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									The Pure Scorpio Native

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

He is deep in his feelings, passionately and devotedly attached to the person or the cause that is his,
but equally passionately unchanging in his detestation of what is disliked. Such strength of feeling
naturally drives to extremes of behaviour, but the entire chart must be studied before an idea can be
gained as to the way in which such strength may be used. Even so, there is a note of regeneration in
this sign. The aim and the expression may change completely. It is the drive, the depth and the
passion that endure. The working from the hidden depths may produce the underground activity of
the criminal with his cruel sting, or the devoted work for a loved person, work or cause. The true
feelings are often kept very secret. If for a cause, the hiddenness which is common to all the Water
signs may be related to that oneness to which mysticism in its highest sense forever points. This
“Water” sign has the force of a mountain torrent and the unfathomable-ness of the depths of the sea.

In love he is passionate and with strong sexual feelings. Whereas the Martian Aries was ardent and
forceful in his fiery nature, this Martian is deeply emotional, often with a mystical intensity in his love.

Overstress or misuse of these traits will mean passions which will not be deflected in their aim. Deep
smouldering resentments against another, jealousy in love, hatred of fellow-man, can lead to danger
and disaster. Over-secretiveness may cause bitter misunderstandings. The hidden sting may lead to
death, which is Mars/Pluto manner ends one chapter of life and begins another.

Inhibition of his natural traits will be caused by subjection to too “pedestrian” an existence.

As a child the Scorpio native will be affectionate, but liable to sudden rages and storms.

Like the Aries, he should be given something to do so that this energy is used. It must be
remembered that this is emotional energy, hence the outlets should be through emotional channels,
through people to love, pictures to paint, poetry to be written, leading the child to “love the highest
when he sees it.”

Physical Characteristics

The eyes tend to be deep-set and steady in their gaze, often so markedly that the look appears
hypnotic. Even if not to this extent, the Scorpio person often appears to be watching and waiting for
something or someone. He has an eagle-eyed look. The bone above the eyes seems prominent and is
very frequently made more so by an exaggeration of the Martian eyebrows. This denotes strength of
character for good or evil. Of late years, the feminine habit of thinning such eyebrows or removing
them altogether and replacing them with an attempt to copy the delicate Venus curve, shows that
without knowing the cause, femininity realizes, that it is the truly feminine look which attracts!

All fixed signs have a tendency to rheumatism. The connection with the opposite sign indicates
possible trouble. Difficulties with generative organs occur. Ruptures and abscesses may also be

Way of living

The Scorpio native is at his best in any sphere where his natural urges can be reasonably expressed.
He is therefore better when he can deal with real life and not with trivialities.

The Mars ruler-ship is very evident in the desire to cut, to penetrate and to probe. In real life the
Scorpio person wishes to do so for healing purposes. His desire is to transform, to give wings to those
who are bound by illness, physical or mental.

He will be well placed as a doctor or preferably a surgeon who cuts into the body, or a psychologist
who probes into the mental states of the unconscious self, endeavouring to bring to the surface and
get rid of what was hidden. His ability to search for what is hidden and his persistence in tracking it
down make him a good detective. Hence he inclines to research, whether in industry, science, or in
more abstract ways, such as psychical research, occultism or mysticism.

Like Cancer, the first water sign, he will love art, music, poetry, and romantic literature and will put
strength and depth into any creative work which he does. Again like Cancer, he will love the sea and
often goes to sea by way of profession.


These should be varied so that both the energy of Mars and the intuition of Water can be used. Hence,
active sports such as boxing, also the arts and the occult studies. All water sports are enjoyed.

Note – Scorpio is a Fixed and Negative sign, so in it may be seen with the desire to remain firm in
conviction and set ways. But, this is the second of the water signs, so the combination of such fixity is
with the emotionality of this triplicity. Water has been described as unstable; hence the Scorpio
person is often at war with himself in this utterly contrary mixing of two trends in his very deep
nature. His negativity appears as depth of character and reserve of force.

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