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									Organic SEO and Link Building

What Is Organic SEO?

Put in the simplest manner possible, organic SEO is search engine optimization done
manually using no black hat methods, no underhand methods and no automated scripting. It
is the purest form of optimizing your website for the benefit of search engines, while still
retaining interest for your site visitors, and done well it is exactly the thing that search
engines are looking for in a website. Once they find it they will reward your site with better
rankings and improved positions within the search engine results pages. Throughout the
course of this article it will be referred to as simply SEO.

Understanding The Search Engines

Understanding Search Engines and their general concept is vital to the use of effective SEO
methods. Search engines enable their visitors to enter a specific word or term, known as
keywords. Once submitted, all pages containing those keywords that can be found in the
search engine’s directory are listed on the search engine result pages. Each page is “ranked”
according to relevancy, popularity and a few other factors. Therefore, in theory, the more
relevant a page is to a given keyword the more likely it will appear at the top of the listings.

Introducing The Search Engine Spiders

Another important factor to remember about search engines is that they don’t use real
people to crawl the billions of websites and judge how relevant they are. Instead they use
automated software called a “spider” or a “bot” that does this work much quicker. The
calculations that the search engine uses to determine the ranking of a website are called
algorithms and in the case of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN these
algorithms are changed on a regular basis. The changes and the specifics of the algorithms
are not released to the public in order to prevent black hat SEOs from manipulating their
sites to reach the top of the pile despite containing to information relevant to the search
query or keyword.

Optimizing For Search Engines – Optimizing For Visitors

Of course to some extent, all of us reading this article are probably guilty of altering our web
pages to meet the whims of search engines but it must be done in a positive and organic
way. We understand that optimizing a page purely for the benefit of search engines spiders
may massively detract from the actual value of the site to your visitors. Search engines
understand this too, hence the evolution of the algorithms. With each new algorithm
created and usually patented by search engines like Google, we are getting closer to a
structure whereby sites are genuinely judged on their value to visitors. It may sound like an
Isaac Asimov novel but the algorithms and the spiders are basically becoming more human

Basic Components Of SEO

The actual methods of optimizing your website are saved for another article, but the basic
components of an SEO campaign are broken down into on page and off page optimization
techniques. On page SEO includes factors like keyword inclusion, content optimization, page
structure etc… whereas the main contributing factor of off page optimization is inbound
links. There are many different factors to each of these areas and different SEOs will give you
varying information on which factors are the most relevant to gain higher rankings. These
extensive differences in opinion occur because nobody is certain of the algorithm criteria.

The Benefits Of SEO

SEO is probably the most beneficial way to conduct Internet promotion. It is highly cost
effective, can yield long term results and the leads it generates are opt in and targeted. This
doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider trying out alternative methods of advertising your site.
For many, banner advertisements, press releases (can actually be used as part of an SEO
campaign as well), PPC campaigns and sponsored listings prove to highly beneficial and
including these will help your site’s popularity.

To Cost Effectiveness And To Life

The cost effectiveness is easily determined when you look at the potential of an SEO
campaign compared to the method that many consider to be the next best thing – PPC. A
PPC campaign will usually cost you anywhere upward of 5 cents per visitor generated. This
means that for every thousand visitors you receive you will have paid $50. Some fairly basic
SEO work on a web site containing ten pages will generate this kind of traffic on a monthly
basis relatively quickly.
$50 doesn’t sound much but consider that you pay this in one month to receive the desired
one thousand visitors. Over the space of a year you will have paid $600, and so on. Now
consider that you are competing for a relatively competitive keyword and you find that you
need to be paying a minimum of 50 cents per click to generate just the one thousand clicks
in a month. All of a sudden you’re paying $6000 per year and you are still only getting one
thousand clicks every month. $6000 will buy you an awful lot of SEO work and you should
find that within a few months you are generating a lot more traffic using SEO.

