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									  Editor’s Column
                 Anne Fowler writes...
First of all, the apologies. As you will have
noticed, the Remembrance Day Parade
was not on Tuesday the 11th November as                       AGM
suggested in last month’s diary page, but on            Tue 10 Feb 2009
Sunday the 9th. By many accounts it was the
best parade yet, and I understand volunteers           Parish Hall Lounge
have come forward so there is no danger of
losing this tradition in the immediate and
hopefully long term future.                        Benson Bulletin invites all BB readers,
                                                   advertisers and residents to its AGM in
The Benson Bulletin team looks forward to          February. Please come along to find out
meeting anybody who would like to attend           how the magazine is produced, financed
the BB AGM on Tuesday 10 February next             and distributed - meet the team.
year. (I have double checked the date, and it      We look forward to seeing you.
really is the 10th Feb...)
                                                    email your letters/articles to
This is a double issue covering December/
January, but we will be back again in      
February. Seasons greetings to all, and I hope        or deliver/send them to
everybody has a happy Christmas and great               Benson Parish Hall
New Year.

Please support our advertisers during this
festive season, we are grateful for their           CONTENTS
support of this magazine.
                                                 Letters to the Editor ------------------------------ 2
Our thanks also go out to our distribution       District Council News ----------------------------- 4
team volunteers who go out in all weathers       Parish Council News ------------------------------ 6
to deliver the BB.                               Remembrance Day Parade------------------------ 8
                                                 Down the Garden Path --------------------------- 10
Last but not least, please keep your             Benson Road Names ----------------------------- 12
contributions coming in, we welcome              Frank West - Local Hero ------------------------- 14
articles, stories, comments, letters, news       Chiltern Society Walks -------------------------- 16
etc.etc. Just think what some extra publicity    Church Times ------------------------------------- 19
might do for your club or society....            Bird Spot ------------------------------------------- 20
                                                 RAF News ---------------------------------------- 22
                                                 Medical Research ------------------------------- 26
                                                 Local Producers Market ------------------------ 28                        School News -------------------------------------- 30
                                                 Local Clubs and Societies ---------------------- 32
                                                 Classified Ads ------------------------------------- 36
            Cover Photograph                     Diary ------------------------------------------------ 37
  Benson Guides, Brownies and Rainbows           Volume 15 No 4
  laying a wreath at the War Memorial on         Published by
            Remembrance Day.                     Benson Bulletin News Association
                                                 Printed by
   By kind permission of Tom Stevenson           NP Design & Print Ltd, Wallingford : 01491 824827
                                             BB                                                       1
                                                   the Royal British Legion proud.
    Remembrance Sunday
            Don Fletcher writes ...                On my way home I visited the extension
                                                   cemetery and looked at the twenty nine
As a participant in the Remembrance Day            headstones of the World War II servicemen
Parade held on Sunday 9th November 2008 I          buried there – they look just like those in
wish to record my comments.                        Europe. Worth a visit!

The turn-out of parishioners was absolutely
marvellous. Hundreds of all ages lined the
                                                              Thank You
footways from the gathering place outside
the Newsagents and the butchers shop.                           Eddie Edwards
Entering Castle Square was another ‘eye-                      Died Oct 30th 2008
opener’. Crowds again, often three deep on         Ros and the family would like to thank
each side of the marchers.                         everyone who attended to Eddie in his fight
                                                   against Cancer. For the beautiful service by
The parade marching organisations then             Andrew and all who attended the funeral
formed up in their separate units around the       and who gave donations to the Millstream
War Memorial. The Royal British Legion and         Surgery Trust Fund for use of the District
Royal Air Force contingents lining up near         Nurses.
the Memorial, others along the footways.           Thanking you
Having the time ‘to stand and stare’, I had        Ros Edwards
ample opportunities to decide that the youth
organisation members were a credit to their
parents/leaders for their appearance, self-                   Thank You
control and patience.

They showed signs of emotion and respect                  Mr James Alexander Plant
during the silence periods, the reading out
of names of the servicemen who died in             Nita, Christopher and Keith would like to
both World Wards (by the Rev Andrew                thank family and friends for the many cards
Hawken), the Exhortation and the Konica            and messages of sympathy we received at the
Epitaph (R.B.L. Ken Hicks), the Last Post          sad loss of Jim.
and Reveille (played by Elanor Chapple and         Thank you also for the donations to help in
the Roke & Benson Band), the laying of the         Cancer Research.
wreaths and finally the RAF helicopter fly-        Mrs Nita Plant
The parade then reformed and proceeded
to St Helen’s Church for the Service of
Remembrance conducted by the Rev Andrew
Hawken and Rev Jean Travis.

I was most impressed and appreciative of the
gist of the address. The vicar referred to, and
quoted references to local areas, to those who
were killed. He made me aware of the direct              Benson Volunteer Helpline
association with actual local sacrifices – the               Mon-Fri 9-11am
influence on the people of the Benson area                         Call
and society as a whole.
                                                              01491 825992
                                                          to ask for help or to volunteer
I think that the parishioners of Benson did
2                                                 BB
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    District Councillors Report
                Sue Cooper writes ...               Sustainable community strategy
                                                    The draft South Oxfordshire Sustainable
                                                    Community Strategy – the overarching
New postcode/location search on the website
                                                    strategy for the district - contains a number of
                                                    broad aims around:
Last week we launched a new local search
service on our website, called My South
                                                    • creating and supporting vibrant market
Oxfordshire. This allows you to search using
                                                    towns and rural economies
a postcode (or if you don’t know the postcode,
                                                    • protecting and enhancing the natural
enter a town or village name and filter down
until you find the right property), and it will
                                                    • reducing energy consumption and responding
show you information on council services
                                                    to the effects of climate change
relating to that property and the local area.
                                                    • reducing crime and the fear of crime
My South Oxfordshire pulls together
                                                    • meeting the housing needs of people living
information on council services, so you can
                                                    in South Oxfordshire
see things like rubbish and recycling collection
                                                    • helping to develop and sustain strong,
days, the next bank holiday rubbish collection
                                                    inclusive and cohesive communities
changes, nearest leisure centres, contacts for
                                                    through support for the voluntary sector and
local councillors and council tax rates, all in
                                                    community-led planning
one place.
                                                    • improving people’s health and well being.
A particularly useful feature pulls all the
planning applications on the property into one
                                                    Are the aims right for our district? Is anything
list, so you can view the full planning history
                                                    missing? How can the strategy facilitate
– as well as find out if it is in a conservation
                                                    delivery of these aims by partners?
area or has listed building status.
We hope the new search will be useful to all our
                                                    Benson Lane Closure
residents, and we think it will be particularly
                                                    Benson Lane is currently closed north of
useful for people moving to a new home,
                                                    Howbery Park due to a culvert collapse.
or thinking of buying a property in South
                                                    Officers from Oxfordshire County Council
Oxfordshire and wanting more information
                                                    (OCC) are still assessing the requirements for
about it.
                                                    its replacement and expect the road to remain
We developed the postcode search in response
                                                    closed until the end of February. Because
to feedback from website customers and from
                                                    of the nature of the collapse, OCC needs to
sessions testing the website with residents.
                                                    purchase a new specification culvert element
The feedback suggested being able to search
                                                    and, unfortunately, there is a three month order
by postcode and pull together all the different
                                                    period for this. OCC has considered installing
service information on one property, would be
                                                    temporary bridging in order to reopen the road
extremely useful.
                                                    but the cost would be significant (£20,000) and
We plan to add more features to this search
                                                    is not something OCC could support given the
in future, for example, an interactive map, as
                                                    relatively low traffic flows along this stretch
well as opening the search out to include more
                                                    of road and the lack of reported problems with
than just council services
                                                    the bus service.
To try the new search for yourself, go to the
council website’s homepage at:
                                                    For further information please contact Martin
                                                    Brain 01865 815832, email martin.brain@
and follow the My South Oxfordshire image
link (top left of homepage).

