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The Newsletter of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts                                                                                  April 2001

Libertarians Celebrate Party Growth
Over two hundred and thirty Libertarian               ing that she was consid-
activists and supporters turned out for               ering a run for governor
this year’s Libertarian Party of Massa-               in 2002. Following up on
chusetts State Convention. Attendees                  this story camera crews
were treated to a strong lineup of speak-             from a number of chan-
ers featuring internet privacy and                    nels including NECN
encryption expert Philip Zimmermann                   and WB 56 showed up to
and Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby. In            cover her speech.
turn they responded by donating over
fifty two thousand dollars to help grow                Ms. Howell’s speech sug-
the party in the coming year, by far an               gested the best way to
LPMA record.                                          elect Libertarians was to
                                                      eschew gradual change
The focus of the convention in this non-              and propose bold initia-
election year was education and enter-                tives. She said big gov-
tainment. In addition to the speakers,                ernment programs like
local activists held a variety of informa-            welfare, public schools,
tional “break out” sessions covering top-             and the Big Dig simply
ics such as running for local office,                 made things worse for
home schooling, and social security                                                                                           Libertarian Candidates to
                                                      the people they were Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby encourages to the voters.
                                                                                           address issues which are important
reform.                                               intended to help. “Big
                                                      government programs create new prob- small government, he is a true libertari-
         Carla Howell Sets Tone                       lems. They divert our capital and efforts an.” However, she said she supports
                                                      away from other more worthy endeav- bold initiatives such as ending the
Carla Howell gave the key note address,               ors,” she said.                               income tax, ending the drug war, and
and the media was out in force. Earlier                                                             repealing gun control laws. She felt her
in the week, email had been sent to a                 Howell clearly stated, “Whether gradual success in the last campaign was attrib-
list of Carla Howell supporters indicat-              or bold, so long as someone supports                                  (continued on page four)

Libertarian Office Holders Richard and Ilana Freedman
This is the second of a two part interview with                                                       This is part two of a two part interview with the
Ilana and Richard Freedman.                                                                           Freedmans. This month we will discuss their expe-
                                                                                                      riences serving in office in Billerica.
Ilana and Richard Freedman are two of the Lib-
ertarian Party’s most visible activists. Richard                                                      Massachusetts Liberty: Tell us about your
Freedman has a long history of running for office                                                      run for the planning board in Billerica.
including bids for State Representative and the
School Board in Newton. He also is one of the                                                         Ilana Freedman: Billerica is an extraor-
party’s most prolific letter writers having had let-                                                   dinary community when it comes to get-
ters to the editor published in the Boston Globe,                                                     ting everyone involved in the political
Boston Herald, and numerous local papers. He                                                          process. They publish all the openings on
now serves as town meeting member in Billerica.                                                       all of the town committees. They make
                                                                                                      sure that anyone who wants to get
This year Ilana Freedman set the standard for                                                         involved in town government knows how.
Libertarian State House candidates by polling
over 25% of the vote in her run for State Senate.
This included over 42% of the vote in her home                                                        When I ran for the planning board in Bil-
town of Billerica. Ilana also serves as a town                                                        lerica, we had been living in town for two
meeting member in Billerica and serves on a                      Ilana and Richard Freedman           months. We discovered that there was
number of town committees.
                                                                                                                          (continued on page fourteen)
                                        letter from the chair
                                             Now that was a convention!                                Meanwhile, as the Republican leader-
                                                                                                       ship tries to skip town before the body
                                        If you didn’t see the state convention                         gets cold, we can take advantage of
                                        this year, you missed out on a unique                          their folly.
 Massachusetts                          experience.
    Liberty                                                                                            We will strive to do what they have not:
                                        Our convention this year was so electri-                       emphasize local campaigns and local
          April 2001                    fying that it was hard to believe that                         officeholders as a way of building our
                                        this was an odd-numbered year. Not                             “farm team” and of making our voices
             Editor                     only were the speakers top-notch but                           heard.
                                        the excitement in the crowd was palpa-     Elias Israel
      Peter C. Schoaff
                                        ble throughout the day.                                      In 2002, we will strive to run as many
      Contributing                                                                          legislative candidates as possible and to leave
        Editors                         Television reporters from WB56 and New Eng-         as few Democrats and Republicans unopposed
                                        land Cable News were both there, and they           as possible.
       Kay Pirrello                     both did very flattering reports. So did The
     Christine Schoaff                  Boston Globe and the Associated Press.              And we will show the voters and media that
                                                                                            what we have been saying all along is true: the
      Contributors                      Not only that, but speaker Tom LaRoche, board       Libertarian Party is emerging as the new major
     Laura El-Azem                      member for the Gun Owners’ Action League            party in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
      Carla Howell                      and host of the weekly radio show “The GOAL
       Elias Israel                     Line”, finished his speech on gun rights and         Already, the numbers tell the tale: Of all of the
       Doug Krick                       joined the Libertarian Party right on the spot.     people anywhere in the country who regis-
                                                                                            tered Libertarian in the last two years, one of
   Edward McCormick                     We had breakout sessions on the Libertarian         five of them lives in Massachusetts.
      Muni Savyon                       Party platform, how to run for office, how to
      Jim Sullivan                      protect your privacy on the Internet, how to        Of all of the people who voted Libertarian in
                                        communicate Libertarian ideas, and more.            the 2000 elections, one in ten of them live in
  Mailing Address                       Carla Howell created a buzz on the convention
  Mass. Liberty Editor                  floor and in the press by asking convention          We told the convention attendees what their
  Post Office Box 2610,                  attendees if she should run for Governor in         contributions would bring:
   Boston, MA 02208                     2002!
    E-Mail Address                                                                          40+ Libertarian candidates this year
                                        But that’s only the beginning. Because at the
  ma-liberty@lpma.org                   dinner banquet, Michael Cloud announced our         1,500 dues-paying members this year
                                        intention to run forty or more local candi-
    Next Deadline                       dates this year, increase our registrations to      21,000 registered Libertarians this year
        April 9, 2001                   21,000, and increase our paid membership to
                                        1,500!                                              When they understood what it would mean,
 Massachusetts Liberty is the official                                                       they cheered and contributed more than
 newsletter of the Libertarian                                                              $52,565 to move this project forward!
 Party of Massachusetts, a state                 GOP = “Get Out and Push”
                                                                                            But I need your help. If you can run for office
 affiliate of the Libertarian Party                                                          this year, call Kay Pirrello at 978-828-1538 and
                                        But not only can we do it, we absolutely must.
 of the United States.                  It has become fashionable to deride the Repub-      ask her for the information you’ll need to get
                                        licans in Massachusetts, because they have          started.
 Massachusetts Liberty is published
                                        grown so weak. And it’s true; they have com-
 twelve times a year. Subscrip-                                                             If you can form a town committee, call Kay for
                                        pletely failed to keep what should have been a
 tions are $15 per year.                vibrant party growing and they have left us an      that information, too.
 Send changes of address, sub-
                                        unbelievable opportunity.
                                                                                            If you can support a candidate or a local com-
 scription requests, and materi-
                                        The Massachusetts GOP is handing us a               mittee, call Kay to volunteer.
 als for publication to Massachu-       tremendous opportunity, because they have
 setts Liberty’s e-mail address or      failed to run local candidates, failed to do        We are – without a doubt – well on our way to
 mailing address. All submis-           enough fundraising, failed in virtually every way   building the real political party of the 21st Cen-
 sions are subject to editing.
                                        to differentiate themselves from the Democ-         tury.
                                        rats, and failed to recognize and react to the
 Deadline is the ninth day of
                                        problems. The Republican leadership has killed      I can’t wait to see what happens next.
 every month. All work and no           the Massachusetts GOP.
 play makes Jack a dull boy. All                                                            Victory!
 the king’s horses and all the
 king’s men couldn’t put humpty
 together again.

2 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                               April 2001
libertarian events
Nthe J. V. Valley Libertarians.Meeting from Littleton, LMaplecrestApril 28,Southborough. Please join many
   Thursday, March 22, 7:00 .        PM
           Fletcher Library at 7 . .. Activists
                                          PM           32
                                                          ibertarian Social
                                                                             7:00 . .            PM

Chelmsford, Groton, Pepperell and other area towns are              activists and our gracious hosts William and Sharon Cohen
encouraged to attend. Recent candidates and officeholders            for the April Social! (yes, this is the 4th Saturday instead of
will be on hand to help others consider running for office.          our regular 3rd Saturday)
Everyone interested in lower taxes and smaller government is
invited to attend.                                                                Campaign School for Winners
                                                                    Don Gorman’s in New Bedford. Calling all Activists, Volun-
                                                                      Saturday, April 28
                    Committee Meeting
Provincetown Town 4, 7:00 .Town Committee meets at 7 . .
   Wednesday, April
The Provincetown Libertarian
                             .      PM
                                                                    Wamsutta Club
                                                                    teers, Managers and Candidates. Don Gorman, who served as
                                                                    a Libertarian State Representative in New Hampshire is hold-
on the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Provincetown Inn.         ing an all day Campaign School hosted by the Southeastern
The group planned to host an Operation Politically Homeless         Massachusetts Libertarian Committee.
Booth at the Provincetown Year-Rounders Festival on Satur-
day, March 10th. Attend their next meeting and find out how          This all day event will take place on Saturday, April 28th, at the
their booth did at the Festival! For more information, contact      Wamsutta Club, at the corner of County and Union Streets in
Jeff Evans by phone at (508) 487-3075 or by email at                New Bedford.
                                                                    Tickets to Don Gorman's Campaign School for Winners are
S  outheastern Massachusetts Libertarian Committee
   Wednesday, April 4, 6:30 P.M.
                                                                    $65 for the day-long course, including lunch, cocktail hour
                                                                    with hors d'oeuvres and dinner, or $45 for the course and
T  he Southeastern Massachusetts Libertarian Committee
   meets at 6:30pm on the 1st Wednesday of each month at
the Wamsutta Club, at the corner of County and Union Streets
                                                                    lunch. Buy your tickets soon! All tickets sold after March 31st
                                                                    will be subject to an additional $10 charge. For more informa-
                                                                    tion, call (508) 996-VOTE or email lhirschmann@lpma.org.
in New Bedford. You can contact the committee by phone at
(508) 996-VOTE or by email at lhirschmann@lpma.org                     un Owners Action League
                                                                    Gthe Wyndham in5 Westboro.Annual Banquet contact
                                                                       Saturday, May
          Libertarian Town
WhitmanRoomApril 11,Pub, Committee 18 near Route 27 in
The Glass       at TJ’s
                        6:45 .
                            on Route
                                                                    At                         For more information
                                                                    the Gun Owners Action League at 508-393-5333.
Whitman. Pizza and soda available starting at 6:30 P.M..
                                                                       PMA State Committee Meeting
                                                                    Lthe Residence Inn10in Westford.
                                                                       Saturday, May 5,    . .

