Don’t forget to visit our website at
competition is bound to let you, check out the

        es, as you may have no-           ting taught the hard way, pick ‘em        spent sleepless nights making the
        ticed, we’ve turned Actualite     up here! And don’t be a snob –            designs for this issue. Thanks for
        into a fashionable maga-          make it your responsibility to trans-     putting up with me, guys!
zine! Now get this. What’s so radi-       fer this know-how in an appropriate
cally different about this issue, is      way to everyone around you.               Many thanks to our sponsor Tow-
that it’s useful. And unique. So                                                    ers Perrin who have sponsored this
many simple things like studying,         And also, we strongly encourage           publication in its entirety.
or socialising, or finding a job are      you to participate in that life and in
so totally, entirely different for        its discussion. So if you sense the
ACST students. We could not bear          need to speak out, this is pretty         Dmitri Levachov.
the silence and our urge to speak         much the only way – write to us on
out.                                      and
                                          voice your ideas, protests, re-
We also strongly felt that the great      quests.
void of information, of communica-
tion of life, of the ACST experi-         Every issue will have its principal
ences had to be filled, had to be         theme. Issue one we dedicate to
put down in words on paper, talked        first years; and since the beginning
about.                                    of semester is usually a little less
                                          intense for students in subsequent
The ACST department will be cut           years, we’ve thrown in some arti-
at us on this, but we reckon simply       cles on topics of entertainment as
getting you to read the “Survival         well.
Guide” will have failure and repeat
rates plummet. There is a heap of         I’d like to take this opportunity to
little things that just have to be        thank my awesome team for their
said, and having them said makes          support and hard work, and give
a huge difference. Instead of get-        special credits to Jessie, who has
                                                                       This issue is brought to you by 
                                                                             Dmitri  Levachov (editor) 
                                                                             Jessie Wang (designer) 
Survival Guide                                                               Fauzia Choudhury 
THE guide to making it through Actuarial Studies in one piece
                                                                             Zeger Sun 

Find out what the second years have to say about their first year of Actuarial Studies.

Social Networking 
The science of social interaction.

Events Schedule 
What to expect from ASSOC this year, and when.

Cabinet Profiles 
Get to know more about the Actuarial students in charge of ASSOC

Qed Careers Forum 

Health & Lifestyle 
Some great advice on how to be in a demanding (but worthwhile) degree and still have a
life outside of it.

Clubbers’ Guide 
Reviews on some of the best known clubs around Sydney

Indoor Soccer Comp 
O‐week Evaluation & Photos 

Guru Talk 
Guru Girl and Guru Guy help out a student with his romantic entanglements

Sudoku, Puzzles and Jokes 
        etting into ACST is cool, actually staying in   Do thy tutes! In terms of exam/test preparation,
        the degree is cooler. The following is com-     these are your best bet to guess the questions.
        posed with no exaggerations, humour or          The key thing is to do them many times (I cant
sexing up facts. This is the bare cruel truth and       stress that enough): do them by the time the tuto-
ignoring it may be costly. Follow these command-        rial is due , make sure that every week you remem-
ments and thy soul shall be spared.                     ber how to do all previous tutes, do them all again
                                                        before the exam/test (unit outline should say which
First and foremost. You absolutely have to get unit     topics are included in a particular test). If you find
outlines for every subject you do. You absolutely       that you are behind on tutes, you are not managing
have to read them and put the assignment and test       your time right. Revise your schedule or approach.
dates into your diary.
                                                        If you have decided to go for 4 subjects a semes-
What?? You haven’t got one?? Oh My Goodness!!           ter, forget about your part time job at Macca’s.
Get it fast. Get it today. U@MQ diaries are pretty      Lousy $200 a week will cost you your degree. If
this year (yes, everyone was shocked with sur-          you absolutely have to work, do 3 subjects at most.
prise), but if you want to make a statement, check
out Kikki-K or MYER. Get the one that shows one         However lame this sounds, switch into the mindset
week when you hold it open and has space to write       of going to the library every single day and spend-
contact details for people you meet at uni. Now,        ing ridiculous amounts of time there. Develop your
lock yourself up in your bedroom, and pencil in all     study stamina.
the assignment and test dates. Yes, all of them.
Yes, today! Treat your diary as an extension of         Don’t bother copying other people’s tutorials. Sober
your brain – use it as much as you can, look at it      up to it: in terms of your assessment mark, they’re
every day, it’s your ultimate and only TO-DO list.      not worth enough to do that. If you can’t do them
                                                        on time, restructure your schedule – you are not
Plan everything. Put things into your diary and         putting in enough.
cross them off when you’ve done them. If in the
first couple of weeks you found that you are strug-     Do elements in ACST101. They are the easiest
gling with time, write up an hourly schedule for one    part of the course and they get you your 30%. If
week ahead planning study times, lunches, toilet        you are struggling, this stuff is the *first* you should
breaks. Do a new schedule every week.                   study, not the last. Read techniques notes on the
                                                        bus three days before the test (no later, - we’ve
To prepare for any assessment (mid-sem or final),       researched this one as well) and then again the
and to subsequently pass it, get yourself all past      night before and you’ll be sweet. Yes, flip to
papers that you can find. Terrorise your lecturers,     ACST101 test weeks in your Kikki-K and scribble
or a buddy from the year above. To do them, set         that in.
apart at least 3 days for each midsem, 1.5 weeks
per subject for finals (no less, we’ve researched).     To all you macho’s out there, ease it up on the
Do them.                                                romance side, and don’t plan anything major for
next couple of years. Unfortunately linear regres-
sion analysis from Geekee in the Guru section is
unforgivable correct. The worst thing you can now
do is move out with your special one at the mo-
ment. Wait until you are tired of getting HD’s all the   find/steal/beg for/buy your copy of
time; then go for your life! And oh yes, sit her/him
down one evening soonish, pull a straight face and
make sure it gets to her/him that “your degree is
more important to you than your relationship”. Ay,       joined ASSOC and gym
cruel, but thus the survival commandments dictate.
                                                         got a diary
Tutorial and preliminary assessment marks are not
indicative of your performance in your finals. If        put in all assignment dates
you’ve aced your midsem, trust us, you still have to
study off your behind for the finals and polish off      found out Portal password
every single topic that’s in it.