If you have any suggestions or feedback on
the new search, please contact webmaster@
4                                                  BB
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                         BB                                          5
    Parish Councillors Report                          Parish Notes
                Jon Fowler writes ...                              Sue Cooper writes ...
Very little to report this month. I would
however like to wish everyone a very happy           The Probation Service Community Payback
Christmas.                                           Team, having finished painting the play
                                                     equipment in the summer(?), are now doing
Vandalism                                            a good job in clearing the metre wide path
Glass in the door at the side of the Parish Hall     around the edge of the allotments. (This is
was vandalised (smashed) on Wednesday                required by SODC environmental health
29th October. Police enquiries are continuing.       department to deter rats.) Some of the
Unfortunately we all pay for these mindless          resulting vegetation from the cut back has
acts through our Council Tax bills.                  been burned. There is a nice pile of bonfire
                                                     ash just inside the Cuckoo Pen side of the
Road Safety                                          allotments if any gardeners wish to take
Following feedback from a number of                  some. If anyone wants to use some of the
residents and consultation with OCC, the             clippings for firewood, they are welcome to
Parish Council has requested that OCC                take that too.
Highways install a pedestrian crossing on
the B4009 between the Castle Square and              We are pleased to announce that the Parish
the War Memorial. If the proposal meets no           Hall now has 150 new chairs. We hope that
objections and can be funded it should make          you will find them comfortable – they have
crossing the road at this busy point much            back padding as well as seat cushions. Hall
safer.                                               users please note that new chairs have to be
                                                     stacked separately from the old chairs.

    St Botolph’s Snowdrop Teas                           Good Neighbour Scheme
In those cold dark dreary days after Christmas       What is a Good Neighbour Scheme?
– not much to look forward to?                       Good Neighbour Schemes are local
Here’s something to warm the cockles of your         voluntary groups which offer a service in
heart, to herald the promise of spring and to        their community for those in need of help and
perk up even the more wearied & jaded of us          support. The people who may need support
      SNOWDROP WEEKENDS at ST.                       may be older people, people with disabilities,
 BOTOLPH’S CHURCH, SWYNCOMBE                         single parents and young mothers, those
Starting with the Rector blessing the                temporarily in need through illness or anyone
Snowdrops in the churchyard at 2pm                   who may be isolated within the community.
on Saturday January 31st. Then every
SATURDAY & SUNDAY from 2pm until                     The help offered by Good Neighbour
4pm until Sunday February 22nd 2009 with             Schemes may include:
Choral Evensong on 1st February at 4.30pm            • Providing transport for appointments or
with St. Botolph’s Choir                             hospital visits
Teas & Cakes being served in the ancient             • Errands, shopping a collecting
church, surrounded by the churchyard’s               prescriptions
glorious profusion of Snowdrops & Aconites.          • Household tasks or gardening
Lost?? Follow the ‘Walking Monk’ signs               • Visiting or befriending
to Swyncombe (near Cookley Green on the              • Letter-writing or simple form filling
B481) between Watlington & Nettlebed. Free           • Helping people after discharge from
parking & entrance.
6                                                  BB
• Reading to partially sighted or blind
• Providing information
Where the scheme is available to the
community it is well-used and highly valued
by the residents.

Would Your Community Like to Have a
Good Neighbour Scheme?
Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary
Action is currently running a project
Funded by Oxfordshire CC with the aim of
supporting local communities to establish
new schemes. A limited number of start-up
grants are available to allow communities to
meet the costs of setting up- buying a mobile
phone, public liability cover and publicity
material. (These grants will be available on
a first-come, first-served basis). For further
information please contact Liz on the contact
details below.

Funding to Develop Existing Schemes
If your village already runs a Good Neighbour
Scheme of any kind, grants may be available
to help the scheme extend, diversify or
develop. Please contact Liz on the number
Liz Pride 01865 251946 or email: liz.pride@

   Benson Volunteer Helpline

As the Parish hall will be closed during the
Christmas period, please note that the HELP
LINE OFFICE will be closed, from Monday
22nd December till Friday 2nd January                             For All Your
inclusive and re-opens Monday 5th January
’09.                                                  DOG GROOMING
                                                               needs please call
If you have appointments for hospitals                               Liz
during this period, please ring the office          for friendly advice and a free estimate
before 19th December. Thank you.
Wishing you all a happy Christmas and                          Tel: 01865 858109
a peaceful new year – on behalf of the                         Mob: 07870 142632
committee.                                                  Based at Warborough
Dorothy Rose – co-ordinator
                                               BB                                         7
    Remembrance Day                                    Girlguiding Benson
           Tom Stevenson writes ...                            Helen Stevenson writes ...
There was a wonderful and fitting turnout           Benson Guides and Brownies recently held
for the annual Remembrance Day parade               a joint meeting to talk about Remembrance
with an estimated 200 people gathered at            Sunday. We talked about the Poppy, and
the war memorial on Sunday 9th November.            our feelings surrounding remembrance. We
We heard last month that the future of this         wrote poems to explain some of our feelings.
event was in doubt following the retirement         This is one of our poems.
of the organising stalwarts, Don Passey, Ken
Hicks and Mrs Phillis Pinkstone. I have it on       Poppy day is a painful day
good authority that the future of the event has     A sad time some might say
been saved but more volunteers are always           A quiet time to remember our friend
welcome. The Benson Bulletin, on behalf of          Happy that our remembrance will never end
the Parish, would like to express their thanks      All these people fought, I’m puzzled yet
for the efforts of the retiring team.               proud
                                                    The trumpet we hear blows loud
The front cover photo shows Benson Guides,          Forget the hatred they all gave their lives
Brownies and Rainbows having just laid              To us their love still survives
their wreath.                                       It does make me cry
                                                    As the RAF flies over high
Of interest the following was first published       A day of remembrance
in May 1920:
                                                       Scouts Christmas Post
War Memorial. –                                                  Mick Brown writes ...
The dedication of the beautiful Cross of
Cornish granite, erected at the Western end         The 1st Benson Scouts Christmas Post will
of Castle Square, took place on Easter Eve at       commence on the 1st of December delivering
4 o’clock. It began with the hymn “Onward,          to the following areas:
Christian Soldiers”, after which psalm xxiii
and a Dedication prayer were read by the            Wallingford - Benson - Cholsey - Brightwell-
Vicar with a short lesson from Ecclesiasticus       cum-Sotwell - Berinsfield – Dorchester
xliv., “Let us now praise famous men,” read         Warborough - Shillingford - Clifton Hampden
by Mr Spaull; and the hymn, “The Saints of          - Long Wittenham - Little Wittenham
God,” followed.                                     Burcot - Ewelme - Rokemarsh - Roke -
Lord Wittenham had undertaken to perform            Berrick Salome - RAF Benson - Crowmarsh
the ceremony of unveiling but was prevented         Gifford
by illness and his place was supplied by            Preston Crowmarsh - Mongewell - Moulsford
Admiral Miller, who gave an excellent               - North Stoke - Aston Upthorpe - Aston
address on the purpose of the memorial              Tirrold
and the lessons that it should teach. Mr            North Moreton - South Moreton.
Chamberlain then proposed a vote of thanks
to Admiral Miller. The National Anthem              The Post box will be located in the Benson
having been sung, a large number of floral          News newsagents in the High Street.
crosses and wreaths were placed about the
base of the memorial, and two buglers from          Last Day for posting will be the 19th
Cowley Barracks sounded the “Last Post”.            December and the cost will be 20p per card.
A very large gathering of our parishioners          Could you please ensure that the cards are
and others assembled to take part in the            addressed correctly with the full postal
ceremony.                                           address.
8                                                 BB
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                                             BB                               9
                                                   things are going in our unpredictable weather
  Down the Garden Path                             might be difficult. But you don’t want to
            Lynn Powell writes ...                 compact the soil so you do need to choose
                                                   your days with care and wrap up warmly as I
                                                   am sure the Doctor’s Surgery does not want
December                                           to see all the Benson gardeners with bad
A time for a little armchair gardening!            backs. Dig in plenty of well rotted manure
If you do nothing else plan next year’s            and remember the moral of gardening that
summer bedding, remembering all the                ‘the early digger gets the best crops’. Take
mistakes you made this year with clashing          root cuttings of oriental poppies, phlox and
colours and things that did not work because       verbascums, push into pots of gritty compost
of the weather. Planning is not easy, but it is    and keep in a heated propagator until well
much cheaper to do it this way because you         rooted and growing well. Don’t keep taking
have plenty of time to buy the seeds and start     them out of the pots to see if they have rooted,
things going in the spring, even if it is only     you can tell by looking at the bottom of the
on the kitchen windowsill. And for all you         pot , because the root will start to appear at
vegetable gardeners, you need to plan your         the drainage holes. Once you have a nice
rotation of crops so you don’t plant beans         clump of roots, pot on into a larger pot.
where this year’s beans were sown and
cabbages where this year’s cabbages were           If you have the room sow early salad crops in
sown. And don’t forget radishes are part           the greenhouse, preferably in wooden boxes
of the cabbage family! The other list you          which are warmer than plastic pots. Order
need to make early on in the month, is the         seed potatoes and January is probably the last
‘wish’ list of all the things you would love to    chance for ordering seeds at the discounted
have to make your life easier in the garden        prices. Sow onions for exhibition and just as
and which Father Christmas might just be           a thought wouldn’t it be lovely if someone
able to give you - that probably excludes a        were to resurrect the annual horticultural
new greenhouse or potting shed, but ever the       show in the village.
optimist I am adding the latter to my list!
                                                   Force rhubarb, by covering with a box or
On the practical side of things, if you            inverted bucket, (unless of course you have
have sown your sweet peas in the autumn,           remembered to add a terracotta rhubarb forcer
December is the time to stop them by               to your Christmas list) and cover with leaves
pinching out the tops. By doing this you will      and sacking to keep the crowns warm and
get plenty of side shoots. Keep an eye on the      dark. And if you did your planning carefully
weather and keep an eye on your more tender        this time last year, your garden should be a
herbaceous perennials. If days of frosts are       riot of colour with Hellebores, Snowdrops,
forecast, then you need to protect the crowns      Winter Jasmine, Winter Aconites and Winter
with straw or dry leaves and an upturned pot,      Flowering Heathers. Mine probably will not
firmly wedged in with stones or tent pegs.         be as the cats have been sleeping and will
Don’t forget to remove it when the better          have left the squirrels to eat the bulbs!!
weather returns. Take Chrysanthemum
cuttings and if you have not done so, plant        The Garden Club wishes everyone a very
your broad bean seed. Otherwise, relax and         happy Christmas and a very successful
look forward to all the jobs scheduled for         gardening year in 2009.
                                                   Lynn Powell on behalf of Benson Garden
January                                            Club
On the sunny days, finish digging any vacant
ground, but choose a day when the frost has
gone and it is not too wet, which the way
10                                                BB
                        PEACE OF MIND

