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									How toys become source of entertainment and educational delight for kids

All of went through our childhood days. They are most memorable one as we used to do things
according our comfort zone and ofcourse with less care.During childhood children learn certain things
through toys so toys are children’s best friend as they help them to acqire new skills and improve the
current one in a fun environment. The market is flooded with educational toys both branded and local
toys. No matter how much rich or poor, every parents want to buy educational toys for their children.

Toys can be used for a number of educational purposes to teach the children. Educational toys are
basically built for and used by children. Many toys are designed with child’s education and development
in mind today. Educational toys can teach children about the particular subject or improve a particular
skill. The role of the toy is basically to develop child’s brain. Now days many educational toys and games
are developed specially for teaching children. Educational toys also helps to build confidence, courage,
creativity, resposibiltity and integrity if teach in proper manner how to play a particuler toy.

Toy manufacturers are the backbone of the toy industry and they designs toys very carefully.When it
comes to find toys for your chidren it is tough as you want to select the one to which give your children
the best. Educational toys are the best ways to help a children to learn. Educational toys enhance social,
intellectual, emotional and physical development. These toys helps to encourage resonable
development with appropiate age group. Some children are given so many toys that they do not learn to
appericiate to things that are given. This will not help them to concentrate on one toy. So you must keep
certain things in mind while buying educational toys for your child that is buy age appropriate
educational toys, keep in touch with children intrest as the chidrens grows their interest keeps changing
as every child is unique in her/his own ways.

Examples of educational toys include, building toys, consrtuction toys, musical instruments,Robots kit,
puzzles, science kits, moedl aircrafts, model railroads, model cars suggested toys for 5 to 7 age groups
are motor car, musica arch ,soft books, textured blocks, marble blocks,wobble deck,butterfly garden,
hydra water gun, build up dinosaurs, geometry with geoboard, quiz time, abacus, simple tapestry, fast
track etc. Make your child Education exapnd each and every day.

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