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									Scottish Rite News                                                                             AP
For the Valley of Dallas                                                                                     20

                                              Lonnie A. “Bo”
                                                 33° IGH
                                           Speaker for the Annual Scholarship
                                           Awards Banquet April 29th.

                                           Our Scottish Rite will present 25 High
                                           School Seniors with Scholarships on
                                           Friday Evening at 7:00 PM. These
                                           individual to be honored were picked
                                           from over 400 applications. They
                                           come from a wide area of the territory
                                           that our membership covers. Each
                                           Scholarship has a value of $1,000.

                                           For the first time this year we will
                                           also present to two of the recipients
                                           an additional $1,000 scholarship. Each
                                           scholarship winner was asked to
                                           present a paper titled, “Why I am
                                           proud to be an American” with between
     Charles Earl                          250 and 300 words. Two will be
                                           selected for an additional $1,000           Charles Troy
       McKay,                              Scholarship.
      32° KCCH                                                                          32° KCCH
Brother McKay has been appointed as
Chairman of the Reunion Directors
                                                                                     General Chairman
Committee in an announcement at the
Stated Meeting on March 14th. He
                                                                                       of Cirque du
will supervise a group of dedicated
members that are responsible for each
                                                                                       Scottish Rite
                                                                                          June 30th, July 1st, 2nd
                                                                                                 and 3rd.

                                                                                    A World Class Cirque will come to our
               Attention                                                            Scottish Rite Cathedral produced by
                                                                                    Fannie Doyle. Top acts have been signed
                Please!!!                                                           from several countries. Many more
                                                                                    actors and actresses than we have places
                                                                                    for have applied to be a part of this

  Stated Meeting                                                                    great production.

   now starts at                                                                    At the present time, dozens of Cirque
                                                                                    “Circus” are performing all over the

    12:00 P.M.                                                                      United States. There are six at the
                                                                                    present time in Las Vegas, Nevada.
                                                                                    Tickets are sold out for at least two
    instead of                                                                      months. Our Cirque will be the same way.

   12:15 P.M.                                   Spring Reunion
                                          Day 2 - Saturday - 4/2/05
                                                                                    Food, souvenirs, other entertainment will
                                                                                    be available prior to each performance.
    starting on                                                                     Make your plans now to attend at least
                                           Day 3 / 1 Day - Saturday,                one performance.
     Monday,                                        4/9/05
                                                                                    More details in the next issue of the
  April 11, 2005                              (See page 2 for schedule)
                                                                                    Scottish Rite News.
Page 2 -                           Scottish Rite News for the Valley of Dallas

                                                                    Petition for Initiation
                                            Non-Refundable Down Payment of $35.00 Must Accompany Your Petition
                                      Return to: Dallas Scottish Rite Bodies, 500 S. Harwood Street, Dallas, TX 75201-6210

To the Officers and Members of Dallas Lodge of Perfection, Dallas Chapter of Rose Croix, Dallas Council of Kadosh and Dallas Consistory of the
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, located at Dallas, Texas: I, the undersigned, respectfully petition to receive the Scottish Rite
Degrees 4o - 32o, and hereby certify to the following:

If so required, have you passed a Blue Lodge perficiency examination in the Master Masons Degree?                 Yes        No

Do you promise to bear true Faith and Allegiance to the Supreme Council, 33o S.J.U.S.A.?                 Yes      No

Do you approve of “The Inculcation of Patriotism and Respect for Law and Order?” “The entire separation of Church and State?” “Opposition to every
attempt to appropriate public monies - Federal, State or Local - directly or indirectly, for the support of sectarian or private institutions? Yes No

Have you ever held or expressed opinions contrary to the foregoing or been affiliated with any organization which has?                Yes        No
If you answer “yes” to this question, give details on a separate sheet.

I am a Master Mason in Good Standing in _____________________________________Lodge, Number: ____________________________, located at

_____________________________________ under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of ____________________. Year raised ________________.

Signature (in full): ____________________________________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________

Full Name (Please type or print): ________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                First                                     Middle                             Last

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________ Country: __________________________________

City: ____________________________________________________________________ State: ___________ Zip: _______________-_____________

Daytime Telephone Number: (__________) __________-_________________                                Fax Number: (__________) __________-_______________

E-mail Address: ______________________________________________                          Social Security Number: __________-__________-______________

Date of Birth: _____/_____/________       Place: ______________________ Spouses Name & Date of Birth mm/dd _______________________________

Occupation (Please be specific): ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Employer: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Visa       /      MasterCard

         ______ ______ ______ ______ - ______ ______ ______ ______ - ______ ______ ______ ______ - ______ ______ ______ ______

                      Expiration: ______ ______ / ______ ______                     Amount: $_______________________________

Recommended By: (Please Print) _________________________________________________ SR ID Number: _________________________________

Membership Committee: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

                       SPRING REUNION
               SATURDAY, APRIL 2, 2005 – DAY 2
7:00 am         .……………………………..……………………………..CALL TO ORDER
7:10 am         17º…………………………..…………………….T. Don Ivy, 32º KCCH                                  SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 2005 – DAY THREE
8:10 am         18º……………………………..……….Michael L. Posey, 32º KCCH                      6:30 am – 7:35 am………………………………………………………REGISTRATION
9:30 am         ……………………………………....……………………….COFFEE BREAK                            7:35 am      ..………………………..…..………………OPENING CEREMONIES
9:45 am         19º…………….………..........................…Greg Lyndon White, 32º       7:50 am      4º…………………….……………………………James E. Higgins, 33º
10:35 am        20º………………………..……………………….Malcolm L. Shaw, 33º                        8:30 am      14º………………….………………Jerrold S. Jacobs, 32º KCCH
11:25 am        21º………………………..……………..Richard M. King, 32º KCCH                      9:10 am      ……………………………………………..………………..COFFEE BREAK
12:05 pm        ……………………………….……………………….………………………LUNCH                               9:25 am      18º……………………….……………Michael L. Posey, 32º KCCH
12:50 pm        22º…………………..…..……….……………..…..Edwin G. Dailey, 32º                           THREE-DAY CLASS JOINS ONE-DAY CLASS
1:20 pm         23º……………………………………………......…….G. Clay Smith, 32º                     10:45 am     30º………………………………..……….Thomas A. Little, Jr., 32º
1:55 pm         24º……………………………….…….Jeffrey Joseph Miller, 32º                       12:15 pm     ….………………………LUNCH & TRIBUTE TO HONOREE
2:50 pm         25º……………………….……………….Hugh M. Smith, 32º KCCH                             PASS OUT QUESTIONNAIRE WITH INSTRUCTIONS
3:10 pm         ..……………………………………………………….....…..COFFEE BREAK                         1:25 pm      31º………............................……………….….Robert L. Harris, 32º
3:25 pm         26º……………………………………........................Max F. Gilley, 32º         2:25 pm      …………………………………………….…………………COFFEE BREAK
4:00 pm         27º…..…………………………….Thomas W. Snyder, 32º KCCH                          NOTE: Candidate must turn in Questionnaire on return to
5:00 pm         28º……………………………James C. Mutzabaugh, 32º KCCH                                                        Auditorium
5:55 pm         29º………………………………………………..William A. Bilsing, 33º                      2:40 pm      32º…….………………………Richard E. Davies, Sr., 32º KCCH
                     All times are approximate                                                        All times are approximate
                  Concludes approximately 6:30 pm                                                  Concludes approximately 3:55 pm

               Are you thinking about renting a facility for a special occasion?
                Do you need an elaborate location to hold a special gathering,
                                   wedding or reception?
                    Why not consider the Dallas Scottish Rite’s beautiful
                                    Crystal Banquet Hall.

