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									Market research [In order to find the right opportunity.]

Planning how, when and what should be done. [Timing, Amount of Efforts etc. Includes Information
data architecture too.]

Online strategy [Might be defensive or aggressive strategies]

Funding [Might be self financed or might have investors or loans]

Budgeting [Allocation of proper amount of funds and managing it]

Systems [Hardware administration]

Software Administration [OS and other platforms]

Servers [Choosing the right amount and kind of servers]

Server administration [Might be done by self or a server admin]

Online marketing [Includes SEO, Rankings, Analysis - This can include all related responsibilities.]

Advertising [Can include market research too]

Sponsorships [Slightly attached with business development]

Communications [With related category leaders, with customers, or with team members]

E-commerce [If the business is about selling something online. If it is then warehousing and other
responsibilities comes in.]

Monetization [This can include all its related responsibilities.]

Customer service [For clients and customers.]

Business development [For Partnerships or Funding or Promotion]

Public relations [Media, Marketing, Promotions, Reputation management]

Expansion [Ongoing strategy for improving the existing stuff]

Acquisition, Merger or Partnership [Ongoing strategy for better opportunities.]

Online community & social media [For maintaining good reputation and trust]

Website coding [Programming - This can include all related responsibilities.]

Website graphic design [Designing]

Web content development [Content writing and or translations if applicable.]
Web content strategy [Again in Content writing but with research on metadata, taxonomy and
marketing as well as presentation]

Outsourcing [Parts of work that could be outsourced for lowering the costs or saving the time and

Updates and Implementation of new technologies [Ongoing thing that includes updating existing
system according to latest trends as well as latest technologies.]

Website workflow [For User experience as well as appropriate exposure for certain parts]

User experience [Logical flow as well as from design perspective]

Information/data architecture [Storage of data in right manner for efficiency as well as maintenance
and security.]

Website analytics for polishing up the strategy. [Changes or Improvements for more traffic or sales or

Security [Most of the time defensive.]

Archiving [Backups and Storage]

Accessibility [Targeting audience as well as presentation legal issues, costing etc.]

Legal issues [Copyright, DRM, Trademark, and Privacy]

Banking [Will include all banking related stuff]

Accounting and Taxes [Includes balance-sheet management as well as other accounting aspects]

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