Friends are awesome. Get ‘em. We’ve got a whole
                                                         logged in to Portal and checked
article on social networking a couple of pages           your email
down. Plus, equipped with the awesomely cool
know-how obtained from the current issue, getting        logged in to Blackboard at
‘em is a breeze.                                using your Por-
                                                         tal password
Remember that getting into a course which no-one
ever heard of is a job half done, you need to study      hooked up with a mentor in C5C-
thoroughly and comprehensively to be able to get         244
good marks. Your mark will reflect the percentage
of material which you thoroughly understand. If you      read about your subjects in hand-
understand 10%, that’s what you’ll get in the exam.
You will not pass just because you are smart.
                                                         made absolutely sure that all your
So get onto it and don’t give grief to your nana.
                                                         friends have done all of above
        he first year at Uni is always the tricky one.     “Oh and guys, remember to hand your assignments
        Everything is new, slightly terrifying and it      in this week”. So if you don’t keep up to date with
        can’t be made better by the fact that you’re       Blackboard or find a proactive friend, you are pretty
about to start a degree known for its difficulty and       much stuffed.
drop-out rates. To find out just how hard (or easy)
the first year really is, Actualite speaks to some         In first semester, what subjects hit you as the
fresh second years: Deepti, Tulara and Matt. Did it        hardest? Why?
live up to expectations? Was it worse? Or better           Deepti: Stat 171, because I couldn’t understand the
maybe? Also, we answer the all important question,         lectures. You really have to re-read the lecture
did they find out what an Actuary actually does?           slides all the time for it to make sense and be inter-
                                                           esting. Although as a subject ACST151 was proba-
Fauzia: Hi! Hope your holidays went well and               bly harder, but it was more accessible.
thanks for taking part! First thing first, have you        Tulara: I’d say Stat 171, as I didn’t heed the warn-
found out what an Actuary IS? Did you know                 ings of “credit or doom!” and spent much of the first
this before you started your degree?                       semester in the pool room (which I would advise
Tulara: Well, I have a better idea now than I did          against- an hour a day is really all you need!).
before I started, but since the topics are so broad in     Matt: I found my STAT171 lectures difficult to follow
first year (they apply to a variety of Commerce de-        and dull. For this reason I neglected the lectures
grees), the only unit that really helped to clarify this   and did not attend enough of them. So this subject
was ACST151. For me, it’s still pretty much just a         became a real pain as I was teaching myself practi-
vague mix between being immensely rich and pow-            cally everything. My outstanding tutor Hemang was
erful, and spending your time calculating premiums.        great help as well.

First year at uni. What were your expectations of          Did you get lost on your way to lectures or
it? How did you think it was going to be before            tutes? Rooms tend to be harder to find than
you started it?                                            theatres.
Deepti: Before I started I thought it would be really      Matt: Not really, that is until right up to the final
easy! I didn’t believe those telling me that it was        exam for ACST211 (worth something like 90%)
hard. Haha!                                                where I got lost looking for my exam room (I had
Tulara: I didn’t have a great deal of expectations         jotted down a non-existent room), found it 15 min-
coming into the first year. I only had disturbing sto-     utes after the exam commenced rushed in,
ries from my parents and the orientation day to go         ploughed through all the questions and still man-
by. But I just assumed it wouldn’t be too much differ-     aged to scrape in a D.
ent from high school.                                      Tulara: I don’t actually remember getting lost at any
                                                           stage; the uni is actually fairly well structured as
Was it anything like what you just described?              long as you have an idea of where the actual build-
Deepti: NO, it wasn’t. You need to keep up and I           ing is. The name of the room itself tells you the floor-
didn’t. It turned out much harder.                         ing, eg. C5A 325, is level 3, and after that all you
Tulara: It was a lot different from year 12. To start,     need to remember is that in most buildings the
the style of learning is completely different – it is up   ground floor is actually “level 2”.
to you to know when your classes are, when your            Deepti: No, not really. Actuarial students are all in
assessments are due, how much work to do etc.              the same classes anyway so it’s easy if you just
The lecturers only mention that an assignment is           follow a group. Someone in that group would always
due, the day before. It passes as a light reminder:        know where to go!
Did you attend the various ASSOC events? Qed,             us are hit with a workload of 5 subjects. Was it
MPN or the Ball? What did you think of them?              tough?
Tulara: I did go to the MPN and the Ball, and I           Matt: Yeah, but ACST101 is not really comparable
would recommend both to anyone. MPN is a fantas-          with other subjects, in that I probably spent about a
tic way to catch a glimpse of what you could be           tenth of my study time on it. Nonetheless that se-
doing after your graduate. You can talk to qualified      mester went very, very quickly because of all the
actuaries and get a better feel for what they do. One     work to be done. Despite my expectations, I actually
of the main things they encouraged was interests          graded better in second semester then in the first.
outside of uni. Saying that when you actually turn        Tulara: Well, it was easier for me – I only did 4 sub-
up for an interview, firms will be looking for a bit of   jects, but it’s true that the workload comes all at
character. After all they will be working with you 9-5,   once. You cruise through the first few weeks think-
5 days a week until one of you quits so try not to        ing, “What was wrong with me last semester, uni is
turn your life into study.                                great” and then the work builds up all of a sudden.
The Ball was the most awesome thing we did all            But as long as you stay reasonably up-to-date, it’s
year. Not only was there free access to wine and          not something to stress about.
beer but we got to meet up with our UNSW counter-
parts who, (even though they will never be as smart       Overall did you fall in love with any subjects?
as us =p) were fun to hang out with.                      Matt: Not so much the subjects, but perhaps some
                                                          of the lecturers. Allan McHarg was a really passion-
What was the best thing about first year?                 ate ECON111 lecturer, and that really helped me to
Deepti: Probably the friendships you form. Since          keep up with that subject. Some of the later mate-
we’re all in the same lectures, the actuarial students    rial in ACST211 borders on fascinating, so much so
group is really tightly knitted and it’s easy to make     that I am eagerly anticipating some more advanced
some really good friends.                                 probability models this semester. First year sub-
Tulara: New friends. Although a few people from           jects generally consist of fundamental introductory
my school took the same course, I didn’t get to           coursework. It’s only in later subjects that you can
speak to them properly until now.                         really fall in love with the material.
The wide variety of people you meet is probably the       Deepti: Yes, I guess so. I enjoyed most of the sub-
best thing about uni. There are a lot of international    jects actually. In first semester I really liked
students, and everyone has such different back-           ACST151 and second semester ECON 111 and
grounds. I found it easy to like everyone and any-        ACCG105. ACCG105 I enjoyed because it was
one.                                                      easy!

