VERTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS

Now a days in India the use of computers and the IT is growing day by day. There
is a new concept of learning which is also known as e-learning. In this type of
environment, the student can learn online and also can attend the class with the
help of electronic media and IT.There is various tools in the the market with the
help of which we are able to see the faces and are able to do video conferencing
with them. some of them are skype,gtalk etc.And also now a days a technology
named net book has came in the market. with the help of which one can see the
lecture that has passed in the class. suppose anybody is absent in the class,its no
problem when there is net book, because with help of that the student can be
able to see the lectures in the class and also he will be able to see the notes also.

There are various online classes being carried out on the internet. The professor’s
from usa is able to take the class in all over the india as well as in the world. We
don’t have to physically present in the class but only need few things as a system
and internet connection.This is known as the vernal learning environments which
has made a dramatic change in the market.It revolutionized the world of
education and its available very easy. It also leads to the growth in the field of IT
and the mental level and knowledge about the technology of the students
increases when they will use the virtual learning environment.This is the result of
using technology.

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