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					                                           Services for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) People

                                  NYC-Metro Area Transgender
                                  and Gender Non-Conforming
                                  (TGNC) Community Resources

                                                                                Callen-Lorde Community Health Center
                                  Updated 7/17/12                               Compiled by Heath Mackenzie Reynolds

There are many resources out there for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) people! This is
a guide to community organizations and social and supportive services in the NYC-Metro area that are
either known to have experience working with TGNC people, or who offer unique services that some in
our community might need. However, the presence of an organization here does not mean that it will be
a safe referral for all TGNC people. If you have any concerns, it is always a good idea to bring a friend or
other supportive ally with you.

Finally: Resource guides are always evolving! We hope to keep up-to-date. If you are starting an
organization or service for TGNC people and want to be added to this resource guide, please call 212-
271-7200 and ask to speak to the Transgender Case Manager.

    This guide is created for TGNC people in the NYC-Metro area. Inclusion of organizations here should not be taken to imply
                                      endorsement by Callen-Lorde of these organizations.

2—Need Support NOW? Crisis Hotlines                               15—Intersex/DSD Resources
2—Anti-Violence, Self Defense, and Resources for                  15—Legal Services (Name Change Assistance and
  Survivors                                                         Other Legal Services)
3—Community Centers and Supportive Services                       18—Mental Health Services
  (Youth, Adults, Elders)                                         19—Partnership, Parenting, and Families
6—Community Advocacy Organizations                                20—Prison & Reentry Services
7—Hair Removal (Electrolysis, Laser)                              21—Religious Organizations and Communities
8—Health Care: Holistic & Wellness                                22—Substance Use and Recovery Services
9—Health Care: New York City (Youth, Adults &                     23—Vocal Coaching
  Elders)                                                         23—Professional Orgs & Standards of Care
10—Health Care: U.S. LGBT Clinics (National,                      24—Web Resources
  East, Midwest, South, West)
                                                                  25—E-mail Groups
12—HIV/AIDS Service Organizations
                                                                  25—TGNC and TGNC-Supportive Conferences
12—Housing and Shelter (Youth, Adults, Elders)
                                                                  26—Reading List
14—Immigration and Services for Immigrants

                  356 W. 18th Street                                                  212-271-7200
                  New York, NY 10011                                      
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                     2

LGBT Support                                                          RESOURCES FOR SURVIVORS
TGNC Support Chatrooms and Suicide Prevention                The Anti-Violence Project
Laura’s Playground                                                   Manhattan: 240 West 35th St., Suite 200
Online support forums and peer support groups for            (212) 714-1184
TGNC people, loved ones, and family.                         24 Hr. Bilingual Hotline: (212) 714-1141
GLBT National Help Center Hotline                            Free, confidential assistance for LGBT and HIV-affected                                                people who have experienced intimate partner/family/
Local Hotline: (212) 989-0999                                domestic violence and/or hate violence in NYC. English
National Hotline: (888) 843-4564                             and Spanish speakers available.
Youth Talkline: (800) 246-7743                               Center for Anti-Violence Education
Free and confidential helpline for the GLBT community.
Hopeline                                                     Brooklyn: 327 7th St., 2nd Floor and                        (718) 788-1775
(800) SUI-CIDE / (800) 784-2433 (English)                    Self-defense classes for women, girls, LGB, and TGNC
(800) SUI-CIDA / (800) 784-2432 (Español)                    people. Free classes available to survivors. Power Action
Crisis intervention and suicide prevention hotline. Online   Change program for teen women and TGNC youth.
chat support at                                 generationFIVE
LGBT Warm Line                                     
(518) 338-3884 Mon-Fri                                       Oakland, CA and National
Support line for non-crisis calls. Albany/Upstate region.    (510) 251-8552
                                                             Through      survivor    and   bystander   leadership
How to (Help Someone) Stay Alive
                                                             development, community prevention and intervention, - Go to “Resources” link.
                                                             public    action,    and   cross-movement    building,
Online support guide published by Feminist Outlawz.
                                                             generationFIVE works to interrupt and mend the
Intimate Partner and Domestic Violence                       intergenerational impact of child sexual abuse on
                                                             individuals, families, and communities. Puts on
Anti-Violence Project Hotline
                                                             leadership training events, provides resources, and
24 Hr. Bilingual Hotline: (212) 714-1141
                                                             collects survivors and bystanders stories.
Assistance for LGBT survivors of violence.
                                                             New York City Domestic Violence Hotline
NYC 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline
                                                             1-800-621 HOPE (4673)
(800) 942-6906 (English)
                                                             24 Hour NYC Hotline that helps callers locate available
(800) 942-6908 (Español)
                                                             shelter beds in safe locations. English and Spanish
National Domestic Violence Hotline                           speakers available. Can also call 311 to ask for hotline.
(800) 799-SAFE
                                                             Right Rides
Safe Homes Project                                 
HOTLINE: (718) 499-2151                                      Brooklyn: 26 Court St., Suite 505
Assistance for LBT homeless people in NYC                    Office number: (718) 522-0822
Safe Horizons Hotlines                                       Dispatch     number:       (718)    964-7781      and
Domestic Violence: (800) 621-4673                            (888) 215-SAFE / (888) 215-7233
Crime Victims: (866) 689-4357                                Right Rides operates on Friday nights from 12-3 am and
Rape, Sexual Assault and Incest: (212)227-3000               provides free rides home within their service area (see
TDD for all hotlines: (866) 604-5350                         website for more info) to women and all TGNC people.
Youth and Young Adults                                       Sanctuary for Families
National Runaway Switchboard                                 (212) 349–6009
Ages 12-21                                                   Counseling, shelter, legal, and supportive services for                                         survivors of intimate partner/domestic violence and their
(800) RUN-AWAY / (800) 786-2929                              children in NYC. Work with clients from all backgrounds;
Crisis intervention, referrals, assistance getting home,     specialized services for immigrants, LGBTQ people, and
and advocacy for runaway youth.                              victims of sex trafficking.
Trevor Project                                               Safe Homes Project
Ages 13-24                                                                             HOTLINE: (718) 499-2151
Trevor Lifeline: (866) 488-7386                              Hotline   crisis  intervention,  short-term    individual
Crisis intervention & suicide prevention for LGBTQ Youth.    counseling, safety planning, information, referrals, and
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                      3

advocacy for LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner/            Center Lane
domestic violence. Shelter is for women DV survivors         Ages 13-21
(including LGBT women).                            
Safe Horizon                                                 White Plains: 34 South Broadway, Ste. 214. Tue.-Thu.                                         (914) 358-1006
Hotlines:                                                    Yonkers: 20 South Broadway, Ste. 420. Mon and Fri.
Domestic Violence: (800) 621-4673                            (914) 423-0610
Crime Victims: (866) 689-4357                                Emotional and social support, individual, group and
Rape, Sexual Assault and Incest: (212)227-3000               family counseling, advocacy, education/training, talent
TDD for all hotlines: (866) 604-5350                         shows, dances, poetry slams, etc.
Provides counseling, shelter, legal, and other services to   COLAGE: People with a LGBTQ Parent
victims of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault,       All ages
stalking, trafficking, and child abuse in New York City.
Special programs for youth and young adults and              San Francisco: 1550 Bryant St., Suite 830
families of homicide victims. Offers shelters, supportive    (415) 861-5437
services, counseling, court advocacy and legal               National support organization of people of all ages with 1
assistance, child advocacy centers, youth drop-in            or more LGBTQ parent/s. Youth empowerment and
centers, and more. Project SAFE provides free lock           leadership development opportunities, summer camp
replacements.                                                programs, and advocacy for LGBTQ families. Resources
Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Program             for loved ones of TGNC people of any age.                                           • Kids of Trans Guide (for people with a TGNC parent):
Manhattan: Mt. Sinai Hospital, 1468 Madison Ave.        
(212) 423-2140                                               • Let’s Get This Straight: The Ultimate Handbook for
Counseling for survivors of rape, sexual assault, child           Youth with LGBTQ Parents:
abuse, domestic violence, and intimate partner violence           featured/letsgetthisstraight/
and support services for friends and families of             Cometfire
survivors; Takanot Project, counseling and support           Ages 11-14
services for Orthodox Jewish survivors of sexual assault     Manhattan:    The    JCC,   334    Amsterdam     Ave.
and domestic violence; Legal advocacy; Education and
training; Emergency room advocates called in at these
hospitals:                                                   Non-sectarian discussion and support group for LGBT
Manhattan: Harlem Hospital; Lenox Hill Hospital;             and Questioning young people. Topics include sexuality
Metropolitan Hospital; The Mount Sinai Hospital              and gender identity, youth empowerment, and self-
Queens: Elmhurst Hospital Center; Queens Hospital            esteem.
Center; The Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens.
                                                             The Door
             COMMUNITY CENTERS AND                           Ages 12-21
              SUPPORTIVE SERVICES                            Manhattan: 555 Broome St.
                                                             (212) 941-9090
Ages 13-24 (Youth)
                                                             Social and supportive services. Drop-in center, college
        See also: Anti-Violence; Health Care;                advisement and tutoring, counseling, creative arts,
                Housing and Shelter                          English Language (ESOL), foster care support, GED
Camp Aranu’tiq                                               prep, jobs and internships, legal and immigration                                        services, health and dental care, sexual health and birth
New England and California locations                         control, LGBTQ programming, support for runaway and
(617) 467-5830                                               homeless youth, and supportive housing.
Week-long overnight summer camp for transgender and          FIERCE
gender-variant youth ages 8-15. Southern California and      Ages 13-24
Southern New England locations.                    
Camp Ten Trees                                               Manhattan: 147 West 24th St., 6th Floor                                        (646) 336-6789
Seattle: 1122 E Pike ST, PMB #1488                           Leadership development, political education, community
(206) 288-9568                                               building, youth-led campaigns, and cultural expression
Offers one camp for LGBTQ youth and allies ages 8-17         through arts and media.
and another for the children of LGBTQ and/or non-
traditional families. Washington State location.
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                    4