Targeted Leads

Targeted leads are the best type of leads you can generate. It means that the visitors to your
site are already predisposed to the basic topic of your site and are interested in what you
have to say. It means that they will be more likely to purchase goods or services from your
site, click on affiliate links or click Google ads to earn you revenue. Because SEO leads are
physically searching for the topic that your site relates to you are guaranteed that they are
interested in whatever you’re offering. First of all they search using keywords relevant to
your site. They then read the description and name of your site and this further compounds
their interest in the page in question and click on the link. Already they have become highly
susceptible to the message of your web page.

So Remember…

SEO is a webmaster’s greatest tool but treated badly it can quickly blow up in your face. By
ensuring you stick to the very letter of the law and do not use any underhand methods you
should soon benefit from powerful leads that will frequent your site and earn you revenue.

7 Things Every Webmaster Should Know About Link building

Link building in a nutshell, is the process of getting other web sites and web pages to link to
your web site. These links will not only drive direct targeted traffic to your pages; but more
importantly will increase your overall search engine visibility and rankings. Building a solid
incoming linking structure for your site is one of the most effective techniques used by
search engine optimization professionals to improve your search engine rankings and boost
the overall amount of traffic any given web page receives. However the process of building
incoming links to your site can be a daunting and tedious task when just getting started. The
purpose of this essay is to outline the importance of building a strong linking profile for your
site as well as offer a handful of key strategies that any webmaster regardless of marketing
budget can employ to climb to the top of the search engine ladder.
1.) Purchasing Links & Sponsored Reviews

Paying other web masters to place a link on their site back to yours is probably the easiest
and most straight forward way to generate links to your site. However the down-side of
purchasing or renting links from other web masters is that it can become a very expensive
venture, not to mention you need to pick and choose your potential candidates vary
carefully. There are many services out there to help connect you with other web masters
that are interested in selling links from their web pages, however you will save yourself a lot
of time, and money by working directly with other web masters as apposed to paying a
middle man to act as a link broker. Unfortunately there is no set standard on determining
what any given link is worth: however you should pay careful attention to a few key factors
before cracking open your wallet and spending your hard earned money on a paid link.
These things include but are not limited to the number of incoming links the candidate site
itself has, it's overall page rank, the age of the site and finally the search engine saturation
(number of pages indexed in the major search engines) of the site. When approaching a web
master to purchase links from make your goals as clear as day - and ensure that he or she
knows you're interested in purchasing a link for Search Engine Optimization reasons. You
need to ensure the link will not be cloaked (hidden from search engine spiders) or
nofollowed (marked to inform search engines not to follow the link with the rel="nofollow"
attribute) as either of these conditions will make the link relatively worthless from an SEO
stand point.

2.) Comment and Post on Related Blogs & Message Boards

Even a web novice can find a litany of blogs and message boards for any given niche or
market to post comments and feed back . I strongly encourage you to register on message
boards related to your topic or subject and include links within the signature of your posts
and messages. The same goes for blogs and commenting. There are many blogs that will
allow you to include a link back to your site either within the content of your message, or
make your user name a clickable link back to your site. However there is a fine line between
spamming and offering valid comments, posts and responses to community based web sites
and blogs. Making obvious spam posts such as "Cool site, check my site out at ..." will likely
get your IP address banned from the web site or network, and can negatively impact the
reputation of your brand or web site. If you don't have a valuable view point, or comment to
offer other readers of the site you're posting on, you're better off not commenting at all.

3.) Write User Testimonials & Product Reviews
Writing user reviews or testimonials is an under appreciated technique to create a wealth of
back links to your site. Most often when you write a review for a product or service you've
had success with, the web master will include a link back to your site in the signature of the
review. This technique is simple and straight forward; if you've purchased a product or
service write up a short 100 - 300 word review for the product outlining it's strengths and
your positive experiences and include your full name, and web site address in the signature
of the review. Nine out of ten times the web master of the site you've written the
testimonial for will be more than happy to include and activate the link when they post the
review onto their website.