P   ioneer Valley Libertarian Association Meeting
    Wednesday, April 11, 7:00 P.M
Bickford’s, Springfield. The Pioneer Valley Libertarian Associ-

ation meets the second Wednesday of every month at Bick-
ford's on Boston Road in Springfield.
                                                                       un Owners Action League
                                                                    Gthe Wyndham in5 Westboro.Annual Banquet contact
                                                                       Saturday, May
                                                                                               For more information
                                                                    the Gun Owners Action League at 508-393-5333.
         A Training           for Firearms Rights Activists
Engage:information Programthe Gun Owners Action League
   Saturday, April 14
For more              contact
at 508-393-5333.                                                    Libertarian Futurist Society Conference Ohio. Libertarian
                                                                      May 25 through May 27
                                                                    Columbus Convention Center, Columbus
                                                                    Futurist Society will celebrate its 20th anniversary by spon-
W    orcester County Libertarian Association
     Sunday, April 22, 6:00 P.M
Tweed's Pub Restaurant, 231 Grove St., Worcester. Everyone is
                                                                    soring its first national conference. LFScon will be a once-in-
                                                                    a-lifetime opportunity to hear Prometheus Award winners and
invited and welcome. Interested activists can contact Kevin         LFS leaders explore the future of freedom and the potential of
Haskell at khaskell@lpma.org for more information.                  libertarian science fiction to shape a more rational, diverse,
                                                                    tolerant and optimistic vision of what is possible in the 21st
                                                                    and coming centuries. Speakers include eight Prometheus
                                                                    Award winners, including L. Neil Smith and Poul Anderson.

    Elias Israel was interviewed on Worcester’s WORC 1030 AM

April 2001                                                                                                       Massachusetts Liberty 3
convention 2001
Convention Focuses on Education, Entertainment
(continued from first page)
utable to this strategy. “Gun rights sup-
                                                        Social Security – The Riskiest of Schemes
porters, even if they disagreed with my
stand on the war on drugs,” she said,                 One of several seminar
“voted for me because of my 100% sup-                 choices for convention-
port of the second amendment.” Voters                 goers to the LPMA 2001
won’t become excited about slow                       Convention was “Social
change that barely affects their lives.               Security Privatization,”
She concluded, “We must rise above                    by Suffolk University Law
gradualism. Liberty will not wait.”’                  School Professor Charles
This year’s business session was brief,
and consisted almost entirely of reports              Professor Rounds is an
from LPMA Secretary Laura El-Azem,                    advisor to the CATO
Treasurer Walter Ziobro, Executive                    Institute Project on
Director Christine Schoaff, and Chair-                Social Security privatiza-
man Elias Israel. Following this, conven-             tion, which is currently
tion goers attended one of three concur-              developing a recommen-
rent break out sessions.                              dation for the Bush
                                                      administration. Profes-                Suffolk University Law Professor Charles Rounds
            Break Out Sessions                        sor Rounds presence at
            Focus on Education                        the convention was par-       merce section of the              has been carefully pro-
                                                      ticularly timely given that   Constitution. Your Social         moted over the last
Shannon Vale’s session covered the the-               President Bush is expect-     Security “contributions”          seven decades by politi-
ory and history of the home schooling                 ed to propose the partial     are a tax on you and your         cians who use the termi-
movement. Vale, who is a home school-                 privatization of Social       employer, plain and sim-          nology of insurance, con-
er and Libertarian activist, explained                Security sometime this        ple, and the funds go             tracts, and property to
that while the modern home schooling                  spring.                       into the same pot as all          create an illusion. Words
movement is growing rapidly and gain-                                               of your other taxes. Sec-         like      “contributions”
ing mainstream acceptance, that wasn’t                Libertarians, in general,     ond, there is a welfare           (instead of taxes), “bene-
always the case. Founded in the 1950’s,               agree that Social Security    scheme. The money is              fits” (instead of welfare),
many early proponents had to go under-                is a poor plan. However,      paid out of the general           “return on investment”
ground and risked jail time for keeping               many in the room were         fund in a manner deter-           (when the money was
their children out of public schools.                 surprised to learn just       mined by each President           never invested at all),
                                                      how poor a plan it really     and Congress, with no             “trust account” (when
Today, many are drawn to home school-                 is. Professor Rounds          guarantees.                       there is none), and even
ing because they fear for their children’s            debunked the mythology                                          “bankruptcy” are all used
safety in public schools, or find fault                that has been built up        3. Individuals have no            quite regularly by every-
with zero tolerance policies. Some feel               over the past 70 years.       property rights or con-           one discussing Social
public schools are “teaching to the test”             He stressed that:             tractual rights to Social         Security.
rather than emphasizing individual                                                  Security. Just because
development. Others refuse to accept                  1. Social Security funds      you may have paid Social          Professor Rounds agrees
                                                      are not segregated or         Security taxes your entire        with Libertarians that
                                                      even earmarked by the         life, there is no guarantee       Social Security should be
                        (continued on next page)      Federal     Government.       that you will be paid             privatized so that proper-
                                                      There is absolutely no        Social Security welfare.          ty rights will accrue to
                                                      possible way to “put          Congress can reduce or            the investor, but cannot
                                                      Social Security in a lock     eliminate the welfare             agree with the Harry
                                                      box,” since the funds are     component at any time;            Browne approach of sell-
                                                      commingled with general       indeed, the Clinton               ing off government
                                                      Federal revenues. For the     administration          has       assets to end the system.
                                                      same reason, Social           recently done so by rais-         He insists that such a
                                                      Security cannot “go           ing the age requirements          plan     is     politically
                                                      bankrupt.”                    for eligibility. Further-         unworkable, and favors a
                                                                                    more, if you die before           more          incremental
                                                      2. The Social Security        you reach retirement age,         approach. “We have to
                                                      “system” is not a system      your heirs will not inherit       get a foot in the door,” he
                                                      at all, but instead, two      any rights to collect             says.
                                                      separate,       unrelated     “your” Social Security
                                                      schemes. This fact has        welfare.                          President Bush’s propos-
                                                      been established, tested                                        al in the coming month
                                                      and confirmed by the          The misconception that            will show whether he has
                                                      courts. First, there is a     Social Security is a sort         been able to do so. s
                                                      taxation scheme that is       of old-age insurance plan
  Benjamin Franklin entertained Libertarians at the   authorized by the Com-
              LPMA State Convention

4 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                                        April 2001
convention 2001
Over 230 Activists Attend State Convention
(continued from previous page)                                                            Mr. Zimmermann explained that he
                                                                                          developed PGP to protect human rights
their local school’s mandate that their                                                   around the world. It is currently being
children take drugs such as Ritalin.                                                      used extensively in Latin America by
The good news, she explained, is that                                                     human rights groups which need to pro-
there are many resources today for                                                        tect the names and testimony of their
home schoolers. When home schoolers                                                       informants from their governments.
recently took the top three spots in the                                                  While it wasn’t initially intended for cor-
national spelling bee, interest boomed.                                                   porate use, he is happy that sales to cor-
Many companies have seized the oppor-                                                     porations have funded further develop-
tunity and are now in the business of                                                     ment.
supplying curricula and materials to                                                      Zimmermann then warned of dangers to
home schoolers.                                                                           privacy in our own country. He dis-
Christine Schoaff led a session on local                                                  cussed how improving technology and
activism. She was joined the podium by                                                    faster computers can make it easier for a
representatives from some of the state’s                                                  government to spy on its own people.
most active town committees including               CLT&G Founder Barbara Anderson        As an example he mentioned the use of
Dan McKenzie from Waltham, Laura                                                          face recognition software at the Super-
                                             Then Philip Zimmermann, the creator of       bowl to identify people with outstand-
Hirschmann from Dartmouth, Patrick El-       the Pretty Good Privacy personal
Azem from Chelmsford and Matt Dailey                                                      ing warrants in the crowd. He pointed
                                             encryption program, addressed the            out that the Japanese constitution for-
from Tewksbury, Topics discussed             gathering. Mr. Zimmermann spent years
ranged from how to organize an initial                                                    bids wiretapping, because General
                                             in court over the right to export this
meeting, suggestions for working with        encryption program before the federal
new activists, how to turn registered        government finally backed down.
Libertarians into activists, using local                                                                        (continued on next page)
cable access and other media to publi-
cize events, and candidate recruitment.
The thirty or so participants peppered
the speakers with questions keeping the
session lively and focused on practical
                                                  Philip Zimmermann Addresses Privacy
matters. A number of attendees were           During an afternoon breakout session,
able to coordinate and begin organizing       Phil Zimmermann, famous as the cre-
their town or area before the seminar         ator of PGP (for Pretty Good Privacy, a
was even complete.                            strong encryption program he made
                                              available to everyone), presented the
Schoaff explained that successful com-        upcoming battle for privacy. Continu-
mittees meet regularly in a public loca-      ing his remarks about the growth of
tion such as a restaurant or library, they    surveillance technology and personal
publicize their meeting dates and loca-       information collection in the United
tions reliably, they plan and execute         States, Mr. Zimmermann declared that,
activities, they recruit and support can-     “the next decade will be for privacy
didates and they have a good time.            what the environment was for the
“Changing back to a free country will         1970s.”
take time,” says Christine Schoaff, “It’s
better to be regularly meeting and orga-      Mr. Zimmermann advocates a multi-
nizing small activities so that they will     layered approach to privacy protec-
eventually add up to big change then to       tions. Software and hardware engi-
over-extend and become burned out.            neers can influence their organizations         Internet Privacy Expert Philip Zimmermann
Slow and steady will win this race.”          in ways to increase privacy for all indi-
                                              viduals, but other approaches should        As part of a layered defense of person-
Zimmermann Warns Technology Can               assist the effort. “We have to mold pub-    al privacy, Mr. Zimmermann suggested
        Hinder Privacy                        lic opinion in such a way that privacy is   that individuals and associations use
                                              expected,” said Mr. Zimmermann. Cit-        market pressure in the form of boy-
The lunch speech by Phil Zimmermann           ing pressure on personal privacy from       cotts, make efforts to supply less infor-
sold out with 200 attendees filling the        the private sector, including the Med-      mation whenever possible, and use
room. The entertainment started with          ical    Information       Bureau     and    available technology, such as encryp-
Vera Meyer playing a glass harmonica,         entrenched credit reporting agencies        tion and anonymous world wide web
an instrument invented by Benjamin            (organizations which he stated are          connections, to reduce the amount of
Franklin. This was followed by an             responsible for the large-scale pur-        information readily available to organi-
appearance by Dr. Franklin himself, who       chase and sale of personal informa-         zations seeking to profit from personal
entertained the crowd and took ques-          tion), Mr. Zimmermann added that,           data. s
tions from the audience about politics        “We are going to need laws, we are
of his day.                                   going to need government help.”