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                                                 BB                                       11
                                                    number 3’s and a house further up being
  Benson Road Names                                 numbered 35 and a half – these have now
         Dr Anne Millar writes ...                  been corrected. Most numbering is logical
                                                    but St. Helen’s Way was either numbered by
                                                    someone with a fiendish sense of humour
Benson’s big population growth happened             or they were having a bad day. St. Helen’s
in the nineteen-sixties and seventies. It           Maze would be more appropriate.
became necessary to name the newly created
roads. This is the responsibility of SODC,
but they hope that the local Parish Council             Rene Brogan Path
will suggest appropriate names for the roads,                    Pat Stevenson writes ...
streets, ways, lanes, closes, courts, avenues,
crescents and squares created.
                                                    On a similar tack to the article on Street
A road is for horse riding, a street is paved       Names many people might not be aware of
and a lane is a narrow road usually enclosed        the person behind the name of the footpath
by hedges. A crescent is in the shape of a          alongside Millar Close (we will get on to that
waxing or waning moon. Avenue is a word             one later).
of French origin and usually describes a wide
road with planted paired trees on either side.      Rene, or Irene as I knew her, was my next
Paired Hawthorns were planted along St.             door neighbour in Westfield road for about 25
Helen’s Avenue but died of a disease which          years. She belonged and played a very active
affected hawthorns in the nineteen-fifties.         part in many of Benson’s clubs and groups.
(just a single one survived)                        She gained a great deal of enjoyment from
                                                    these and gave a lot of her time to the Day
A square is a place where roads meet and            Centre, St. Helen’s Church and the Helpline
divide in a town or village and a close is a        (even when she was the one in need if the
small area with only one entrance which is          help).
surrounded by dwellings. I suggested that
one of the closes should be named “Jolly
Close” but the Parish Council at the time
unfortunately decided against putting it
forward; a pity and I will not say which one
it was!

Mere is an old word with a double meaning
– it can be a marsh or a boundary – take your

Benson now has 17 closes, 6 roads, 5 lanes,
4 ways, 2 streets, squares and crescents and 1
each of the others. It also has places named
after fields, trees and schools. Peoples            Irene died in April last year and didn’t have
names were recorded in many of the names            any family except for Donald, her brother-in-
and future BB’s will provide a brief history        law. In her will she left the bulk of her estate
of some of these individuals or families.           to the various village groups she enjoyed.
                                                    In recognition of this and her service to the
Benson in the 1950’s had few road names             village during her life the Parish Council
and fewer numbers. Requests for house               recommended that the path should be named
visits were described as “the third house on        after her.
the left past the one with the yellow curtains”.
The Brook Street expansion resulted in three
12                                                 BB
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                                           BB   13
  Benson Historical Group                                 St Helen’s Bell Restoration
            Peter Clarke writes ...                                    Jill Spence writes ...
The Group’s work is in full swing, and we             St. Helen’s bell ringers are starting a 100
simply have more than we can cope with                Club to raise funds for the Bell Restoration
just now. That is why the History Course              Fund. The subscription will be £10 per
currently being run by Dr Kate Tiller is so           person/organisation and any number of £10
important. We hope members on it will be              units may be subscribed. The club will run
able to help with the workload when it ends           from 1st February 2009 until 31st January
in early ’09. “Work” is actually the wrong            2010.
word, for – although it takes up much time,
the research is very rewarding and – simply           The monthly draws will take place at
– good fun.                                           bell ringing practice - 50% of the total
                                                      subscriptions will be paid in prize money
Kate first ran a similar course a number of           and 50% of the total subscriptions will be
years back. This, together with her book,             donated to the Bell Restoration fund. If you
resulted directly in the first real research in to    are interested in subscribing please contact
a community that comes straight from pre-             any St. Helen’s bell ringer or Jill Spence on
history and in to the modern world, packed            838735.
full of interesting human activity. Human
behaviour doesn’t seem to change much over
the centuries!
                                                          Handel’s ‘Messiah’, Ewelme Church
A third book is due out next year. Meanwhile
a history of “our” stretch of the Thames,             Ewelme Church invites everyone to a
a resume of the honey industry based on               performance of Handel’s “Messiah” in
Benson, and two accounts of Benson in                 Ewelme Church on Sunday 7th December
the early part of the XXth century are being          at 6.30pm.
prepared, and should be available to be read
in the Library in coming months.                      Dr Will Orr, former Ewelme resident and
                                                      eminent cardiologist, returns to conduct
We have serious problems. We badly need               choir, soloists and orchestra in a performance
space to house the artefacts being collected.         of this majestic, dramatic and uplifting work.
Perhaps even more important is the need for           Mince pies and mulled wine will be served
a young and enthusiastic person who can               in the interval.
understudy Tom Stevenson with the enormous
amount of history – written and photographic          Anyone wishing to sing with the choir should
– that is now held electronically. It would be        attend the rehearsal in Ewelme Church at
truly wonderful if this latter plea could get         2pm on 7th December.
some result. Perhaps an ideal job for a young
student who enjoys living in Benson.                  Admission and refreshments are free, but
                                                      donations to Ewelme Church will be most
Meanwhile, just a reminder to reserve your            welcome.
copy of “Lifeboat No. 7” by local hero Frank          Martin Spence
West. One copy available in the Library, and
a good read.

14                                                   BB
BB   15
  Chiltern Society Walks                          We welcome non members to join our walks,
             Tracey Read writes ...               it is an excellent way to meet our members
                                                  and learn more about the work of the Chiltern
                                                  Society. If you become a regular member
     Chiltern Society Walks Programme             of our walking programme, we would ask
               December 2008                      you to become a member of the Chiltern
                                                  Society, to support our work in caring for the
The Chiltern Society aims to conserve and         Chilterns.
protect the natural beauty, environment and
heritage of the Chilterns. The Society´s          Dogs are welcome on the walk at the
Rights of Way Group actively protects and         discretion of each walk leader.
restores open access land and public rights
of way in the Chilterns –– some 5,000 paths.      Sunday walks start at 10 am unless otherwise
It has surveyed every individual path and         stated, usually 5-6 miles, allow 2.5 hours
takes up irregularities with parish, district     Weekday walks start at 10.30 am, usually 4-5
or county councils to preserve and enhance        miles allow 2.5 hours
public rights. The charity has over 6,500         Enquiries regarding the walks should be
members and organises weekly walks and            directed to the walk leader where telephone
cycle rides, as well as volunteer work parties    number is given or to The Chiltern Society
to carry out footpath maintenance and other       office 01494 771250
conservation projects.