       Called Glenda Dohm at 214-748-9196 or email her at
                    for more information about our beautiful facility.
Scottish Rite News for the Valley of Dallas   -           Page 3

                                                  For The Valley of Dallas

 Scottish Rite News for the Valley of Dallas is published monthly by the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,
 Valley of Dallas, 500 South Harwood Street, Dallas, Texas 75201-6210.

 Subscription rate is $1.00 per year.

 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to SCOTTISH RITE NEWS, 500 South Harwood Street, Dallas, Texas 75201-
 6210. 214-748-9196.

 ALLEGIANCE: The Bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, sitting in the Valley of Dallas, Orient of Texas,
 acknowledge and yield alliance to the Supreme Council (Mother Council of the World) of Inspectors General Knights Commander
 of the House of the Temple of Solomon of the Thirty-Third and last degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of
 Freemasonry for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America, whose See is at Charleston in the State of South
 Carolina (now sitting in Washington, D.C.), of Ill. Ronald A. Seale, 33o, is Soverieign Grand Commander, Ill. John E. Moyers, 33o,
 Grand Secretary General; and Ill. Jack Hightower, 33o Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Texas, Supreme Council, Southern

 PRESIDING OFFICERS: Hon. M. Douglas Adkins, 32o KCCH, Personal Representative of the Sovereign Grand Inspector
 General and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Valley of Dallas; Hon. Lester Robert Smith, 32o KCCH, Veneral Master, Dallas
 Lodge of Perfection (4o-14o); Hon. Thomas Graves Keithly, 32o KCCH, Wise Master, Dallas Chapter of Rose Croix (15o-18o); Hon.
 Wendell Paul Miller, 32o KCCH, Commander Dallas Council of Kadosh (19o-30o); and Ill. Herman Houston Bennett, 33o, Master of
 Kadosh, Dallas Consistory, Masters of the Royal Secret (31o-32o).

 EDITOR: Ill. Fred E. Allen, 33o, to whom all letters pertaining to the items or articles for the Newspaper should be addressed
 at 500 South Harwood Street, Dallas, Texas 75201-6210.


 STATED MEETINGS: Stated Meetings are held on the Second Monday of each month at 12:00 P.M., except for December and
 it is held on the Third Monday at 12:00 P.M., at the Temple, Harwood Street at Young (500 South Harwood Street), Dallas,

                     Ceremony of Rememberance and Renewal
                                                   Thursday, March 10, 2005
Page 4 -        Scottish Rite News for the Valley of Dallas

                                          Committee                                      Thoughts From
                                         Meetings, Club                                   M. Douglas
                                        Meetings, Degree                                   32o KCCH,
                                        Rehearsals, etc.                                  Personal Representative
                                                                                          of the Sovereign Grand
WHERE:   S/R CATHEDRAL                                                                     Inspector General and
CONTACT: HOMER RODRIGUEZ                                                                      Chairman of the
         214-616-2015 (H)
                                                                                           Executive Committee,
                                                     SCOTTISH RITE CLUBS
CONTACT: DON DACON                                    LADIES AND GUESTS
                                                                                              Valley of Dallas
         972-414-1813 (H)                                  WELCOME
EMAIL:   DDACON@COMCAST.NET                                                             At the Stated Meeting on March
              DATES                                                                     14 th , you approved our moving
                                                  DENTON COUNTY S/R CLUB
4/02     SPRING REUNION - DAY 2                                                         forward with the renovation of the
                                           CONTACT: CLARENCE LANEY
4/09     SPRING REUNION - DAY 3                      940-321-9306
                                                                                        2010 Young Street property,
4/11     STATED MEETING                    EMAIL:    CJTIME@EV1.NET                     including the authority to exchange
4/22     STAGE CREW DINNER                 WHEN:     4/22 - 6:30 P.M.                   parking lots with the adjacent
4/24     BLACK CAP CEREMONY                WHERE:    LEWISVILLE LODGE                   owner. Other buildings on Young
4/29     SCHOLARSHIP BANQUET                         LEWISVILLE, TX                     Street have been renovated and
                                                     FEAST OF TISHRI                    leased out as law offices; there is a
         CHEFS COMMITTEE                             BRING A COVERED                    continuing demand for such offices.
WHERE:   S/R CATHEDRAL                               DISH - THE CLUB                    The building will yield a positive
CONTACT: BASIL SERGIOS                               WILL PROVIDE THE
         214-748-9196 (H)                                                               cash flow after debt service and
                                                     MEAT                               operating expenses. The repair of
4/02     SPRING REUNION - DAY 2                                                         the organ will take several months
4/09     SPRING REUNION - DAY 3                                                         and we will initiate organ recital
4/11     STATED MEETING                                                                 programs to recoup our costs.
4/22     STAGE CREW DINNER                       MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEES
4/24     BLACK CAP CEREMONY                         GRAYSON COUNTY                      The Cirque du Scottish Rite event
4/29     SCHOLARSHIP BANQUET                           MEMBERSHIP                       offers us an excellent opportunity
                                           CONTACT: BOB STEPHENS                        to produce a first class show for
                                                    903-786-2760 (H)                    the public and a very good fund
                                                    903-786-3355 (W)                    raiser for the Valley. We will need
     REGISTRATION COMMITTEE                WHEN:    8/3 - 7:00 P.M.
WHERE:   S/R CATHEDRAL                                                                  many volunteers to assist in staging
                                           WHERE    PANCHO’S MEXICAN                    the Cirque shows; it will provide us
CONTACT: WILLIAM C. TEAQUIST                          BUFFET
         972-427-8781                                                                   with a wonderful opportunity to
                                                    1909 TEXOMA PKWY
                                                    SHERMAN, TX
                                                                                        reach out to our community. Please
4/09       SPRING REUNION-DAY 1                                                         be patient with us as we tackle these
           6:15 A.M.                                                                    projects, especially our updating of
                                                                                        information gathering in our
      SCOTTISH RITE STUDY CLUB                                                          business office.
           LIBRARY                                      REHEARSALS                      I am in the process of appointing
WHEN:      4/25
                                                                                        an Information and Technology
TIME:7:00 P.M.                                        RCC REHEARSAL
CONTACT: WALLACE P. FINFROCK                                                            Committee (“IT Committee”) which
                                           WHERE:       DSR CATHEDRAL                   will make our office more efficient,
           214-348-6328                    WHEN:        4/20 - 3:00 P.M.
                                                                                        more effective and more user
                                                        4.23 - RCC CONFERAL
                                                    18TH DEGREE
                                           WHERE:    SRC AUDITORIUIM                    Thanks for your words of
                                           CONTACT: JOE BENNETT                         encouragement and your desire to
                                                     817-461-2610 L(H)                  serve in our Valley. Our volunteer
                                           EMAIL: JOEBENNETT5@ATTBI.COM                 army is on the march!
                                           WHEN:     4/12 - 7:00 P.M.