April 2001                                                                                                        Massachusetts Liberty 5
convention 2001
Libertarians Celebrate Growth at State Convention
(continued from previous page)               afford some government program, the
                                             public could decide whether to fund it
MacArthur understood the connection          voluntarily. If they decided to raise
between wire tapping and a police state.     taxes, the voters could ask why the
                                             politicians didn’t try to raise the funds
      Barbara Anderson Explains              voluntarily first.
          Voluntary Tax Bill
                                             Another round of break out sessions fol-
The afternoon session began with Citi-       lowed. Dennis Corrigan held a seminar
zens for Limited Taxation and Govern-        for those interested in running for office.
ment founder Barbara Anderson. Ander-        Many of the candidates from the 2000
son discussed the recent efforts of          elections, including Patrick El-Azem,
CLT&G and the Libertarian Party to get       Ilana Freedman, and Peter Schoaff,
the tax rollback question on last            spoke about their experiences. Many
November’s ballot. Regarding the recent      echoed the same theme – they had ini-
efforts of state house leaders to gut the    tially intended to be only paper candi-
clean elections act, she noted that while    dates but in the end appeared in
CLT&G was against the referendum,            debates, appeared on TV, gave inter-          Carla Howell gave the keynote address to a capacity
“Anything the state legislature hates        views, and had a great time.                             audience at the convention
this much can’t be all bad.”
                                                                                           For many of the convention attendees
                                             Corrigan explained that we hope to            this was their first Libertarian event.
Anderson was particularly enthusiastic       break our record of 18 state house can-
about CLT&G’s new Voluntary Optional                                                       One of the best ways for them to learn
                                             didates in 2002, and it is time to start      about the party’s positions and its his-
Tax Endowment (VOTE) bill which they         planning. Signatures need to be collect-
have filed. This will allow taxpayers who                                                   tory was at Eve Maler’s Libertarian Party
                                             ed for ballot access by this time next        Platform session. Maler, who served on
were against question 4 to continue to       year. Anyone interested in running for
pay their income tax at the old, higher                                                    the platform committee at the last
                                             State Representative or State Senate          national convention took interested
rate. She explained that this wasn’t just    should       contact        him       at
a publicity stunt. In the future, when                                                     attendees through the platform and the
                                             dcorrigan@lpma.org.                           statement of principles.
Beacon Hill politicians claim we can’t
                                                                                           Those interested in social security were
  2001 Libby Award Winner Howard Pearce                                                    able to attend a seminar by Suffolk Uni-
                                                                                           versity Law School Professor Charles
 At the state convention       newcomers                                                   Rounds. He discussed many of the
 in February, Howard           about those                                                 myths surrounding this welfare pro-
 Pearce received the 2001      who      have                                               gram, and discussed ideas for privatiz-
 edition of the LPMA Life-     contributed                                                 ing the program.
 time         Achievement      to our success
 Award. Pearce is the          and growth all                                               LaRoche Derides Gun Control Laws
 fourth recipient of the       along — and,                                                The next speaker was Tom LaRoche,
 annual Libby award, join-     we hope, con-                                               President of the Worcester Pistol and
 ing Lee Nason (1998),         vince them to                                               Rifle Club, and a member of the board of
 Walter Ziobro (1999), and     become life-                                                directors of the Gun Owners Action
 David Roscoe (2000). In       time activists                                              League (GOAL). He is also the host of
 his acceptance speech,        themselves.”                                                “The Goal Line” on WORC 1030.
 Pearce said, “I may not
 win any activism Super-       Maler,    who
                               presented                                                   LaRoche discussed the history of gun
 bowls in Massachusetts,                           Eve Maler congratulates 2001 Lifetime   laws in Massachusetts, focusing on how
 but I consider this to be     this    year’s    Achievement Award winner Howard Pearce
                               Libby Award,                                                they were capriciously passed by the
 my entrance into the Hall                                                                 legislature. He also discussed some of
 of Fame, and I’ll cherish     explained,      “Howard lot of personal resources.
                               Pearce was a natural Howard has always been                 the myths about the second amend-
 it.”                                                                                      ment which are spread by its detractors.
                               choice for us this year there, and we wanted to
 Muni Savyon and Eve           because his support has recognize his commit-               At the conclusion of his speech, he
 Maler serve on the Life-      been steadfast since the ment.”                             joined the LPMA as did his wife and
 time Achievement Award        beginning of the Liber- The inscription on each             daughter.
 committee. Savyon pro-        tarian Party. He was in year’s award reads, “For            Michael Cloud was next on the program.
 posed the idea of an          the very first wave of LP Outstanding Achieve-               He appealed to the assembled not to be
 award in 1997 as a way to     members,          having ment In the Service of             fooled by big government politicians
 thank      Massachusetts      responded to a party- Liberty — Libertarian                 who claim to favor small government.
 activists with long histo-    building ad in Reason Party of Massachusetts.”              He suggested tests for judging a politi-
 ries of stellar service. He   magazine close to thirty                                    cian by his actions. Does he vote for
 noted, “As our state party    years ago. Political
 grows, we like to teach       activism can demand a
                                                                                                                  (continued on next page)
6 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                            April 2001
convention 2001
Libertarians Celebrate Growth at State Convention
(continued from previous page)                                                                     are probably never more receptive to
                                                                                                   calls for government reform than when
smaller budgets or larger? Is he voting                                                            they’ve stood in line for an hour at the
to repeal laws or create new ones?                                                                 RMV.” He suggested we make it a strate-
   Jacoby Sees Opportunity for LP                                                                  gy to identify moments where govern-
                                                                                                   ment drives people crazy and offer them
The dinner speaker was Boston Globe                                                                a solution.
columnist Jeff Jacoby. Mr. Jacoby, who
endorsed Carla Howell’s bid for U.S.                                                               Jacoby was optimistic, explaining, “Lib-
Senate, opened his speech be explain-                                                              ertarians are smart enough to under-
ing the decline of the Republican Party                                                            stand that government doesn’t work.
in Massachusetts. He said that Bill                                                                They are smart enough to explain free-
Weld’s first inaugural address could                                                               dom works better, and that the most
have been delivered by a Libertarian.                                                              likely barrier to getting what you want in
Weld promised to dramatically reduce                                                               life is the government.”
the public sector and dismantle many                                                               He concluded, “Libertarians can’t wait
state government agencies. This was the                                                            for voters to wake up. You must wake
platform he had run on, and won on.         State Party Chairman Elias Israel was interviewed by
                                                                                                   them up yourselves. Your goal should
                                                         New England Cable News
However the revolution was over before                                                             not be purity of philosophy but to get
it began. There was no downsizing of the   tarian success would make life in the
                                           commonwealth much different. They                       elected.” Finally, he warned, “Societies
state government, and Weld actually                                                                give up freedom bit by bit. People in this
proposed over one billion dollars of new   would reduce the budget. Taxes and
                                           government agencies would be cur-                       state still imagine they are free, but
spending.                                                                                          they’ve been giving away their autono-
                                           tailed. “Millionaire owners of sports
Since Weld’s election, the Republicans     teams would be told to pay for their own                my for so long there is little freedom
have stopped fighting on matters of        damn stadiums.”                                         left. It’s too easy to grow accustomed to
principle. The state budget has doubled                                                            docility.” The Libertarian Party must
since then, and the only tax reductions       Party Must Address Voters’ Issues                    fight to restore freedom to Massachu-
have been accomplished by the voters                                                               setts.
themselves through a referendum.           However, said Jacoby, the Libertarians
                                           have failed so far to reach out to the vot-             Michael Cloud then lead the fund rais-
Leading this march toward “bigger,                                                                 ing effort. Encouraged by Jacoby’s call to
greedier, more intrusive government,”      ers in an effective manner. Libertarian
                                           candidates must learn how to talk to                    action, the Libertarians present raised
are the Republicans themselves. They’ve                                                            over $52,000 to support party activities
compromised their principles to make       voters and to address issues they care
                                           about. “Most voters,” he explained, “care               and to support local candidates. In
sure they maintain their power structure                                                           return, Cloud promised them over 40
in the governor’s office.                   more about pocket book issues than
                                           gun rights.” However, most understand                   candidates for State Representative and
Jacoby proposed that this creates a        they can’t depend on the government to                  State Senator in the 2002 election. Now
tremendous opportunity for the Liber-      protect their homes.                                    it is up to the party and its activists to
tarians. The Libertarian candidates do                                                             make good on that promise. s
stand up on matters of principle. Liber-   He suggested we seek out areas of gov-
                                           ernment which annoy voters. “Citizens

volunteer opportunities
Massachusetts Liberty Needs Writers                                     Candidates / Staff Needed for Local Races
Massachusetts Liberty is looking for a few people to write our          Local Campaigns need candidates and supporters. You can
regular articles and cover interesting Libertarian events. Most         run for and win the opportunity to serve as a Libertarian Office
notably we need someone to contact the town committees                  Holder right in your own town! Chairman Elias Israel is col-
each month and write up the one page “Notes From Around                 lecting an extensive list of positions open for every town in
the State.” The time commitment would be about 2 hours a                the Commonwealth. Contact Elias Israel an let him know that
month. If you’re interested, please contact ma-                         you want to be the next Libertarian sworn in and making a dif-
liberty@lpma.org.                                                       ference for Liberty!

Operation Politically Homeless
Volunteers are needed to staff Libertarian outreach booths at
conventions, fairs, gun shows, and similar events around the
state. In addition the party needs a volunteer to coordinate
OPH events. For more information please contact Kay Pirrello
at 800-JOIN-LPMA.