16                                               BB
  Chiropody & Reflexology

     SUE WILLIAMS                          Going Away?
   MBChA, MSSCh, ITEC                      Keyminders now includes the Benson and
      Registered with the                  Wallingford area.
                                           We visit your home, pamper and feed the
Health Professions Council (HPC)           pets, check security.
    Tel: 01491 638616                                                   01235 520290

     Matthew Prince
        Builder                               EWELME VILLAGE HALL
Extensions           Conversions
Brickwork                Roofing                 Available for letting for regular
                                                 bookings, meetings, children’s
                                                           parties etc.
Drives                                             REASONABLE RATES
Decking                   Fencing                      Booking Secretary
For friendly & Professional service             Anne Critchley — 01491 834403
call: 01491 826998 / 07766 078118

                                                                   The Cycle Specialists
                                           Mon-Fri 9am-6pm              Saturday 9am-5.30pm

                                                *B ikes, Accessories,servicing, repAirs*
                                           *T ry Before you   Buy on our LArge Demo AreA   *
                                           1 mile from Streatley on the A417 Wantage Road
                                             Turn into Greenlands Farm and follow signs
                                            01491 871721

                                                John Taylor (Ewelme)
                                           HIGH EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE SYSTEMS
                                                         HEAT PUMPS
                                                   OIL TANK REPLACEMENT
                                             UNVENTED HOT WATER CYLINDERS
                                            OIL, GAS, LPG BOILER & AGA SERVICING

                                                      Office 01491 833538
                                                      Mobile 07967 503 905

                                      BB                                                   17
                                                   to however God came to be with us, it wasn’t
Church of St Helen, Berrick Salome                 as a present. It was a gift which brought us
                    Rev Ian Cohen writes...        a strange lightness in the heart, and that can
                                                   now nourish, in good faith, new visions for
                                                   ourselves and those we love.
Christmas is like old age. It comes upon us,
often in all too much of a rush. The older
we get, the more we can wonder what life               Sunday by Sunday
is all about. As Christmas comes upon us,              News & Diary Dates
we similarly can wonder what it is all about.
All was clearer when we were younger. We               Available on ‘A Church
had dreams about life. As we grow older, we
discover how much was illusion.
                                                         Near You’ website:
Allain de Botton, a rather intriguing
philosopher, has written: “There is a strange              benson-st-helen/
lightness in the heart when one accepts the
aging aspect of life in good faith. How
pleasant is the day when we give up striving           email your letters/articles to
to be young and slender. ‘Thank God!’ we
say, ‘those illusions are gone.’”
                                                         or deliver/send them to
So what of Christmas coming? A strange                     Benson Parish Hall
lightness in the heart can also come into
our preparations and celebrations when we
delight in Christmas and accept all its aspects
in good faith. That is rather important.
Good faith even develops and grows as any
illusions are allowed to recede (like my hair
line) into the past. And what replaces these
illusions can be a strange lightness of heart,
which can then touch with a new gentleness,
what Christmas is all about for oneself.
Illusions give way to visions of gifts. When
we were younger gifts were presents – and
we looked forward to them with excited
anticipation. What were we going to get for
Christmas? Now our visions of gifts are for
gifts of thankfulness, or perhaps a time spent
together without the family rows leaving any
painful legacy, or a time which isn’t going
to be too financially crippling. They may be
visions of gifts of peacefulness, of uplifting
hopefulness, of just being able to cope. These
visions replace the illusions of presents,
which arrive but are then left behind.
What is it all about now that we are older?
It has to do with gifts, which then mean that
our lives become different – often simpler
and more aware of blessing. Whatever
illusions we had when we were younger as
18                                                BB
The Church of England Parish of Benson Sunday Services
St Helen’s Church. Vicar: Revd Andrew Hawken BD AKC   8.30am Holy Communion (BPC)
The Vicarage, Church Road, Benson                     10.00am Parish Eucharist (Common Worship)
Tel/Fax: 01491 201668                                 Sunday School and Creche
email:                     3rd Sundays - Orchestra & Children in church
Associate Priest: Revd Jean Travis -01491 838713      Further Details: (Benson, St Helen,
Churchwardens: Jenny English - 826618                 Oxfordshire) For Baptism and Wedding enquiries
                      Gary Jones - 839289             please contact one of the clergy.
                                                      Holy Mass
The Catholic Parish of St Birinus                     Weekdays 9.30am
Dorchester-on-Thames                                  Sat       6.30pm Vigil Mass for Sunday
Priest: Fr. John Osman, MA., STL.,                    Sun       9.30am (Berinsfield Church)
Bridge House Presbytery                                         11.00am Solemn Mass
1 Bridge End, Dorchester-on-Thames                    Confessions
Telephone: 01865 340417                               Sat       5.45 - 6.15 or upon request
                                                      Exposition & Benediction of The Blessed
                                                      Sacrament: First Sunday of each Month 5-6pm
                                                      Children’s Liturgy of the Word
                                                      Sun       9.30am during Berinsfield Mass

Benson Free Church                                    Sunday Services
High Street, Benson                                   10.45am Morning Service
All Enquiries to Richard Shuttler                     6.30pm Evening Service -
Telephone: 01491 834138                                       1st Sunday in the Month

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)            Meeting for Worship
13 Castle Street, Wallingford                         Sunday at 10.30am with Children’s Class.
Enquiries to Warden Tel: 01491 837835

Ridgeway Community Church                             Sunday Services
The Ridgeway Christian Centre                         10.00am Worship & Ministry at Christian
21b/22 St Mary’s Street, Wallingford                  Centre
Elder: Revd Bernard Thompson
Telephone: 01491 834568
Church of England Parish of Berrick Salome            Sunday Services at 11.00am
St Helen’s Church                                     1st Sunday of Month - Family Service
Vicar: The Revd Ian Cohen                             2nd Sunday - Holy Communion (BPC)
The Vicarage, 58 Brinkinfield Rd, Chalgrove           Other Sundays - Family Communion
Churchwardens: Dr. Marian Shaw - 01865 890915         Baptisms & Weddings to be arranged with the
Peter Percival - 01865 891237                         Vicar

Wallingford Methodist Church                          Sunday Services at 10.30am & 6.30pm
St Leonards Square, Wallingford                       Coffee Morning every Thursday 10 - 11.30am
Lay Pastor: Jim Price                                 ‘Tots Time’ every Thursday during term times
Tel: 01491 837 045                                    Boys & Girls Brigade Wednesday evening
Email:               All welcome, please contact Pastor for details

Wallingford Baptist Church                            Sunday Services at 10.30am & 7.00pm
Thames St, Wallingford                                Holy Communion 3rd Sunday each month
Vicar: The Revd Douglas Harbour
Tel: 01491 839904
                                               BB                                                  19
                                                        return darting around the plants and feeders
     The Bird Spot                                      at break neck speed. The nest boxes on the
                 Tom Stevenson, writes...               house are also the site of frenzied activity on
                                                        the odd sunny warm morning. The Swift box
People sometimes ask me, when they see me               (who am I kidding?) seems to be attracting
with a pair of binoculars apparently welded             Starlings but the House sparrows round the
to my neck, if I am a “twitcher”. To those not          corner have been trying to make a takeover
in the know twitchers in the birding world              bid. I would have preferred to have had
are generally rarity seekers and will travel            some of this activity in the spring with the
long distances to see a new bird species just           possibility of breeding but you never know!
to add it to their “life list”, “year list” or other
lists. Although I have twitched in my time I            Have a very good Christmas and don’t forget
think I can honestly say that I have managed            to feed and water the birds – why shouldn’t
to kick the habit though I was never addicted.          they have gifts, after all they spend all year
However there have been several temptations             entertaining you.
in the last month.
                                                        Tom Stevenson
The list started with an American Golden                Tel: 01491 836888
Plover turning up on Port Meadow in Oxford.             Mob: 07773251301
This one wasn’t too difficult to ignore as it
was, reportedly, only seen on a couple of
occasions and then fairly briefly and anyway                     Ewelme Watercress Beds
is hardly the most spectacular of birds. I am                     Local Nature Reserve
afraid I succumbed to the attraction of the                              Guided Walks
second, a Cattle Egret feeding amongst the                         First Sunday Each Month
herd of cows near Day’s Lock Dorchester.                     Please meet at the Watercress Centre at
You may have seen these on wildlife films                   2nd November, 7th December, 4th January
of Africa avoiding the hooves of Wildebeest                    1st February, 1st March, 5th April
or Elephants. Both the egret and the plover                        Coffee/Tea/Refreshments
were firsts for the county.
                                                               Adults £2 accompanied children free
I wonder if the population of UK’s Cattle                     DVD about the old watercress industry,
Egrets might expand in a similar way to that                     photo, and historic tools display
of Little Egrets. There was a fairly large                     No dogs allowed, except guide dogs
influx of these to the West Country in the                         Stout footwear is advisable
                                                                Please park in free car park by the
winter of 2007 and this was followed by                       Common beyond the Church and School
breeding in Somerset this year.
                                                               Location, Watercress Beds Centre,
The third of the local rarities, though not                 High St., Ewelme, Oxfordshire, OX10 6HQ
generating the same widespread interest,                                OS Ref SU641916
was a Long-eared Owl. One of these was                         For Group Bookings on other dates
reported to me as having been seen in a bush                      telephone Ann 01491 835173
along Braze Lane at 5.15 in the morning.
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I
didn’t get the message until 7.15 by which                            BENSINGTON CHARITY
time there was no sign.                                                     Charity No: 201602
                                                            This charity exists for relief of hardship or distress in
To return to the more mundane, my garden                    the Parish of Benson and can make grants or loans
has been regularly visited, of late, by a couple            to children or young people, the elderly or people
of Coal Tits. It is quite some time since these             with disabilities. Contact the Clerk: Janet Burtt, 18
last visited and they represent a welcome                   Chiltern Close, Benson, Wallingford OX10 6LG.
20                                                     BB