Harvey Milk School                                         management, life skills workshops, community building,
Ages 16-18                                                 educational and discussion groups, hot meals, food                 pantry, clothing, and toiletries. Walk-in Sundays 6-8 pm
default.htm                                                and Tuesdays 5-9 pm.
Manhattan: 2 Astor Place                                   Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth (LIGALY)
(212) 477-1555                                             Ages 13-21
Public transfer high school for school-aged LGBTQ
students that works closely with the Hetrick Martin        Bay Shore, NY: 34 Park Ave.
Institute.                                                 (631) 665-2300
Hetrick Martin Institute                                   Garden City, NY: 400 Garden City Plaza, Suite 110
Ages 12-21                                                 (516) 323-0011                                               Social and supportive services for LGBT and Questioning
Manhattan: 2 Astor Place, 3rd Floor                        young people in Nassau and Suffolk County, including
212-674-2400                                               drop in center, computer lab, support groups, referrals,
Newark: YES Center, 200 Washington St.                     safe schools initiative, HIV testing and counseling, and
Social and supportive services for LGBTQ young people.     leadership development.
Drop-in   center,   mental    health   services,  case     Urban Justice Center—Peter Cicchino Youth Project
management, arts and culture, health education, and        Up to age 25
HIV testing/counseling. NY location also works closely
with the Harvey Milk School, a public high school for      Manhattan: 123 William St. 16th Floor,
LGBT students.                                             (646) 602-5600
Hudson Pride Connections Center                            Free legal services to homeless and street involved
Ages 13-18—Youth Connect                                   youth. Any young person can call 877-LGBT-LAW to
Ages 19-25—CRAVE                                           make an appointment with PCYP (though youth have to                                       be members of Streetwork or AFC to come to our legal
Jersey City, NJ: 32 Jones St.                              clinics). In addition to general legal services (including
(201) 963-4779                                             name changes) we also do immigration work.
Youth Connect (youth support group, tutoring,              Transition Youth Family Allies
empowerment workshops, job development assistance,
computer access, meals); CRAVE—Creating Relationship       (888) 462-8932
and Visions of Empowerment (young adult support            Support for TGNC youth and their families. Online
group    addressing     employment      and   education,   message boards, newsletter, educational programs, and
relationships, sexual health, and domestic violence) HIV   support for educators, health care practitioners, and
testing   and    prevention    education,   and   more);   other service providers in working with TGNC youth.
Transgender Support Groups – GLITZ (Girls Living In the    Reading lists for youth and adults. Spanish language
Trans Zone), and BLITZ (Boys Living in the Trans Zone).    resources.
LGBT Community Center—Youth Enrichment                     Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls
Services (YES)                                             Ages 8-18
Ages 13-21                                                                           Brooklyn: 87 Irving Place
Manhattan: 208 West 13th St.                               (347) 599-0716
(212) 620-7310                                             Summer Rock Camp and yearlong rock music education
Offers social, supportive, and mental health services to   (Instrumental, Ensemble, and Band) at the Willie Mae
the New York’s LGBT community, including drop-in           Music Lab in Brooklyn for people who self-identify as
center   support     groups,   social  events,    youth    female, trans, and gender non-conforming. Adult “Ladies
programming, supportive counseling, and recovery.          Rock Camp” for people 18+.
National Runaway Switchboard                               Ages 18+ (Adults)
Ages 12-21                                         See also: Anti-Violence and HIV/AIDS Services
Crisis intervention and information and referrals for      Audre Lorde Project
runaway youth as well as help connecting with families
and/or agencies, free bus tickets home, prevention and     Manhattan: 147 West 24th St., 3rd Floor
education, and online resources.                           (212) 463-0342
New Alternatives                                           Brooklyn: 85 South Oxford St.
Ages 16-24                                                 (718) 596-0342                                Works with LGB, Two Spirit, and TGNC (LGBTSTGNC)
Meets at Marble Collegiate Church                          People of Color towards mobilization, education and
Manhattan: 50 E 7th St.                                    capacity-building, for community wellness and social and
Social and supportive services,        including:   case   economic justice.
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                     5

3rd Space Support Program addresses barriers to             Gender Identity Project offers individual peer
employment, education, health care, and immigration         counseling, referrals, identity-based support groups:
status, and runs a health and wellness program that         Masculine Spectrum; Feminine Spectrum; Partners,
offers acupuncture, reiki, meditation, yoga, health         Family,    and    Friends;     and   TGNC    Parents.
screenings, and registered nurses.                
TransJustice mobilizes TGNC people of color around:         Lesbian Cancer Initiative provides support groups,
access to jobs, housing, and education; Trans-sensitive     counseling, education, outreach, and early detection
healthcare, HIV-related services, job-training programs;    services to lesbians, bisexual women, women who
and resisting police, government and anti-immigrant         partner with women, TGNC people, and friends/family/
violence.                                                   partners/caregivers.
Bluestockings Books                                         The LOFT—LGBT Community Services Center for                                      the Lower Hudson Valley
Manhattan: 172 Allen St.                          
(212)777-6028                                               White Plains: 252 Bryant Ave.
Radical bookstore, fair trade café, and activist center.    (914) 948-2932
TGNC-specific books. Frequent community events and          Support groups: transgender support group, AA, SAFE
readings that feature work by TGNC people.                  (Spirit and Faith for Everyone); adult education groups;
                                                            a library and computer center; referrals for services;
Bodies Like Ours
                                                            Pro-Bono Name Change Project for TGNC people and
                                                            Drop-In Legal Clinic for LGBT legal questions; HIV
Online community and peer support for people born
                                                            testing and counseling; group for LGBT parents and their
intersexed and/or with atypical genitals.
Cross Dressers International (CDI)
                                                            Long Island GLBT Community Center
(212) 564-4847
                                                            Bay Shore, NY: 34 Park Ave.
CDI is a support and social activity group for MTF cross-
                                                            (631) 665-2300
dressers, transgender women, drag queens, and
                                                            Garden City, NY: 400 Garden City Plaza, Suite 110
                                                            (516) 323-0011
Deaf Queer Resource Center                                  Long Island Trans Experience (LITE) offers support                                          groups for trans people and partners/family/friends;
San Francisco, CA: PO Box 14431, SF CA, 94114               periodic Name Change Clinic; Mental Health; 12-step
Resource and information for, by, and about the deaf        Recovery; services for GLBT Seniors; Anti-Violence
queer community. Specific pages for Deaf Queer Youth        Project; Adoptive Parent Prep Class; Parenting Support
and Deaf Transgender/Transsexual people.                    Group; SAGE-LI, youth programming, and computers.
Hudson Pride Connections Center                             Make the Road By Walking                              
Jersey City, NJ: 32 Jones St.                               Brooklyn: 301 Grove St.
(201) 963-4779                                              (718) 418-7690
Social and supportive services including groups:GLITZ       Queens: 92-10 Roosevelt Ave., Jackson Heights
(Girls Living In the Trans Zone), BLITZ (Boys Living in     (718) 565-8500
the Trans Zone), SAGE-NJ, and Youth Connect.                Staten Island: 479 Port Richmond Ave.
Identity House                                              (718) 727-1222                                      Free bilingual English-Spanish legal and supportive
(212)243-8181                                               services aimed at holistic support; Assistance with Public
Manhattan: 208 West 13th St. (@ the LGBT Center)            Benefits, SSD/I, Fair Hearings, Housing, Immigration,
Walk-In Hours: Saturday and Sunday 6-8 pm.                  Healthcare and insurance access, Civil Rights issues;
Provides LGBT and questioning people with drop-in           Community organizing and advocacy.
supportive peer counseling, referrals, and support          NYC Coalition Against Hunger
LGBT Community Center                                       Manhattan: 50 Broad Street, Suite 1520                                          (212) 825-0028
Manhattan: 208 West 13th St.                                Neighborhood Guides for finding food sources in NYC.
(212) 620-7310                                              Searchable online database of available food sources.
Social, supportive, and mental health services to the       Food sources include food pantries, soup kitchens,
LGBT community, including social events, youth              information about applying for foodstamps and WIC, and
services, and recovery services.                            Greenmarkets. Neighborhood-specific info available.
Center Wellness offers many different wellness groups,      North East Two Spirit Society
including recovery and 12-step groups, health, support,
and education.           (646) 351.7360
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                  6

Education for communities regarding indigenous and         Manhattan: 305 7th Ave., 6th Fl.
Two-Spirit histories and traditions; community building    (212) 741-2247
among Two-Spirit people in the NE by promoting health      Advocacy, social and supportive services for LGBT
and spiritual well-being; building alliances with allied   seniors. SAGEWorks provides employment assistance;
community organizations.                                   SAGECAP provides assistance and support to caregivers;
                                                           SAGEConnect is an online resource library and web
                                                           discussion for providers and advocates. Community
                                                           Services at the LGBT Center on 13th street, including
                                                           Drop-In; Discussion Series; Case Management; and
NY Chapter: (212) 463-0629
                                                           Individual and Group Counseling; SAGEHarlem provides
Support for parents, families, and friends of LGBT
                                                           events and support to LGBT Seniors in upper Manhattan.
people. Regional support networks and national
resources. Transgender Network (TNET) supports             SAGE Long Island
loved ones of TGNC people.                       
• Welcoming Our Trans Families and Friends:                Bay Shore, NY: 34 Park Ave.            (631) 665-2300
                                                           Garden City: 400 Garden City Plaza, Suite 110
Queens Pride House
                                                           (516) 323-0011
                                                           Advocacy, social, and supportive services for LGBT
Queens: 76-11 37th Ave., St. 206, Jackson Heights
                                                           seniors. Discussion groups, Gay-Straight Alliance at
(718) 429-5309
                                                           Huntington Senior Center, Advisory Groups, PFLAG
Social and support groups, including Transgender
                                                           meetings, and trainings for providers working with LGBT
Discussion Group, health education, and referrals. Drop-
in center with computer lab and lending library.
                                                           SAGE Hudson County
Queers for Economic Justice
Manhattan: 147 W. 24th St., 4th Floor
                                                           Jersey City, NJ: Hudson Pride Connection, 32 Jones St.
(212) 564-3608
                                                           (201) 963-4779
Shelter organizing project for LGBT people living in NYC
                                                           Weekly support group and referral services for LGBT
shelters, leadership development, and advocacy for poor
and low-income LGBT New Yorkers.
                                                           Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls
Pride Center of New Jersey
                                                           Brooklyn: 87 Irving Place
Highland Park, NJ: 85 Raritan Ave., Suite 100
(732) 846-2232                                                 COMMUNITY ADVOCACY ORGANIZATIONS
Community center and supportive services for LGBTQ
adults and teens. Support groups include “True Selves”     ACT-UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power)
for TGNC people.                                 
Staten Island LGBT Center                                  Manhattan: 332 Bleecker St., Ste G5                                      Diverse, non-partisan group united in anger          and
Staten Island: 25 Victory Boulevard, 3rd Floor             committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis.
(718) 808-1360                                             Empire State Pride Agenda
Social and supportive services, TRANSistors support
group for TGNC people, free counseling services, “Clean,   Manhattan: 16 West 22nd St., Second Floor
Sober, and Happy!” group, seniors group, prospective       (212) 627-0305
parents group, and other group services, Youth services,   Political advocacy for LGBT New Yorkers, including
HIV testing and counseling, computer lab, and referrals.   advocacy for TGNC New Yorkers.
Ages 50+ (Elders)                                          GLAAD: Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
      See also Community Centers—Ages 18+        
                                                           Manhattan: 104 W. 29th St., 4th Fl.
Griot Circle                                               (212) 629-3322                                       Promotes    fair,  accurate,    and   inclusive  media
25 Flatbush Ave., 5th Fl., Brooklyn                        representation of LGBT people to combat discrimination
(718) 246-2775                                             based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Culturally diverse social and supportive services for
LGBT elders 50+. Buddy program, support group for          Human Rights Campaign
people living with HIV/AIDS, computer classes, and         http:/
more.                                                      Washington, DC: 1640 Rhode Island Ave. N.W.
                                                           (800) 777-4723
SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders)               Advocacy and organizing for LGBT rights. Resources for                                           TGNC people include guides for TGNC people and
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                   7