April 2001                                                                                                              Massachusetts Liberty 7
convention 2001
             The Libertarian Party Platform Questions and Answers
One of the most popular break out ses-      pose changes independently. Striking a       plank more concrete so that they flow
sions at the recent state convention was    plank requires only a majority vote,         naturally into proposals for change.
Eve Maler’s discussion of the party plat-   whereas modifications and additions
form. Maler was a member of the plat-       require a two-thirds vote.                   For example, plank 17 talks about
form committee at the 2000 Libertarian                                                   opposing military conscription, which
Party national convention.                  As if to demonstrate that the LP is          seems sufficient as far as the “principle
                                            indeed the “party of principle,” the         of the matter” goes. But if it just stopped
Many of those attending this year’s state   bylaws provide for a way to challenge a      there, it wouldn’t have the opportunity
convention had been attracted by vari-      newly adopted plank if 10 percent of the     to mention our beliefs on women or
ous state and local candidates. This was    delegates feel it conflicts with the State-   gays in the military.
an important opportunity for them to        ment of Principles. And the Statement
understand the party’s philosophical        of Principles is much harder to change       Brief descriptions allow candidates to
underpinnings.                              than ordinary planks; modifications to it     put specific policy prescriptions into
                                            must pass by a seven-eighths vote, mak-      their own words more easily, keep the
What is the LP Platform?                    ing it very stable indeed.                   Platform from needing frequent
                                                                                         updates, and make the Platform as a
The Libertarian Party Platform is the       You may have seen some of the Platform       whole easier to read and grasp.
document that details the political prin-   plank discussions on C-SPAN in the
ciples on which our party stands. It is     past few years. Judging by the call-in       C’mon, does anybody really take this
used primarily as a resource for Liber-     responses to C-SPAN during these             platform stuff seriously?
tarian candidates and office holders.        times, these discussions are popular
                                            with the viewing public.                     Indeed they do! Judging by recent cam-
How does the LP Platform compare to                                                      paigns to change the wording in one
other documents produced by the LP?         What is the Platform Committee?              direction or another, party activists con-
                                                                                         tinue to care very much about how well
The LP Platform is consistent from year     The Platform Committee is required to        the Platform reflects Libertarian
to year, typically revised only modestly    meet just before National Conventions,       thought, and also about how to make
by delegates to National Conventions.       and to report its recommendations to         the Platform a better marketing tool
The Platform includes a Preamble and a      the assembled delegates. This commit-        (though this is not its main purpose).
Statement of Principles, both of which      tee is made up of representatives of the
can stand alone as different kinds of       ten affiliated state parties that have the    Also, occasionally an unscrupulous can-
introductions to the Libertarian Party.     largest memberships, plus ten at-large       didate from another party will try to use
Distinct from the Platform is the LP Pro-   members appointed by the National            the LP Platform to “prove” that his or her
gram, a series of legislative recommen-     Committee. The Platform Committee is         Libertarian opponent is in favor of
dations on current issues. Finally, there   allowed to determine its own rules for       something horrible. These attempts can
is the National Campaign Platform, a        the order in which its recommendations       be considered a good sign:
document that contains prescriptions        are reported out. Over the years, many
characterizing our presidential nomi-       distinguished and influential Libertari-      If the Libertarian candidate weren’t
nee’s campaign stances.                     ans have served on this committee. For       offering something the electorate might
                                            example, according to David Nolan, the       find attractive, there would be no need
How does the LP Platform compare to         current Platform still shows the strong      for such attacks.
the platforms of other parties?             influence of Murray Rothbard and Bill         Where can I find more information
While the LP Platform endures over          Evers.                                       about the LP Platform?
time, the Republican and Democratic         Why do some planks go into great
parties (and other parties) tend to write                                                The Issues and Positions area of the LP
                                            detail while others are briefer?             web site, http://www.lp.org/issues/, has
their platforms from scratch in each
presidential year. These other platforms    This is a familiar question to long-time     links to the Platform and other official
are, in fact, more similar to the LP Pro-   Libertarians: Should we provide a “laun-     documents, and also provides informal
gram than to the LP Platform. Many Lib-     dry list” of specific prescriptions in each   introductions to Libertarian positions
ertarians consider it a mark of distinc-    plank, or should we rather keep the          on many issues of interest, such as cen-
tion that Libertarian principles are con-   plank short? This is somewhat similar        sorship, the environment, and taxes.
sistent enough to hold up over time,        to the Founders’ discussions about the       You can also find the bylaws and the
forming a stable base that allows us to     Bill of Rights, since enumerating some       convention       rules     online     at
remain true to our principles as we         possibilities might make readers think       http://www.lp.org/organization/bylaws/.
grow.                                       that all of them have been enumerated.       If you don’t have Web access, call the LP
                                            In any case, the planks opened up for        National Headquarters at (202) 333-
How is the LP Platform revised?             revision during each convention tend to      0008 x221 to request that a copy of the
Party bylaws dictate that the National      reflect the preferences of that assem-        Platform be sent to you. s
Convention, held every other year, is the   blage. Here are some of the benefits
only forum in which the Platform can be     often mentioned for each approach:
changed. At the Convention, the dele-       Laundry lists give more guidance to
gates have the opportunity to strike        candidates and make the benefits of a
whole planks, as well as to review Plat-
form Committee proposals and to pro-
8 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                   April 2001

             Our Libertarian Dream Team of Telemarketers
How did 3 Libertarian                                                                                  In 3 weeks, they increased
activists while away the                                                                               Libertarian Party Member-
winter months?                                                                                         ship in Massachusetts by
                                                                                                       convincing 48 Libertarians
By increasing LPMA mem-                                                                                to renew their lapsed mem-
bers & attendees to our                                                                                berships. This helped Mass-
State Convention!                                                                                      achusetts lead the nation in
                                                                                                       membership growth for
5 nights a week, for 7 weeks,                                                                          February.
these 3 activists met at The
Freedom Store in Wayland,                                                                              In 4 weeks, their phone calls
and made thousands of                                                                                  added 100 additional regis-
phone calls to Libertarians                                                                            trations to the State Con-
across the state.                                                                                      vention - almost half of the
                                                                                                       total Convention atten-
Rich Aucoin, Amy Lawrence                                                                              dance.
and Jan Taylor, with help
from Celeste Parent, have                                                                                   The Libertarian Party of
become our Dream-Team of                                                                                    Massachusetts Thanks our
Libertarian Telemarketers.           Dream-Team: Jan Taylor, Rich Aucoin & Amy Lawrence, with their         Dream-Team for their hard
                                                     telephones and “Smile” signs.
                                                                                                           work and dedication. They
We armed them with persua-               on the phone, and asked Kay Pirrello to have helped to grow our Party and make
sive scripts written by Michael Cloud, manage the operation.                                     a grand success of our State Conven-
signs to remind them to “Smile!” while                                                           tion! s
                                         They did a terrific and impressive job!

        Tuniewicz Elected to Easton Finance Committee
Easton — On January 22nd LPMA State                                                       This marks the 3rd public office held by
Committee member Mark Tuniewicz was                                                       Tuniewicz, who served as a Conservation
named to the Easton municipal Finance                                                     Commissioner in New Hampshire from
Committee.                                                                                1995-97, and who was appointed last
                                                                                          year by Governor Paul Cellucci to the
In voting to fill a vacancy at a special                                                   American & Canadian French Cultural
joint meeting of the Easton Board of                                                      Exchange Commission.
Selectman and the Easton Finance
Committee, Tuniewicz easily out polled                                                    Tuniewicz added: “I want to urge my fel-
another candidate by a 8-to-1 margin.                                                     low Libertarians to focus their efforts on
His term of office expires in April, but he                                                elected and appointed positions where
has already filed papers to run for re-                                                    they can make a difference—at the
election in the towns April balloting.                                                    municipal level. I firmly believe that our
                                                                                          best chances for success come from pur-
“I’m pleased to have this opportunity to                                                  suing recruiting and electing local
serve the residents of Easton, and look                                                   officeholders throughout Massachu-
forward to participating in the crafting,                                                 setts.”
discussion, and adoption of our upcom-                      Mark Tuniewicz
ing budget” said Tuniewicz.                  posed in 2000 as part of a Town-com-         Tuniewicz, who is also serving his 2nd
                                             missioned report), and other financial        term as Libertarian Party national Trea-
Comprised of 9 members, the Finance          matters. Committee members serve             surer, will be speaking at the California,
Committee has responsibility for over-       three-year terms and are elected during      Indiana, and Florida state LP conven-
sight of Easton’s $41 million annual         Town elections each April.                   tions this spring. s
budget, capital expenditures (including
$60 million in facility expenditures pro-