�� �����������
������������                                         �����������������
������������������������                      ��������������������
������������������������������                     �����������������

                             BB                                       21
RAF Veterans Day                                     Following the flypast, the Officers’ Mess
        Nikki Hamilton writes...                     was delighted to host a number of honoured
                                                     guests at the Battle of Britain Dinner. Wing
                                                     Commander Bob Foster entertained the
RAF Benson reached the culmination of a              diners recalling both light-hearted and more
series of events honouring veterans this week,       sombre moments of the Battle of Britain.
with Flight Lieutenant Michelle Goodman              He recalled a particular incident which saw
DFC attending the Cenotaph with Henry                him landing in a large field after an engine
Allingham, the 112 year old RAF World War            had blown up; the large field turned out to
I veteran.                                           be Gatwick Airport! He stated that he had
                                                     quite a lot of luck and that “there is a certain
The honouring of veterans began back in              amount of luck, I think, in any theatre of
September when the Station Commander,                war”. A sobering thought for the gathered
Group Captain Paul Lyall, was privileged to          RAF personnel who are currently operational
be able to attend the presentation of a Badge        in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
of Recognition to Benson village resident            RAF Benson’s younger veterans were also
Mrs Freydis Sharland. Mrs Sharland was               part of the series of events. Flight Lieutenant
one of many women during World War II                Michelle Goodman, the first female to be
who ferried aircraft across the country, and         awarded the RAF’s highest honour of the
sometimes across the world, to where they            Distinguished Flying Cross, has played a
were needed for operations.                          large part in the remembrance events. Flight
                                                     Lieutenant Goodman officially opened the
Often the aircraft were barely serviceable at        Oxfordshire Poppy Appeal alongside crew
the time of the flight but the ladies of the Air     members of both the Merlin and Puma
Transport Auxiliary, or ‘Spitfire Women’ as          Forces of RAF Benson and the Royal British
they came to be known, flew on regardless            Legion’s mascot, Poppy Man, who embodies
and ensured that the aircraft were where they        the ethos of the Legion.
were needed, when they were needed. Mrs
Sharland amassed hundreds of hours and               Flight Lieutenant Goodman was also
flew approximately 45 aircraft types during          honoured to be asked to read the Remem-
the war. She continued to fly after the war          brance Citation at the Royal Albert Hall for
too, taking cadets on air experience flights.        the Festival of Remembrance, attended by
                                                     many of the royal family including HRH
Mrs Sharland finally received her Badge of           Queen Elizabeth II.      Flight Lieutenant
Recognition for her contribution to the war          Goodman was accompanied by several other
effort at White Waltham Airfield, an event           service personnel from RAF Benson who
which the Station Commander was honoured             took part in the parade during the Festival,
to be part of. Mrs Sharland and her husband,         representing the RAF as a whole and those
also a veteran as an infantry officer, were later    who have recently returned from operations.
invited to the Battle of Britain celebrations at
RAF Benson as the honoured guests of the             Her contribution did not end there
Station Commander.                                   however.       Flight Lieutenant Goodman
                                                     was also extremely privileged to be the
The commemoration of the Battle of Britain           RAF representative that assisted Mr Henry
began with a hangar service led by RAF               Allingham, the oldest surviving World War
Benson’s Padre, Squadron Leader Ruth                 I veteran, to lay his wreath at the Cenotaph
Hake. The evening remembrance began with             in London on Remembrance Day. Mr
officers gathering outside the Officers’ Mess        Allingham, however, was a true serviceman
to observe Carolyn Grace’s magnificent               and insisted on laying his wreath personally
display in the Grace Spitfire.                       as his tribute to his fallen comrades.
22                                                  BB
     37 Blacklands Road, Benson, Oxon OX10 6NW
   Tel/Fax: 01491 838567 Mobile: 07971 007 072
      New Installations •   • Extra Lights
           Extensions •     • Low Voltage Lighting
              Re-Wire •     • Security Lights
        Extra Sockets •     • Portable Appliance Testing

Established in the area for over 18 Years

                                                                Aqua Detox
                                                                Indian Head Massage
                                                                Reflexology – including maternity and baby
 Chemistry, Physics and Maths                                   reflex as well as general treatments
             Tuition                                            Hopi Ear Candling
             Phone                                                         Pamper Parties, Gift Vouchers and
                                                                         Quality Aromatherapy products available
 01491682667 or 07976903492
                                                                    Sally 01491 201 813 / 07900 897 265
 Refs available and CRB cleared                                

                                                           BB                                                      23
RAF Veterans Day (Cont.)                                EPP Course
        Nikki Hamilton writes...                                 Kirsty Pearson, writes...
Service personnel and civilians from RAF            A six week course for anyone living with any
Benson also honoured veterans more locally,         long-term health condition(s) is being held
taking part in and attending remembrance            by the Expert Patients Programme CIC (EPP
parades in local towns and villages such as         CIC) at The Lounge, Benson Parish Hall,
Benson and Wallingford. A Puma helicopter           from Friday 9 January.
and Merlin helicopter from RAF Benson               The aim of the course is to enable people to
paid their own tribute with a flypast at the        have a better understanding of their condition
end of the two minutes silence.                     and to recognise the impact it can have on
                                                    their life. The course encourages participants
Group Captain Paul Lyall, Station                   to explore new skills to help increase their
Commander of RAF Benson, was honoured               confidence and enable them to manage their
that his service personnel were able to play        condition better on a daily basis.
such a large part in honouring the veterans,        The Expert Patients Programme (EPP)
both those lost and those who remain from           course will be delivered by two trained tutors
past wars and through current operations. Of        who have experience of living with a long-
the involvement of Flight Lieutenant Michelle       term condition, over weekly sessions of two
Goodman in the Festival of Remembrance,             and a half hours. The course covers a number
Group Captain Lyall said:                           of different topics, including managing pain
                                                    and feelings of depression, diet and exercise,
“All at RAF Benson were extremely proud             communicating with family and health
to see ‘one of our own’ at the annual               professionals, and relaxation techniques.
Remembrance ceremony at the Royal Albert            Venue: The Lounge, Benson Parish Hall,
Hall and at the Cenotaph on 11th November.          Sunnyside, Benson, Wallingford, Oxon
Flight Lieutenant Michelle Goodman                  OX10 6LZ
is typical of our young aircrew – brave,            Date: Friday 9 January until Friday 13
resourceful, dedicated and skilled. As the first    February 2009.
ever female recipient of the Distinguished          Time: 10 am to 12 30 pm
Flying Cross we are especially proud of her         For more information about attending these
and the model that she portrays for modern          courses, please contact Jo Langley on 01225
women, whether in the Armed Forces or               731324 or email
                                                        Wallingford Country Market
                                                             Every Friday, Regal Centre,
                                                               Wallingford 8.45 -11.15
                                                          Local Plants - Bedding Bonanza!
                                                        Fresh Home Baking, Preserves, Honey,
                                                        Eggs, Seasonal Produce, Flowers and
                                                                Hand Crafted items
                                                                Info: 01491 202419
                                                        Wallingford Local Producers
                                                             Every Saturday morning
                                                             Regal Centre Wallingford
 Group Captain Paul Lyall lays a wreath at                  Local products for local people
      the War memorial in Benson
24                                                 BB
        MARTIN WIGGALL                                              Fit Moves Classes
 Domestic Appliance Repair                                               Every Tuesday 7.30 - 8.30
For a prompt and efficient repair to your                                    Benson Youth Hall
        WASHING MACHINE                                                   COST £3.50 PER WEEK
          DISHWASHER                                               Plus an annual registration fee £15.00
                                                                        payable after two week trial
         TUMBLE DRYER                                                      JUST COME ALONG !
            COOKER                                                 For more information call 01491 825910
    Tel: 01865 349007                                                **OTHER CLASSES AVAILABLE**
             No call out fee                                       KFA Qualified Teacher
          COMPETITIVE RATES                                        Member of Register of Exercise Professionals