And the worst?                                            Which semester would you rate better? Why?
Tulara: Coming to the end-of-semester exams,              Deepti: Second semester because by that time I’ve
when you realise you have done nothing all semes-         gotten used to everything. It just came together
ter but play pool, refine your Mario kart skills and      well, I kept up with my work, studied more. It was
flick paper at each other, and that you now have to       just more balanced.
learn four units worth of work in a week. Everyone        Matt: Semester two was harder, but I was more
says it, but really, if you don’t keep up with the tute   settled in, had made a lot of friends and thoroughly
work throughout semester, you will find yourself in       understood the whole university thing, and espe-
trouble.                                                  cially the examination processes. So with those
Deepti: The workload. It’s really hard to keep up!        things in mind I would have to say that I found sec-
You have to study constantly. Each week you’ll            ond semester to be far more enjoyable.
have something due.                                       Tulara: I preferred semester 2, given that I worked
                                                          a little harder and in general the subjects were a
Second semester, we’ve settled in a little, get-          little easier (ACCG105, ACST 101).
ting used to the Uni swing. Then BAM! Some of
        ni life may become a bit of a     lecturer is unstoppable, put on your        word around first (called market
        lonely jungle if you don’t        hoodie and sneak stealthily down            testing), see if people are inter-
        hook up with a cool tribal        the front in the end of the hour.           ested. Do something cool together
community early on in your degree,        Change clothes and discard them             – culture up on an arthouse movie,
or create one. This process may           immediately afterwards.                     pick a venue from clubs reviews in
become quite treacherous in parts,                                                    Actualite, or something safe and
and as undisputed luminaries of           Tutorials, on the other hand are a          simple like ice skating.
social networking we’ve decided to        completely different story. Don’t talk
spill some light on this enigmatic        to the tutor much, but squeeze out          Every clan has to have its desig-
and esoteric science.                     all the social abilities out of your        nated territory. Form a study area in
                                          peers, generate as much discussion          the library and drive out unwanted
Get on to it early. Make sure you         as you can. You can single hand-            intruders like those annoying HSC
don’t miss out on the golden oppor-       edly create this atmosphere in a            students with chronic and incurable
tunities to talk to your neighbour in     tutorial. Do it, get people to speak.       verbal diarrhea infesting the no-
lectures, tutorials, the Co-op book-                                                  talking zones.
shop queue. It’s easiest to talk to       On a serious note - never ever ar-
people early in the semester, for         gue with your actuarial friends, even       Being amenable is vital. Watch out
some reason the crowd becomes a           on academic subjects. Even if they          for, seek for people asking you for
bit stiff down the line. And besides,     are completely wrong and still argu-        favours. These requests come rare,
the plain girl next to you may be-        ing their point, and you can bet your       and they are your priceless finds.
come best friends with the sizzling       butterfly collection on that you’re         Be absolutely sure that whatever
hot Jap girl in the second row. Talk      right, let it be. Trust us, this will be    anyone asks you, you do it for
about investment returns.                 much more appreciated in the long           them, and you do your utmost best
                                          run.                                        in doing it for them. This really
There’s a little trap here. Read my                                                   shapes what impression people
fluffy lips on this: make friends and     Remaining interesting and under-            have of you.
not play-around buddies. You want         stated is vital. Being overfriendly will
to establish a circle of acquaintan-      be taken as being impersonal and            Being socially successful is an art,
ces, not one single acquaintance.         will not be forgiven.                       and it’s an essential asset in your
Stay clean and don’t give anyone                                                      skills cart. Start experimenting and
any suggestions.                          Don’t be promiscuous with your              remain on the careful side. Most
                                          friends. Stay in one group and              important thing is that now you are
Ok, no matter how groovy you think        make it interesting for everyone in         aware that the science of social
you’ll turn out, please, I implore you,   it. If your little clan has formed but it   networking actually exists, and you
don’t ask questions in lectures! If       stays stagnant, take an initiative          are on your quest to explore it. And
the urge to make friends with the         and organize an event. Send a               conquer it.
                    EVENTS SCHEDULE 