                                                       32ND DEGREE
                                           WHERE:       SRC AUDITORIUM
                                           CONTACT:     DICK DAVIES
                                           WHEN:        4/04 - 7:00 P.M.

  Please have your information into
  the office by the 10th of the                                         Don’t forget to “spring” forward on
  current month to guarantee it                                               Sunday, April 3, 2005!
  will be posted in the upcoming
  month. Please give specific
  dates, times and locations for a
  more informative notice to your
  club/committee members. Cards
                                                                         DAYLIGHT SAVINGS
  and letters are no longer being
  sent out.
                                                                           TIME BEGINS
Scottish Rite News for the Valley of Dallas         -               Page 5

                                                     APRIL BIRthdAys
         33° Birthdays         Luther Edward Bellah                                     Richard Allison Edwards    Ben C Haynes
              -A-              Andrew J Bellomy                                         John Merl Elkins           Keith Joseph Haynes
John Erwin Adams, 33°          Robert H Belsher                                         Eddy Byron Elliott         Philip Henry Hays
              -B-              Hubert Little Bender                                     William Franklin Ellis     Robert Hudson Hays
Joe Horn Barnes, 33°           Cecil C Bennett                                          Bobby Elmore               Tommy Gee Heard
Dolph Brisco, 33°              Ronald Bennett Bentley                                   George Wesley English      Joe W Heaton
              -C-              George Robert Berger         John Boudes Chauveaux       Ronald L Ennis             Chad Gaston Heldt
Carroll Cameron Coker, 33°     Claude Randolph Berry        Carl Roger Cherry           Joe Wayne Estes            Gordon Leon Henderson
              -D-              Eric Bess                    Winford Harold Chick        Eugene P Evans             Joe Cleo Hendricks
Howard Earl Davlin, 33°        Anthony Lynn Bethel          Bradley Stuart Chilton                                 Hal Houston Henry
              -E-              David Judson Bibby           Tommie William Choate                    -F-           Herbert J Herring
Frank Everts, 33°              Ralph Fentress Black         Harvey J Christianson       Samuel Bernard Fagin       David Wayne Higginbotham
              -F-              Bruce Eugene Blackmore       Gregory Anthony Cinicolo    William James Fair         Darmon Charles Higgins
Wallace P Finfrock, 33°        James G Blanchette           James Albert Clanton        Fred Thomas Fangio         Jack Riley Hinson
              -K-              Nils Blanton                 Mel Glenn Clark             Joe W Fanning              Joseph Thomas Hobbs
Glen Kenyon, 33°               Billy Gene Bockmon           Holbert Royce Clayton       Billy Buck Farish          Warren Neal Hodge
              -L-              Rudolf Julius Boehm          John Robert Clements        John Nathan Feinglas       Donald Wayne Hodges
Theodore Lyman, 33°            Joe A Boganwright            Scotty Ray Clifton          Odus Lee Felts             Danny Ray Hooten
              -O-              Harold Wayne Bolding         Robert Earl Clinton         Edward Arnold Fenoglio     Robert Leo Hope
Orville Lee O’Neill, 33°       George Dickson Bond          Robert Earl Coats           George Dennis Ferguson     James Carl Hopkins
              -S-              John Bee Bonds               James Arnold Cole           Jack Dean Ferguson         Jon Eric Horton
John Travis Schoonmaker, 33°   Toby Wayne Booth             Royce Marion Cole           Robert Lee Filbert         Luther Hillard Horton
              -T-              Thomas Edward Borders        Jeffrey David Coleman       Billy Wayne Flanagan       Walter Jack Hott
Joseph Obie Talley, 33°        William Clarence Borne       William Osce Coleman        Wendell Clay Flannagan     William Lester House
Allen Henry Tuell, 33°         Charles Richard Boswell      Leroy Combest               Earl Hugo Flath            George Oscar Housewright
              -W-              John Arthur Bowsher          Arthur Lee Comstock         Richard Clifton Fogle      Delbert Thomas Howell
John Ray Wallace, 33°          Marshall Ray Box             Roy Lee Conder              Jerry Alfred Forcher       Joel Kent Howser
                               Joe Edwin Boyd               Robert E Conrad             Allen Henry Forrester      Donald Marvin Howze
     32° KCCH Birthdays        Billy Wayne Boyer            Michael Shawn Cook          Douglas Ray Fortney        Albert Clyde Hudson
              -B-              James Lee Boyles             Stephen Lee Cook            James Caldwell Fowler      Guy Harold Hudson
James Franklin Beard,          Manning Odell Bozeman        Clarence Feagin Cope        Scott Keith Francis        Wayne R Hudson
   32° KCCH                    Roy Lee Bragg                Calvin Barnette Cordray     Vance C Francis            Michael Alton Hughes
Jerry Don Brumfield,           Dovard Morris Brantley       Frank Holloway Corley       Donald Wayne Freeman       Thomas Jefferson Hull
   32° KCCH                    J W Bratton                  Joe Fowler Corpening        John Michael French        Wayne Clyde Hundley
              -C-              Mitchell George Breier       Edward Marshall Cozart      William Kenneth Fruit      Charles Thomas Hunt
Robert Terrell Coursey,        Cletus G Bridges             William Thomas Crain        Jack Warren Fulcher        John Edwin Hunt
   32° KCCH                    Charles Edward Briscoe       Fred Allen Crawford         Andy Fulenchek             John Edward Hurley
             -H-               Robert Nute Bristow          Dan Crecelius               Christopher L Fuller       Gene Clayton Hutchins
Raymond Edward Hargis,         Calvin Terry Britt           Richard Terry Creighton     Nathan Lee Fuller
   32° KCCH                    Ted Eulius Brogdon           Mark Lynn Cross             Evan Harris Fullmer                    -I-
