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					      Hog Tails
                          June 2011
                 Central South Dakota H.O.G.

Officers 2011                                    Andy Jackson, Chapter Director
Andy Jackson, Director
 (605) -222-2031                                 As with a lot of other people in our Community, State,
                                                 Nation and the World, I‟m concerned with all the
John Rohlf, Assistant Director                   disasters that are taking place, such as flooding,
  (605) 222-7107                                 tornados, wildfires, excessive rain, endless drought,                               nuclear disasters, unseasonable cold, heat, and
Nina Rohlf, Treasurer                            whatever else good ol‟ mother nature has been throwing
  (605) 222-8571                                 at us. Locally, we‟ve been pretty isolated from most of                  these events, until the end of May. We have a good
                                                 idea of the next chapter of this flooding event. Let‟s
Lisa Jackson, Secretary
  (605) 222-0052
                                                 hope and pray we know the final chapter……the levees                          hold and the damages are limited to what has been
                                                 done as of this writing!
Kevin Flottmeyer, Activities Director
 (605) 224-4809                                  It has been difficult for me to “carry on.” I struggle with
                                                 doing the „fun‟ things I‟ve planned when I see so many
Susan Flottmeyer,                                folks with their lives turned upside down! It really hit
    Photographer/Historian                       home for me the other day when one of my coffee
  (605) 224-4809                                 buddies, who‟s home is on the golf course, commented                          about he and his family struggling to move from their
Bret Burgher, Safety Officer
                                                 home and sandbag before the water came; and a
  (605) 431-2004                                 couple hundred yards away, people were playing golf,                             laughing, drinking beer, and having a good time. He had
                                                 mixed feelings and emotions, as I‟ve had. Each and
Maureen Droz, Ladies of Harley                   every one of us will have a different perspective on the
 (605) 224-0452

Don Zeller, Editor                               With this said, I‟ve come to the conclusion that one of
 (605) 224-1366                                  my tasks as Chapter Director of Central South Dakota                              HOG is do my best to fulfill our motto of “Ride, Eat, and
                                                 Have Fun!” We have a lot of dinner rides, day rides,
Jim Roshone, Head Road Captain                   weekend rides, and other events coming up in the next
  (605) 224-1855
                                                 few months. I want to encourage you to participate at
                                                 the level that is comfortable for you and your family. If
                                                 you make most of the events, that‟s great! If you only
Sponsoring Dealers                               make one or two events, that‟s great! I hope and pray
    Russ Dulany & Ross Petersen                  you make the most of your summer. Hopefully our HOG
    Petersen Motors                              events are positive events in your life! If nothing else,
    (605) 224-4242
                                                 you can take the attitude of “Screw It, Let‟s Ride.”

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     MEETINGS: The first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Petersen Motors.

       June 15 – Wednesday – 6 PM - Dinner ride to Kennebec
       June 21 – Tuesday – 6 PM - Dinner ride to Bob‟s Steakhouse
       June 27 – Monday – Million Mile Monday

       July 5 - Tuesday – 6:30 HOG meeting at Petersen Motors
       July 7 – Thursday – 6 PM Dinner ride to Miller – Turtle Creek
       July 8 – 9 – Friday/Saturday- Hot Harley Nights – Sioux Falls.
       July 16 – Saturday – 4 PM Dinner ride to Orient
       July 19 – Tuesday – 6 PM – Dinner ride to Murdo – Rusty Spur.
       July 28 – Thursday – Harley raffle dinner and drawing.

       August 2 - Tuesday – 6:30 HOG meeting at Petersen Motors
       August 4 – Thursday – 6 PM Dinner ride to Onida -FireSide
       August 7 – 13 - STURGIS
       August 17 - Wednesday – 6 PM Dinner ride to Cattleman‟s Club
       August 25 – Thursday – 6 PM Dinner ride to The Outpost.

       September 1 – Thursday 6 PM Dinner to Vivian Junction
       September 3 – 5 – Labor Day ride to Medora, ND
       September 6 - Tuesday – 6:30 HOG meeting at Petersen Motors
       September 13 – Tuesday – 6:30 – Dinner ride to Maxine‟s on Grey Goose Road
       September 17 18- Saturday and Sunday – Ladies ride to Deadwood
       September 24 – 24 –Fall Colors tour of Black Hills

       October 4 – Tuesday – 6:30 HOG Meeting at Petersen Motors

     Dinner Ride to GTO restaurant in Murdo – Thursday June 9

     The Dinner Ride scheduled for Thursday June 9th to T-34 was changed due to
     a request by the owners of T-34. They were branding calves and asked us to
     schedule a ride later in the year.

     About a dozen riders left Petersen Motors for Murdo in a light rain. There was
     an on and off rain much of the trip to Murdo. The food was very good and the
     extra good brownies Doris always makes for us were the best. There was no
     rain on the trip home.

     Murdo is the orginal home for Central SD HOG, so this is always a special trip
     for our group.

                       Club website at
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                      Charity Ride benefits Boys and Girls Club – May 1, 2011

    18 people participate in this ride. We donated $316 to the Boys and Girls club. Modern
    Woodman will match that amount. The poker run include a coin toss at Petersen Motors,
    card draw at the Outpost, roulette wheel at Onida, dice roll at Kroeplin Ag Service
    (Onida corner), and bean bag toss at the Boys and Girls Club.

    Poker Run Winners:
    First place - Susan Flottmeyer – Gift certificate for Longbranch
    Second place – Derik Blotske – Gift certificate for Peterson motors.

    50/50 winner – Jeaneen Bingner

    Refreshment and snacks provided by Boys and Girls Club.

             Thanks to everyone that volunteered to make this event a big success.

               Susan,         Kevin,            Jeaneen,             Derik

                         Club website at
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   Memorial Day Poker Run 2011

   The 2011 Memorial Day Poker Run adventure started Friday morning at Petersen
   Motors when we had to change the route due to the forecast for the Meeteetse area. As
   Bill said at the meeting, the chain up areas were clearly marked. Fortunately no one had
   to “chain up.” However, if the route had not changed and we had continued on to
   Meeteetse, there is a possibility we would have had to use chains to get out or opt to
   stay in Meeteetse until summer. And summer doesn‟t look to be coming to that area
   anytime soon. Some riders stayed in Gillette, some in Spearfish, and some of us
   continued on to Deadwood for Saturday night due to the route change. Those of us who
   stayed two nights in Deadwood are glad we did. Curt won so much at the slots and
   tables that they may have to close the doors now and we may not have the chance to
   stay there again.

   The Southwest Buffet served at the banquet Sunday night was very good, we spent
   enough at the bar that the bartender fee was waived, and the dessert was excellent.
   Good Job!! Gordon Slunecka won first prize with 3 Queens, most everyone else at the
   banquet got a prize or money. Several of the cash prize winners chose to give the
   money back and asked that it be given to Red Cross for use in aiding flood victims in
   Pierre. Lots of these donators were awarded an extra dessert. There was a $60.18
   balance after all bills were paid. The amount that was donated back from the drawings
   was $293.00. We will be sending Red Cross a total of $353.18 for use in Pierre.

   As always, we had a lot of fun, the routes we took were beautiful, and the generosity of
   the members of the HOG club and their friends was overwhelming as usual.

   We look forward to next year. Bill and Curt are already looking at maps and discussing
   next year‟s route.

                       Club website at

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