April 2001                                                                                                      Massachusetts Liberty 9
campaign 2001
Carla Howell Considers Gubernatorial Bid
    Carla Howell for Governor?                                                                   won 308,860 votes for Senate,
                                                                                                 compared to Nader’s 173,564 total
$2 Million to $4 Million Campaign                                                                as the Green Party candidate for
The 2000 U.S. Senate race “has made
Carla Howell the state party’s stan-                                                             The article went on to point out
dard-bearer - and something of a                                                                 “considering almost 2 million
hero to Bay State Libertarians.”                                                                 [Massachusetts] voters are inde-
                                                                                                 pendent of any political party, Lib-
         - Boston Globe, 2/25/01                                                                 ertarians still have a rich vein to
Carla Howell, the Libertarian candi-                                                             mine for votes.”
date who earned 308,860 votes for                                                                The Brockton Enterprise noted that
U.S. Senate against Ted Kennedy, is                                                              “Libertarians in Massachusetts
now considering a run for Massachu-                                                              have about as much clout as
setts Governor.                                                                                  Republicans.” (2/27/01)
                                                 Carla Howell on Worcester’s WORC 1030 AM
Over 561 supporters have emailed                                                                 Carla Howell views a run for Massa-
Ms. Howell with their support and            “If Ms. Howell agrees to run, we will          chusetts Governor as another chance to
offers of volunteer time and donations.      spend over $1,500,000 on Prime TV Ads          grow the Libertarian Party and showcase
Early supporters have already pledged        in 2002,” Mr. Cloud said.                      her small government perspective with
$31,711 toward a multi-million dollar                                                       the following issues:
campaign.                                    Carla Howell has already received solid
                                             media buzz about her potential guber-                  Huge, Immediate Tax cuts
237 Libertarians have already volun-         natorial plans.
teered to work for “Carla Howell, Liber-                                                             Huge, Immediate Spending
tarian for Governor” if Carla Howell says,   Both New England Cable News and                Cuts ... perhaps making the state gov-
“Yes” later this year.                       Warner Brothers Channel 56 taped Carla         ernment half the size it is today
                                             Howell’s speech to 227 Libertarians at
726 volunteers worked for the Carla          their State Convention.                                Repeal Anti-Gun Chapter 180
Howell “small government is beauti-                                                         and Remove the Hundreds of other
fulsm” Libertarian U.S. Senate campaign      New England Cable News called the              Anti-Gun Laws that prevent Bay Staters
in 2000.                                     “Libertarian Party the fastest growing         from protecting their families
                                             Party in Massachusetts.”
At the Massachusetts Libertarian State                                                               Get the state government’s
Convention on February 24th, many            In less than one week, over 7 newspa-          hands entirely off homeschoolers and
additional Libertarians urged her to run.    pers carried articles about Carla How-         private schools
                                             ell’s future plans.
“I’m honored and grateful that so many                                                              Make Massachusetts the leader
friends and supporters want me to be         The Boston Globe pointed out the Libertar-     in Ending the No-Win, Morally Wrong
Governor of Massachusetts,” said Ms.         ians’ opportunity to fill the void created      War on Drugs.
Howell.                                      by a “Massachusetts Republican Party
                                             facing rough times.”                           There are currently over 17,000 regis-
Michael Cloud, $6,000,000 Libertarian                                                       tered Libertarians in Massachusetts,
Rainmaker and CEO of Carla Howell’s          The MetroWest Daily News opened one of         well more than 5 times as many as there
U.S. Senate campaign promised a              their Carla Howell articles with the fol-      were 4 years ago. Some Libertarian
$2,000,000 to $4,000,000 campaign for        lowing Pop Quiz:                               leaders expect Massachusetts Libertari-
Governor. Mr. Cloud raised $821,362 for                                                     an voter registration to double in the
her U.S. Senate effort.                      “Who won more votes in Massachusetts           next 2 years. s
                                             last year, Ralph Nader for President or
                                             Carla Howell running for U.S. Senate?
                                             Believe it or not, the Libertarian Howell

                                             Submissions Welcomed
               Liberty Cat asks...
               Do you have news to share about a Libertarian event in Massachusetts? Photographs of a freedom rally? Are
 you looking for volunteers for an outreach booth or a campaign? Why not write a quick article for Massachusetts Liberty and
 submit it by sending e-mail to ma–liberty@la–ma.org, or by USPS to Mass. Liberty Editor, Post Office Box 2610, Boston, MA

10 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                   April 2001
Dennis Corrigan Does Battle with FEC Regulations
 Takes Mass LP campaign                                                                                  It takes a very dedicated Liber-
 filing capacity to new level                                                                             tarian like Dennis Corrigan to
                                                                                                         ensure we comply with FEC
Campaign pop quiz question:                                                                              regulations. Especially when
What’s 6 inches tall, weighs 14                                                                          it’s for a failed government
pounds, and takes 3,100 hours                                                                            agency. “Meeting FEC require-
to create?                                                                                               ments is a tax on campaigns -
                                                                                                         paid in labor. Like every other
Answer: the 9 reports plus                                                                               big government Program, it’s
amended reports filed for the                                                                             wasteful and completely fails
Carla Howell for U.S. Senate                                                                             its purpose: to remove special
2000 campaign to the Federal                                                                             interest influence and buoy
Elections Committee by Pro-                                                                              voter involvement,” said Corrig-
jects Manager Dennis Corrigan.                                                                           an. “All we need to do is make
Follow-up question: what’s                                                                               government so small that
takes 22 boxes to store?                                                                                 politicians have nothing to sell
                                                                                                         to special interests.”
Answer: The financial records
backing up these reports that                                                                            Celeste Parent, who also served
must be kept to comply with                                                                              as Treasurer, contributed signif-
FEC rules.                                                                                               icantly with credit card pro-
                                                                                                         cessing, mailings, and general
The FEC requires that expenses                                                                           assistance. Matt Flynn helped
and donations for each federal                                                                           on the accounting side. Carla
election (primary and general)                                                                           Howell, Ken Maurer, Kamal
be reported in excruciating                                                                              Jain, Chris Conte, Dennis Corri-
detail much like a corporate tax                                                                         gan, Cort Fritz, and Jason Solin-
return. Dennis Corrigan saw to                                                                           sky helped prepare the data-
it that each report required by                                                                          base to generate FEC reports.
the FEC was completed and
filed on time. Not an easy task! Dennis Corrigan poses with some of the paperwork required by the FEC for the “Just as the Carla Howell cam-
Especially since the frequency of                    Carla Howell U.S. Senate campaign                      paign established new bench-
filings builds to a frantic pace exactly when the campaign is                                                marks for professionalism in its
already wildly busy: right before the election.                         advertising, its outreach, the scope of its scheduled events,
                                                                        and in many other ways, those of us on the financial side
Reports were filed, or will be filed, on January 31, April 15, July strived to make the reporting to the FEC as professional as we
15, September 5, October 15, October 23, and December 7 in could,” said Corrigan.
2000; January 31 and April 15 in 2001. Many of these reports
were amended since it’s so difficult to get it right in the short “It’s probably the least glamorous part of the campaign and
time allotted. The January and April 2001 reports are keeping has virtually no upside impact on the campaign. But there is
Dennis Corrigan busy long after the election is behind us. plenty of opportunity for downside damage in the form of
And just to keep us on our toes, the FEC has changed the fines and bad publicity if we are late or make mistakes. It was
rules and forms that must be used for the April filing.                  a challenging learning experience since we were building the
                                                                        database at the same time as we were filing reports,” he said.
In addition to scheduled reports, every $1,000 donation
received within 20 days of both the Primary and General Elec- Many thanks to Dennis Corrigan and everyone else who
tion Day has to be reported to the FEC within 48 hours. Who helped get these reports out the door for the Carla Howell for
but big government regulators would come up with such a U.S. Senate campaign and who demonstrated that the Liber-
cumbersome system?                                                      tarian Party of Massachusetts is prepared to meet the chal-
                                                                        lenges of a major campaign. s

April 2001                                                                                                           Massachusetts Liberty 11
notes from around the state
  Dartmouth fields local candidates                 Watertown city committee                       Nashoba Valley Holds
                                                     seeks new secretary                            Candidate Forum
Dartmouth libertarians have been busy
recruiting candidates. Five candidates       The Watertown Libertarian City Com-          Westford, Chelmsford, and Littleton
are running for local offices this year.      mittee is seeking a new Secretary to         committees organized a candidates
Brian Higgins is running for Town Asses-     help them maintain their status as a         forum for their February meeting. Local
sor. Brian, Laura Hirschmann, Jack           City Committee. For more information,        candidates and office holders discussed
Hirschmann, Mike Conway, and Richard         please contact Edward McCormick by           the fun and excitement involved in run-
Mardigian are all running for Town           phone at 617-926-2214 or by email at         ning a campaign for office. At the March
Meeting Member. Mike and Richard will        emccormick@lpma.org.                         meeting, Nashoba valley libertarians
be write-in candidates and they have a                                                    planned for an April tax day protest.
good chance of election. Jack was a suc-            How to have your picture
cessful write-in candidate last year.                 on the front page?                     Libertarian Selectman testifies
                                                                                               before Statehouse hearing
Brian Higgins can be heard on the radio      When 2000 Libertarian U.S. Senate can-
as the host of “Brian’s Beat”. His show is   didate Carla Howell announced that she       David Atkinson, the Libertarian Select-
carried locally by WJLT 650 AM and           is considering a run for Governor of         man in Provincetown recently received
WSRO 1470 AM. You can also hear it on        Massachusetts, the Waltham Daily News        an invitation from Republican State
the internet at www.briansbeat.net.          Tribune knew just where to turn for the      Representative Shirley Gomes to testify
                                             local angle. They called Waltham Liber-      at Medical Marijuana hearings for Bill #
 Waltham City Committee gains new            tarian City Committee Chair Dan              H1188 on Beacon Hill in Boston. The
  citizen and new ward committee             MacKenzie, who earned local name             invitation was extended in response to
                                             recognition last year in his run for State   voter support for the local medical mar-
The Waltham Libertarian City Commit-         Representative. Dan Mackenzie’s picture      ijuana referendum in Barnstable Coun-
tee congratulates Muni Savyon on his         ran on the front page along with an arti-    ty, which includes Provincetown and all
new status as an American citizen! Not       cle who’s sub-title read— MacKenzie          of Cape Cod.
only is this an exciting event for Mr.       supports Howell for Governor. The News
Savyon himself, but as a newly regis-        Tribune went on to quote Mr. MacKenzie        Worcester organizes for expansion
tered Libertarian voter, Muni Savyon         about Carla Howell’s potential candida-
becomes the third person needed to           cy.                                          Kevin Haskell and the Worcester County
create the Waltham Ward 8 Libertarian                                                     Libertarian Association are organizing a
Committee. Even though newly regis-          Provincetown Libertarian Selectman           mailing to the greater Worcester towns.
tered, Mr. Savyon is already making                  runs for re-election                 They’re inviting other local Libertarians
plans to run for local office this year.                                                   to join and hopefully to start town com-
Will there be more candidates in             Libertarian David Atkinson is running        mittees as well. Please contact Kevin if
Waltham this year? Stay tuned to find         for re-election this year as a Town          you live in the greater Worcester area.
out!                                         Selectman. David is completing his first
                                             3-year Selectman’s term and previously                 WPI Student Group
     Southeastern Massachusetts              served 2 years on the Provincetown
     Libertarian Committee forms             Finance Committee. If you would like to      Welcome to our newest student group.
                                             support his candidacy or the Province-       Alex Knapp, a senior majoring in Law,
Southeastern Massachusetts Libertari-        town Libertarian Committee, please           has organized a student libertarians
ans have been very active this winter!       contact David Atkinson or Jeff Evans.        group at Worcester Polytechnic Insti-
Libertarians in New Bedford, Dart-                                                        tute. Knapp can be contacted at
mouth, Fall River, Wareham and the sur-      New Bedford & Fairhaven Seek Lib-            aknapp@lpma.org.
rounding towns have joined together to         ertarians for Local Committees.
form the Southeastern Massachusetts                                                         Libertarian Lending Library Pro-
Libertarian Committee. The Committee         Activists in New Bedford are looking for                    posed
is in the process of developing an inter-    just one more Libertarian living in Ward
active web site, which will be unveiled      3 to help organize the New Bedford           State Chairman Elias Israel reports that
soon.                                        Ward 3 Libertarian Committee. The cre-       activist Warren Roberts has an astound-
                                             ation of the Ward 3 Committee is the         ing collection of Libertarian magazines
This new regional organization has a         first step in starting a New Bedford Lib-     (including issues of Reason going back
great cadre of activists including: Laura    ertarian City Committee.                     to 1972) which he is forced to get rid of.
Hirschmann, Chair; Mike Conway, Vice-                                                     He would like to offer them to someone
Chair; Irene Duprey-Gutierrez, Secretary;    Fairhaven activists also need one more       willing to start a Libertarian lending
Lee Nason, Treasurer; and Brian              Libertarian to create the Fairhaven Lib-     library rather than just send them to the
Thomas, Media Relations.                     ertarian Town Committee.                     recycling center. If you can help with
                                                                                          this, or if you know of a way to preserve
The Southeastern Massachusetts Liber-        If you live in New Bedford’s Ward 3 or in    these items, please contact Warren at
tarian Committee meets at 6:30pm on          Fairhaven, or if you know someone who        robertsw@gis.net        or    Elias    at
the 1st Wednesday of each month at the       does, please contact the Southeastern        eisrael@lpma.org.
Wamsutta Club, at the corner of County       Massachusetts Libertarian Committee
and Union Streets in New Bedford. You        by phone at (508) 996-VOTE or by email
can contact the committee by phone at        at lhirschmann@lpma.org.
(508) 996-VOTE or by email at