             -M-               Morris Harrison Brooks       Robert James Crossland                                 Robert Haymond Ingram
Buford Clifton Martin,         Billy Joe Brown              Jesse Lee Crouse                         -G-           William Thomas Irwin
   32° KCCH                    David Earl Brown             James Blackburn Crowell     Carter Lee Gaddis          Seymour R Isaacson
             -S-               Harold Brown                 Mervel Delton Crump         Danny R Gammon
James Jerry Sansom,            John Russell Brown           James Lee Cude              Harold Herbert Garrett                  -J-
   32° KCCH                    Samuel Trulman Brown         Christopher John Cullen     George Edward Germann      Clarence G Jackson
                               Talma Lee Brown              Bobby Joe Cummings          Claude Patrick Germany     George Ellis James
         32° Birthdays         Larry Ronald Bryant          William Bruce Cunningham    William R Gheen            James Holder Jarrett
              -A-              Richard Clarke Budlong       William Palmer Cunningham   Bobby Joe Gilbert          Philip Douglas Jimerson
Abner Asberry Aaron            Tommy Glenn Buie             Walter Tuck Curry           Louis Gilford Gilbert      Earle Bruce Johnson
James Thomas Aaron             Bryan Gray Bukin             Timothy Charles Cutts       William Earl Gilbert       Raymon Calvin Johnson
Jimmy Dean Adams               Terry Randall Bullard                                    Paul Douglas Gilchrist     Walter Roy Johnson
Robert Martin Adkins           Albert Ross Bunt                          -D-            Gregory Wayne Gober        Darrell Maurice Jones
Bob Ray Allen                  Charles Elmore Burford       Bobby Rhea Daniel           Lawrence Stanton Goldman   Donald Durwood Jones
Roy Conrad Allman              Richard Bradley Burger       Lyle Arlo Daniels           Lesley Wayne Goode         Jack Roy Jones
Jimmy Earl Alvey               Romus Ray Burgin             Russell Howard Daniels      Ben Reed Goodwyn           Olan W Jones
Jerry Smith Amsler             Tommy Earl Burton            Robert Rhea Davidson        David William Graham
Knoble Anderson                Thomas Michael Butcher       Jerry Paul Davies           James Patrick Graham                     -K-
S Thomas Anderson              Jerry Lee Butler             Charles Washington Davis    James Lyndell Graves       Ahmed Yosry Kadry
Donald R Andrews               Wilton Monroe Byrd           Robert Jerry Davison        Oliver Gray                George Eddi Kahan
Morris Apple                                                Claude Edward De Wees       Don Alden Green            Aaron Samuel Kaufman
Billy Gene Arrington                        -C-             Gary Arthur Deal            Cecil Charles Greene       John William Kemnitz
Charles Nathanial Arthur       Gary Smith Cabler            Floyd Franklin Dean         Marvin Lewis Groves        Lelen Verl Kennard
James Edward Ashcraft          Jay Guzman Caguioa           Howard Marshall Dear                                   Emit Carol Kennedy
Matthew Wayne Ashley           Donald Loyd Cain             Maurice Burnett Decker                  -H-            Roger David Kimble
Jeff Austin                    Wilfred Dewey Cain           Truman F Decker             Delwin Emory Hagberg       Charles Bryan Kimmel
William Carrell Avett          Claude Wilson Caison         Charles Bernard Dejoux      Alton Byron Hale           Michael Dale Kindley
                               Durrie Lee Caldwell          John Robert Denman          Jerry Lynn Hale            Pat Carroll Kissel
              -B-              Charles Wayne Camp           Randall Lee Denney          Terry Condray Hall         Clarence B Kloppe
Freddy Lee Babbitt             Melvin Mason Cannon          Sam B Dick                  William Eugene Hall        Leonard Krauss
Gary Don Bailey                Jerry Lewis Cantrell         Curtis Edward Dickey        John Hammarley
Gary Elton Bailey              Gary Dale Capp               L G Dickson                 Daniel G Hangan                         -L-
Herman Bailey                  James Edward Carlin          Wendell Dockray             Thomas Arthur Hanna        Basil John Ladas
Mark Eugene Baker              Elwyn Woodie Carr            James Michael Dodd          Fred Andrew Hansen         Walter Theo Lambright
William Fowler Bane            William Harrington Carroll   Wayne Grady Dodd            Bobby Lee Hanson           Jay Woodrow Landry
J C Banks                      Robert Arthur Carruth        Robert Barry Drake          Thomas Zane Hardesty       Carl Weldon Lands
Robert Loren Barber            T J Carson                   Howard F Dudley             Charles Francis Harding    Ashley Recer Langley
Arnold B Barfield              James O Carter               Brian Russell Duff          Herbert Cecil Harmon       David Alan Laster
Sam Charles Barkett            Tony Lee Cashion             Robert Ray Duncan           Donald Knotts Harper       Errol Otto Laube
Vance Curtis Barnes            Franklin Manard Cate         William Morris Dunn         Chester Wylie Harrison     James Earvin Laurence
Barry Alfred Barnett           Charles Jack Chalmers        Harry Charles Durando       James Michael Harthcock    Bobby Charles Lawson
Paul Milton Bass               Howard Eugene Chamberlain                                Glenn Lamarr Hartman       Matias Leal
Harold Eugene Baxter           John Doyle Chambers                       -E-            Harl Dean Hass             Johnny Eugene Leathers
George Earsel Beaman           Steven Ray Chambers          Clifton R Earnheart         Neal Webster Hatcher       Alfred Lee Ledbetter
James Leon Beasley             Elias Anthony Chandarlis     Charles Wayne Easley        James Stanley Hatfield     Oliver S Leinart
John Roy Becker                Glyndon Shane Chandler       Edward Lee Easlon           Charles Lewis Hatter       Eugene Levin
Robert Thomas Beers            Timothy Norman Chapman       John O Eddlemon             Charles Milan Hawes        Harold Eliot Levine
Micah Shawn Belden             Elbert Benj Chatham          Charles Earl Edwards        John Clifton Hayes         Calvin Eugene Lewis
Page 6 -            Scottish Rite News for the Valley of Dallas