employers and the Corporate Equality Index which          Transgender American Veterans Association
measures workplace inclusivity.                 
• Transgender Visibility Guide: A Guide to Being You:     Akron, OH: PO Box 4513, Akron, Oh 44310    Support and advocacy for TGNC veterans. Works to
   guide                                                  ensure that TGNC vets are able to access health care
• Transgender Americans: A Handbook for                   and are treated fairly and equally. Collaborrates with
   Understanding:            Servicemembers Legal Defense Network
   transgender-americans-a-handbook-for-                  Transgender Health Initiative of New York
   understanding                                          Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund
• Transgender-Inclusive Benefits for Employees and
   Dependants:               Manhattan: 151 West 19th St., Suite 1103
   transgender-inclusive-benefits-for-employees-and-      (646) 862-9396
   dependents                                             THINY is TLDEF’s community group that works to
• Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace:                 improve access to trans-specific health care in New York.
   in-the-workplace-2nd-edition1                               HAIR REMOVAL: LASER & ELECTROLYSIS
National Center for Transgender Equality                  Electrolysis
Washington, DC: 1325 Massachusetts Ave., Ste. 700         Berkowits School
(202) 903-0112                                  
Federal advocacy. Conducts government oversight and       Queens: 107-25 Metropolitan Ave., Forest Hills
builds alliances. Provides Fact Sheets and Guides for     (718) 544-4234
TGNC people on topics like correcting Passports and       Electrolysis and laser at discounted rates, by students in
interacting with the TSA (airport security).              accredited training programs. TGNC friendly.
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force                       A American Electrolysis Studio                           
Manhattan: 80 Maiden Lane, Ste. 1504                      Manhattan: 347 5th Avenue, Suite 1207
(212) 604-9830                                            (212) 689-3254
Transgender Civil Rights Project provides leading         Electrolysis and waxing. Package deal available for 10
legislative, policy, and strategy assistance towards      sessions. TGNC friendly.
increasing the rights of transgender people. Guides for   A Perfect Skin
TGNC people include:                            
• Opening the Door to the Inclusion of Transgender        Bronx: 35-10 Bainbridge, Ave.
    People: The Nine Keys to Making LGBT Organizations    (718) 231-1313
    Fully Transgender-Inclusive:    Electrolysis and skin care available.
                                                          A Hollywood Way Electrolysis
• Transgender Equality: A Handbook for Activists and
    Policymakers:                   Manhattan: 1270 Broadway
    reports_and_research/trans_equality                   (212) 736-4925
• Transitioning Our Shelters: A Guide to Making           Electrolysis, photoepilation, waxing, and skin care. TGNC
    Homeless Shelters Safe for Transgender People:        friendly, Habla Espanol y Portugues,
                                                          Affordable Permanent Electrolysis
New York Association of Gender Rights Advocacy            Manhattan: 201 West 21st St. #15D
(NYAGRA)                                                  (212) 633-1503                                           Electrolysis. Out transgender provider. TGNC and LGB
Manhattan: 24 W. 25th St., 9th Floor                      friendly practice. Does not charge extra for pre-SRS
(212) 675-3288                                            electrolysis
NYAGRA advocates for freedom of gender identity and
                                                          Brier Hair Removal and Skin Care
expression for all.
Pride at Work                                             Queens: 85-15 Main St. #9N                                      (718) 206-2744
Washington, DC: 815 16th St., NW                          Electrolysis, Skin Care, Massage. TGNC friendly.
(202) 637-5014
                                                          Joy Anzarouth, CPE
AFL-CIO LGBT Constituency group mobilizing support
Labor movement and the LGBT community to support
LGBT workers social and economic justice.                 Manhattan: 315 West 55th St., Lobby D
                                                          (917) 670-6878
                                                          Electrolysis and skin care. TGNC friendly.
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                      8

Lucy Peters International                                          HEALTH CARE: HOLISTIC & WELLNESS
Manhattan: 150 East 5th St.                                  3rd Space Support
(212) 486-9740                                               Audre Lorde Project
Hair removal using their own “integrated system.”  
Locations in NYC; Cherry Hill, NJ; Philadelphia & Bryn       Manhattan: 147 West 24th St., 3rd Floor
Mawr, PA; Brentwood, TN; and Dallas, TX.                     (212) 463-0342
New York Electrolysis Office                                 Brooklyn: 85 South Oxford St.                                       (718) 596-0342
19 West 21st St., Ste 904                                    Addresses barriers to employment, education, health
(917) 210-4388 x101                                          care, and immigration status, and runs a health and
Electrolysis. TGNC friendly.                                 wellness program that offers acupuncture, reiki,
                                                             meditation, yoga, health screenings, and registered
Nios Spa: The Permanent Hair Removal Center                  nurses.
Manhattan: 315 W. 57th St., Ste. 308                         Alicia O Yoga
(212) 863-9058                                     
Electrolysis and skin care services. Donates portion of      Classes are a balance between vigorous Vinyasa flow,
sales to non-profit organizations.                           breath, anatomical awareness, self reflection and
                                                             care. Encourages students to take mental and physical
Stephanie Fischman, RN                                       journeys by deepening internal awareness, challenging
Upper East Side Location                                     the body and adjusting their practice based on individual
(917) 612-1139                                               needs. Combines yoga with social justice and specializes
Electrolysis. TGNC friendly.                                 in yoga for youth, activists and those dealing with
Susan Nasta                                                  injuries.                                            Brooklyn Open Acupuncture
Staten Island: 97 New Dorp Lane, Ste. D            
(917) 596-9701                                               (347) 871-6736
Electrolysis. TGNC friendly.                                 Brooklyn: 388 Atlantic Avenue - 3rd Floor
Laser                                                        Offers individualized acupuncture and herbal treatments
                                                             from skilled practitioners in a comfortable community
Berkowits School
                                                             setting. $15-$40 sliding scale.
Queens: 107-25 Metropolitan Ave., Forest Hills               Gael Guevara, Certified Personal Trainer
(718) 544-4234                                     
Electrolysis and laser at discounted rates, by students in   917-459-8779
accredited training programs. TGNC friendly.                 Founder and Owner of ViPRtrainingNYC. Offers one-on-
                                                             one personal training sessions as well as small group
Body Beautiful Spa & Laser Center
Manhattan: 116 East 7th St.
(212) 979-5515                                               Geleni Fontaine Acupuncture
Laser, waxing, skin care.                          
                                                             (718) 374-1703
Light Touch Laser Hair Removal
                                                             Licensed     acupuncturist    offering   a    supportive
                                                             environment to facilitate your healing. Seniors, families,
Manhattan: 22 West 19th St. (at Complete Body & Spa)
                                                             people of color, queer and trans folks, survivors of
(646) 926-7202
                                                             violence, and everyone in all bodies is welcome. Sliding
Laser hair removal, spider vein removal, pigmented
                                                             scale fees: $15 - $45. English and Spanish.
lesion removal, rosacea therapy, skin tightening.
                                                             Integrative Movement—Jeanne Reilly
Mitchell A. Kline, MD
                                                             (646) 641-4508
Manhattan: 700 Park Ave.
                                                             Pilates, gyrotonic, gyrokinesis, and acupuncture. brings
(212) 517-6555
                                                             passion, caring, and reverence for the human body to
Laser hair removal, discounts for TGNC community
                                                             every session.
members (as per NYAGRA directory), Board Certified
Dermatologist.                                               Dr. Kate Klemer
Satori Hair Removal
                                                             Manhattan: 32 Union Square East, Suite 411
                                                             (888) 375-2835
Manhattan: 481 Eighth Ave., Ste. 815
                                                             Chiropractor with experience with TGNC people. Offers
(212) 268-7799
                                                             Biodynamic    Craniosacral   Therapy   and   Nutrition
Laser, spider vein removal, skin        tightening,   skin
                                                             Counseling. Some private insurance accepted.
resurfacing. Donates 15% of sales.
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                      9

Rock Dove Collective                                         13-24. Adolescent HIV Primary Care, Perinatal HIV Care,                                  Hormone therapy, STI Screening and treatment and HIV
Coordinated network of health practitioners in the NYC       testing and counseling, Anal Paps, Case Management,
area who provide physical, mental, sexual, emotional,        Mental Health services, sexual/reproductive health care,
social and spiritual care from a (radical/progressive)       and pre-natal health care for young mothers.
perspective on well-being. Many practitioners in network     Mt. Sinai Adolescent Health Center
accept mutual aid as payment and/or offer sliding scales
for services. Directories include: Alternative Medicine,     adolescent-health/
Bodywork,     Community      Education,    Conventional      (212) 423-3000
Medicine, Counseling/therapy, Reproductive Health,           Manhattan: 312 East 94th St.
Sexual Health, Spiritual-Based Healing, and Traditional      Comprehensive medical, mental health, and supportive
Eastern Medicine.                                            services for young people ages 10-22. Reproductive
Stone Circles                                                health services, SEEK Peer Educator program, eating                                        disorders program, nutritionist, teen parenting program,
Mebane, NC: 6602 Nicks Road                                  substance use prevention and treatment, teen sexual
(919) 304-5000                                               assault   survivor    program,     learning   disabilities
Strengthen    and    sustain   people    committed    to     evaluation, and legal services.
transformation and justice. Offers accessible retreats,      Ages 18+ (Adults and Elders)
educational tools, convenings, training and community
events for individuals, groups and social movements.            See also HIV and AIDS Service Organizations
SOUL Sanctuary, a five-day refuge program for agents         Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS
of progressive change, four to five times per year at no
charge. each SOUL Sanctuary retreat is comprised of at       Manhattan: 400 Broadway
least 50% people of color.                                   (212) 334-7940
Third Root Community Health Center                           Adult primary Medical Care with emphasis on Asian and                                           Pacific Islander (API) LGBT Health and Wellness.
Brooklyn: 380 Marlborough Road                               Transgender Health Clinic, HIV Care, Sexual Health
(718) 940-9343                                               Services, Chronic Disease Management (Diabetes,
Provides holistic, collaborative care in an accessible and   Asthma, Hepatitis B and C, HIV, Hypertension), Short
sustainable manner. Offers Queer & Trans Yoga and            term mental health counseling and referrals.
offers TGNC-friendly services. Community and Individual      Callen-Lorde Community Health Center
Acupuncture, Massage-Tuina and/or Shiatsu, Yoga,   
Herbal and Nutrition Consults, and Community Health          Manhattan: 356 W. 18th St.
Workshops.                                                   (212) 271-7200
                                                             Adolescent, adult, and senior primary medical care with
          HEALTH CARE: NEW YORK CITY                         emphasis on LGBT Health and Wellness and HIV Primary
Ages 13-24 (Youth)                                           Care. Hormone treatment, Transgender Sexual Health
                                                             Clinic,  trans-affirmative    gynecology,   Alternative
Health Outreach To Teens Clinic @ Callen-Lorde               Insemination program, STI screenings and HIV testing                                        and counseling, dentistry, short-term mental health
Manhattan: 356 W. 18th St.                                   care, and case management.
(212) 271-7200                                               Community Health Network
Welcoming, non-judgemental, confidential medical and
mental health services for LGBTQ, homeless, runaway,         General: (866) 246-8259
and other street-oriented young people. Services are         Bronx: 975 Westchester Ave.
offered at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center and on       (718) 320-4466
the HOTT medical van, which goes to various Manhattan        Queens: 90-04 161st Street, Jamaica
locations. HOTT’s services are free or low-cost              (718) 523-2123
(insurance is accepted). HOTT will register people into      Adult and senior primary health care, HIV Care, mental
the program who are 21 and younger, and will provide         health services, gynecology, STI screening and HIV
ongoing care until 24th birthday, when they will             testing and counseling, podiatry, and dentistry. Services
transition into adult care at Callen-Lorde.                  for teens. Health Centers, offices, and mobile units in
HEAT Program (Health and Education Alternatives              the Bronx, Brooklyn,       Manhattan, and Queens.
for Teens)                                                   Transgender Health Care program at Bronx and Queens
Kings County Hospital                                        locations.
Brooklyn: 760 Parkside Ave., Rm. 308
(718) 467-4446
Medical and Supportive Services for young people ages
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                     10