                  ey, you there. Yes you with the          GET INVOLVED to pretty up the re-
                  Actualite in your hand, listen up!       sume! Helping out at various events
                  Want to meet new people, make            throughout the year gives you some very
          some great friends and have an awesome           good looking items to put into your re-
          career at the end of your degree? Then           sume. For example Head Speaker for
          get involved! You’ve probably heard it a         MPN (Meet the Professionals Night)
          million times before and that’s because          sounds quite impressive indeed!
          IT’S TRUE.
                                                           GET INVOLVED to know and impress
          GET INVOLVED and meet new peo-                   the cabinet members. These are the peo-
          ple, from all years. You can never have          ple in charge of the Actuarial Students’
          enough friends in the world, and they            Society and in the end they play a large
          might just be invaluable later in life. Espe-    role in choosing who replaces them once
          cially because you’re in a degree that’s         they graduate. If you get to know them
          known for its difficulty, your elders can        early and show that you’re keen on being
          give you great advice on how to deal with        an active member of the university, then it
          a subject or teacher!                            may lead to wonderful things!

          GET INVOLVED to learn great skills               And finally
          that you won’t find from just studying.          GET INVOLVED because there are
          Communication for instance, a text book          just so many chances to do so. ASSOC
          doesn’t need talking to! Or organisation         has such an action packed, fun filled year
          and public speaking! Again, unless you           ahead that it’s bursting at the seams!
          decide to blabber the textbook to your
          friends/classmates/stranger on the road,
          you’re not going to get practice making
          speeches or organising events. These are
          all vital skills you need to succeed in the
          job market.

               Semester One                                                 Semester Two

             O-Week          Week 1                        Macfest- The O-Week of             Week 1
                                                                       Semester 2
    Welcoming BBQ            Week 2
                                                          Trowbridge Deloitte Prob-           Week 4
 Qed Careers Forum           Week 4                        lem Solving Competition

 Soccer Competition          Mid Semester Break                      MPN- Meet the            Week 5
                                                                Professionals Night
   Pool Competition          Week 10
                                                                    Joint Actuarial           Mid Semester
  Poker/Buffet night         Mid Year Break                   Students’ Ball (JASS)           break

                                                                           Basketball         Mid semester
Publication - Actualite Magazine          Quarterly                       Competition         break
Name: Patrick Huang
Degree: B-Com Actuarial Studies and B-Applied Finance
Year of Study: 3rd year
Cabinet Position: President
What assoc projects are you (or were you) involved in: MPN – Project Manager, Pool Comp- Assis-
tant Manager, MC for the Jass Ball and helped out at most of the other events
3 words that describe you best: Passionate, Amiable, Trendy
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 items would you wish you had with you: A boat
to get off the island, Daniel Li and Daniel Leung if they can count as items because they will bring alto-
gether 6 other items that will come in handy.
What's the best advice you've ever gotten: Get as active as you can on campus
What do you do to calm the nerves before exams: I listen to “Stressbuster’s version of Cannon in D”
and various Kenny G songs

Name: Jee Young Cang
Degree: B-Com Actuarial Studies and B-Economics
Year of Study: 3rd year
Cabinet Position: Internal Vice President
What assoc projects are you (or were you) involved in: 2007 JASS Ball Project Manager
and I also helped out in all other events
3 words that describe you best: Considerate, perfectionist, determined
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 items would you wish you had with
you: i-pod, my best friend and maybe fishing rod to get me food! lol
What's the best advice you've ever gotten: study haaaarrrrddd!!!
What do you do to calm the nerves before exams: bum around the library chatting with
friends or read my summary notes with friends and test each other while drinking tea.

Name: Alan Ngo
Degree: B-Com Actuarial Studies and B-Applied Finance
Year of Study: 3rd year
Cabinet Position: External Vice President
What assoc projects are you (or were you) involved in: I was the project manager of publi-
cations, Assistant manager for Macfest and basically help out at most events
3 words that describe you best: looking for challenges
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 items would you wish you had with
you: Being a fan of Lost and how they were able to get off the island, I would want to have a
satellite radio, batteries that fits the radio and more batteries in case the other one runs out
What's the best advice you've ever gotten: From a fortune cookie I ate many years ago -"
Decide what you want and go for it".
What do you do to calm the nerves before exams: I drive to get to my exams, that’s where
my nerves are most calm

Name: Andy Wu
Degree: B-Com Actuarial Studies and B-Sc Statistics
Year of Study: 3rd year
Cabinet Position: Treasurer
What assoc projects are you (or were you) involved in: O-Week
3 words that describe you best: hungry for money.
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 items would you wish you had with you: lamp of
genie, girlfriend, solar-powered 30-inch plasma television with global wireless reception.
What's the best advice you've ever gotten: Study hard.
What do you do to calm the nerves before exams: Sleep.