            free estimates

 NORMAN: 01491 838662                     LEE: 01235 818850

 Westbrook House, Old London Road, Benson, Oxon OX10 6RR

We offer quality garden services: design, landscape,
plants and planting to cultivation and maintenance.
And we tailor-make our service. For a free, no-obli-
gation visit and written estimate, call 01844 279430.

                                                              BB                                              25
                                                   01865 289325 or emailjenny.hislop@dphpc.
     Medical Research                    
               Dr Peter Rose, writes...            Department of Primary Health Care,
                                                   University of Oxford, Rosemary Rue
                                                   Building, Old Road, Headington, Oxford.
        Research into the Menopause                OX3 7LF
                                                   Tel 01865 289282 Fax: 01865 289287
I am involved in a research project, working       Surgery:01491 838286 Mob: 07733317824
with the producers of the award winning
DIPEx web site. The research is investigating          Nothmoor Trust Events
womens’ experiences of the menopause. We
need to interview women with a range of                             Zoe Burns writes...
experiences; although it is relatively easy to
identify women who visit their doctor with         Saturday 6th December: 10am – 3pm
symptoms we are also very interested in the        Northmoor Trust Create-a-Copse
experiences of women who have had few              Wallingford Castle Meadows
problems at this time. If you feel that you can    Drop in any time for some fun tree planting
help, please read on... Thank you. Dr Peter        to create a home & food source for birds &
Rose                                               mammals. Follow arrows from Cemetery
                                                   Lane entrance. FREE.
The DIPEx Health Experiences Research
Group, Department of Primary Care at               Weekend 6th & 7th December: 10am – 4pm
Oxford University is conducting research           Northmoor Trust Christmas Craft Fayre
on women’s experiences of the menopause.           Hill Farm, Little Wittenham, Abingdon,
Funded by the National Institute for Health        Oxon OX14 4QZ Adults £1
Research, Research for Patient Benefit
Programme, the study aims to:                      Enjoy local Christmas crafts and gifts,
                                                   locally produced Christmas foods and an
● Explore women’s perspectives and                 irresistible traditional Christmas atmosphere
experiences of the menopause, HRT and              with festive poetry, story telling and music.
other treatments                                   Children are in for a treat too! Santa and Mrs
● Identify the questions and problems that         Clause will be paying a visit and children
matter to women                                    can visit them in their festive winter grotto.
● Help develop menopause resources for             The enchanted story forest will be filled with
primary care staff                                 magical Christmas and traditional tales and
● Produce a free website on the menopause for      music from master story teller Peter Hearn.
the award-winning www.healthtalkonline             Northmoor Trust’s beautifully restored 19th
                                                   century barns are the perfect venue for a
We plan to interview 40-50 women from              relaxed shopping experience picking up
across the UK (most aged 45-60 but including       some last minute Christmas gifts.
those with an early menopause) to give as
wide a range of menopausal experiences as          Northmoor Trust Christmas gifts
possible. We’re also interested in hearing         The Northmoor Trust has a unique range of
from women who have had few if any                 alternative Christmas gifts for those difficult
problems. Women will be interviewed in             to buy for friends and family! Wrap up a
their own homes by a trained and experienced       workshop, adopt a newt or dedicate a tree
researcher. Interviews will be video or            this Christmas and help the Northmoor Trust
audio-recorded with excerpts featured on the       to continue its vital conservation work at the
website. If you are interested in taking part      Wittenham Clumps.
or would like further information, please          More information for all events at:
contact the researcher, Dr Jenny Hislop on
26                                                BB
BB   27
                                                    because it has only been operating for a
     Wallingford Local Producers Market             year and is tucked away on one hectare
                 Andrea Powell, writes...           of land belonging to Philip Chamberlain,
                                                    sandwiched between the Agrivert site and the
                                                    airfield. (And yes, OK, the sewage works.)
Are you concerned about food miles and the          Mark Powell runs this one-man-and-his-
environmental cost of importing fruit and           dog operation, having given up life as an
vegetables from around the world? Do you            insurance agent in order to provide a much-
look forward to the changing seasons and            needed source of fresh seasonal produce for
the first broad beans or new potatoes of the        the local community. Billy, the dog, acts
year? Would you like to be able to buy your         as Head of Security, keeping rabbits off the
family’s food directly from the person who          site and barking at the helicopters. Mark
grew it? If the answer to these questions is        specialises in salad crops, but has a wide range
“yes”, then the Wallingford Local Producers         of produce for sale; in fact, he currently has
Market is for you! Held every Saturday              over 70 varieties growing! The business is
morning, from 10.00am until 1.00pm, this            currently in conversion to organic status, but
market provides an opportunity for local            even now all the produce is grown without
producers to sell their produce directly to         any chemical pesticides or additives.
the customer, and for you, the consumer, to
support local enterprises as well as enjoying       The Wallingford Local Producers Market
top quality seasonal food.                          is held on Saturdays at the Regal Centre in
What can you buy at the market? Every week
there is a large fruit & veg stall, alternating
between Ashtrees Farm Vegetables, Benson                Wallingford Museum Bookshop
and The Clays, Warborough. Just to make                               Stu Derby, writes...
life easier for you, both businesses are
run by a Mark (Powell and Stevenson,
respectively), so you can get to know them as       As usual, Wallingford Museum closed for its
individuals, not just as faceless providers to a    winter break at the end of November to carry
supermarket chain. Beef and lamb (from the          out refurbishment and prepare some exciting
Northmoor Trust) are on sale from Andrew            new exhibitions for next year - and will be
of E L Townsend & Son, while Marianne of            re-opening on 3rd March 2009.
Vitality Farm offers her delicious range of
pork products and freshly laid eggs. Emily’s        But the good news is that the highly successful
Kitchen sells irresistible cakes, while Jean        Museum bookshop, with its constantly
of Church Lane Food Company is well                 changing stock of good second-hand books
known locally for her top quality jams and          will remain open during December, January
chutneys. The market also offers a General          and February. The shop will be open on
Store, where you can buy local beer, wine,          Fridays and Saturdays from 10.30am to
flour, cheese, fruit juice and bread (from          1.00pm.
Brown Sugar Bakery in Stoke Row). Other
stalls offer plants, crafts, recycled goods
and occasionally jewellery. There’s even
a café where you can enjoy a cup of coffee                      Bingo Night!
with one of Emily’s cakes and relax while               Every Tuesday in Benson Parish Hall
your children use up their energy in the play             Do you enjoy a game of Bingo, if
corner.                                                   so please come along on Tuesday
                                                         evenings in the Parish Hall 7.00pm
You may have lived in Benson all your life              and it could lead to a Full House - Bingo!
and never heard of Ashtrees Farm! That’s
28                                                 BB
      Dave Perry                                                          Registered Osteopath

      Plumbing                                                         Backache
                                                                                     Rohan D Iswariah, D.O.