Housing Works                                               and reproductive health care, STI testing and treatment,                                       HIV testing, pregnancy testing and services, emergency
Many Locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn                    contraception, and abortion services.
(877) 296-9264                                              East
Services for low-income people who are HIV+, including:
Medical, Dental, and Mental Health care; COBRA Case         Baltimore: Chase-Brexton
Management; ADHC; Emergency assistance and        
referrals; substance use counseling; Legal Services,        Baltimore, MD: 1001 Cathedral St.
Transgender Services, Transcend (Transgender Support        (410) 837-2050
Group), and Transgender Transitional Housing Program.       Primary care, hormone therapy, dental care, mental
                                                            health services, HIV care, psychiatry, and podiatry, STI
Ryan Network
                                                            screening and HIV testing, gynecology.
Upper West Side: 110 W 97th St., Manhattan                  Massachusetts: Fenway
(212) 749-1820                                    
Midtown West: 645 10th Ave., Manhattan                      Boston, MA: Ansin Building: 1340 Boylston St.
(212) 265-4500                                              (617) 267-0900
Lower East Side: 279 E 3rd St., Manhattan                   Boston, MA: Borum Health Center: 130 Boylston St.
(212) 477-8500                                              (617) 457-8140
Family primary health care (Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult,   Adult and adolescent primary care, HIV primary care,
Geriatric), HIV Primary Care, Dental Care, Optometry,       transgender care and hormone therapy, dental care,
Allergy, Dermatology, Neurology, Nutrition, Podiatry,       optometry, STI testing and treatment and HIV testing
Prenatal care, Sexual and Reproductive Health Care,         and counseling, LGBT parenting services, Violence
Sonograms, Urology, Case Management, and Mental             Recovery Program, sexual and reproductive health
Health services.                                            services, support groups, psychiatry, mental health
                                                            services, and case management. The Borum offers care
Sidney Hillman and Phillips Family Practice
                                                            to young people ages 12-29.
Institute for Family Health                                      Pennsylvania: Mazzoni Center
Manhattan: 16 East 16th St.                       
(212) 206-5200                                              Philadelphia, PA: 809 Locust St.
Adult and senior primary care, HIV primary care,            (215) 563-0658
diabetes care, STI testing and treatment and HIV testing    Adolescent and adult primary care, HIV care, drop in
and counseling, sexual and reproductive health care,        health clinic for young people under 24, transgender
mental health and case management.                          health services and hormone treatment, laser hair
                                                            removal, sexual and reproductive health care, STI
Village Care
                                                            screening and treatment and HIV testing and counseling,
                                                            counseling and recovery services, support groups,
Manhattan: 121A West 20th St.
                                                            mental health services, case management, and legal
(212) 337-9290
Adult and senior primary care and HIV primary care,
AIDS day treatment, Adult Day Health Center, treatment      Washington DC: Whitman Walker
adherence, community services for seniors, community
case management, residential care: skilled nursing and      Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center
independent living for older adults.                        1701 14th St., NW
                                                            Max Robinson Center
       HEALTH CARE: U.S. LGBT CLINICS                       2301 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave., SE
                                                            (202) 745-7000
There are many smaller clinics in the US. These are a
                                                            Adult primary medical care, transgender health care and
few. Also check your local LGBT Center for referrals.
                                                            hormone treatment, sexual and reproductive health
Directories                                                 care, anal cancer screenings, STI screening and
GLMA—Find a Provider:                         treatment and HIV testing and counseling, Breast Health
Scarleteen—Find   a   Doc:            Initiative, medical adherence services, dental clinic, PEP,
find_a_doc                                                  mental health services, legal services, and case
Judgement Free Providers:                    management.
National                                                    Midwest

Planned Parenthood                                          Illinois: Howard Brown                        
Services vary by affiliate, but may include: general        Chicago, IL: 4025 N. Sheridan Rd.
health care, LGBT health, PAP smears and pelvic exams,      773-388-1600
clinical breast/chest exams, hormonal therapy, sexual       Primary care, hormone therapy, mental health, HIV
                                                            care, substance use treatment, case management,
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                  11

smoking cessation, alternative insemination, older adult    Virginia: Fan Free Clinic – Transgender Clinic
services, youth services. Many private insurances, IL
Medicaid, Medicare, and sliding scale.                      Richmond, VA: 1010 North Thompson St.
Ohio: LGBT Pride Clinic                                     (804) 358-6343
McCafferty Health Center                                    Primary care, hormone therapy, support services, STI                        screening, mental health referrals
Cleveland, OH: 4242 Lorain Ave.                             Virginia Transgender Resource and Referral List
(216) 957-4905                                    
Primary Health for children, adolescents, and adults,       DiseasePrevention/Hotline/TransRRList.pdf
transgender health care and hormone therapy, chronic        Published by the Virginia DOH, Division of Disease
disease management (hypertension, diabetes, lung            Prevention and The Virginia Transgender Taskforce on
disease), sexual and reproductive health care, mental       behalf of the Virginia HIV Community Planning Group.
health services, and case management.                       West
                                                            California: LGBT Center of LA
Georgia: Feminist Women’s Health Center                     McDonald/Wright Building                           
Atlanta, GA: 1924 Cliff Valley Way NE                       Los Angeles, CA: 1625 N Schrader Blvd.
(404) 248-5445                                              (323) 993-7518
Annual physicals, pelvic exams, clinical chest exams, STI   Primary health care for TGNC people, including pap
screening and lab work for non-trans women, intersex,       smears and pelvic exams, prostate exams, hormone
and transmasculine-spectrum people.                         therapy, post-surgical care for those who have had
Georgia: Intown Primary Care                                gender confirming procedures.                                  California: Dimensions
Atlanta, GA: 730 Ponce de Leon Pl. Unit B                   Castro-Mission Health Center
(404) 541-0944                                    
Primary care, HIV care, hormone replacement,                San Francisco, CA: 3850 17th St.
psychiatry, STI testing, laser hair removal, other laser    (415) 934-7757
treatments. Accepts many private and public plans,          Primary Medical Care, HIV Care, Transgender Care, STI
including Medicare and GA Medicaid.                         testing and treatment and HIV testing and counseling,
Texas: Resource Center Dallas                               sexual and reproductive health care, PAP and pelvic
Nelson-Tebedo Community Clinic                              exams, pregnancy testing, birth control, immunizations,        mental health care, and case management.
transgender-health                                          California: Lyon-Martin
Dallas, TX: 4012 Cedar Springs Rd.                
(214) 528-2336                                              San Francisco, CA: 1748 Market St., Suite 201
Low-cost hormone therapy and lab monitoring with no-        (415) 565-7667
fee consultation.                                           Primary care, HIV care, hormone therapy, pelvic exams
Tennessee: CHOICES: Memphis Center for                      and PAPs, breast/chest exams, mental health services,
Reproductive Health                                         behavioral health services, referrals. Accepts Medi-Cal,                                            SF Health Plan, Medicare, Healthy San Francisco, Family
Memphis, TN: 1726 Poplar Ave.                               PACT, Every Woman Counts, and sliding scale payment.
(901) 274-3550                                              California: Tom Waddell
Hormone therapy, primary care, STI testing and    
treatment, pelvic exams and PAP, fertility services, HIV    medSvs/hlthCtrs/TransgenderHlthCtr.asp
testing, HIV case management, and Referrals,                San Francisco, CA: 50 Lech Walesa (Ivy) St.
menopause counseling and management. No insurance,          (415) 355-7588
sliding scale.                                              Primary care, hormone therapy, HIV Care, mental
Virginia: Transition your Life Clinic (TLC)                 health, social services, and nutrition.
ACCESS AIDS Care                                            Oregon: Outside In Clinic   
programs/74-transgender-clinic.html                         Portland, OR: 1132 SW 13th Ave.
Norfolk, VA: 3415 Granby St.                                503-535-3800
(757) 640-0929                                              Services for youth and adults, focusing on homeless
Hormone therapy, referrals to primary care, confidential    youth and medically marginalized people, including
HIV testing, psychological evaluation.                      transgender people. Primary medical care, sexual and
                                                            reproductive health care, transgender health services
                                                            and hormone therapy, STI testing and treatment and
                                                            HIV testing and counseling, acupuncture and Chinese
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                   12

medicine, chiropractor, dental care, psychiatry, tattoo      Housing Works
removal, syringe exchange, and case management.    
Washington: Gender Alliance of the South Sound               Many Locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Transgender Resource Guide                                   (877) 296-9264                                    Services for low-income people who are HIV+, including:                      Medical, Dental, and Mental Health care; COBRA Case
GUIDE.pdf                                                    Management; ADHC; Emergency assistance and
Published by Gender Alliance of the South Sound and          referrals; substance use counseling; Legal Services,
has resources for Western Washington.                        Transgender Services, Transgender Support Group, and
                                                             Transgender Transitional Housing Program.
      HIV/AIDS SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS                                       HOUSING     AND   SHELTER
AIDS Center of Queens County (ACQC)                          Ages 13-24 (Youth)
Queens: 161-21 Jamaica Avenue, 6th Floor                     Ali Forney Center
Main: (718) 896-2500                                         Ages 16-24
Jamaica Hillside: (718) 739-2525                   
Far Rockaway: (718) 868-8645                                 224 W. 35th St., Ste 1102, Manhattan
Long Island City: (718) 472-9400                             (212) 222-3427
Case    Management,      Housing,  Legal,   Preventive       Emergency housing, transitional housing, and social
Education, Mental Health, Harm Reduction and a Syringe       services for homeless LGBTQ young people. Day
Exchange program for HIV-positive and HIV-affected           program, street outreach, case management, medical
people in Queens.                                            care, HIV testing & counseling, mental health, food,
                                                             showers, employment assistance, and housing.
Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS                                              Green Chimneys
Manhattan: 400 Broadway                                      Ages 16-20
(212) 334-7940                                     
Adult primary Medical Care with emphasis on Asian and        For information and referrals: (718) 732-1501
Pacific Islander (API) LGBT Health and Wellness.             Referrals for homeless young people: (718) 732-1507
Transgender Health Clinic, HIV Care, Sexual Health           The NYC Division of Green Chimneys provides housing
Services, Chronic Disease Management (Diabetes,              and social services to LGBTQ young people who are
Asthma, Hepatitis B and C, HIV, Hypertension), Short         homeless or in foster care in multiple NYC locations.
term mental health counseling and referrals.                 Sylvia’s Place
Gay Men’s Health Crisis                                      Metropolitan Community Church of New York                                                Ages 18-24
Manhattan: 446 West 33rd St.                       
(212) 367-1000                                               Manhattan: 446 W 36th St.
Social and supportive services for people living with HIV/   (212) 629-7440 x226
AIDS, including case management and referrals, legal         6-bed shelter for LGBTQI runaway and homeless young
services, counseling, nutrition, wellness, workplace         people. Also offers case management, mental health
readiness, and more. Experience with transgender             services, and a shelter.
people, services in English and Spanish, and services for    Safe Horizon—Streetwork Project
young people.                                                For young people under 24
Hispanic Aids Forum (HAF)                                                                         youth-41.html
Manhattan: 213 West 35th St., Floor 12                       (800) 708-6600
(212) 563-4500                                               Drop-in centers offer meals, supportive services, social
62-07 Woodside Ave., St. 300, Woodside, Queens               activities, support groups, syringe exchange, medical
(718) 803-2766                                               care, and referrals to residential programs.
Supportive services for HIV+ people. Queens location         Streetwork Harlem Drop-In Center
has support groups and services for women of                 209 W. 125th. St., Manhattan
transgender experience.                                      (212) 695-2220
                                                             M, T, Th, F 12-5 pm
HIV Law Project
                                                             Lower East Side Drop-In Center
                                                             Manhattan: 33 Essex St.
Manhattan: 15 Maiden Lane, 18th Fl.
                                                             (646) 602-6404
Serves HIV+ Bronx and Manhattan residents with
                                                             M 2-5 (injection drug users only); T,Th,F 2-7
housing, immigration, benefits, and healthcare. Bilingual
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                       13