Name: Ja Punpraw
Degree: B-Com Actuarial Studies and B-Applied Finance
Year of Study: 4th year
Cabinet Position: Secretary
What assoc projects are you (or were you) involved in: Publications
3 words that describe you best: sly, sociable, poor
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 items would you wish you had with you: Rum,
Nintendo Wii (hopefully there are others stuck with me as well), HD TV
What's the best advice you've ever gotten: "If coffee doesn't wake you up, pour it on yourself."
What do you do to calm the nerves before exams: Cram some more
Name: Srikar Velivela
Degree: B-Com Actuarial Studies and B-Applied Finance
Year of Study: 3rd Year
Cabinet Position: Careers Coordinator
What assoc projects are you (or were you) involved in: Assistant Project Manager of Qed
Careers Forum 2007 and also helped out at other ASSOC events.
3 words that describe you best: clumsy, determined and a perfectionist.
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 items would you wish you had with you:
Marshmallows, firewood and a box of matchsticks.
What's the best advice you've ever gotten: "It is best to do what is right, rather than what is
What do you do to calm the nerves before exams: Avoid everyone, especially those with a
GPA of 4!

Name: Daniel Leung
Degree: B-Com Actuarial Studies and B-Applied Finance
Year of Study: 3rd year
Cabinet Position: Social Coordinator
What assoc projects are you (or were you) involved in: O-week, Welcoming BBQ, Mac Fest,
the Ball and Poker Competition
3 words that describe you best: Really really social
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 items would you wish you had with you:
a fully charged satellite mobile, a pair of sunnies and one big bottle of cold beer.
What's the best advice you've ever gotten: Doing Actuarial Study needs brains!
What do you do to calm the nerves before exams: Facebook Poker, MSN, Keep Studying!

Name: Daniel Li
Degree: B-Com Actuarial Studies and B-Applied Finance
Year of Study: 3rd year
Cabinet Position: Sports Coordinator
What assoc projects are you (or were you) involved in: Pool Comp, Basketball Comp
3 words that describe you best: sexy, single, available
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 items would you wish you had with
you: nuclear electricity generator, internet connection, dual core 2.4GHZ 2GB ram computer
What's the best advice you've ever gotten: "get out while its still early"
What do you do to calm the nerves before exams: Listen to Ipod

Name: Elsa Cheung
Degree: B-Com Actuarial Studies and B-Com Accounting
Year of Study: 3rd year
Cabinet Position: Media Coordinator
What assoc projects are you (or were you) involved in: Publications, JASS ball 2007, fund-
raising events, helped with most other events
3 words that describe you best: Smiley, spontaneous, observant (formally); on-random-highs
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 items would you wish you had with you:
a manufactured chocolate bear, a camera, a teleporting machine
What's the best advice you've ever gotten: "Don't study, just play!" (this is NOT an advice =P)
What do you do to calm the nerves before exams: Calling up friends and realise they're muCH
more behind than you... the thought itself is quite comforting!