4.) Develop a Free Online Service or Software Application

Most people wouldn't even consider spending their valuable time developing an application
or online utility to give away for free. However the benefits of creating and distributing a
free online utility or software application can create several 1,000 back links to your site very
quickly. A perfect example of this is creating a small, easy to use Mortgage Calculator with
javascript and offer the code to embed the Mortgage Calculator onto other web pages.
Include a link back to your site within the coding of the Mortgage Calculator perhaps in a
copyright statement at the bottom of the application and require the link as a condition for
using your free application.

5.) Write Articles and Distribute Them Online

Assuming this isn't the first essay you've read on improving the amount of links to your web
site, you should be well aware that writing articles and submitting your articles to the
popular article directories is a fantastic way to generate many back links to your web site.
The premise is simple yet effective; Write a handful of articles geared toward your topic and
subject matter and distribute them to the many article directories on the Internet. Often
times when your article is posted on these article directory sites they will include an authors
bio, or resource box. Within the authors bio area you want to include a little information
about your company or product(s) as well as a link back to your site. Whenever your article
is picked up by other web masters or syndicated across other popular web sites you will
receive a free one way link back to your site. Repeat these steps over and over to build
several 1,000 links back to your web site. This is an amazing technique as your only
investment is a little time to write and submit an article.

6.) Submit Your Site to Directories
Over the past few years links from directories or web indexes has become less and less
valuable. However there are still a handful of well trusted and high quality directories that
you should consider submitting your site to. This will boost both your linking profile, as well
as your page and trust rank. Some of the most notable directories to submit your web site to
in no particular order are DMOZ, The Yahoo! Business Directory, JoeAnt, Gimpsy, GoGuides,
Linkopedia and Uncoverthenet. Though most of the directories l've mentioned here are not
free to submit to, the cost of submission is well worth the price as the links you'll receive
from this investment are quality one-way links that carry a good amount of page trust and
rank. When submitting your site to any of these directories, pay special attention to the
category you are submitting your web address to, make sure that you are submitting your
site to the most relevant, and related topic to the subject of your own web site. As this will
ensure that you're submission is not denied, or skipped by the directory editors once it gets

7.) Exchange Links and Build Partnerships

Link exchanges or trading links with other web masters is another technique that has lost a
little of it's gusto over the years, however this method of generating back links does still hold
a bit of value and should not be overlooked. Many webmasters dedicate a page of their site
titled references or resources and use this page to link out to other web pages that have
agreed to link back to their site. As mentioned above this technique is not as effective as it
once was; however picking and choosing web sites that are well trusted and ranked by the
search engines and that are related to the topic and subject mater of your own site promise
to be well worth the effort. Finding other web sites that are prime candidates to exchange
links with are those that are linking out to other relevant sites in your field or niche. Once
you've found a web site that you'd be interested in swapping links with, contact the web
master via email with your offer. When soliciting another web master for a link you want to
write a personal email message and refer to specific content and aspects of his or her web
site. Doing so will show the prospective linking partner that you've actually taken the time to
give their site the once over before sending your solicitation; as a result you will be far more
likely to receive a positive reply. As with purchasing paid links you want to ensure that the
site you are requesting to exchange links with doesn't end up cloaking it's outbound links
(hidden from search engine spiders) or nofollowed (marked to inform search engines not to
follow the link with the rel="nofollow" attribute) as either of these conditions will make your
link relatively worthless from an SEO stand point.

In this article we've discussed 7 of the most effective, and commonly used methods to
generate a massive amount of incoming links to your web site. With any luck, after reading
this article you should have a handful of ideas and techniques in your tool box that you can
employ to kick-start your web site's model for success. Building links to your web site is by
no means a <i>set-it and forget-it</i> facet of web marketing and requires time, dedication
and ongoing analysis. You can never have too many quality incoming links to your site and
once you've had a small taste of success with link building I'm confident you'll be hungry for


Learn more about SEO and link building at
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U                                  U   U                        U at Google ranking and post penguin
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Post Penguin SEO News and Updates and Tips

For those of us who enjoy sitting back watching free organic search engine traffic to our
websites, things are looking pretty good post Penguin.