Trinity Place                                                Prevention and Temporary Housing (PATH)
Ages 18-24                                                   For families with children under 21                                 Bronx: 151 East 151st St.
Manhattan: 164 W. 100th St.                                  Take the 2, 4, or 5 train to 149th Street/Grand
(646) 580-7045                                               Concourse. Walk north on Grand Concourse two blocks,
10-bed transitional shelter for LGBTQ young people           to E. 151st St. and turn left. Walk two blocks to Walton
located in Trinity Lutheran Church. Offers referrals to      Avenue.
medical services, case management, education, career         New York City Housing Programs
counseling, art classes, mental health services, and
more.                                                        HIV/AIDS Service Administration
True Colors
                                                             (212) 971-0626
Ages 18-24
                                                             People who are HIV+ and meet HASA’s medical and
                                                             financial eligibility requirements may be eligible for
Manhattan: 267-269 W. 154th St.
                                                             housing and financial assistance from HASA. If you are
(212) 873-6300
                                                             interested in HASA please see a case manager at your
Permanent supportive housing and social services for
                                                             medical facility or at an HIV/AIDS service organization.
runaway and homeless young people.
Application:                        Mental Health Housing—Office of Mental Health
PDF/2011_true_colors_residence.pdf                           People who experience serious mental illnesses and
Ages 18+ (Adults and Elders)                                 meet OMH’s mental health requirements may be eligible
                                                             for supported housing. Homeless people living with
New York City Shelter System                                 serious mental illness may qualify for priority housing. If
If you are homeless, you have a right to shelter in New      you are interested in Supported Mental Health Housing,
York City. You can seek assistance by going to any of        please see a case manager at your medical facility, ask
the intake shelters listed below. There are no adult LGBT    your therapist, or ask a case manager at any mental
or trans-specific shelters in New York City. If you are      health support program you attend.
having difficulty applying for shelter or receiving a bed,   NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA)
or if you have any questions, you can get help at the
Coalition for the Homeless Crisis Intervention Program.      (718) 707-7771
129 Fulton St., Manhattan. Arrive before 9 AM to receive     Bronx/Manhattan: 478 E Fordham Rd. 2nd Fl., Bronx
help on a first-come-first-served basis.                     Brooklyn/S.I.: 787 Atlantic Ave., 2nd Fl., Brooklyn
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS                                             Queens: 90-27 Sutphin Boulevard, 4th Fl.
According to DHS policy, you have the right to be            Very long wait lists (2+ years). Eligible applicants will be
housed according to the gender you identify as. Shelter      added to waitlist. Must meet the income limits, be a
workers are required to call you by the name and             citizen or documented resident, and be over 18. Call to
pronouns you prefer and to place you in a shelter that       get an application, or visit a Customer Contact Center
matches your gender, regardless of what your ID              (Open M-F 8-5) .
documents say.                                               Section 8
• You cannot be forced to use or go to a facility that       New Section 8 applications are not being processed.
    does not match your gender
                                                             Other Drop-In Centers, Shelters, and Housing
• You cannot be forced to dress in a way that does not
    match your gender                                        Coalition for the Homeless
• For more information, or for assistance if you are
    experiencing trans discrimination in the shelter         Manhattan: 129 Fulton St.
    system, contact the Sylvia Rivera Law Project            (212) 776-2000
    at 212-337-8550.                                         Assistance for people who are homeless or at risk,
                                                             including: problems at shelters and intake centers;
City Intake Shelters
                                                             benefits; mailing address; housing; referrals for: shelter,
30th St. Men's Shelter
                                                             clothing, food, counseling, legal services, recovery and
Manhattan: 400-430 30th St. at First Ave.
                                                             detox, job training, medical and mental health services,
Take the 6 train to 28th St and walk to 30th St and 1st
                                                             domestic violence counseling, immigration services,
                                                             assistance with IDs, and more. Walk-in M-F before 9 AM
Brooklyn Women's Shelter                                     for first-come-first-serve basis.
Brooklyn: 116 Williams Ave.
                                                             Goddard Riverside Outreach Team
Take the C train to Liberty Ave.
Franklin Women's Shelter                                     goddard-riverside-outreach/
Bronx: 1122 Franklin Avenue at East 166th St.                (212) 595-3066 and (212) 785-6690
Take the 2 or 5 train to 149th St / 3rd Ave and the 55       Provides outreach to street-homeless people in NYC
Bus to 3rd Ave and E.166th St.                               residing in specific areas, including the subway system.
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                      14

Housing Works: Transgender Transitional Housing                applications. Referrals to community, educational, and
Program                                                        volunteer opportunities. Tutoring in English and for             immigration exam. Not LGBT specific.
transitional-housing-program                                   Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM)
Brooklyn: 2611 Pitkin Ave.                           
718-827-8700 x150                                              Queens: 72-18 Roosevelt Ave.
Transitional housing for transgender people living with        (718) 205-3036
HIV/AIDS.     The   program    has  23   scattered-site        Builds leadership in low-income South Asian immigrant
apartments and residents also participate in Housing           communities, particularly of women and youth,
Works East Adult Day Health Care programming.                  undocumented immigrants, and immigrants who are
MainChance Shelter                                             detained, in NYC. Runs several projects including the                     Immigrant Justice Program, Azaadi Legal Defense
mainchance-drop-in-center/                                     Project, Youth Power! and the Queens Drivers License
Manhattan: East 32nd St.                                       Coalition.
(212) 883-0680 Ext. 301                                        Families for Freedom
Food, clothing, showers, space for resting, and social
services including housing assistance, treatment               Manhattan: 35 West 31th St, #702
referrals, and employment counseling. Has some                 Hotline: (646) 290-5551
experience working with transgender people.                    (646) 290-8720
Sanctuary for Families                                         NY-based multi-ethnic defense network by and for                                  immigrants facing and fighting deportation
(212) 349-6009                                                 HealthRight International
Provides counseling, shelter, legal, and other services to     Human Rights Clinic
victims of domestic violence and their children in New
York City. Work with clients from all backgrounds, with        Manhattan: 80 Maiden Lane
specialized services for immigrants (including targeted        (212) 226-9890
outreach to African women and Spanish-speaking                 Assists in applications for asylum based on human rights
women), LGBTQ people, and victims of sex trafficking.          violations. Experience working with TGNC people.
If you or someone you know is in need of help, call
Sanctuary for Families: (212) 349–6009.                        Immigration Equality
Safe Home Project                                              Manhattan: 40 Exchange Place, St. 1705
HOTLINE: (718) 499-2151                                        (212) 714-2904
LGBT Shelter for Survivors of Domestic/Intimate Partner        Free immigration legal services for HIV-affected and
Violence. Inclusive of trans women.                            LGBT people, including asylum seekers.
Safe Horizon                                                   Legal-Aid Society                                                                            Manhattan: 199 Water St.
Hotlines:                                                      (212) 577-3300
Domestic Violence: (800) 621-4673                              Provides Civil and Criminal legal services to low-income
Crime Victims: (866) 689-4357                                  New York residents.
Rape, Sexual Assault and Incest: (212)227-3000                 Immigration Law Detention Hotline: (212) 577-3456
TDD for all hotlines: (866) 604-5350                           Community Law Office: (212) 426-3000
Provides counseling, shelter, legal (including court           Employment Law Project: (888) 218-6974
advocacy), and supportive services to victims of               Health Law Project: (212) 577-3575
domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, stalking,          HIV/AIDS Representation Project of the Harlem
trafficking, and child abuse in New York City. Special         Homeless Rights Project: (800) 649-9125
programs for youth and young adults and families of            Low-Income Taxpayers Clinic: (212) 426-3013
homicide victims. Project SAFE provides free lock              Prisoners Rights Project: (212) 577-3530 or write to
replacements.                                                  Prisoners’ Rights Project / The Legal Aid Society / 199
                                                               Water St. / New York, NY 10038
                                                               Lorena Borjas Community Fund
                See also Legal Services                        Contact Info Forthcoming
Citizenship NOW! At City University of NY                      Supports low-income LGB and TGNC immigrants to deal                  with the collateral consequences of arrest, criminal
(646) 344-7245                                                 conviction, jail time and court appearances including the
Provides free and confidential immigration law services.       financial burdens, loss of personal property, and the
Many locations. One-on-One consultations assess                many pressures to accept unfavorable pleas.
participants’ eligibility for legal benefits and assist with
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                      15

New York Legal Assistance Group                              Organisation Intersex International (OII) USA                                 
Manhattan: 7 Hanover Square, 18th Floor            
General, Immigration, and Family: (212) 613-5000             The Organisation Intersex International (OII) is a global
LGBT Law Project: (212) 613-5000 ext. 5107                   advocacy group for people born with bodies which have
Offers legal support to low-income New Yorkers: General      atypical sexual characteristics. It is the largest intersex
Legal Support, Immigration Protection Unit, LGBT Law         support group in the world, with branches on six
Project, Matrimonial and Family Law, Legal Health, Total     continents. Provides education, support, and advocacy
Life Choices (wills, proxies, powers of attorney), Special   information.
Litigation, Special Education, Financial Counseling, and
Holocaust Compensation Assistance.                                              LEGAL SERVICES
Make the Road By Walking                                                      See also Immigration
                                                             Name Change Assistance
Brooklyn: 301 Grove St.
(718) 418-7690                                               These orgs can help you file to change your name:
Queens: 92-10 Roosevelt Ave., Jackson Heights                New      York—NYC:      Sylvia    Rivera   Law  Project;
(718) 565-8500                                               Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund; West
Staten Island: 479 Port Richmond Ave.                        Village Name Change Clinic; LGBT Law Project at
(718) 727-1222                                               NYLAG; and the Peter Cicchino Youth Project at the
Free bilingual English-Spanish legal and supportive          Urban Justice Center.
services aimed at holistic support; Assistance with Public   New York—Hudson Valley: The Loft
Benefits, SSD/I, Fair Hearings, Housing, Immigration,        New York—Long Island: The Long Island GLBT
Healthcare and insurance access, Civil Rights issues;        Community Center
Community organizing and advocacy.                           New England (CT, MA, ME):
NY Immigration Coalition
                                                             New Jersey: Legal Services of New Jersey; Procedure
                                                             available online:
(212) 627-2227
Manhattan: 137-139 West 25th St., 12th Floor
                                                             *No Legal Services in your area? Contact your closest
Policy/advocacy work, education, technical assistance,
                                                             LGBT Center and ask for referrals.
and leadership development to support immigrants in
NYS: focus on health, education, immigration, housing        Getting needed documentation for your name change:
and parks, civic participation, and language access.
                                                             Birth Certificate. Contact the Office of Vital Records
Offers a comprehensive list of low-cost immigration
                                                             and Statistics in the county you were born in. If you
service providers in NY.
                                                             were born in NYC go to
Sylvia Rivera Law Project                                    home.html or call 212-788-4520. If you were born in                                                NYS go to
Manhattan: 147 W 24th St, 5th Floor                          birth.htm.
(212) 337-8550                                               Rap Sheet, if you have a record. Contact the Legal
Provides free legal services to TGNC people of color and     Action Center at or (800) 223-4044.
low-income TGNC people, call for drop-in hours.              Additional documents might be requested, based on
                                                             your individual situation. Contact a lawyer if you have
            INTERSEX/DSD RESOURCES                           any questions.
                                                             Name change in Civil Courts in NYC
Accord Alliance                                                                          NYC residents may file name change petitions at civil
NJ: 531 Rt 22 East #244, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889        courts in any of the 5 Boroughs. You can go to
(908) 349-0534                                               Manhattan court even if you live in another borough.
Provides education and advocacy for people and families      SRLP has detailed explanations of the process in NYC in
affected by DSD (“Disorders of Sexual Development”) or       English and Spanish       at
intersex conditions, including support information.          namechange. Court locations:
Intersex Society of North America (ISNA)                     Manhattan: 111 Centre St, Rm. 118, 646-386-5609                                                Brooklyn: 141 Livingston St., Bronx: 851 Grand
ISNA is no longer an active organization, however its        Concourse, Queens: 89-17 Sutphin Blvd., Staten
website hosts a wealth of information about intersex         Island: 927 Castleton Ave.
conditions, both for people who have them and for            New York State Vital Records Offices
                                                             Request birth certificates and file requests to change
                                                             your name or gender marker on your birth certificate for
                                                             people who were born in NYS.
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                   16