                                                      APRIL BIRthdAys
                                                                                    Autra C Strawhorn
Jimmy Lynn Lewis            Jaime Moreno                                            Freddy Basel Stricklin       Billie Edward Wilson
Rick Glen Lewis             Harold Gene Morris                                      Richard F Strohmeier         Billy Ray Wilson
Samuel Fulton Lievsay       James Leroy Morris                                      Lester Carroll Sulser        Bobby Glenn Wilson
Leslie Carroll Liggett      Fred Moseley                                            Carl Herbert Swanson         Waymon Woodrow Wilson
Allen Carroll Liles         Deweight Preston Mullen                                 Charles Joshua Swanson       Floyd Womack
Roy Philip Lindquist        Jay Forest Murphy                                                                    Jerrald Mark Woodruff
Oscar Ingvald Listol        Raymond Haskell Myers                                                -T-             William Kerry Wootten
Jimmy Don Litchfield                                    Leslie George Reynolds      Billy Marc Talley            Ithiel Murray Worden
Larry Dale Lively                        -N-            Richard Martin Reynolds     William Howard Tarwater      Russell C Wright
Victor Laygh Livingston     Carl Vassic Naylor          Robert Henry Reynolds       Richard Lee Tavern
John Webber Lloyd           Donald Dean Neal            Roy Laine Reynolds          Coleman Taylor                           -Y-
Gentry Luther Long          Troy Allen Neasbitt         Curtis F Richards           Sidney Murray Taylor         Don Eugene Yarborough
Ray Lovelace                Adolphus Ray Newman         Darren Vance Richards       Ronnie Earnest Teakell       Richard Beck Yeakel
Dewitt Loyd                 Dennis Troy Newman          Joseph Defoe Richards       James Harril Teel            Dinzle Don Young
Richard Loyd Lucas          E Brewer Newton             Robert Leroy Richards       Wilbern Hugh Thetford
Jessie Delmar Luke          Lloyd Wilson Niblett        James Curtis Richardson     Guy David Thomas
                            Charles Edward Nichols      Robert Randall Richardson   Ira M Thompson

             -M-            James William Nitson        Galen B Richcreek           Kenneth Jesse Thompson
Clair Leroy Mac Pherson     Oey Leon Nix                David Laughlin Riddle       Michael Paul Thompson
Leon Edlow Mack             Billie James Nixon          Lee Daniel Riddle           Bert C Timm
Robert Doyle Madsen         Mark D Nolen                Tracy Dion Riddle           Eddie Glen Tinsley
Jack Magness
James William Marcom
Charles Fletcher Markham
                            Stephen Randal Norris
                            Billy Reed Null
                            Nicholas James Nuspl
                                                        James Richard Ritchie
                                                        Norman Cleo Roberts
                                                        Clyde Hoyt Robinson
                                                                                    Louis Wesley Tolliver
                                                                                    Ronald Wayne Torenko
                                                                                    Andrew Toth
Alkis Joseph Marland        James D O Neal              James D Robinson            William Michael Townes
Andrew David Martin                                     Tom Ellis Robinson          James Bobby Trail
Bobby Ray Martin                        -O-             Raymond Lewis Rogers        Newt Shands Trail
James Albert Martin         Allen Shane Oats            Thomas Duward Roper         George William Transier
Randell W Martin
Charles Martinkus
Dal Walter Mason
                            Billy A Ohl
                            Robert Gerald Owens
                            Thomas Wayne Owens
                                                        Charles Kieffer Ross
                                                        Turner Edgar Ross
                                                        Erven Y Rovinsky
                                                                                    Dale Elvin Troutt
                                                                                    Charles Otto Tucker
                                                                                    Morris Dewayne Tucker
Austin Seymour Masterson                                Charles Hanson Rowan        Harl Dean Turbyfill
Harold Duane Matthews                     -P-           Bobbie Ray Roycroft         Cecil Lee Turner
Douglas Wayne Mattix        Pierce Padgett              Donny Mack Rutherford       James Wilson Turner
George Carruthers Maxwell   Wiley R Page                James Edward Rutledge       Lonnie Joe Turner
Douglas Allen May           David W Palmlund                                        Ernest Milton Tyler
Paul Linton May             Carlos Paredes                           -S-
Karl Wayne Maynard          Cecil George Parker         John Sabow                              -U-

Andrew James Mc Anally      Michael Edward Paroski      Charles Lee Saling          Conley Maurice Ussery
Howard D Mc Camey           B A Parrish                 Herman Ruth Salter
Donald Ted Mc Clain         Ralph Lewis Parrish         Harold Lloyd Salyer                      -V-

Carl Mc Clendon             Joseph Calvin Parsons       Neil Sidwell Samuels        Ronald George Van Deilen
Charles Arthur Mc Clure     Terry Parsons               Virgil Eugene Sandlin       Robert Joe Vandygriff
Harold Eugene Mc Commas     Jacob Edward Pattison       Mark Anthony Sauer          Carol Leon Vanover
James Nolan Mc Court        Crillon Cullen Payne        Walter Cruce Saunders       Jerry Max Varley

L Z Mc Coy                  William Bryan Peeler        Barton F Schoeneman         James Boyd Vaughn
Robert M Mc Coy             Herman Jackson Perrine      Leon Gerald Schwartz        Larry Craig Vaughn
Roger T Mc Cracken          Randell Allen Peterson      Troyce Scogin               Paul D Veach

Scott Mc Creight            Ronald Wayne Petty          Richard Roy Scott           James Howard Veal
William Don Mc Croan        Donald Earl Pevehouse       Thurman Ebbney Scott        John Curtis Vincent
Robert Dennis Mc Crossen    James Mack Pharr            Billy Wayne Scroggins       Jurgen D Von Hovell
Horace Dewayne Mc Donald    Leonard L Phelps            Paul David Seiler           Ronnie Lynn Vosburg

William Paisley Mc Donald   Jackie Rhea Phillips        Billy Wayne Selman
Paul W Mc Dowell            Jessie Zin Phillips         Thurman Franklin Selman                 -W-
Daniel James Mc Gee         Rex Andrew Pickens          Oscar Davis Sewell          Herman Wayne Wade

