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									Online Distance Education Program –How to Improve Your Career

The online distance education programme is the ultimate platform to fast track one,s career
growth opportunities as well as the acquiring of academic qualification.The online distance
education program is a unique concept of completing studies effectively in today,s dynamic
and constantly advancing world. The imparting of knowledge through internet,CD’s and other
virtual mediums such webcasts,synchronised learning technology,virtual classrooms etc. helps
in arising curiosity as well as maintaining the interest in both of the instructor as well as the
pupil. The teacher or the instructor can use the technology to prepare effective content with
the help of power point slides presentations,distribution of prior e-handouts to students via
course web sites before the conduct of actual class and thus deliver fruitful and effective
presentations and make the students learn and understand the lecture quite easily.The
computer device has now become the substitute for a physical human instructor.

With the increasing number of internet user base, more and more academic institutes are
gradually adopting the online program of imparting education. The added advantage of online
distance education program is that it does not require all the students and the instructor to be
physically present on the specific location at a specific time. Also it does not require availability
of huge classrooms or buildings to accommodate all at a single place .Thus online distance
education overcomes the limitation of being physically present as the students can sit at their
respective places such as homes and attend the lecture or the virtual classroom and it also
does not require huge financial investments to ensure availabilty of buildings or classrooms
and thus helps in saving time,energy and money on the part of both parties to education i.e.
imparting and acquiring.

Also a student can focus upon improving his career as he can work on full time or part time
basis along with online distance education programme.Thus he can earn as well as learn
simultaneously.Another advantage of pursuing online distance education is that it saves huge
time. By utilising this surplus time a student can acquire additional academic qualification along
with it. Something like a professional course , foreign language expertise ,travel and tourism is
handy and worth along with the online distance education programme.
Thus online distance education seems like a wise investment of time and money as the students
are able to derive multiple returns such as acquiring of degree/diploma/qualification,ample
time to earn as wella s learn,opportunity to pursue some career oriented course or profession.

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