Gender Marker/Sex Designation Changes                        Provides Civil and Criminal legal services to low-income
To change your gender marker on your ID (State ID, SS        New Yorkers. Projects include:
Card, Passport, Birth Certificate, and Benefits card) you    Community Law Office: (212) 426-3000
will need a letter from a licensed PCP indicating:           Employment Law Project: (888) 218-6974
Birth Certificates: Vary by state. Please see:               Health Law Project: (212) 577-3575                               HIV/AIDS Representation Project of the Harlem
Medicaid: No official policy exists.                         Homeless Rights Project: (800) 649-9125
Passport: Letter from licensed medical provider. See:        Immigration Law Detention Hotline: (212) 577-3456           Low-Income Taxpayers Clinic: (212) 426-3013
Social Security: A letter from surgeon or provider           Prisoners Rights Project: (212) 577-3530 or write to
verifying that “sex change surgery was completed.”           Prisoners’ Rights Project / The Legal Aid Society / 199
State ID—New York: Letter from licensed medical              Water St. / New York, NY 10038
provider indicating that one gender predominates             Legal Services of New Jersey
State ID—New Jersey: Completed form:                           Web Intake:
Other Legal Services                                         (888) 576-5229
                                                             Provides legal assistance on civil matter to low-income
American Civil Liberties Union: LGBT Project                 New Jersey residents. Offers guidance on name changes                                           on the telephone (but does not represent clients for the
Manhattan: 125 Broad St., 18th Floor                         name change process). Experience with TGNC people.
(212) 549-2500
                                                             LGBT Law Association of Greater New York
Advocacy, impact litigation, and direct legal services for
LGBT people focusing on: rights of LGBT people,
                                                             Manhattan: 799 Broadway, #340
relationships/marriage, parenting, youth & schools, and
                                                             (212) 353-9118
TGNC discrimination. For assistance regarding
                                                             Resource center, lawyer assistance program, LGBT Life
discrimination based on LGBT identity or HIV status go
                                                             Planning, Legal Walk-In Clinics on Long Island and in
                                                             Manhattan, the West Village Trans-Legal Clinic.
• Transgender People and the Law Resource Guide:
                                                             West Village Trans-Legal Clinic: Name Change
                                                             Project @ the LGBT Center on the First Monday of each
                                                             month, assistance for legal name change.
ACLU of New Jersey:                                              LGBT Law Project at NY Legal Assistance Group         
(973) 642-2084                                               Manhattan: 7 Hanover Square, 18th Floor
Gay and Lesbian Rights and Discrimination cases, has         (212) 613-5000 ext. 5107
experience working with TGNC people.                         Free representation regarding: discrimination based on
                                                             sexual orientation or gender identity; Landlord/Tenant
New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU)
                                                             disputes;    Legal   name    and   document    change;
                                                             Immigration Issues; Orders of Protection; Public
                                                             Benefits; Second Parent or Joint Adoption; Relationship
Manhattan: 125 Broad St.
                                                             dissolution; Custody and Visitation; Will, Health Care
Provides legal services, advocacy, and public education
                                                             Proxy and Living Will Preparation.
to fight for civil rights.
                                                             Long Island GLBT Community Center
HIV Law Project
                                                             Bay Shore, NY: 34 Park Ave.
Manhattan: 15 Maiden Lane, 18th Fl.
                                                             (631) 665-2300
(212) 577.3001
                                                             Long Island Trans Experience (LITE) offers support
Serves HIV+ Bronx and Manhattan residents with
                                                             services for TGNC people, including Name Change Clinic.
housing, immigration, benefits, and healthcare.
                                                             Prisoners’ Legal Services of New York
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
                                                             Ithaca, NY: 114 Prospect St. Ithaca, NY 14850
Manhattan: 120 Wall St., Ste 1500
                                                             Free legal services for NYS prisoners. Submit inquiries
(212) 209-8585
                                                             via mail.
Serves LGBT and HIV+ people through impact litigation,
education, and public policy work.                           Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN)
Legal-Aid Society
                                                             Washington DC: PO Box 65301, Washington DC 20035
                                                             (202) 328-3244 or (202) 328-FAIR
Manhattan: 199 Water St.
                                                             Legal services, watchdog, and policy work that supports
(212) 577-3300
                                                             LGB and TGNC servicemembers and is dedicated to full
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                        17

equality and ending discrimination and harassment            NYC Commission on Human Rights
based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Free
legal services to active service members and veterans.       311 or (212) 306-7450
• Freedom to Serve: The Definitive Guide to LGBT             Call to file NYC human rights violations and
    Military Service:      discrimination complaints. NYC’s Anti-Discrimination
    service                                                  law includes protections for people based on
                                                             gender identity and sexual orientation as well as
Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP)
                                                             race and color, creed/religion, national origin, sex, age,
                                                             disability, marital status, familial status, military status,
Manhattan: 147 W 24th St, 5th Floor
                                                             domestic violence/intimate partner violence victim
(212) 337-8550
                                                             status, arrest or conviction record, and/or predisposing
Provides free legal services to TGNC people of color and
                                                             genetic characteristics.
low-income TGNC people, call for drop-in hours.
                                                             NYS Division of Human Rights
Transgender Law and Policy Fund
                                                             Bronx: One Fordham Plaza, 4th Floor
Brooklyn: 328 Flatbush Ave., Box 312
                                                             (718) 741-8400 / TDD: (718) 741-8300
Advocates for TGNC people and brings together experts
                                                             Files NY State discrimination claims based on: race/
and advocates to work on law and policy initiatives
                                                             color, creed/religion, national origin, sex, age, disability,
designed to advance transgender equality.
                                                             sexual orientation, marital status, familial status,
Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund                   military status, domestic violence/intimate partner
(TLDEF)                                                      violence victim status, arrest or conviction record, and/                                    or predisposing genetic characteristics.
Manhattan: 151 West 19th St., Suite 1103
                                                             Complaints: Lawyers/Attorneys Grievances
(646) 862-9396
Addresses discrimination against TGNC people through         NYS Attorney Grievance Committees
impact litigation and advocacy. The Name Change    
Project provides free legal representation during the        complaints.shtml
name change process.                                         Accepts complaints about unethical conduct by attorneys
Urban Justice Center                                         in NY. By County:                                        Bronx and Manhattan: Departmental Disciplinary
Manhattan: 123 William St. 16th Floor                        Committee for the 1st Department
(646) 602-5600                                               Manhattan: 61 Broadway, 2nd Floor
Provides direct legal service, advocacy, community           (212) 401-0800
education and political organizing to NYC’s most             Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island: Grievance
vulnerable residents.                                        Committee for the 2nd, 11th, and 13th Judicial Districts
Peter Cicchino Youth Project                                 Brooklyn: 335 Adams St., Suite 2400                 (718) 923-6300
Free legal services for LGBT young people; drop in clinics   Dutchess,      Orange,       Putnam,  Rockland       and
at Ali Forney, Streetwork Project, and Hetrick Martin        Westchester Counties: Grievance Committee for the
Institute                                                    9th Judicial District
Sex Workers Law Project                                      White Plains, NY: 399 Knollwood Road, Suite 200                   (914) 824-5070
(646) 602-5617                                               Nassau and Suffolk Counties: Grievance Committee
Free legal services for sex workers, former sex workers,     for the 10th Judicial District
and those that are profiled or at risk for engaging in sex   Hauppauge, NY : 150 Motor Parkway, Suite 102
work, including victims of human trafficking.                (631) 231-3775
Complaints: Discrimination                                   Complaints: Licensed Providers

Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, NY                  NYS Office of Professional Discipline
District Office                                                                          
Manhattan: 33 Whitehall St.                                  (800) 442-8106 / Fax: (212) 951-6420
(800) 669-4000 / TTY (800) 669-6820                          File complaints about unethical practice by licensed
(212) 336-3620                                               providers:    acupuncturists,    massage     therapists,
Call   to   file complaints  regarding  employment           therapists, social workers, pharmacists, dentists, dental
discrimination under federal law. Intake hours are           hygienists, nurses, midwives, occupational therapists,
Monday-Friday, from 9:00am to 3:00 pm.                       physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, and
                                                             more. Complaints about (MDs) go to the Office of
                                                             Professional Medical Conduct.
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                   18

Office of Professional Medical Conduct                      Heights Hill Mental Health—LGBT Affirmative            Psychotherapy Program
Complaints: (800) 663-6114, Main: (518) 402-0836  
433 River St., Suite 303, Troy                              Brooklyn: 25 Flatbush Ave.
File complaints about unethical practice by licensed        (718) 875-1420
medical providers including: general practitioners,         Outpatient program with dedicated services for LGBT
internists, cardiologists, gynecologists, pediatricians,    people living with major mental illness. Psychiatric/
urologists,   psychiatrists,   surgeons,  radiologists,     psychological assessment; medication management;
oncologists,    anesthesiologists,   ophthalmologists,      individual, family, and group therapy; educational
orthopedists, and other specialists.                        groups; and social services. Takes Medicaid, Medicare,
Complaints: NYPD/Police Misconduct                          all Medicaid managed Care Plans
                                                            Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services—
Civilian Complaint Review Board
                                                            GLBTQ Counseling Unit
Manhattan: 40 Rector St., 2nd Floor
                                                            Manhattan: 135 West 50th St.
(212) 306-7450
                                                            (212) 632-4482
Accepts complaints about NYPD misconduct by the mail,
                                                            Individual, group, couples and family therapy addressing
phone, or internet.
                                                            issues relevant to the GLBTQ community such as identity
NYPD—GLBT Liaison Unit                                      formation, coming out, HIV/AIDS and the impact of
Manhattan: One Police Plaza, Room 308                       homophobia, as well as general mental health problems;
(646) 610-6017                                              Psychiatry and medication management available.
NYPD Liaison to the LGBT Community.
                                                            Our Collective Mental Health
            MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES                
                                                            Manhattan: 817 Broadway
Ackerman Institute for the Family                           LGBT-affirmative individual, couples, and family therapy.                                           Sliding scale from $40-150.
Manhattan: 149 East 78th St.                                Post Graduate Center for Mental Health: Center for
(212) 879-4900                                              Adult Psychotherapy
Couples, and family counseling. The Gender and Family
Project provides outpatient clinical services (groups and   Manhattan: 71 West 23rd St., 7th Floor
family therapy) to families with TGNC children and          (212) 576-4195
adolescents.                                                Client-centered outpatient mental health services
Association of Lesbian and Gay Affirmative                  including therapy, group therapy, psychiatry, and
Psychotherapists (ALGAP)                                    medication management. Experience working with LGBT                                              people. Other Postgraduate sites offer additional
(646) 486-3430                                              services.
Referral service to a small network of LGBT affirmative     Rainbow Heights
psychotherapists. Therapists work on sliding scale only.
Gay and Lesbian Affirmative Psychotherapy                   Brooklyn: 25 Flatbush Ave. 4th Fl.
“GLAP,” ICP                                                 (718) 852-2584                                            LGBT-focused psychosocial club and advocacy for adults
Manhattan: 1841 Broadway                                    who experience major mental illness. Psychotherapy,
(212) 333-3444                                              psychiatry, and substance use treatment available
LGBT affirmative psychotherapy 1-3 sessions/wk (refer       through Heights Hills.
for psychiatry).                                            Roberto Clemente
Gateway Program of Integrated Health Services     
for LGBT People                                             Manhattan: 540 E. 13th St.
Westchester County Medical Center                           (212) 387-7400                           Bilingual & bicultural (English-Spanish) outpatient
Valhalla, NY: 100 Woods Rd.                                 mental health including therapy, psychiatry, social work,
(914) 493-1753                                              and a day treatment program. Not LGBT-specific.
Individual, family, couple, group, and substance abuse      Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Program
treatment specifically for LGBT people. Pre-teens           Mt. Sinai Hospital
through seniors. Linkages to primary care and specialty
health services provided.                                   Manhattan: 1468 Madison Ave.
                                                            (212) 423-2140
                                                            Counseling for survivors of rape, sexual assault, child
                                                            abuse, domestic violence, and intimate partner violence
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                    19