John Lynn Mc Guire          Timothy Paul Pierce         William Travis Shafer       Robert Nelson Waggener
Douglas Mc Ham              Michael Alan Pincus         Daniel Webster Shaw         Lucius Waites
Donald F Mc Kinnis          Clifford Oliver Platt       Jerry Randall Shelton       Ryan Waldrum
Joe Edward Mc Knight        Edwin Earl Pledger          Fredric M Silver            Billy Joe Walker
Second Mc Queary
Donald Winn Mc Williams
William Meadows
                            Todd William Polk
                            Waylon Lee Pomroy
                            Duward Howell Potts
                                                        James Hiram Simmons
                                                        Kenneth Udoris Sims
                                                        Thomas Weldon Skelton
                                                                                    Bryan Patman Walls
                                                                                    Claude Walter
                                                                                    Charles R Wampler
James Richard Megason       Walter Eugene Potts         Rudy Slusher                Glenn Max Ward
Jimmy Darrel Melton         William Floyd Prewitt       Grady Jearld Smith          Joel Henderson Ward
Philip D Mercer             Jack Edward Pritchard       James Roy Smith             Clyde Herbert Warner
William Bonner Merchant     Lemuel Orbie Proctor        Warner Cleveland Smith      Gilbert F Warren
Ralph W Merrill             Scott A Puckett             Wayne Eugene Smith          Ralph Everette Watson
Ervin Paul Messimer         Archie Bob Pugh             Wesley Scott Smith          Brian Lockwood Webb
Jewell Lane Meyer           Jack Murray Pugh            Tom F Sneary                Bradley Mark Weddle
Walter Louis Meyers         James Lloyd Pulley          Christopher H Sommerfeldt   Kerry Alan Weeks
Jose Luis Michel            Farrel S Puntenney          Joe Ernest Sparks           Francis Dean Wehr
Bertram Edward Miller       David Lowell Putman         Hanson Truett Spence        William Carl Weinkauf
Delbert Clyde Miller                                    Garry Wayne Spencer         Gene Richard Wells
Delton Wesley Miller                     -R-            Otha Cleo Spencer           Wilmer Alvin Werchan
Gene Paul Miller            Morton Rachofsky            Richard Michael Spencer     James Robert Westbrook
Jeffrey Joseph Miller       Jack Bernard Radov          Willard S Sprague           Edward Milton Westmoreland
Jerry Dan Miller            Alphonso Ragland            Dean Gray Staley            Gifford Eugene Wherry
Kenneth Lee Miller          Gary Don Ragsdale           Roy Edward Standifer        Greg Lyndon White
Edwin W Mills               James Douglas Ragsdale      Michael Aaron Starkey       Philip Hayden White
Horace Ray Missildine       Gilbert Raymond Rahuba      Glenn Leroy Stephenson      James Ray Whittiker
Jimmy Lee Mitchell          James Haskell Rains         James Barry Stewart         Zolon A Wilkins
Lou Laverne Mode            Thomas C Rankin             Jimmie Ray Stewart          Haskell L Willeford
Kevin Ray Monroe            Robert Harry Ratliff        Samuel Bryan Stewart        Keith Wayne Willey
Jimmy Ray Montgomery        John Raymond Ray            Michael A Stimpson          Aaron Williams
Richard Payne Moomaw        Aubrey Richard Raybon       Donald William Stiner       Charles Richard Williams
Luke Elmo Mooney            Billy Stanley Redd          William Keith Stone         Edmond Hal Williams
Jessie Dee Moore            Spencer C Relyea            Cory Allen Strange          Donald Louis Williamson
John Lee Moore              Edgar Leon Reynolds         Norman Joseph Strange       Kinzer Varner Willis
Scottish Rite News for the Valley of Dallas    -             Page 7

                                                    Grand Oration
                                           By Russell Clay Brown, Grand Orator
                                             Presented at Grand Lodge 2004
                                                  (Continued from February Edition)

I want to end today by sharing some candid thoughts with you. They are not my own. I asked several men, whom I respect a great deal,
to talk with me. I wanted to know what Masonry meant to each of them. All are well-qualified men of strong morals, family values, and
hard workers. Some are Masons and others are not. Here are their responses:

I was under the impression that I had to be ASKED to become a Mason. I did my best to make myself a good candidate, according to
what I thought the requirements were. I was 44 before someone told me how to become one. My Dad asked me why it took so long and
I did not have the heart to tell him.

We need to get men to want to come to the lodge even when there are no meetings. Steak cookouts, football games on TV and outings
together are a start.

Surely we can open and close lodge without doing the same ceremony twice. Also, I am going to go crazy if I have to listen to the
Secretary tell me again who sat in what chair and what the gas bill was. I do not care. I trust him to pay it.

Just because somebody had to memorize all of this stuff 100 years ago does not tell me why I am doing it today. We have got to cut
this memory work down. How many guys never finish it? We have lives and work. I cannot give you an hour a day. This is a real hurdle
to getting new members.

Men who have the time to join are not always the ones we seek. We should try and attract busy, successful men who will take time
out for something meaningful, not folks who are bored with nothing to do.

I heard that President Roosevelt went to one of his son’s Masonic degrees and saw the White House gardener presiding as Master. I’ll
bet that gardener did not have his dirty clothes on. My Dad always wore his best clothes to lodge. It was important to him, like church.

We will not attract the leaders of the community that will be able to carry masonry into the next century if we focus our attention on
things like pancake suppers. We will just attract folks who like to eat pancakes.

I cannot believe that folks complain about paying $50 a year in dues. We need to raise our dues. Our lodges cannot operate on that.
It costs me more to take my family out to eat, once, than it does to pay my lodge dues.

We need our lodges to be a place where good men can get simply get together for an hour or so a week and just have true fellowship
with each other. We are losing that.

Brethren, I believe that you and I belong to the greatest organization in the world. We are the place that better fathers, husbands,
sons, and citizens are made. So, why are we losing members when people ought to be standing in line to join us? Why are many of the
best men in our communities not Masons? Where are the Jack Hightowers and Abner McCalls? Has Masonry lost some of it meaning to
the public? I certainly do not have all of the answers. However, I have shared candid thoughts and suggested new ideas. If we really
came here to improve ourselves in Masonry, then let’s get after it and stop complaining about our declining members. We must go home
tomorrow and immediately figure out how we Make Masonry Meaningful in every Texas community.

We do it by examining our current way of thinking and eliminating any barrier to quality membership. We retool our lodges into places
that meet the needs of today’s busy man. We must let our neighbors see that we are the police officers and the teachers and the
lawyers and the doctors and show them that we lead the communities. If we do not have those men as members, we need to go out and
get them. Do not forget your best friend and your sons. I can point to several Master Masons in this room right now, most younger than
fifty, who have revitalized Masonry in a 160-year old lodge. This can happen in your lodge too.

Last Friday during the Aggie/Texas game, I tried to make some notes for this Oration. Not an easy or natural task for me. But, my
jewel has a script on it. My youngest son, Tom, sat down beside me to see what I was doing. I told him that I was writing a speech. He
asked why, and I told him that I was the Grand Orator and I was going to talk to all of the Texas Masons down in Waco. He said:
“Daddy, what is an Orator”. He knows what a Mason is. I have already given both my sons a petition. My twelve-year old, Clay, quickly
jumped in and informed him that an Orator was someone who “liked to talk a lot”. Without missing a beat, my fourteen-year old
daughter, Katy, chimed in: “Man, Dad, did the Masons make this job up special for you or what”.

Grand Master, this has been a special year in my 25 years as a Mason. Thank you for the honor of serving this Grand Lodge. Thank you
for being a Masonic mentor to me. Brethren thank you for allowing me to speak what has been on my heart for a long time.

                                                The Editor’s Plite
    The typographical error is a slippery thing and sly; you can hunt it ‘till you’re dizzy, but it somehow will get
    by. ‘Till the pages are off the press, it is strange how still it sleeps; it shrinks down in a corner and it never
    stirs or peeps.