12 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                  April 2001
Pink Pistols Condemn Discriminatory Gun Law
        Gay Civil Rights Group                   to the whim of her town’s police chief,        might get a gun license but not be able
       Condemns Discriminatory                   regardless of need. Many towns, espe-          to actually purchase a gun you can
      Massachusetts Chapter 180                  cially around Boston, use this power to        afford or physically use.”
                                                 discriminate heavily. A police chief may
Massachusetts State Senator Cheryl               deny a license because the applicant is        Civil rights activists are quick to point to
Jacques drew attention when she came             a lesbian and her abusive partner or           other restrictions that they say are sys-
out as a lesbian in 2000. But the restric-       stalker is not considered a serious            temic barriers designed to harass,
tive gun law she authored in 1998 is             threat, or because her violent husband         intimidate, or handicap legal gun own-
drawing criticism from civil rights              has a friend at the police station.            ers. “Your gun must be stored unloaded,
activists, who say it legalizes discrimina-                                                     with a child safety lock,” Rostcheck
tion.                                            Some chiefs simply don’t want to issue         notes. “But this is true even if you don’t
                                                 any licenses in their town and deny            have any children!
“From a civil rights standpoint, the law         almost everything. They don’t even need
is horrifying,” complained David Ros-            to even give a reason.”                        Disobeying the law is a felony, but if you
tcheck, an activist with the Pink Pistols,                                                      need the gun to defend your life, obey-
a civil rights group that protects the           Gun control advocates claim that ‘dis-         ing it will get you killed.”
rights of shooters with alternative sexu-        cretionary licensing’ is needed to deal
alities. “It’s racist, classist, sexist, homo-   with unsafe individuals, but civil rights      Pro-gun-rights activists are working to
phobic, and it discriminates against the         advocates say this is untrue. “In most         form alliances with a broad consortium
elderly and disabled. When people actu-          states, if you meet the legal criteria, you    of civil rights advocacy groups to chal-
ally sit down and read it, even ardent           get the license,” Rostcheck contends.          lenge the law on several legal grounds,
gun control advocates are shocked at             “Once you start allowing extra-legal cri-      including violating the Americans with
what it legitimizes. A police chief can          teria into the decision, you open the          Disabilities Act. Rostcheck says that
deny a license to a legally qualified per-        door to pervasive, systemic discrimina-        fighting for gun rights in Massachusetts
son based on their gender, their hous-           tion, which is what we see in this state       can be an uphill battle. “Civil rights
ing, their sexual orientation - absolutely       today. A denied applicant at risk for her      groups here don’t like to touch [the right
anything they want. Jesse Helms never            life may actually need to move to anoth-       to self defense]. But you have to,” he
managed to pass legislation this dis-            er town.                                       insists. “Once we sanction using dis-
criminatory.”                                                                                   crimination to cut down some rights,
                                                 Urban communities with many minority           the door is open to use it against others.
At issue are clauses in the 28 page law          applicants issue almost no licenses, but       When we defend civil rights, we need to
that set up numerous legal, financial,            a similar applicant in an affluent white        defend them all.”
and procedural barriers to citizens seek-        suburb could get a license.
ing to obtain a gun license for personal                                                        Meanwhile, after the shootings at Edge-
protection or sporting use. Civil rights         That’s discrimination, and it’s wrong.         water Technologies in Wakefield, Sena-
activists claim the law legitimizes sys-         The criteria should be written in law and      tor Jacques announced plans to intro-
tematic discrimination, both overt and           should apply equally to everyone.”             duce new restrictions, including more
covert.                                                                                         limitations on the types of guns that can
                                                 And ‘discretionary licensing’ is just the      be sold and restrictions on how many
“Chapter 180 was a stealth law,”                 start of civil rights activists’ complaints.   guns a licensee can purchase in a given
explained Pink Pistols founder Doug              They claim Chapter 180 sets up a               time. Gun rights advocates say the
Krick. “It purported to be a tough gun           sophisticated structure of discriminato-       state’s gun laws, already the strictest in
law, but what it really did was make             ry barriers designed to systemically strip     the country, did not stop the tragedy
guns and gun licenses difficult to legally        the right to self defense from entire          and the new laws would not have
get and use. And how did it do that? By          classes of citizens.                           helped. “Actually, it’s the other way
legalizing discrimination in almost any                                                         around,” Rostcheck observed. “A letter
way you can imagine.”                            “Chapter 180, in conjunction with              published January 11th in the Boston
                                                 restrictive new ‘consumer safety’ regula-      Herald revealed that one of the victims
Krick points to a laundry list of discrim-       tions on guns abruptly introduced by           [Louis ‘Sandy’ Javelle] had a New Hamp-
inatory practices introduced under the           the Attorney General, bars gun manu-           shire concealed carry license, but Mass-
law. Among his chief complaints: a               facturers from selling models that are         achusetts denied him a reciprocal
power called ‘discretionary licensing’,          affordable, small enough for a woman to        license here. Ironically, he was actually
which allows a town police chief to deny         conceal, or usable by the elderly or dis-      denied under Cheryl Jacques’ law, Chap-
a license to any applicant, even if they         abled,” asserts Krick. “For example, the       ter 180.” And the reason? “None was
pass a safety test, have no criminal             law now requires a 10 lb trigger pull -        given,” Rostcheck noted.
record or record of mental illness, and          equivalent to curling a 10 lb barbell with
can show dire need.                              your index finger,” he continued. “A           For more information contact either:
                                                 competition gun has a 1 lb pull. Many          David     Rostcheck       617-510-2275
“‘Discretionary licensing’ is literally just     smaller or weaker people are physically        davidr@pinkpistols.org
a code phrase for ‘arbitrary discrimina-         unable to pull a 10 lb trigger. There are      Doug        Krick         617-678-5762
tion’,” Krick explained. “An applicant’s         many other such restrictions. So, if           dkrick@pinkpistols.org. s
right to defend herself is utterly subject       you’re a person whose life is at risk, you