Name: Robert Dunn
Degree: B-Com Actuarial Studies and B-Sc Computing
Year of Study: 3rd year
Cabinet Position: IT Officer
What assoc projects are you (or were you) involved in: Welcome BBQ and Deloitte Problem
Solving Comp 2007
3 words that describe you best: What's the question?
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 items would you wish you had with you:
Satellite Phone, Water, and an Economy
What's the best advice you've ever gotten: "Don't drink the water on a deserted island.”
What do you do to calm the nerves before exams: Breathe
         k, the first thing that you      rowing, or swimming. Benefits are         Going on an exchange is awesome.
         have to remember before          many, from getting to have no-            It’s almost as awesome as getting a
         considering having any           sleeve shirts in your wardrobe to         summer vac intern in Mac Bank. Do
health or lifestyle, is of course your    getting a healthy stress therapeutic.     some research and see if the inter-
academic performance. In actuarial                                                  national office has some summer or
circles, if you haven’t yet discov-       Hook up with a sports club, they are      winter exchanges that’d appeal to
ered this lovely fact, the hottest turn   pretty friendly, you only have to find    you. No, no winter exchanges to
-on is your GPA. Nazi or not, this        one other likewise minded person          Amsterdam. I’ve checked. But don’t
starts to make sense when you             for you to join without fear. Rugby       despair, last time I surfed interna-
admit that you are way more at            doesn’t have to be your game, if, they were sending as-
peace with yourself when you know         you’re a fan of the aristocratic, ten-    sault teams to Copenhagen, Berlin
you’ve caned it.                          nis or golf or squash should do as        and even Hong Kong. Yay.
                                          fine. Plus, not many a potential tar-
After a while you start to notice         get will turn down a deceitfully pla-     If that’s too far away, travel Austra-
though, that one bunch will remain        tonic late night tennis practice.         lia! Melbourne is set to provide the
content with their GPA’s. They will                                                 ultimate retail therapy session to all
wear same track-pants and dirty           Get involved in uni life. The abun-       you shopperholics out there. An-
sneakers to lectures until these          dance of this uni life is kept secret     other must is to organize a snow-
physically disintegrate, have birdies     from you, so it takes time to pick it     boarding trip (or skiing for the less
weave a nest in their hairstyles and      up from random rumors that it actu-       extreme girls); start talking to peo-
giggle among sheer silence in alge-       ally exists. Once you are over the        ple and organizing the trip in the
bra lectures. They are genuinely          wall of secrecy, it’s real easy to get    next couple of months, or you will
happy. Let them be.                       absorbed in it all. The easiest way       stumble into booked out signs
                                          to make your assault on the extra-        closer to date.
The second bunch will go a bit fur-       curriculum side of things is of
ther. And it’s from seeing them that      course via the mock-up corporate          And just in case you’ve got a pho-
Shepherd’s clichéd “study hard and        environment of ASSOC. Be very             bia of flights or travel, I can assure
party hard” comes to mind. The            careful not to misjudge how much          you that Sydney is worth rediscov-
latter are the epic bunch.                time you put into this. You don’t         ering. Check out some cool eater-
                                          want upsides in the extra-                ies. If by now you know the menus
This doesn’t mean you have to tune        curriculum section of the resume be       of Pancakes on the Rocks, Ribs
your car radio to FBI 94.5 and freak      at a cost of downsides in the aca-        and Rumps and Makoto in Chats-
out Borders staff with your requests      demic results section.                    wood by heart, add T2, Heme-
for Zarathustra translations, there’s                                               sphere in Establishment, Ushinoya
other ways to be cool.                    Still on a resume topic, if you dis-      in Martin Place to your To Go list.
                                          cover a fountain of enthusiasm in
Start gradually, and only progress if     you, heaps of time to spare and a         This is a precious age, have the full
this doesn’t impact your studies.         lack of a club that you’d love to join,   taste of it. Chill out your mind from
Put your control cycle mindset to         a founder of a club or society looks      Brownian motion. Be it at some
this – if you see you’re going a bit      pretty flash in a CV. We’ve had a         artsy festival along the lines of
too social, rewind that bit or you        couple of clubs formed recently by        Flickerfest, an occasional Dendy’s
won’t survive. You can start off by       the actuarial kids, so don’t be           showcase, or an up-class visit to
throwing some physical activities in-     afraid. As long as you can estimate       the Archibald.Prize.08, make sure
between the library sessions. If the      that it won’t take more than 5 hours      you take that opportunity to enjoy it.
weights room sends chills down            a week of your input to run, do it.
your spine, check out cycling, or
There’s been some talk that actuary kids are not           of bboys spend their nights here to practice what
cool. Well, we’re about to reverse that and quieten        they’ve picked up in Sydney Dance Company during
the evil tongues – show them what we’re really made        the week. Very sociable club, and the crowd is de-
out of. So hook up with some party animals and start       cent too.
going down the list. Here’s enough to get you going
right until exams preparation time.                        Greenwood
                                                           Thursday                  Free;
              Laundry - $20                                Sunday                    $15
Had some awesome time here, - very nice, small,            Thursday nights this is heaven for underage kids with
understated club in the underbelly of the Sydney           fake ID’s. Cheap drinks, free entry and pop dance
downtown. The main house room gets a bit plain             tunes. Sounds on Sunday is a bit elder crowd, more
except for event nights, but the Cave (minimal tech) I     chillout, less dancing.
can’t get enough of.
                                                           Uni bar rating: NA
                Club VIP doing free entries to             Ok this is not a night club, but the pool tables around
                YU - $10                                   it are a nice laid back social venue. No-one actually
The club has been known for its European vibe,             hangs out at the actual bar except for non-award Arts
funky lounges and nice house and dance music. This         kids who treat themselves into this luxury in-between
venue has proven good enough for Club VIP to put           binge drinking sessions. Oh yes, don’t miss out on
their eye on it and if you want free entries on Fridays,   uni parties in the start of the semester, they are a
email.                                                     must. Not the best DJ’s (Sydney beats us by miles)
                                                           but nevertheless.
                Tank - $25
Tank is rating one of the best clubs in Sydney, the        Festivals are extremely popular in the clubbing com-
only downside being the lengths of the queues. It          munity and are becoming even more so with the re-
strikes a good balance between a bar and a dance-          cent feats of Daft Punk and MOS. You really get your
floor; all cherry topped with some quality DJ’s. Enjoy     value for money as you capture a whole multitude of
the poles. House on Saturdays, RNB and Funk on             artists play in one night. The economies of scale are
Fridays.                                                   awesome and quality of performances are excellent.