    That typographical error is too small for human eyes. ‘Till the ink is on the paper, when it grows to
    mountain size. The remainder of the issue may be clean as it can be; but the typographical error is the
    only thing they’ll see!
Page 8 -   Scottish Rite News for the Valley of Dallas

                     Important Dates for 2005 - Valley of Dallas
    2     Spring Reunion - Day 2 - 7:00 a.m.
    9     Spring Reunion - Day 3 and One-Day Class Registration / Reunion - 7:00 a.m.
    11    Stated Meeting - 12:00 p.m. - Lunch to follow
    24    Black Cap Ceremony - lunch @ 2:00 p.m. - LADIES EXPECTED
    29    Scholarship Awards Banquet - 7:00 P.M. - $7.00 Per Ticket - Must be purchased
          in advance

   9      Stated Meeting - 12:00 p.m. - Lunch to follow

    13    Stated Meeting - 12:00 p.m. - Lunch to follow

    11    Stated Meeting - 12:00 p.m. - Lunch to follow

   8   Stated Meeting - 12:00 p.m. - Lunch to follow
   13 Summer Reunion - One Day Registration / Reunion - 7:00 a.m.

    8  Feast of Tishri - Dinner @ 6:30 p.m. - LADIES EXPECTED
    13 Stated Meeting - 12:00 p.m. - Lunch to follow

   10 Stated Meeting - 12:00 p.m. - Lunch to follow
   15 Fall Reunion - Day 1 - Registration - 7:00 a.m.
   22 Fall Reunion - Day 2 - Begins @ 7:00 a.m.
   29 Fall Reunion - Day 3 and One-Day Class Registration / Reunion - 7:00 a.m.

   13 Black Cap Ceremony - lunch @ 2:00 p.m. - LADIES EXPECTED
   14 Stated Meeting - 12:00 p.m. - Lunch to follow

   12 Stated Meeting - 12:00 p.m. - Lunch to follow

                                              What Masonry Is:
                                   It is a voluntary association of men.
                                     It is a system of moral conducts.
                                               It is a way of life.
                                       It is religious in its character.
                                         It teaches the Golden Rule.
                                 It seeks to make good men better men.
                                It teaches morality through symbolism.
                         It uses rites and ceremonies to instruct its members.
            It is based on a firm belief in the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of Man
                                      and the Immorality of the soul.
Scottish Rite News for the Valley of Dallas -           Page 9

                            The “Changing of the Guard”
                                            Thursday, March 3, 2005

        Jack Hightower, 33o                                                                       M Douglas Adkins, 32o KCCH
         Fred E. Allen, 33o                                                                          Jack Hightower, 33o

                                                 Fred E. Allen, 33o, & Francine Allen
                                            Carole Adkins & M. Douglas Adkins, 32o KCCH

                                                                                                   Hunter and Linda Miche
                                                                                          (Fred’s youngest grandson and daughter)
  Fred E. Allen, 33o, Jack Hightower, 33o
       M. Douglas Adkins, 32o KCCH

                                                         Kendall Miche and
                                                         Fred E. Allen, 33o
                                                      (Fred’s granddaughter)

        Spender and Lee Miche, 33o                                                                Linda and Kendall Miche
  (Fred’s oldest grandson and son-in-law)                                                  (Fred’s daughter and granddaughter)

                                                          Dundee Dillard

    Carole and Doug Adkins, 32o KCCH                                                              David and Mindy Piehler
                                                                                             (M. Douglas Adkins’ Daughter and
                                                    Our very own “first ladies”                        Son-In-Law)
                                                        Carole Adkins and
                                                          Francine Allen

                                                      M. D. Adkins,
                                                     (Doug’s Father)
                                                       Bob Adkins,
                                                    (Doug’s Brother)
                                                   Ron Adkins, (Doug’s    Carole &
                                                        Brother)         M Douglas
                                                                         32o KCCH
Page 10 -         Scottish Rite News for the Valley of Dallas

          History of Daylight                                             Some Good Advice At
              Saving time                                                     No Charge
   Daylight Saving Time is a change in the standard time of          Read this and make a copy for your files in case you
   each time zone. Time zones were first used by the                 need to refer to it someday. Maybe we should all take
   railroads in 1883 to standardize their schedules.                 some of this advice!
   According to The Canadian Encyclopedia Plus by
   McClelland & Stewart Inc., Canada’s “[Sir Sandford]               A corporate attorney sent the following out to the
   Fleming also played a key role in the development of a            employees in his company:
   worldwide system of keeping time. Trains had made
   obsolete the old system where every major cities and                    1.     The next time you order checks have only
   regions set clocks according to local astronomical                             your initials (instead of first name) and
   conditions. Fleming advocated the adoption of a standard                       last name put on them. If someone takes
   or mean time and hourly variations from that according                         your checkbook, they will not know if you
   to established time zones. He was instrumental in convening                    sign your checks with just your initials
   an International Prime Meridian Conference in Washington                       or your first name, but your bank will
   in 1884 at which the system of international standard                          know how you sign your checks.
   time — still in use today — was adopted.”                               2.     When you are writing checks to pay on
   In 1918, Congress made the U.S. rail zones official under                      your credit card accounts, DO NOT put
   federal law and gave the responsibility to make any                            the complete account number on the
   changes to the Interstate Commerce Commission, the only                        “Memo” line. Instead, just put the last
   federal transportation regulatory agency at the time.                          four digits. The credit card company
   When Congress created the Department of                                        knows the rest of the number, and anyone
   Transportation in 1966, it transferred the responsibility                      who might be handling your check as it
   for the time laws to the new department.                                       passes through all the check processing
                                                                                  channels won’t have access to it.
   The American law by which we turn our clock forward in                  3.     Put your work # on your checks instead
   the spring and back in the fall is known as the Uniform                        of your home phone. If you have a P.O.
   Time Act of 1966. The law does not require that anyone                         Box, use that address instead of your
   observe Daylight Saving Time; all the law says is that if                      home address. If you do not have a P.O.
   we are going to observe Daylight Saving Time, it must be                       Box, use your work address. Never have
   done uniformly.                                                                your SS# printed on your checks. You
                                                                                  can add it if it is necessary, but if you
   Daylight Saving Time has been around for most of this                          have it printed, anyone can get it.
   century. In 1918, in order to conserve resources for the                4.     Place the contents of your wallet on a
   war effort, Congress placed the country on Daylight                            photocopy machine. Do both sides of each
   Saving Time for the remainder of WW I. It was observed                         license, credit card, etc. You will know
   for seven months in 1918 and 1919. The law, however,                           what you had in your wallet and all of the
   proved so unpopular (mostly because people rose earlier                        account numbers and phone numbers to
   and went to bed earlier than we do today) that the law                         call and cancel. Keep the photocopy in a
   was later repealed.                                                            safe place. I also carry a photocopy of
                                                                                  my passport when I travel either here or
   When the country went to war again, Congress reinstated
                                                                                  abroad. We’ve all heard horror stories
   Daylight Saving Time on February 2, 1942. Time in the
                                                                                  about fraud that’s committed on us in
   U.S. was advanced one hour to save energy. It remained
                                                                                  stealing a name, address, Social Security
   advanced one hour forward year- round until September
                                                                                  number, or credit cards.
   30, 1945.