April 2001                                                                                                           Massachusetts Liberty 13
libertarians in office
Libertarian Office Holders Richard and Ilana Freedman
(continued from first page)                    Freedman. Whoever goes up against me            state than we have. He missed the
                                              is going to have a fight. I’m running to         whole point.
only one other person running for two         win and I plan to win.
seats on the planning board. I put my
name up and two other people did as                                                           Nevertheless, people understood I was
well.                                         ML: So what do you think it will take in        a Libertarian. They understood that my
                                              terms of money and volunteers to win            question was a Libertarian viewpoint as
                                              your election?                                  well as a reasonable question in its own
I didn’t know that you needed bumper
stickers and to put out lawn signs to run                                                     right.
for the planning board. I didn’t send out     IF: I will need to raise somewhere
any letters. The only thing I did was         between $50,000 and $60,000. Relating           ML: How did you go about being elected
appear in two debates, and Richard            to this is the factor of the clean election     to town meeting?
appeared in a third debate for me. On         law. I understand there are issues and it
the basis of that I won 1,100 votes,          probably won’t happen by the next elec-         RF: The paper ran a list of all the open-
although at the time, I probably knew         tion but if that goes into effect, candi-       ings and there weren’t that many people
about twenty five people in town.              dates who sign a clean elections state-         running. I ran for the final year of an
                                              ment get $60,000 to run a State Senate          unexpired term, and Ilana ran for a three
                                              campaign.                                       year term. That means this year I will
When I ran for State Senate, we discov-
ered how hard it was to run a campaign                                                        have to run again. There were ten signa-
with very little funds. It cost us a lot of   I’m very torn on this issue. As a Liber-        tures required to run for the office. In
votes in the campaign, because we             tarian, obviously I would like to see no        the end I ran unopposed.
could not afford to do television and         money come from the state. However,
radio advertising. We did all of our own      since this clean election law was               IF: In my case there were eleven candi-
printing. We did four color printing on       approved by an overwhelming mandate             dates for ten seats. So we didn’t have to
our own equipment and our print mate-         from the electorate, as a Libertarian I         campaign too much for those positions.
rials looked pretty good.. However, we        have to respect that.
couldn’t afford the high cost items like                                                      ML: When it comes to governing, how
television, radio, and large newspaper        There is a further objective, beyond pure       well is the Libertarian viewpoint
ads. My newspaper ads were smaller            principle, which is to win the election.        received?
than they should have been, and my            Candidates who are perceived as being
television and radio ads were nonexis-        against clean elections are very likely to      RF: The people who aren’t on the receiv-
tent. It’s a shame, because that probably     be unsuccessful at the polls. So                ing end are certainly receptive to the
would have gotten me the other 26% I          although I haven’t yet made a final deci-        idea of smaller government. With the
needed to be elected. We simply needed        sion,                                           recent tax rollback ballot question, peo-
more financial support.                                                                        ple were hearing the small government
                                              I’m leaning toward signing a clean elec-        argument from lots of angles. It’s not a
I will be running for State Senate in         tions pledge, since it is clearly the will of   new and radical concept to most peo-
2002. We don’t even know what the dis-        the people.                                     ple.
trict is going to be though we’re pretty
sure Arlington will no longer be in it.       All this being said, there is still a good      I wasn’t proposing abolishing Social
This means I won’t be running against         chance that the legislature will gut the        Security or the FEC. I wasn’t proposing
the same gentleman.                           clean elections act and none of this will       radical ideas. I was just proposing that
                                              be an issue.                                    we should give the money back to the
Richard Freedman: Havern isn’t happy                                                          taxpayers, or not take as much from the
about Billerica. He has trouble here.         ML: In addition to running for office you        taxpayers.
Over the years, all of his opponents          both serve in office in Billerica. Tell us
have come from this town. After the           about that.                                     ML: How many members are elected to
debate in Billerica he was overheard                                                          Town Meeting and how many citizens do
saying “I’m not worried. I don’t really       RF: We are both members of town meet-           you represent?
need Billerica.” He felt he had lost the      ing. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to
debate.                                       stand up in town meeting a present the          RF: There are 240 members, one third of
                                              viewpoint that there are simply some            whom are elected each year to a three
IF: So it’s not surprising we did so well     things government should not be doing.          year term. There are 40,000 people in
in Billerica, getting 42% of the vote. We                                                     town so each member represents about
also got 37% in Burlington which could        At one point someone was asking about           160 people.
only have come from two places, stand-        appropriating money for a matching
ing at the polls and very supportive          funds program where the state would             IF: Town Meeting is an excellent forum
newspaper coverage I got there.               help us fund a park. I asked why should         in which to promote Libertarian princi-
                                              the voters in Springfield and Fall River         ples - it is democracy in one of its purist
For the next campaign we are starting         be expected to help us fund our park.           forms - governance by the people. But
now. Everything I am doing now is             Someone responded that Springfield              my feeling is that people are still rela-
geared toward creating greater brand          has gotten a lot more money from the
awareness for Libertarians and Ilana                                                                              (continued on next page)
14 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                        April 2001
libertarians in office
Libertarian Office Holders Richard and Ilana Freedman
(continued from previous page)                deal with reality on the ground. At a           starting to make an impact. Even after
                                              national level, if you talk about getting       you step down from office you can con-
tively unclear about Libertarian posi-        into office and immediately doing away           tinue to have an impact, you can contin-
tions.                                        with social security you’re going to scare      ue to have influence because you’ve
                                              the hell out of most of the people in this      become the elder statesman. Or you can
It is still easy for Bill Green or Bob Hav-   country.                                        run for a higher office and begin the
ern to get up and distort our positions                                                       same process at the next level. An
and scare the hell out of everybody,                                                          important key here is being in tune with
                                              In any case, it’s not even possible. If
which is what they did in our last                                                            the issues of the people you represent.
                                              Harry Browne had won the Presidency,
debate.                                                                                       Having them comfortable with the fact
                                              there is no way he could have gone into
                                              office and immediately put those                that you know what their issues are and
But their charges are answerable, and I       promises into effect. Our political             you’re not going to forget about them.
did challenge their accusations in a tele-    process, as it exists today, would not
vised forum that reached the people of        have permitted it.                              ML: How have you applied this in the
Billerica. The proof of how favorably the                                                     offices you hold?
Libertarian message can be received is        However, I am convinced that a growing
that I won 42% of the vote in Billerica, in   number of people are buying into the            IF: By being a full participant in Billeri-
spite of my opponent’s scare tactics.         Libertarian philosophy. Three hundred           ca. All the committees and commis-
                                              thousand people voted for Harry                 sions I’m on are non-partisan so we
I ran for office as a moderate Libertari-      Browne because they are ready for a             don’t have to get into partisan debates.
an. It is my opinion that if you want to      change. And although, my philosophy is          However, to being an active and fully
win an election at any level you have to      quite different from his, it is still a clear   participating member of the commis-
                                              Libertarian approach and 16,000 people          sion is what really establishes your cred-
                                              voted for me.                                   ibility.

                                              What can I do as an individual going            The Conservation Commission is a good
                                              into the State Senate that is going to          example of this. You not only have the
                                              make a difference?                              commission dealing with issues but you
                                                                                              have people coming in an applying to
                                              There are two things I can do. One is I         the commission. They also see you and
                                              can raise my voice on the Senate floor           have the opportunity to hear what you
                                              against any bill that I think are wrong -       think on issues that concern them. On
                                              bills that add costly bureaucratic layers       the Middlesex Canal Commission you
                                              to an already fat and lazy government,          get a different type of exposure, as that
                                              and bills that raise taxes and diminish         group is essentially building a museum
                                              individual liberty.                             and bringing people to it so they know
                                                                                              more about their local history. Each
                                              Two is that I can do what I’ve been doing       committee has a different way of expos-
                                              most of my life in my adult career -            ing you to the public, even as you are
                                              building coalitions. You start very small       serving the community.
                                              with one or two people who agree with
                                              you on one particular issue. You vote           The important thing is to have a pres-
                                              with them on their issues and they vote         ence, to build your image in the Com-
                                              with you on your particular issue. It’s         munity, so that people will want to vote
                                              very small power base but it grows. You         for you. First of all, they will know you,
                                              continually work to build a that power          and second they will have faith in your
                                              base. Let’s say there’s only one Libertar-      positions. If your position favors oppor-
                                              ian in the Senate. If that one Libertarian      tunity for them, as the Libertarian posi-
                                              can build small coalitions - on one issue       tion generally does, they will support
                                              with the Republicans, on another with           you. The name of the party won’t matter,
                                              the Democrats, on another with women            because they will vote for you, the per-
                                              or anyone who agrees with you on a par-         son, someone they know and trust.
                                              ticular thing - over a period of four years
                                              (because I also believe strongly in term        ML: When you serve on the Conservation
                                              limits) that one Libertarian could build        Commission, you have people who live in
                                              a coalition which could then be handed          town coming to you to ask permission to
                                              over to the next Libertarian who is elect-      use their own property. How do you apply
                                              ed. In the process of doing your own            the Libertarian philosophy to your role
                                              stuff, you are also schooling somebody          on that commission?
                                              to take your place.

