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					                                                   Kate’s Biography
                                                                                                  Kate Hickman
                                                                                                 Recruiting Mentor
                                                                                                    Providing one-on-one guidance
                                                                                                       through the college lacrosse
                                           * Three sport athlete at Severna Park High              recruiting process starting fall of
                                           * Player of the Year and All-American Senior year                       sophomore year.
                                           * Leading Scorer for Vanderbilt in their run to the
                                           Final 4 Sophomore year
                                           * Leading Scorer and Captain for Vanderbilt
                                           Junior and Senior Years
                                           * 2 time South Region All-American
Kate’s Mission                             * 2 time first team All-American Lacrosse
                                           * 2006 NCAA Woman of the Year Nominee
To Kate, lacrosse is not an end,           * Intern and Game Day Employee for Tennessee
rather it is a means to an end; a          Titans (NFL)
vehicle that allows girls to develop       * Masters in Educational Studies from Hopkins
into well-rounded, driven, team-           * Taught 5 years in Baltimore City Public Schools
oriented young woman who                   * Has run 5 full marathons (incl Boston) and 1
successfully pursue their passions         half Marathon
in life! With that mentality, Kate         *SPLax/Bay Area Lacrosse Director since 2011
approaches the stressful college
recruiting process with intentions to
match girls to a college that fits
their academic, athletic and social
goals so that they are set up for
success and happiness no matter
what level they choose to play at! It is
not about pride or vanity, but
mentoring young ladies who are
thrown into a very mature
decision-making process so that                          Kate Hickman
they set up their collegiate career as          Recruiting Mentorship Program
one that will best benefit their                
personality, goals and dreams!                       For information visit my website:
Why is this service
Though parents and players are fully
capable of navigating this recruiting
process on their own, there are
certain things that NCAA rules
inhibit you from being able to do
without a representative. Until
September 1st of your daughter’s
junior year, coaches are NOT allowed
to email a player personally. They
cannot initiate any phone calls until
July 1st after your junior year, which is
very late in the process. Therefore, it     What would this mentorship program look like?
helps to have a “middle-man” until
                                                                                     When does it begin? What services are provided in this program?
that point. Though coaches cannot
tell YOU that they are interested and
would like you to visit or give them a
call, they CAN tell me, and I then am       Step One: Email Kate with interest in the services.           Step Four: Ongoing throughout the year, we will
able to relay their interest and            Complete and return the introduction meeting                 work together to keep contact with important
questions to you. Some players fall         documents that are emailed to you after you email            coaches, consider camps that may be useful, and start
                                            with interest. It is best that these are completed as a      to whittle down the list to a realistic 20 before the
through the cracks when they don’t
                                            family, as some decisions may require parental input.        summer season. Because I am able to talk to coaches,
have that representative for coaches        When the forms are complete, email them back to me           I can get a feel for their needs and interest and relay
to contact. Furthermore, I can ask the      and we will schedule our first meeting.                      that information to the player that the coach would
blunt questions that you may not feel       Step Two: Upon receiving your documents, and                 otherwise be unable to contact. Come fall, the list
comfortable asking. My relationship         before meeting with you, I will cross-analyze the            will be more concrete and players will be able to
with coaches is one of honesty and          schools you are interested in with the priorities that       communicate more personally with coaches, allowing
they tend to give me more direct            go into making your college decision. I will add more        them to schedule fall visits, winter camps, and
answers than they may give you.             compatible schools to your list, so that we have a           continued conversations with coaches!
Atop all of this, sometimes the stress      total of 15-20 schools going into the summer                 May of Soph Year: Email writing workshop with all
of this process can be extremely            tournaments.                                                 players from the team. Kate will walk girls through
                                            Step Three: Meeting: This meeting will happen in             what to expect over the summer, how to word their
overwhelming for a family and it
                                            early fall. During this meeting we will sit down and         emails and will proofread the introductory email that
helps to have an outsider who can           talk about the timeline of the year, how to approach         girls write during the workshop to make sure they are
walk you through the process, calm          emailing coaches, how to create a “player profile”           ready to start emailing.
your nerves, ensure you’re on the           and when to do what! After this meeting, both the            Ongoing: Throughout the year, I will be a constant
right track, and provide and objective      player, and myself, will email the coaches on our list       contact for the players and families as the encounter
view into a very emotional decision.        with tournament schedules and general introductions.         questions, bumps in the roads, or big decisions to
                                            The fee of $500 is paid at this meeting.                     make. I will proofread any emails before they go out,
                                                                                                         meet whenever the family feels necessary, email
                                                                                                         coaches on the player’s behalf and whole-heartedly
                                                                                                         support the family through this process!
                                                                                                         ttournaments that I can, to continue to
                                                                                                         support and be a part of this process with

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