   From 1945 to 1966, there was no federal law about                 Further, here’s some critical information to limit the
   Daylight Saving Time. So, states and localities were free         damage in case you or someone you know experiences
   to observe Daylight Saving Time or not.                           identity theft:

   This, however, caused confusion — especially for the                    1.     We have been told we should cancel our
   broadcasting industry, and for trains and buses. Because                       credit cards immediately. But the key is
   of the different local customs and laws, radio and TV                          having the toll free numbers and your card
   stations and the transportation companies had to publish                       numbers handy so you know whom to call.
   new schedules every time a state or town began or ended                        Keep those where you can find them.
   Daylight Saving Time.                                                   2.     File a police report immediately in the
                                                                                  jurisdiction where your credit cards, etc.,
   By 1966, some 100 million Americans were observing                             were stolen. This proves to credit pro-
   Daylight Saving Time through their own local laws and                          viders you were diligent, and this is a first
   customs. Congress decided to step in and end the confusion                     step toward an investigation (if there ever
   and establish one pattern across the country. The Uniform                      is one).
   Time Act of 1966 (15 U.S. Code Section 260a) created                    3.     Call the three National Credit Reporting
   Daylight Saving Time to begin on the last Sunday of                            Organizations immediately to place a
   April and to end on the last Sunday of October. Any                            fraud alert on your name and Social Se-
   area that wanted to be exempt from Daylight Saving Time                        curity number. The alert notifies any
   could do so by passing a local ordinance. The law was                          company that checks your credit that your
   amended in 1986 to begin Daylight Saving Time on the                           information was stolen, and they have to
   first Sunday in April.                                                         contact you by phone to authorize new

                                                                     If you are willing to pass this information along, it
                                                                     could really help someone that you care about.
Scottish Rite News for the Valley of Dallas -      Page 11

         Members of the Scottish Rite Valley of Dallas
                         Are deeply saddened to learn that the Supreme Architect
                           of the Universe has called the Following Brethren
                                      to that Celestial Lodge above...

     NAME                                 DATE OF BIRTH         DATE OF DEATH             BLUE LODGE

Herbert Buell Bartee, 32o                 February 28, 1918     February 25, 2005         Stanfield #217
Elliott Edmond Dunlap, 32o                November 16, 1911     February 14, 2005         Marshall #22
Obe Alexander Hefner, 32o                 June 19, 1919         February 11, 2005         Travis #117
Lester Thomas Moore, 32o                  January 22, 1942      November 10, 2004         Paris #27
John Thomas Stephenson, 32o               June 7, 1919          February 5, 2005          Waltham #384
Damon Windsor Walton, 32o                 June 20, 1932         March 18, 2005            St Johns #53

                       He lived respected and died regretted.
                     Farewell, my Brother, until we meet again...

                                              Sick Call

                Byron Floyd Banks, 32°                                         Clifford Lee Shipp, 32°
                 336 Wood Brook Drive                                           670 Cherry Creek Lane
                DeSoto, TX 75115-2927                                          Canton, TX 75103-5014
                  972-223-4485 (H)                                                 903-567-6182 (H)

                 Marion DiMaggio, 32o                                       John Joseph Stachowiak, 32°
                   521 Shalamar Place                                               P O Box 1020
                Irving, TX 75061-9407                                         Ore City, TX 75683-1020
                   972-513-1888 (H)                                              903-968-4331 (H)

                Jack Eugene Flovin, 32o                                        Dee Brown Walker, 33°
                     1816 Crossbend                                                 Autumn Leaves
                 Plano, TX 75023-6516                                          1010 Emerald Isle Drive
                   972-612-4890 (H)                                            Dallas, TX 74218-3910
                                                                                  214-324-0821 (H)
           John Christian Janssen 32° KCCH
                   1619 Belmead Lane                                         William Henry Whatley, 32°
                Irving, TX 75061-4418                                       1602 E Frankford Road, #3130
                  972-254-5945 (H)                                            Carrollton, TX 75007-6114
              Donald Durwood Jones, 32°
                 3636 Demaret Drive
               Mesquite, TX 75150-1031                                         Bob Heard, 32o KCCH
                  972-279-4057 (H)                                    Chairman, Fraternal Visitation Committee
              Edward Joseph Ochs, 32°
             6300 Roundrock Trail, #4202                                       Mel Polen, 32o KCCH
                Plano, TX 75023-3453                               Vice Chairman, Fraternal Visitation Committee
                   972-618-2252 (H)                                               214-349-3994

          James Anton Pipkin, Sr., 32° KCCH                                     Dear Family Member:
               7333 Arbor Oaks Drive                            In the event that one of our Scottish Rite members
              Dallas, TX 754248-2203                               goes into the hospital or a nursing home, or is
                  972-931-7500 (H)                                   incapacitated in any way, please notify our
                                                                          Secretary with that information.
                                                                            Please call: 214-748-9196
Page 12                -           Scottish Rite News for the Valley of Dallas

                                CHANGING ADDRESS?
                                 IS YOUR ADDRESS                                                                       Laughter
                                  LABEL CORRECT?                                                                        Corner
   LISTED BELOW TO INSURE THE CHANGE WILL BE                                             A blonde driving down the interstate noticed a
                                                                                         woman furiously rowing a boat at the edge of a
                                   CHANGE MY ADDRESS TO:                                 cornfield.
                                      (Please type or print)
                                                                                         She stopped and called to the woman, “Hey!
   _______________________________________________                                       What are you doing?”

   _______________________________________________                                       The woman replied, “I’m trying to row this boat,
   (Address)                                                                             but it isn’t going anywhere!”

   _______________________________________________                                       The motorist called back, “You know, it’s blondes
   (Address)                                                                             like you that give us a bade name. If I could
                                                                                         swim, I’d come over there and beat you up!”
   (City / State / Zip)

   (Phone No. / Email Address)                                                           DEFICIT: What you have when you haven’t as
                                                                                         much as you had when you had nothing.
   (Scottish Rite ID Number)

                                         Next Stated Meeting:
                                         Monday, 5/09/2005
                                                                                              Don’t forget....
                                         Time: 12:00 p.m.
                                         Come see what Chef Basil has in
                                         store for you!
                                                                                                 Cirque du
                                                                                              “Scottish Rite”
 Permit No. 253
  Dallas, Texas
  U.S. Postage
    Prsrt Std

                                                                                                June 30th,

                                                                                                 July 1st,
                                                                                                 July 2nd
                                                                                                 July 3rd.
                                                                                              (more information coming in the next Newsletter)
 Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

                                                                                              Don’t forget......
 500 South Harwood Street
 Dallas, Texas 75201-6210

                                                                                                Spring Reunion
 Ancient and Accepted

                                                                                          April 2nd (2nd Day) and
                                                                                          April 9th - (3rd / 1 day)

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