                                              That, in my opinion, is dealing with the
                                              real world, dealing with real issues, and       (continued on next page)
April 2001                                                                                                          Massachusetts Liberty 15
libertarians in office
Libertarian Office Holders Ilana and Richard Freedman
(continued from previous page)                                                                     property owners who would contract for
                                                                                                   maintenance for the road with the other
IF: That’s actually not what we do most                                                            abutters. However, there can still be
of. Most of our work is regarding wet                                                              other libertarian solutions. I know one of
lands. People buy property with wet                                                                your issues was the handling of Route 3
lands and they want to build an addition                                                           expansion.
to their house or they want to put a dock
on the river.
                                                                                                   IF: Yes, and there’s actually a new wrin-
                                                                                                   kle with that. The Route 3 expansion
The Libertarian position is a little bit                                                           was done with an arrangement with the
difficult in this area because on the one                                                           private contractor who was to pay for it,
had the pure Libertarian position is that                                                          and then be paid back by the state upon
people should be able to do what they                                                              completion. However, I have just
want on their own property without gov-                                                            learned that they have just received 80%
ernment interference. I believe that this                                                          funding from the federal government, so
is what the framers of the Constitution                                                            in the end they aren’t going to pay for
had in mind. But I also believe that                                                               anything at all. But we are.
there are certain areas which weren’t
given consideration because they
weren’t relevant in 1776. Nobody wor-
                                                Ilana Freedman at the 2001 LPMA State Convention   I believe that infrastructure should be
ried about pollution then, or about                                                                part of government’s role. The Roads
                                               that the domain where government has                and the rivers really benefit the commu-
destroying land and making it unsuit-          a role is somewhat larger than it was in
able for future use. My moderate liber-                                                            nity. There are state roads, federal
                                               the 18th century.                                   roads, and town roads. I’m not really
tarian position says that the ideal situa-
tion is one in which a limited govern-                                                             sure yet how that should all break down.
ment would be in partnership with the          ML: So, government has a role so long as
private sector on these issues.                we can focus it on protecting rights rather         ML: All of these fall into a category
                                               than limiting them.                                 referred to by economists as public utili-
ML: These are areas where one person’s                                                             ty. These are goods, like a lighthouse for
use of his land affects the common prop-       IF: Exactly. And the rights we are talking          example, which everyone benefits from,
erty of the local community. The Conser-       about protecting are ones where, if we              but it is impossible to charge for their use
vation Commission is in a way arbitrat-        overstep the bounds, we are infringing              individually. I don’t have a problem with
ing the conflicting claims of the owners of     on the rights of other people. So there is          government handling the construction
private property.                              that aspect of the definition which                 and maintenance of this form of public
                                               needs to be part of the overall defini-              utility, and as technology improves that
                                               tion. Issues such as conservation, pollu-           category will get smaller as we will be
IF: Yes, like the use of a river or the pol-   tion, and other environmental concerns,             able to charge for individual use in inno-
lution of a public waterway. That is one       are certainly among those areas.                    vative ways.
of the issues where I think government
has a legitimate position, although it
may conflict with a purist Libertarian          In the light of advanced technology, the            IF: That’s a moderate libertarian
viewpoint.                                     Internet and high speed communica-                  approach that I really approve of. This is
                                               tions, privacy is also one of those                 the reality now, we don’t have the tech-
                                               issues, but it is such a complex issue I’m          nology to do this but eventually that
There are other areas where government         not sure where to go with it other than             would be our goal. That’s something I
has a role, such privacy. In the electron-     to say it needs to be examined. There               can live with. Right now we need to have
ic age privacy has become almost inde-         are times during a campaign where                   the public sector in road building,
fensible at the personal level. I believe      someone asks you what you think about               bridge building, and the issues that
that government and the private sector         a specific issue and you don’t really               relate to general common usage.
need to be in partnership on these             know how to answer. There are some
issues. I do not, however, support a           issues which need to be studied in great
mammoth government that interferes                                                                 I don’t have a problem with the govern-
                                               depth and it is too important to just               ment contributing to things that are
with private initiative and stifles the pri-    have an uninformed and superficial
vate sector, as our government does                                                                used by the public, so long as it’s not
                                               opinion on it. There are many ways to               something like Fenway Park. This in no
today.                                         solve a particular problem and one pat              way falls under the category of public
                                               answer at the beginning may not hold                utility, because you can charge individ-
All through my campaign I talked about         up after further study.                             ual users. But when you talk about using
our huge, costly, and inefficient govern-                                                           public money to pay for the infrastruc-
ment bureaucracy that had no redeem-           ML: One of these issues in Westford has             ture to support it, such as access roads,
ing value and cost the taxpayer far more       to do with how to pay for improvements              it is helpful to remember that if you did-
than it should. The whole idea of a            on Route 110. There are some very sim-              n’t have a private entity coming in and
bureaucracy which is too heavy, too            ple libertarian answers and more complex            using the government’s power of emi-
expensive, and too invasive in our lives       ones. We don’t yet have the technology to,          nent domain to take over properties,
pervaded my entire campaign. I believe         for example, automatically and anony-               you wouldn’t need the improvements.
that government needs to be much               mously pay for our use to the abutting
smaller that it is today but I also think                                                          (continued on next page)
16 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                             April 2001
libertarians in office
Libertarian Office Holders Ilana and Richard Freedman
(continued from previous page)            dor is a mess. But Route 3 isn’t the         contract is open to being rewritten. This
                                          problem. Route 3 can actually handle         project is going to be very costly and it’s
For example, when a company like Wal-     the traffic that’s on it. The problem is      not solving the problem.
mart comes in and puts up a store, they   that once you get on it you can’t get off.
are responsible for infrastructure        The most serious backups occur during
improvements. In the case of the pro-                                                  IF: Once they widen Route 3, you will
                                          the rush hour. Trying to get off Route 3     get to an interchange and you still won’t
posed Fenway Park, if the roads and       onto Route 128, or Drum Hill Road, or
parking and access need to be                                                          be able to get off. So you will have three
                                          Concord Road, or Route 495, is a night-      lanes of parked cars instead of two
improved, the Red Sox should be doing     mare. Those roads can’t accept the
it.                                                                                    lanes.
                                          feeds from Route 3. The first thing that
                                          needs to be addressed before they cut        I do like the idea of getting the private
This should not be a $385 million pro-    down a single tree and destroy this real-
gram of the state government, it should                                                sector involved in financing the con-
                                          ly beautiful parkway is to address the       struction. I think they are moving in the
be a program of the Red Sox if they can   access to the interchanges.
afford it. It seems pretty simple and I                                                right direction. However, I think believe
don’t understand why everyone is hav-                                                  the model is wrong here because I think
                                          One of the things which they need to do      it is going to end up costing us much
ing such a hard time understanding it.    is construct another breakdown lane.         more money than they are telling us. I
                                          But I would suggest widening it to the       call this our Little Dig.
My position on Route 3 is that there is   outside, not to the inside, because the
certainly a problem with the road, just   trees in the center serve a very impor-
like there is with Route 128 and the                                                   There are other issues I’ve dealt with
                                          tant function - they provide both a visu-    which are controversial. One of these is
South East Expressway. The whole corri-   al barrier and a sound buffer. According     health care. During the campaign, I
                                          to the current plan, once they finish        made a statement that was taken out of
                                          blasting out the outcroppings and fill in     context. I said that in our affluent coun-
                                          the depressions, they are going to put       try every person should be able to have
                                          up a visual barrier. I thought we had a      access to emergency health care. It was
                                          visual barrier and a sound barrier. The      lifted out of the larger statement that
                                          existing trees play a very important         included the phrase “the provision of
                                          absorbing function for the abutters.         health care should be a partnership
                                          What the designers of this new highway       between the public and private sector,
                                          don’t seem to understand is that those       with an increasing amount of the bur-
                                          trees help to absorb the sound and pro-      den shouldered by the private sector
                                          vide an aesthetic solution to the hazards    over time”. That again goes along with
                                          of oncoming traffic. Once they take          my moderate libertarian philosophy
                                          those trees down, it won’t matter that       that we work with the realities that we
                                          the highway isn’t coming closer to their     have now as we continue to work to
                                          homes, because they are going to hear        achieve the utopian libertarian ideal.
                                          much more noise than they do today. I
                                          do not want to see them take the trees
                                          down because in the process of address-      There are people in our communities
                                          ing the wrong problem, they will be          who fall through the cracks in the sys-
                                          destroying one of the most beautiful         tem. I believe they need to be protected.
                                          parkways in the state.                       Eventually it would be nice to get the
                                                                                       private sector organized sufficiently to
                                                                                       be able to take care of them the way
                                          The cost of this project has already near-   some people in need used to be taken
                                          ly doubled, and this happened before         care of by community organizations.
                                          any work was actually done on the high-      There are still private organizations
                                          way. The reason for this is really inter-    which are devoted to such work like the
                                          esting. The company got their bid in as      Salvation Army, the Jewish Combined
                                          the lowest bidder and then once their        Philanthropies, the Masons, and Rotary.
                                          bid was accepted, they suddenly discov-
                                          ered that they had to reconstruct 41
                                          bridges. Not just repair them, but           The government has taken over so much
                                          rebuild them from the ground up. So          of it this function, however, that most
                                          they added $185 million to the original      people have gotten lazy about it their
                                          cost of $200 million.                        personal responsibilities, and don’t look
                                                                                       out for their neighbors anymore. But
                                                                                       there is within the private sector the
                                          RF: So when they said a private contrac-     capability of building a lot great deal of
                                          tor was paying for it and that they were     this support for this kind of private com-
                                          on the hook for any cost overruns, that      munity support systems. We have to
                                          was only true if we didn’t change the        move back toward that goal. But I
                                          scope of the project. Every time you         believe that it needs to be first through
                                          change one thing in the contract, the
                                                                                       (continued on next page)
April 2001                                                                                                 Massachusetts Liberty 17
libertarians in office
Libertarian Office Holders Ilana and Richard Freedman
(continued from previous page)                ML: Working in local government, what        That’s probably why I got 42% of the vote
                                              are you most proud of?                       in Billerica, and 25% throughout the dis-
a dynamic partnership between the pub-                                                     trict. I was able to overcome the issues
lic and private sectors. Eventually the
                                              RF: I’m really pleased that at town          that some people have with the party
weight of responsibility will naturally
                                              meeting I can propose something and          name and get down to the issues. I
shift to the private sector, where it
                                              people not only know it’s the Libertarian    found so many people who were respon-
                                              approach but also to say, “That makes a      sive to our Libertarian positions. It did-
                                              lot of sense.” There is within the private   n’t matter if they were Democrats,
ML: In recent years groups like the Lions                                                  Republicans, or Independents. They
                                              sector the capability of building a great
and Rotarians have seen large declines in                                                  responded to the issues that were
                                              deal of this kind of private community
their membership. I wonder if that’s due                                                   important to them. I was been able to
                                              support that builds respect for Libertar-
to the fact that people are so used to see-                                                come in as a Libertarian candidate and
ing the government handle their prob-                                                      reach out to everybody.
lems for them these days that they no
longer seek out community organizations       IF: Everything that I do in town, people
                                              say, “Ilana Freedman, she’s a Libertari-     ML: What are your goals for the future?
and community efforts.
                                              an.” But, then I’m able to reach common
                                              ground with virtually everybody in this      IF: I’m going to stay active. I love being
IF: I really think that’s the answer. It’s    town. There’s nobody with whom I can’t       involved in the town. This is a town
not that we care less, because when           shake his hands, have a friendly conver-     where people play active roles. They are
given an opportunity, people do help.         sation, and talk about the issues. In the    really into building this community and
Being a Rotarian, I know that we are          last campaign, there was one person          trying to make it better. They don’t
active in our community to provide sup-       whom I never expected a vote from. He        always agree with each other, but it’s a
port to those in need. In Billerica, we       was a flaming Democrat. He came over          good town in which to be involved polit-
work with the Salvation Army in Lowell.       to me and said, “I’m going to be out of      ically.
I stood out for an hour yesterday ringing     town for the election, but I voted for you
the bell for the annual fund raising          on an absentee ballot.” That to me is        RF: My short term goal is to be reelect-
drive. By mid day the pot was full of         one of the accomplishments that I’m          ed. I’m thinking of running for State Rep
money. People were giving small               really proud of. I was able to cross party   in 2002, but I’m not sure a household
change, and $1 and $5 bills, even chil-       lines to get the Libertarian message         can survive two simultaneous cam-
dren were contributing their spending         across. I can find areas of common           paigns.
money. People do care.                        ground with almost everybody on some
                                              issue.                                       IF: However, in 2004 it might be possi-
We have that capability, but it will have
to be rekindled. For too long people                                                       ble. I intend to win in my race for State
                                              There was never an adversarial moment.       Senate in 2002, so I’d be running for
have said, “Well, the government is           It wasn’t necessary. I was able to make      reelection. s
doing it anyway. That’s my share.”            my point without getting into confronta-

notes from around the state
              Citizen Savyon                    Gun Rights Bills Receive Hearings          Reforming the General Laws on Firearms. Also
                                                                                           to be heard that day will be bills to
Long time Libertarian activist Muni           The Gun Owners Action League (GOAL)          restrict gun ownership such as S.1193
Savyon was sworn in as a United States        reports that on Tuesday, April 3, 2001,      An Act to Further Reduce Gun Violence in the
citizen on March 8th while wearing a          the Committee on Public Safety will          Commonwealth, and H.2021 An Act to
Carla Howell t-shirt. Muni is best known      hold a hearing on most of the gun relat-     Restrict the Issuance of Licenses to Carry
around Massachusetts for organizing           ed bills. Right now, the hearing is sched-   Firearms.
the Harry Browne fundraiser at Faneuil        uled for 10 o'clock, and could be either
Hall in 1996, and for chairing the candi-     in room A-2 or Gardner Auditorium. For       Make sure your state rep and state sen-
dates recruiting committee with Dennis        updated information contact GOAL at          ator understand that reforms to the gun
Corrigan in 2000. Muni admits that he is      (508) 393-5333.                              law can no longer be delayed.
now, “running out of excuses,” and will
have to run for office himself in 2002.        This hearing will include most of the
                                              GOAL bills, including S.1246, An Act to
                                              Protect Small Business and S.1244, An Act

18 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                     April 2001
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