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					                                                      Deny Yourself Nothing

                                                      There is a myth perpetuated in today’s media, and it is one
                                                      that causes a lot of damage when it comes to personal
                                                      decisions. The myth is that everyone is inherently selfish and
                                                      that this is a vice and that everyone should try their hardest
                                                      to fight against this selfishness and denounce it at every turn.
                                                      Research has shown that humans are actually not that selfish,
                                                      and that we are very self interested, which is not the same
                                                      thing, at all. Self interest means that you recognize that your
                                                      own needs and concerns must take priority over those of
                                                      others if you are to even have any resources to give.
                                                      Unfortunately, selfishness and the hatred thereof has so
                                                      permeated our society that often individuals are taught to
                                                      give whatever they have, even if it is not enough for

                                                      This is a problem because, in order for society to grow and
                                                      survive, the differentiation between selfishness and self
interest must be recognized.

Often, someone who is living in the slums or on the edge of a slum society will vehemently describe how what they
are doing is best because they are not going to take any problems from anyone. The fact that they even have the
need to validate their own basic self interest shows us just how far the disease of selfishness-condemnation has
really gone.

We cannot function as a society if we do not first recognize that our own needs must be met before we can begin
to help others with their needs. In order to forgive others, we must first actively and consciously forgive ourselves.
In order to love another, we must first learn how to love ourselves and actively and consciously show ourselves
this love on a daily basis. In order to employ responsible safe employees, we must first learn how to make our
business safe on its own, through the steady and applied use of employee drug and alcohol screening.

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