 Experienced, reliable, friendly,
         Local service
                                                                                                                    accepted
                                                                                                                     by all
      Competitive rates                                                Joint Pains    01491-838866                   major
                                                                                       Ivy Cottage, Chapel
     Tel: 01491 838267                                                 Tennis                 Lane                   companies
     Mob: 07900 448060                                                                  Benson OX10 6LU

                                                                        Looking to revamp your house or update some rooms?
                                                                        Not sure where to start?       Overcome by choice?
                                                                            Contact Caroline at
                                                                         MARKHAM INTERIORS for:
                                                                        ◊	     Hourly home consultations
                                                                        ◊	     Advice on colours, lighting, window treatments &
                                                                               furniture arrangement
                                                                        ◊	     Inspiration and ideas to change your decorative
                                                                        ◊	     Locally run Saturday workshops too!
                                                                        For more information call
                                                                        01491 874394 or email

 SHOE                      Leather
                                              KEY                      Larkmead
REPAIRS                    Repairs          CUTTING                    Veterinary Group
     GARY WILLIS looks forward to meeting you
                                                                         Quality service providing peace of
        ALL REPAIRS ON THE PREMISES                                          mind from a caring team
                                                                                             Branches at:
                                                                             Ilges Lane, CHOLSEY, Oxon OX10 9PA
                                                                                Farm	Animal	and	Equine:				Tel	01491	651479
                                                                               Small Animal Consultations: Tel 01491 651379
                                                                             111-113 Park Road, DIDCOT, OX11 8QT
                                                                              Small Animal Consultations: Tel 01235 814991
   21 St Mary’s Street, Wallingford (next to Thames Hair Salon)
                    Telephone 01491 825224

        Downlands Boarding                                              Altom Tree Care Ltd
         Kennels & Cattery                                             Tree Felling                      Seasoned
                                                                       Height Reductions                     Logs
        Safe, Secure Indoor Kennelling.                                Lopping & Pruning                  For Sale
               Regular Exercise.                                       Stump Grinding
     No Mixing of Dogs. From £10 per night                             Landscaping
      Airy Enclosed Cattery. £7 per night                              Grass/Hedge Cutting
                   01491 651053                                        Maintenance Contracts
Westfield Road, Cholsey (just off A417), OX10 9JW
                                                                       Fully Insured                         tel: 01844 339833
Website:                             Free Quotations                       mob: 07958 759747
  Email:                                                 email:

                                                                  BB                                                          29
     Benson CofE School Update                       Little Miss Spotty and the Bully
                 Nigel Woods, writes...
                                                Once upon a time Little Miss Spotty went
During September and October, the Year          out to play and played on the climbing
3 children in Ash Class were learning           frame. Then suddenly her friend came to
about writing reports for their topic work.     play with her. Then she did running cart
They also learnt how to write stories about     wheels round the willow tree. A big boy
themselves in role as Mr. or Little Miss        came and started kicking her friend. She
Benson characters. The children enjoyed         was frightened when the fire alarm went
producing some wonderful illustrated            and she cried like mad. A big boy started
books, which were on display for the whole      laughing at her. Little Miss Spotty saw her
school exhibition just before half term.        sister who came and helped her. Her sister
They also displayed framed self portraits       told the big boy to stop teasing and bullying
of their own Little Miss or Mr. Character,      so he left Little Miss Spotty in peace.
which they drew with oil pastels. A couple      By Paige Tolley.
of examples of some of the children’s work
are shown below.
                                                      The Bensington Society

                                                The Bensington Society was founded in

                                                It aims to:
                                                • Promote, protect and improve the
                                                environment of Benson and its surrounding
                                                • Preserve and protect features of historic,
                                                ecological or public interest in the area.
                                                • Promote a forum for debate on local
                                                The Society is a member of The Civic Trust,
                                                The Campaign to Protect Rural England
                                                (CPRE) and The Chiltern Society.

                                                Annual Membership of the Society is £6
                                                per person and Life membership is £60 per
                                                person. We arrange monthly social evenings
                                                from September to May, and outings
                                                throughout the year. An Annual Report is
                                                published once a year.

                                                     “An interesting talk, a good meal,
                                                   a meeting of friends – a fun evening.”
These are the children’s books and self
portraits on display in the classroom, with     Visitors welcome at all events. For
an example of a story from one of the           information , please contact:
children in the Ash class, which was in her     Paddy Berger (Talks) on 01491 825156 or
‘Little Miss Spotty’ book.                      John Richards (Outings) on 01491 835202.
30                                            BB
BB   31
                                                   Angelina Jolie and John Malkevich
Corn Exchange
                                                   Friday 19 December Mamma Mia – the very
           Sheila Davies writes...                 last showing

This is a quiet month in the run up to Christmas   Booking for the Pantomime, Puss in Boots
but we do have one stage presentation, a           has already opened. Performances from
treat for Country and Western fans, Keep it        Thursday 15 January to Sat 31 January
Cash, the UK’s top Johnny Cash tribute band        nightly at 7.00 pm (not Sundays and
present two hours of Johnny’s greatest hits at     Mondays). Gala Performance Wednesday 21
7.45 pm on Saturday 6th December.                  January Saturday matinees at 2.30 pm on 17,
Cinema continues with Daniel Craig as James        24, & 31 January
Bond in Quantum of Solace until Thursday           Ticket Prices; children £5 (except Gala night)
4th December and Easy Virtue with Jessica          Adults: Tuesday to Thursday £9, Friday and
Biel, Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas         Saturday £10; Gala night £15
following from Friday 5th to Thursday 11th,
with a matinee at 3.00 pm on Sunday 7th to           Local Clubs & Societies
replace the Saturday evening performance.
The Changeling with Angelina Jolie and John                     Clubs Sec: Jackie Bryan
Malkevich, a Clint Eastwood film which is
tipped to be nominated for awards is showing       Benson Choral Society - Christmas Concert
from Friday 12th to Thursday 18th. Finally,
we have positively the very last showing of        For their next concert, Benson Choral Society
Mamma Mia on Friday 19th.                          are performing J.S. Bach’s Magnificat, Bob
Don’t forget on Friday and Saturday                Chilcott’s Christmas Cantata - And Peace on
mornings that there is a welcome in the Foyer      Earth and carols for audience and choir. The
bar where you can relax with home made             concert is in Dorchester Abbey on Saturday
soup, coffee, tea and soft drinks and cakes.       December 13th, starting at 7.00pm. They
The Box Office is open at the same time so         will be accompanied by the Elgar Orchestra
if you haven’t already done so you can buy         conducted by Christopher Walker and the
tickets for Puss in Boots, which promises to       soloists are from the Royal Academy of Music.
be a riotous panto in old-fashioned style.         They will also be joined by the Wallingford
                                                   Children’s Choir directed by Sue Ledger.
    What’s on at the Corn Exchange                 Tickets for the concert are £12.00 (reserved)
        Wallingford in December?                   or £10 (unreserved) with reductions for those
Monday 1 December to Thursday 4                    under 21. They can be obtained from members
December Quantum of Solace(12A); Daniel            of the choir, at the door, or by ringing 01865
Craig returns as James Bond                        407395.

Friday 5 December to Thursday 11 December                   Benson Badminton Club
(excluding Saturday 6 December);
plus matinee Sunday 7 December at 3.00 pm   We are a small, friendly club playing
Noel Coward’s Easy Virtue (12A); Jessica    badminton for fun and , hopefully, to get a
Biel, Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas  little fitter.
                                            We meet every Monday night at the Parish
Saturday 6 December at 7.45pm               Hall in Benson at 8.00pm.
Keep it Cash; The UK’s Top Tribute Band, If you play badminton at any level and
live on stage. Tickets £12                  would like to join us, or come for a free trial
                                            evening, please ring: Elaine on 838692 or
Friday 12 December to Thursday 18 December Mandy 834828
Changeling (15); Clint Eastwood film with Elaine Wilkin
32                                        BB
BB   33
                                                   Our meetings are held on Thursday evenings
     Local Clubs & Societies (Cont.)               at the Crowmarsh Pavilion, (behind the
              Clubs Sec: Jackie Bryan              tyre warehouse near the bridge) The Street,
                                                   Crowmarsh, at 7.45 for 8p.m. until 10p.m. with
            Benson Garden Club                     a break for coffee.