              Saturday at Home (Famous)                    Some no-miss hits shall be Future Music Festival,
               - $25, guestlist $20                        featuring house and electro; Good Vibes, with some
Ok I grew up here, this is my clubbing cradle. A lot of    RNB and house, and of course Park Life and V festi-
sentimental memories here. Famous really pulls it off      val.
on Saturdays, entry is $25 and you can bet to find
music you like in at least one of its many rooms. A lot    Chill out.
        till DOTA-ing??       That is      It was 8:30 on Monday morning when        that day! After closing the stall that
        SOOOO yesterday! Please,           we found our little actuarial corner.     day, the clouds started crowding in
        how could you have not known       The boxes were transported from           and the evening saw thunder and
about the phat party?? IT’S O-             ERIC down to the lake with the help       pouring rain… oh no… mud……
WEEK!!!! While everyone was still          of some cabinet members (the lucky
lazing in their beds or staring into the   ones). We started hanging up our          However, as the sun started to rise,
hard-hearted computer screen, the          banner and posters as well as placing     the clouds started to clear, the birds
preparation for O-week slowly crept        everything in neat piles on the table.    were singing once again!! To my sur-
into our lives. After two months of a      We were definitely prepared for a         prise, the lake has not overflown its
relaxing holiday, Janani, my wonder-       massive crowd (especially after           banks, the mud dried up and even the
ful assistant manager and I were clus-     Janani’s awesome lecture announce-        heat abated! On the last day, we were
tered with the vast amount of work         ment!) At the end of the day we had       able to catch the last few students ,
needed for O-week. It was like no          about 33 people signing up. This          which too made our day!! The event
other task we’ve ever tackled before       meant that we had about 1/3 of the        was a success!
and nonetheless, we made it! After         cohort to sign up in the remaining two
we finally got our gorgeous pens,          days. Being completely satisfied at       In the end, I would like to say a big fat
flyers, posters and brochures (don’t       that thought, the boxes felt to us a      thank you to everyone that helped
forget the yummy lollies we had this       little lighter on the way back to ERIC.   out, the cabinet and committee mem-
year) we were ready to welcome the                                                   bers and especially Andy who as-
excited new bunch of actuarial stu-        The next morning, we were faced with      sisted us when Daniel was still over-
dents!                                     some small hiccup as our corner had       seas, and Tom who packed up when
                                           been moved by some envious rival          he didn’t need to, as well as Janani
Our first encounter with the first years   society. This meant we had to find a      for her efforts as my assistant man-
was on Orientation Day. We got some        new space to set up our stall! Fortu-     ager in running the entire event.
committee members to set up a stall        nately, we were able to find another      Now, for those who DIDN’T sign up
in the bright sunshine – you couldn’t      spot to set up our cool flyers. Under     during O-week, you still have your
have missed us during the BBQ              the sheltered tents, the air was          chance at the next couple of events
lunch. Yes, you must all admit, the        trapped, and the heat was ower-           that are coming up. BE THERE!
mentors did a good job in promoting        whelming. You could see people fan-
ASSOC as we signed up 45 new               ning their heads off and trying to
members on the first day! But there        scam free drinks (especially from the                             Jenny Hsiang
was heaps more to come…                    IceTea tent), but we still managed to          Project Manager of O-week 2008
                                           sign up another 20 students during
                                                          I have a problem. Did some actuarial modeling on this
                                                          issue and the horrifying results were that my relation-
                                                          ship with BABE has conclusive negative effect on my
                                                          studies!! I’m determined to break it off, but how do I
                                                          do it??

 Guru Guy Corner
 Dear I Geekey,                                                    beastly, especially when the once-a-month story be-
                                                                   came a hard reality. I have no idea why God would
 It is true, that I have never believed in love at first sight.    make it so frequent. But let us thank Him, on behalf of
 But I sure do believe in lust at first sight!                     all the men on earth, that it isn’t twice or thrice-a-month.
                                                                   Anyway, I decided to break up with Guru Beast. I didn’t
 This is a classic case of real-life Beauty and the Beast. I       give her the typical “It’s not you, it’s me” routine. In-
 went through one myself. When I first laid my eyes on             stead, the “It’s actually you, not me” approach worked
 the Guru Girl, there was no love at first sight. Nor on           like a charm. Got a few slaps, but it all ended up rather
 that occasion was there any lust at first sight. But I went       quickly. Give it a shot, my nerdy friend!
 out with her anyway, just in case she suddenly became
 hotter a few months later or so. However, such hope
 was a fool’s hope. The Beast soon became even more

Guru Girl Corner

Dear I Geekey,                                                     getting rid of any “friends” you may have had. No one to
                                                                   get in the way of you and your ACST subjects now.
You’ve asked me for help yes? And general rule is that
we ask people we trust for help, yes? So then let’s be             Method 3: Tell her you love another. That ‘another’
honest with people we trust Geekey, there is no girl-              doesn’t have to be real, but you may find it inspiring
friend is there? Any person who uses parameterized                 imagining some actuarial subject when you refer to that
linear regression in the same sentence as BABE lacks               ‘other’. Explain once the strength of your affinity with
the social ability to even talk to girls, let alone have one       Control Cycle (initialise it to CC for ambiguity) and it
to call their own. But let’s, for the longevity of this col-       shall be enough to render this relationship hopeless.
umn, assume that you DO have a girlfriend, and she
ISN’T thinking of dumping you (in which case your prob-            Method 4: Take pole dancing lessons. In the dress suit-
lems would be solved wouldn’t they?) what can we do                ing the repertoire, demonstrate what you have learned
about this potential “huge disinvestment in retirement             to her. C5C courtyard straight after the lecture should do
income”? Well Geekey, lucky for you there’s a plethora             just fine. This will simultaneously solve all the unwanted
of methods to rid yourself of that not-so-special some-            friends issues that you may have and deliver, long term,
one.                                                               pure solitude.

Method 1: Buy several jars of crushed garlic and ginger.           Method 5: Introduce her to your imaginary friend Bob.
Pour them into a bath and jump in. Its great for your skin         Go out on a dinner, the three of you, or spend a roman-
and the smell will make any girl within a 40 mile radius           tic sunset watching session with Bob sitting in-between
run in the opposite direction to you.                              you two.