Some of our EVO PRO members sites were hit after Google changed their Algorithms, good
news is most of them have come back or nearly come back.

This was primarily after we introduced the Penguin Repair feature in our EVO PRO SEO


You can check if your need to use the Penguin Repair feature here. AHREF site provides
anchor text found in links by percentages, its an excellent free tool.If your site has any
keyword phrase in Anchor text over 20% , then your site needs some work getting more
keyword phrases distributed evenly.

Pre Penguin update, the more the better in terms of getting your target keyword phrase out

    Now, your main keyword phrase needs to be mixed in with many other keyword phrases,
    with no more than any keyword phrase above 20% here's the link
U                                                                    U

Tips for post Penguin.

Keyword Phrase in Domain works extremely well. Additionally EMD anchor text works great.
e.g your domain name as anchor text.

OnPage SEO. Less is More these days and has been for a very long time, but now, more so
post Penguin.

Best Tip re OnPage.

Title: Keyword Phrase MUST be at the front of the title.

    If it isn't, fix it now, and you'll see immediate jump in rankings. No1's are still achievable with
    great linking strategies, though much easier if Keyword Phrase is first in title. If your SEO
    Client cannot do this, then tell them You can achieve rankings though will take longer.

Adsense? Some of us are finding that Google is loving their own content, try this, it only
takes a second.

Put an Adsense add on your site as a test, see if there are any improvements in rankings,
50% of you will find there is :)

Try embedding a Youtube Video on a page, this may well help in rankings as well. (Its not
really that surprising that Google is giving preference to sites these days that host their own
content huh?)

Linking Diversity is your friend Post Penguin, gaining links from varied locations and sources,
EDU domains are providing lots of link love these days, so make sure you have these as a
part of your mix. Wiki sites are also providing a lot of link love these days Post Penguin,
especially high PR and EDU wikis.

Web 2 properties providing links above the fold and in context in articles as previously are
still holding up very well in providing nice quality links and pushing our sites up in the serps.
So obviously we've added all the above to our EVO PRO


Post Penguin, we've added a whole bunch of High PR EDU Web 2 properties, New database
full of high PR Wiki's and lots of these are EDU wikis.

Added our Penguin Repair Feature, allowing vast distribution of keyword phrases to links
pointing to our websites. Our members are tracking their anchor text via Ahref site above
and getting stellar results.

Shortly we'll have our Video distribution module back, providing even more diversity to our
linking campaigns. Simply enter the URL of any YouTube video and our system handles the
rest, my server does all the work so your not waiting there for it. You'll be emailed the
results. Of course you can post a URl of your own video to be distributed across the 10 Best
video hosts on the web.

And Yes, I'm personally still paying for everyone's captures :)

I've got to come clean and say my passion for SEO over the last 15 years took a bit of a hit
there after Penguin, well for a couple of days at least. But when you have a great team
behind you, problems like penguin become challenges and overcoming these challenges is

where the fun is! We are having a heap of fun these days. Having a lot of fun with our new
Pinterest software that is part of the EVO PRO membership

We pride ourselves on producing the most user friendly SEO software on the planet. Simple
wizard style operation, and the software handles all the strategy for you. This is why so
many SEO companies use this solely as their SEO software of choice, why? so easy to
outsource. You know your doing something right when one of your customers has 25
licenses :)

We have an awesome bunch of members lots who have been with us since 08 and 09 who
provide us as a group untold information about what's happening out there, so between
us all we've always been on top of all SEO situations on the fly as they occur.

If you haven't been with us and would like to enjoy the ride, you can test all the above for
only $1 for a full 5 days. Is 5 days enough to boost your rankings?

    well that depends on your site, for older sites maybe, though you'll get to see how easy it is
    to operate our software and see with your own eyes all the work its doing, one run of EVO
    PRO to do manually would now take a couple of weeks to do by hand, plus you need to
    know what to do. EVO PRO handles all that for you.
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