Our opening indoor meeting was a very              4 December – Come and get some ‘topical tips’
revealing look at the many ferns available         when Gordon Roberts gives his presentation
to grow in our gardens. We were surprised          ‘Winter Snow’ a look at taking photographs in
at just how many different types there are         snowy conditions.
available and our speaker had brought some
along for us to start off a collection with, or    11 December – Popular local speaker David
add to those we have already. The full club        Beasley shows us more of his postcards, now as
programme for the year was outlined and            digital images, on 20th Century Wallingford.
raffle time and refreshments concluded the
evening. We now look forward to our Xmas           18 December – The Christmas Social for club
social with a “not too difficult” (as promised     members. There will then be a two week break
by our programme makers who are devising           – we send everyone good wishes for Christmas
the entertainment for us) garden themed quiz       and New Year.
in December. Then to start off the New Year
we have a colourful presentation of gardens             Wishing everyone the Season’s Greetings!
to visit as seen from the warmth and comfort
of our chairs. It may be miserable outside         8 January – Practical Evening – bring your
but we will be sure of a bright and cheery         camera, just in case. Also hand in for the ‘No
evening inside.                                    set subject’ competition next week.
Penny Noble
                                                   15 January – Competition ‘No Set Subject’
                Benson W.I.
                                                   22 January – Frank Newhofer with his
Members enjoyed our November talk on a             presentation Windows on the World.
journey through Peru and look forward to
December’s meeting on Wednesday 17th               29 January – Mark Shannon and Emma
when we shall be entertained by the Organ          Frampton give their presentations and hand
Grinder - John Hunt. Our meeting on January        in for the competition ‘The Letter ‘U’ i.e the
21st will be our New Year celebration and          subject must begin with the letter ‘U’ and can
we take this opportunity to wish everyone a        include anything except portraits of people or
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for             animals.
Jill Spence                                        We are always pleased to see new members
                                                   and visitors, from beginners to advanced
                                                   photographers. Telephone 01491 835632 for
        Wallingford Photographic Club              further details or see our website http://www.
Come and meet people who share your hobby
                                                           Benson United Football Club
of photography and have some fun with
                                                                  Family Quiz Night
it. With meetings about portraiture, travel,
                                                            6th December 18:30 - 20:00
architecture and many other topics of interest,
                                                                  Benson Parish Hall
also competitions, discussion and practical
                                                       Teams of 6 (max 3 adults) Cost £15/Team
evenings – come and see what there is on
                                                             Cash Prize - In Aid of BUFC
offer from September to May, - you will be
                                                       Contact Linda - 01865 858062 for details
pleasantly surprised.
34                                                BB
         Sassy Paws                            Enjoy one of Oxfordshires
                                                Finest riverside locations

 Dog Grooming
                                          New heated outside seating area ideal
                                                  for special occasions
                                          Available for private functions and parties throughout the year
                                                      Free Wi-Fi connection available
                                             Food served all day - seven days a week
   Treat your dog to a special
                                                       Opening times
            time at                             8am - 6pm Monday to Friday
                                              8am - 6.30pm Saturday & Sunday
 Sassy’s Grooming Parlour                 Christmas Party Menus Now Available
                                                          Buffet menus
     Rates are very reasonable                          available for large
   whether it be for a full groom                       Christmas parties
  or just a wash and brush-up we          Christmas & New Year Opening Hours
 cater for all your grooming needs           Open normal hours during the festive season except for:
                                                   Wednesday 24th December - closed all day

     Contact Liz Perry on
                                                    Thursday 25th December - closed all day
                                                     Friday 26th December - closed all day
                                                   Wednesday 31st December- closed all day
                                                     Thursday 1st January - closed all day
 01491 838267 or 07795 095917
                                                 Bookings Tel 01491 833732
          Flint House                                  Benson Waterfront
      12	Churchfield	Lane                             Benson, Wallingford
                                                         Oxon OX10 6SJ
            Benson                             website:

                                                                THE SKIN GINIE
                                                                           OICB, IDI
                                                                     Insanely great
                                                                     face and body
Ewelme Village Pre School                              Luxurious
                                             Dermalogica prescriptive facials
      Experienced staff                        CACI non-surgical face-lift
     Superb dedicated room                      Eyelash/Eyebrow tinting
         Fully equipped                                 Massage
         Outside Area                             Manicure / Pedicure
Children welcome from 2 ½ years           My treatment room offers a professional and
Monday to Friday 9.15 to 12 noon           friendly aproach in a peaceful and calming
Extended lunch sessions offered            environment using ‘results driven’ products
Outstanding OFSTED report
                                          Gift Vouchers & Pamper Evenings available
For more information please call:
Pre School on 835413                      Authorised Dermalogica Skin Care Stockist
                                              59 St Helens Avenue, Benson, Oxon                 01491 838550 / 07720 290495

                                     BB                                                                35
 Classified Ads....                                     Benson Parish Hall
                                                    Benson Parish Office: 01491 825038
           Tel: 01491 201734                        Office hours:         Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning by your                                      0930 am to 1230 pm
local specialists. Wet or dry systems used.        Short Mat Bowls       Mon 2-4pm/Wed 7-10pm
                                                   Badminton             Mon 8-10pm
Trained, insured & NCCA approved.                  Bingo                 Tues 7-9pm
Quality work at unbeatable rates. Call             Floodlit Tennis       Thurs 7.00pm
Grimebusters 01865 726983 / 01235 555533                                 TO HIRE
                                                          BENSON PARISH or YOUTH HALL
Film and Video Transfer Service to                                 TEL/FAX 01491 825038
DVD, LP’s & 45 Records to CD at sensible                Benson Youth Hall
prices. For quote phone 01491 825964 or            Table Tennis                         Fri 8 - 10pm
email                        Baby & Toddler Group                 Thur 1.30 - 3.30pm
Vacuum Cleaner sales, spares & repairs
carried out on our premises. Clean Machine,                email your news to BB
2 St. Peter’s Street, Wallingford (behind       
Champions). Call 01491 825600                              About Benson Bulletin
                                                          Est. 1994
House and Office Clearance, removals,
everything cleared including rubbish. Items        The Benson Bulletin is published by Benson Bulletin
and furniture purchased. No job too small.         News Association, and delivered free to all households in
Tel: 01189 874758 Mob: 07941 935168                Benson, RAF Benson, Roke, Rokemarsh, Berrick Salome
                                                   and Ewelme. All concerned in its production and delivery
All Rubbish Cleared, garden, plastic,              are volunteers. Material published in The Benson Bul-
                                                   letin is copyright, but the Editor may grant permission
glass, wood. Unwanted furniture. No job            for reproduction upon request. Whilst every effort is
too small. Tel: 01189 874758 Mob: 07941            made to ensure the accuracy of information printed in
935168                                             The Benson Bulletin, the Editor and Publishers cannot
                                                   accept any responsibility for the consequences of any er-
Detached Family House to Let: 5/6                  rors that may occur. Neither are the opinions published
                                                   in The Benson Bulletin necessarily those of the Editor
bedrooms, large kitchen/breakfast room, two        or The Benson Bulletin News Association. The Editor is
reception rooms, master en-suite, large garden,    pleased to receive material for publication, but reserves
two garages, off-road parking. £2,300 pcm.         the right to shorten, clarify or reject it at her discretion.
                                                   Copy may be submitted via e-mail in plain text (or pictures
Available December. Call: 01491 838690             in tiff greyscale format) to, or                        on floppy disc in DOC or RTF format with enclosed
                                                   print-out (discs will be returned). Typed and handwritten
Perfect Touch Mobile Nails and Beauty              copy is also acceptable. All photographs will be scanned
                                                   and returned. Digital photos in .jpg format are preferred.
Acrylic and Gel Nails, Manicures, Pedicures,       Please supply logos in .tiff format.
Spray Tanning, Waxing, Massage, Eye
treatments and more! Call Kate 07817540109               BB’s Deadlines                             Copy: 12th of month previous
                                                         Advertising: 12th of month previous
                                                                The Benson Bulletin
 NEW SERVICE OFFERED BY THE                                     c/o Benson Parish Hall
            BENSON BULLETIN                                     Sunnyside
                                                                Benson, Oxon. OX10 6LZ
Classified advertisements on-line for FREE.        BBNA Committee Members:-
Go to the Benson Bulletin web site at http://      Chairman     George Craig                           839071 and click on the “Bulletin”     Treasurer    Kyri Kyriakoudis                       839810
link to take advantage of this offer.              Secretary    Patricia Baylis                        826289
                                                   Advertising  Anne Fowler                            201734
It is limited to non-commercial ads and a maxi-    Clubs’ Sec   Jackie Bryan                           838623
mum of 25 words. As they say elsewhere “no         Distribution Don Fletcher                           838577
livestock or firearms” and inclusion is at the     Editor       Anne Fowler                            201734
                                                   Asst Editor  Tom Stevenson                          836888
webmaster’s discretion.                                         Rev Andrew Hawken                      201668
36                                                BB

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