and support services for friends and families of             Alternatives to Marriage Project
survivors; Takanot Project, counseling and support 
services for Orthodox Jewish survivors of sexual assault     Seattle, WA: PMB 136, 10002 Aurora Ave N. #36
and domestic violence; Legal advocacy; Education and         (347) 987-1068
training; Not LGBT-specific. Emergency Room Advocacy         Advocates for equality and fairness for unmarried
at: Manhattan: Harlem Hospital; Lenox Hill Hospital;         people, including those who are single, who choose not
Metropolitan Hospital; The Mount Sinai Hospital;   and       to marry, who cannot marry, or who live together before
Queens: Elmhurst Hospital Center; Queens Hospital            marriage. Provides support and information to
Center; The Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens                   constituents, fights discrimination based on marital
St. Lukes Roosevelt—Child and Family Institute               status, and educates the public about related social and                       economic issues. Specific support and information or
Manhattan: 411 W. 114th St.                                  LGBT people, about domestic partnerships, and about
Manhattan: 1090 Amsterdam Ave.                               parenting.
(212) 523-4885                                               COLAGE (People with a Lesbian Gay Bisexual
Outpatient long-term individual, family, and group           Transgender or Queer Parent)
psychotherapy for young people ages 0-18 with health
insurance. Offers DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)       San Francisco, CA: 1550 Bryant St., Suite 830
program and a trans-inclusive therapy group for LGBT         (415) 861-5437
youth ages 15-18.                                            COLAGE is a national movement of children, youth, and
The Staten Island LGBT Center                                adults with one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual,                                      transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ) parent/s. We build
Staten Island: 25 Victory Island                             community and work toward social justice through youth
(718) 808-1362                                               empowerment, leadership development, education, and
Free Individual and Group psychotherapy.                     advocacy.
                                                             NYC COLAGE Chapter – Local group to support LGBTQ
Peer Mental Health Support Resources                         parents in NYC area
The Icarus Project                                           • Donor Insemination Guide –                                        resources/for-lgbtq-parents/donor-insemination-
Network of people living with and/or affected by                 guide/
experiences that are diagnosed as psychiatric conditions.    • Kids of Trans Guide (for people with a transgender
Offers a website community, distributes publications on          or gender non-conforming parent) –
personal mental health care, offers tools, shares skills,
creates art, engages in advocacy and activism, enhances      • Let’s Get This Straight: The Ultimate Handbook for
community capacity, and offers technical assistance.             Youth with LGBTQ Parents –
Local and campus groups in many areas.                           featured/letsgetthisstraight/
Queer Mental Health                                          Human Rights Campaign                                    http:/
Community-based support and resource site for queer
people with mental health issues and their partners/         Washington, DC: 1640 Rhode Island Ave. N.W.
family/friends. We welcome anybody including (but by         (800) 777-4723
no means limited to) people who are LGB, TGNC, two-          Advocacy and organizing for LGBT Equal Rights. HRC has
spirited, intersex, queer, questioning, and/or allies.       a number of resources for TGNC people. Parenting page
                                                             offers guides on adoption, assisted reproduction, foster
   PARTNERSHIP, PARENTING,          AND     FAMILIES         parenting, protecting your family, and schools. Not trans
                                                             specific, but useful information.
For info about reproductive       options   discuss   your
interests with your provider.                                The Doula Project
Ackermann Institute for the Family
                                                             New York City
                                                             Provides free compassionate care and emotional,
Manhattan: 149 East 78th St.
                                                             physical, and informational support to people across the
(212) 879-4900
                                                             spectrum of pregnancy. Offers low-cost birth doula
The Gender and Family Project (GFP) provides
                                                             services to pregnant people, works with an adoption
outpatient clinical services (groups and family therapy)
                                                             center to provide doula services for birth mothers, and
to families with gender nonconforming and transgender
                                                             works with abortion clinics to provide doula services for
children and adolescents.
                                                             those seeking abortions. Provides local (5 Boroughs) and
                                                             national referrals. Experience with TGNC people.
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                      20

LGBT Collaborative Practice                                             PRISON & REENTRY SERVICES                                      Fortune Society
Helping families separate with dignity. Practice of family
lawyers, mental health providers, and financial advisors     Queens: 29-76 Northern Boulevard, Long Island City
specializing in working with LGBT couples/families that      (212) 691-7554
are separating.                                              Holistic, one-stop services: Alternatives to Incarceration,
LGBT Community Center: Center Families                       drop-in, employment, education, family, health, housing,                                   substance      abuse   treatment,     reentry/transitional
Manhattan: 208 West 13th St.                                 services, recreation, and lifetime aftercare. Not TGNC-
(212) 620-7310                                               specific, but some experience with TGNC people.
Center Families: Support groups (TGNC Parenting              Walk-in Hours are from 8:00am-4:00pm, M-F
Group, Parenting Support and Networking, Parenting           Letters of Reasonable Assurance (re: Fortune
Partnerships, and more); support around family-making        Society providing reentry services after release): Write
processes (insemination, adoption, fostering,                to Edward Hosek, c/o The Fortune Society, 29-76
cooperative parenting relationships, and more); forums       Northern Boulevard, Long Island City, NY 11101, RE:
on LGBT families; financial planning; and events for         Letter of Reasonable Assurance.
families with young children.                                Trans in Prison Newsletter
Marriage Resource Project: Resources for LGBT      
marriage in NY.                                              HOTLINE: (303) 586-1452
LGBT Foster Care Project: Collaborative project              Published to support TGNC people who are incarcerated.
between the Center and ACS to train and support foster       Free to all prisoners who request it. $25 subscription for
care agencies in supporting LGBT young people in foster      people who are not currently incarcerated.
care, including parent resources on fostering and            Welcome Home: A Resource Guide for Reentrants
adoption, and resources for young people in foster care.     and their Families
Gender Identity Project: Trans Parenting Group;    
Individual peer counseling, Referrals, Support Groups:       Harlem Community Justice Center
Masculine Spectrum; Feminine Spectrum; Partners,             Manhattan: 170 East 121st St.
Family, and Friends.             (212) 360-4131
mhss/gip.html                                                NYC referrals to support people after incarceration.
Parents, Family, & Friends of Lesbians & Gays                Hearts on a Wire Collective
(PFLAG)                                                                                 Philadelphia, PA: PO Box 36831; Philadelphia, PA 19107
Washington, DC: 1828 L St., NW, Suite 660                    Produces quarterly newsletter for transgender and
(202) 467-8180                                               gender variant people incarcerated in Pennsylvania, with
Offers support to LGBT people and their families through     contributions by trans & gender variant people who are
the coming out process                                       currently or formerly incarcerated, as well as supportive
• PFLAG Transgender Network (TNet) focuses on                community members.
    support for transgender people and their parents,        • This is a Prison, Glitter is Not Allowed: Experiences
    families, and friends.                                       of Trans and Gender Variant People in
• Welcoming our Trans Family and Friends (A Support              Pennsylvania’s Prison System:
    Guide) –               doc/56677078/This-is-a-Prison-Glitter-is-Not-
    id=202                                                       Allowed
• PFLAG Chapter Finder –
                                                             New York Public Library
                                                             Correctional Services Program
Transition Youth Family Allies                                                        services-program
(888) 462-8932                                               Gets books into the hands of incarcerated New Yorkers
Support for TGNC youth and their families. Online            and provides inmates accurate information on useful
message boards, newsletter, educational programs, and        community resources upon release. Guide available:
support for educators, health care practitioners, and        • Connections: A Guide for Formerly Incarcerated
other service providers in working with TGNC youth.              People to Information Sources in NYC and The Job
Reading lists for youth and adults.                              Search:
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                   21

Sylvia Rivera Law Project                                  Christian: Judson Memorial Church
Prisoner Advisory Committee (PAC)                                                              Manhattan: 55 Washington Square South
Manhattan: 147 W 24th St, 5th Floor                        (212) 477-0351
(212) 337-8550                                             A sanctuary for progressive activism, artistic expression,
Provides free legal services to TGNC people of color and   and spiritual nurture that welcomes all LGBT people to
low-income TGNC people, call for drop-in hours.            participate fully in the life and ministry of the church.
Prisoner Advisory Committee made of TGNC people and        Christian: Metropolitan Community Church of NY
allies who are currently incarcerated. Works on changing
policies, building community, and sharing information      Manhattan: 446 West 36th St.
and strategies. Produces a newsletter, In Solidarity.      (212) 629-7440
• It’s War In Here: A Report on the Treatment of           A spiritual home for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and
     Transgender and Intersex People in New York State     Transgender Community, open to all. GenderPeople
     Men’s Prisons:       transgender support group.
Prison Writing Program                                     Christian: Unity Fellowship Movement
Pen American Center                                                           Brooklyn: 2578 Atlantic Ave
Handbook to assist writers in developing skills, writing   (718) 385-2406
workshops, and assists in getting writing published.       Welcomes all and is non-oppressive, especially with
Runs an annual Prison Writing competition.                 regards to gender, sexuality, and race. Congregations
• Handbook for Writers in Prison:             throughout US including NYC, NYS, and NJ.
    page.php/prmID/2069. Free for people who are
                                                           Jewish: Eshel
    currently incarcerated
Women’s Prison Association                                 Builds community for traditional, Orthodox, and frum                                         LGBT Jews. Develops community programming including
Manhattan: 110 Second Avenue                               a Shabbaton, educational initiatives, and a resource
(646) 292-7740                                             library of welcoming resources for individuals and
Provides women with holistic services and advocacy         Rabbis.
after release from prison/jail. Some experience working
                                                           Jewish: Institute of Judaism and Sexual
with TGNC people. Offers Residential and Family
Services, Reentry Services, and Neighborhood-Based
Services in East New York.
                                                           Directory of LGBT and Welcoming synagogues, Jewish
RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS           AND   COMMUNITIES        LGBT    organizations, educational resources, and
TransFaith Online                                          Jewish: Congregation Beit Simchat Torah                        
Interfaith online support for TGNC people.                 Manhattan: 57 Bethune St.
Human Rights Campaign                                      (212) 929-9498
http:/                                         Synagogue serving LGBTQ community of NYC since
Washington, DC: 1640 Rhode Island Ave. NW                  1973. Has an active Trans Empowerment Committee.
(800) 777-4723                                             Jewish: Kolot Chayeinu
Advocacy and organizing for LGBT Equal Rights. HRC has
a number of resources for TGNC people.                     Brooklyn: 1012 Eighth Ave. (at Church of Gethsemane)
• Religion and Faith –        (718) 390-7493
    living-openly-in-your-place-of-worship                 Independent synagogue made of individuals of varying
• Organizing and discussion about religious                sexual orientations, gender identities, races, family
    communities and LGBT inclusion.                        arrangements, and Jewish identities and backgrounds.
• Living Openly in Your Place of Worship (A Support        Buddhist: Int’l Transgender Buddhist Sangha
    Guide) –
Christian: Institute for Welcoming Resources               International network to support transgender Buddhists.                                Muslim: Muslims for Progressive Values
Searchable map of Christian congregations that welcome
LGBTQ people, supportive organizations, educational        LGB    and    TGNC-friendly     religious and   cultural
resources for individuals and congregations, and more.     organization headquartered in LA with chapters/affiliates
                                                           in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC,
                                                           and Ottowa. Resources for contemporary progressive
                                                           Islam and a list of progressive mosques.
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                 22