Method 2: Start saying “lol” in every conversation in-             There’s plenty more ways to go by, just put your actuar-
stead of actually laughing. Soon enough, you’ll have               ial mind to it!! But please reply, and do let me in on who
annoyed her enough to make her want to avoid you at                is it that you are trying to split up?
every possible cost. Kill two birds with one stone* by
The number of hours you studied today and                 A census taker (a retired actuary) approaches a
your age!                                                 house and asks the owner (who also happens to be
                                                          an actuary), "How many children do you have, and
                                                          what are their ages?"
1. State the number of hours you studied today.           Actuary: "I have three children, the product of their
(It’s gotta be at least 1 otherwise you are not an        ages is 36 and the sum of their ages is equal to the
ACST student, and less than 10, otherwise it’s the        street number of the house next door."
day before your exam and you wouldn’t be doing            The census taker walks to the house next door,
puzzles)                                                  comes back and says, "I need more information."
2. Multiply this number by 2                              The actuary replies, "I can’t discuss this further, my
3. Add 5                                                  eldest child is sleeping upstairs."
4. Multiply it by 50                                      Census taker: "Thank you, I now have all the infor-
                                                          mation I need."
5. If you have already had your birthday this year
                                                          What are the ages of each of the three children?
add 1758. If you haven't, add 1757.
6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were
                                                          Three actuaries are having lunch. They ask for the
You should have a three digit number.
                                                          bill and the waiter brings back the bill totaling
The first digit of this is your original number. (I.e.,   $52.50. When the waiter returns to collect the
Number of hours you study each day.)                      money, how much money does he find the actu-
The next two numbers are                                  aries left for him?
                       YOUR AGE!

*This works exclusively in 2008                           What is an actuary's favourite food?
Seeing how it works so magically is great, but can
you find out how it works? Also why does it only          Did you know?
work for 2008? What should you change so it works         355/113 is a better approximation to π than 22/7
for 2009… and so on?
1.                                                    3.
An actuary plans to travel to a conference by         Primary school, second grade Bobby (son of an
plane. When he passes the security check, they        actuary) is asked a question:
discover a bomb in his carry-on baggage. Of           “Bobby, if you have $10 and you ask your daddy
course, he is hauled off immediately for interro-     for another $10, how much money do you have
gation.                                               altogether?”
"I don't understand it!" the interrogating officer    Bobby: “Ten dollars, Miss”
exclaims. "You're an accomplished professional,
                                                      Teacher: “Bobby, it’s wrong, you clearly don’t
a caring family man, a pillar of your parish - and
                                                      know your mathematics”
now you want to destroy that all by blowing up
an airplane!" "Sorry", the actuary interrupts him.    Bobby: “Yes Miss, it’s right, you clearly don’t
"I had never intended to blow up the plane."          know my daddy’
"So, for what reason else did you try to bring a
bomb on board?!"                                      4.
"Let me explain. Statistics shows that the prob-      The Mickey Mouse, Paris Hilton, the Pope and
ability of a bomb being on an airplane is 1/1000.     Bobby (son of an actuary from the previous joke)
That's quite high if you think about it - so high     are on a crashing plane. But there are only three
that I wouldn't have any peace of mind on a           parachutes available for the passengers and the
flight."                                              crew has already catapulted out.
"And what does this have to do with you bringing      The Mickey Mouse exclaims that he has given
a bomb on board of a plane?"                          so much joy to all the kids of the world that he
"You see, since the probability of one bomb be-       definitely deserves to live; he grabs the first
ing on my plane is 1/1000, the chance that there      parachute and jumps out.
are two bombs is 1/1000000. If I already bring        Paris rolls her eyes: “well I think I deserve to live
one, the chance of another bomb being around          too because I am so pretty, I can make my own
is actually 1/1000000, and I am much safer...”        movie films and I have even been to jail!” she
                                                      grabs the second parachute and jumps out.
2.                                                    The Pope then says to Bobby “Look, I’m an old,
                                                      old man, I’ve lived my life and you have every-
An actuary and his non-actuary friend are having
                                                      thing ahead of you, so you take the remaining
a good time in a bar. Outside, there's a terrible
thunderstorm. Finally, the actuary thinks that it's
time to leave. Since he has drunk a lot, he de-       Bobby looks at him and goes “No worries
cides to walk home.                                   grandpa, we’ll both make it, she took my school-
"But aren't you afraid of being struck by light-
ning?" his friend asks.
"Not at all. Statistics shows that, in this part of
the country, one person per year gets struck by
lightning - and that one person died in the hospi-
tal three weeks ago."

                                                                     Towers Perrin is a global professional services
                                                                     firm that helps organisations around the world
                                                                     optimise performance through effective people,
                                                                     risk and financial management.

                                                                     The Risk and Financial Services business of
                                                                     Towers Perrin (previously trading as Tillinghast)
                                                                     provides global actuarial management consulting
                                                                     and software solutions to insurance and financial
                                                                     services companies. We are at the forefront of
                                                                     innovations in our profession, such as market-
                                                                     consistent valuation techniques and predictive
                                                                     modelling. We offer a wide spectrum of software
                                                                     solutions, utilising the very best in advanced
                                                                     technology and actuarial methodology.

                                                                             Best Actuarial Firm of the Year 2006


Graduate and Vacation Recruitment

We are seeking enthusiastic students, with strong academic records and good communication skills, looking for either
a 2009 graduate position or vacation work over the 2008/2009 summer break. Candidates from all years will be
considered for vacation work.

How Do I Apply?
To apply for a graduate or summer vacation position, please send your application to:
Graduate Recruitment
GPO Box 7005

Your application should include the following:
       a completed application form (contact us on (02) 8198 9000 to obtain this form);
       your resume;
       a current copy of your academic transcript; and
       a covering letter.

Applications for 2009 graduate positions should be received by us no later than 11 April 2008.
Applications for 2008/2009 summer vacation positions should be received by us no later than 30 July 2008.

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