Muslim and Hindi: The Queer East                           Positive Health Project                 
Resources for LGB and TGNC people of Asian descent,        Manhattan: 301 West 37th St., 2nd Floor
including Hindi and Muslim resources.                      (212) 465-8304
Radical Faeries                                            Support groups, Case Management, Crisis Intervention,                                            and Syringe Exchange.
Spiritually and politically radical queer communities.     Detox and Residential (Inpatient)
Links to information about regional Radical Faerie
                                                           Addictions Institute
activities and individual Faerie websites.
                                                           Manhattan: 1000 Tenth Ave.
                                                           (212) 523-8373
12 Step Resources                                          Experience working with TGNC         people.   Medicaid,
The Long Island LGBT Center, Staten Island LGBT            Medicare, and many private plans.
Center, and The Loft have 12 Step Recovery groups.         Arms Acres
Trans Network AA:           
Queer & Sober:                       In– and Out-Patient recovery services. Accepts Medicaid,
LGBT Center:               Medicare, and many private plans. Some experience
NYC LGBT AA Listings:                         working with the LGBT community.
NYC Young People AA:                      Bronx Addiction Treatment Center
NYC/NYS 12 Step Listings:            Bronx Psychiatric Center
Agnostic AA Meetings:     
Alcoholic’s Anonymous: (212) 647-1680                      Bronx: Building #13, 1500 Waters Pl.
NYC Al-Anon:                            (718) 904-0026 x323
Al-Anon: (212) 941-0094                                    Accepts Medicaid, Medicare, Private Insurance, Military
Crystal Meth Anonymous NY:                  Insurance, and uninsured. Must live in the Bronx. Some
Crystal Meth Anonymous: (212) 642-5029                     experience with transgender people.
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous:
and (212) 439-1123                                         Brattleboro Retreat, Mental Health and Addiction
Harm Reduction and Syringe Exchange
Frost’D                                                    Brattleboro, VT: 75 Linden St,                                             (802) 258-3700
Manhattan: 290 Lenox Ave. Basement Fl.                     Offers LGBT specific unit, gender neutral bathrooms.
(212) 924-3733                                             Accepts Medicare, Private Insurances.
Syringe   exchange,    HIV   and   Hep    C testing,       Palladia, Inc.—Starhill
psychotherapy for people living with HIV, Harm   
Reduction Planning and Overdose Prevention.                Bronx: 1600 Macombs Rd.
Harm Reduction Coalition                                   (718) 299-3300                                     Must be NYC resident to be eligible for services. Has
22 West 27th St., 5th Fl., Manhattan                       some experience offering services to TGNC people.
(212) 213-6376                                             Pride Institute
Oakland, CA: 1440 Broadway, Suite 510            
(510) 444-6969                                             Locations in Minnesota and Florida
Overdose prevention; training, capacity building, and      (800) 547-7433
leadership development; and advocacy for drug users        Treats sex addiction. Access to concurrent groups
and their communities to support the health and dignity    focusing on LGBT DV, anger management and seniors.
of individuals and communities affected by drug use.       Some experience with transgender people.
Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center                      Day Programs (Outpatient)
Manhattan: 25 Allen St.                                    Addictions Institute
(212) 226-6333                                   
Syringe Exchange, Case Management, Therapy and             Manhattan: 1000 Tenth Avenue
Psychiatry, Medical, HIV and Hep C Testing, Peer           (212) 523-8373
Education, Nutrition, Drop-In Center, Wellness Services,   Accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and many private plans.
Transgender Advocacy Group, and support groups.            Experienced working with TGNC people. Crystal Clear
                                                           Methadone Maintenance program.
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                   23

Center CARE @ the LGBT Community Center                       PROFESSIONAL ORGS & STANDARDS              OF   CARE
Manhattan: 208 West 13th St.                                Medical
(212) 620-7310
                                                            Endocrine Society
Center CARE Recovery Intensive Outpatient Substance
                                                            Devoted to research on hormones and the clinical
Abuse Program (OASAS Certified).
                                                            practice of endocrinology.
Gateway Program of Integrated Health Services               • Endocrine Treatment of Transsexual Persons:
for LGBT People                                       
Westchester County Medical Center                               Endocrine-Treatment-of-Transsexual-Persons.pdf
Valhalla, NY: 100 Woods Rd.                                 Gay & Lesbian Medical Association
(914) 493-1753                                    
Provides individual, family, couple, group, and substance   Largest association of LGBT health care professionals.
abuse treatment specifically for LGBT people. Pre-teens     Support for providers and a provider search to assist in
through seniors. Linkages to primary care and specialty     finding LGBT-affirmative care.
health services provided.                                   World Professional Association of Transgender
Greenwich House                                             Health (WPATH)                           
Manhattan: 122 West 27th St., 6th Fl.                       Promotes evidence based care, education, research,
(212) 691-2900                                              advocacy, public policy and respect in transgender
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment, Methadone            health.
Maintenance. Medicaid, ADAP on limited basis.               • WPATH       Standards      of   Care Version  7:
Realization Center                                  Mental Health
Manhattan: 19 Union Square West                             Gender Variant Youth and Family Network NYC
(212) 627-9600                                    
Broad range of specialized programs including ones for      Network of providers in NYC seeking to increase
people who are dually diagnosed with serious mental         awareness of available local resources for gender variant
illness, a sexual addiction program, a program for LGBT     youth and their families.
people, and for people who are using crystal meth.

                  VOCAL COACHING
Christie Block
Manhattan: 65 Broadway, Suite 901
(347) 677-3619
Transgender Voice Training and Speech Therapy for
people of all genders. Provides low-cost workshops and
individual sessions.
Norma Garbo
Manhattan: 830 Broadway
(212) 475-2233
Classes and DVD on voice feminizing as well as voice
coaching. Rooted in performance techniques.
Rhonda K. Rulnik, MA, CCC-SLP
Voorhees, NJ: 15 Hopkins Street
(856) 309-7110
Adult and adolescent speech/voice therapy.
Voice Care Center
Westchester Institute for Human Development
Valhalla, NY: Cedarwood Hall
(914) 493-7294
Voice assessment laboratory, as well as providing
assessment and treatment of voice disorders for children
and adults. Offers transgender voice training.
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                                   24

                                               WEB RESOURCES
TGNC Identities and Transitioning
• Big Brothers Binders Program:
• Coming Out As a Transgender Person: A Workbook:
• FTM at Underworks:
• FTMInternational:
• Genderqueer Identities:
• Hudson’s FTM Guide:
• Jim Collins Foundation (Grants for surgeries):
• Laura’s Playground:
• Love Your Body!:
• Lynn’s Place:
• Marimacho (Clothing):
• Mazzoni Center Resources:
• Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men:
• Peecock Products:
• Silly Trans Woman (Transition-related Information and news)
• Susan’s Place:
• TG Forum:
• The Transitional Male:
• Transbucket:
• Transguys:
• Trans-Health:
• Transsexual Roadmap:
• T-VOX:
• VCH Trans Health Library: (Wide range of transition-related topics)
Sexual Health & Health Education
•  Book of Choices—Resources for pregnancy and abortion in NY:
•  Fucking Transwomen (Sexual Health Guide By and For Transwomen):
•  Go Ask Alice!:
•  Lesbian Cancer Initiative Resource Guide (for LBT People):
•  Primed—The Back Pocket Guide for Transmen and the Men Who Love Us:
•  Safer Sex Post SRS—Positively Aware:
•  Scarleteen: Sex Education for the Real World:
•  TM4M—Resources for Transmen Who Play with Men:
•  Griefsucks: Bereavement for the Rest of Us: (Includes info on going to the ER)
Community, Arts/Culture, and News
•  Bodies Like Ours:
•  BKLYN Boihood:
•  Brown Boi Project:
•  Brown Grrlz Project:
•  CT Trans Advocacy Coalition:
•  DapperQ:
•  FlyRights—TSA Complaint Phone Application:
•  Global Action for Transgender Equality:
•  Homosexual Agenda (LGBT Calendar):
•  National Resource Center on LGBT Aging:
•  Nolose:
•  Original Plumbing:
•  PrettyQueer:
•  Queer Commons:
•  Quorum Forum:
•  The Stud Magazine:
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                              25

                                              E-MAIL GROUPS
E-mail Groups (Listserves)
•  Aging Listserves (ElderTG and TAN Professionals):
•  Dina List (Transgender Orthodox Jews):
•  Facial Feminization Surgery Support:
•  FTM Phalloplasty Info:
•  FTM Surgery Financial Planning:
•  FTM Surgery Info:
•  Genderqueer and Transgender Parenting:
•  Long Island Transgender Community Forum:
•  MTF Surgery Info:
•  NY Association for Gender Advocacy:
•  Re/De/Untransitioning:
•  The Art of Tucking:
•  Trans Couples (MTF/FTM couples):
•  Trans Muslims:
•  Trans Sobriety:
•  Transgender Vets:
•  TransSistahs-TransBrothas:
•  TSParenting:
•  Voice TS Group:

                              TGNC   AND   TGNC-SUPPORTIVE CONFERENCES
•   Black Transmen Advocacy Conference (Dallas, TX)—
•   Butch Voices—
•   Chicago’s Be-All (Chicago, IL)—
•   Circles Transgender Conference & Retreat (Warner Springs, CA)—
•   Colorado Gold Rush (Denver, CO)—
•   Creating Change (Location Varies)—
•   Diva Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)—
•   Empire Conference (Albany, NY)—
•   Espirit (Port Angeles, WA)—
•   Fantasia Fair (Provincetown, MA)—
•   Femme Conference (Location Varies)—
•   First Event (Boston, MA)—
•   Gender Odyssey (Seattle, WA)—
•   Gender Spectrum Family Conference (Seattle, WA)—
•   Just You Week (Las Vegas, NV)—
•   Nolose (Location Varies)—
•   Philadelphia Trans Health Conference (Philadelphia, PA)—
•   Southern Comfort Conference (Atlanta, GA)—
•   Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit (Houston, TX)—
•   The Keystone Conference (Harrisburg, PA)—
•   Trans Ohio Transgender & Ally Symposium (Columbus, OH)—
•   Trans Youth Summit (Boston, MA)—
•   Transcending Boundaries (Springfield, MA)—
•   Transgender Leadership Summit (West Hollywood)—
•   Transgender Lives: The Intersection of Health & Law Conference (Farmington, CT)—
•   Transgender Religious Leaders Summit (Berkeley, CA)—
•   Translating Identity Conference (Burlington, VT)—
NYC-Metro Area Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Community Resources                               26

                                                READING LIST
Calpernia Addams. Mark 947: A Life Shaped by God, Gender, and Force of Will
Eli Clare. Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation
Ivan Coyote. Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme and many other works
Jamison Green. Transgender Voices: Beyond Women and Men and Becoming a Visible Man
Jennifer Finney Boylan. She’s Not There
Joan Nestle, Riki Wilchins, Clare Howell. GenderQueer: Voices from Beyond the Sexual Binary
Joy Ladin. Through the Door of Life: A Jewish Journey Between Genders
Julia Serrano. Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity
Justin Vivian Bond. Tango: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels
Kate Bornstein. Gender Outlaw, Gender Outlaws, Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks,
     and Other Outlaws, My Gender Workbook, & A Queer and Pleasant Danger
Leslie Feinberg. Stone Butch Blues, Transgender Liberation: Beyond Pink and Blue, and Transgender Warriors:
     Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman
M. Boenke. Trans Forming Families: Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones
Matt Kailey. Just Add Hormones: An Insider’s Guide to the Transsexual Experience
Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore. Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender Conformity, Why Are Faggots So Afraid
     of Faggots, and That’s Revolting! Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation
Max Valerio Wolf. The Testosterone Files
Morty Diamond. From the Inside Out: Radical Gender Transformation, FTM and Beyond
Paisley Currah. Transgender Rights
Redi Vanderurgh. Transition and Beyond: Observations on Gender Identity
S. Bear Bergman. Butch is a Noun
Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper. The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals
Susan Stryker. Transgender History
Toni Newman. I Rise
The Queer Zine Archive Project has many, many writings by TGNC and queer people.

                356 W. 18th Street                                         212-271-7200
                New York, NY 10011                             

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