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Mins-3 Sep by cuiliqing


									                                DEAN’S ADVISORY COMMITTEE

                                                     of the meeting held on
                                                  Friday 3 September 2010

Present: Stephen Thurgate (Chair), Peter Nelson, Barry Quinn, Bernard Mans, David
Coutts, Helena Nevalainen, Kelsie Dadd, Mariella Herberstein, Mike Poulsen, Paul
Smith, Sharyn Eaton, Tony Parker, John ten Have, Phillip Corben, Therase Tran and
Jane Edgson

1. Apologies: - Steve Cassidy, Trish Fanning, Lesley Hughes, Jamie Gabriel,

2. Matters Arising from the Minutes: - Under Item 4, Workload Times, BQ
advised the committee that he had discussed some errors with Tony Demetriou, which
are now being fixed. TD will advise the HoDs of any changes. The committee
discussed whether this would in fact, be a useful exercise, as there are differences
between departments which makes comparison difficult. The Dean advised that it is
in-line with the new Enterprise Agreement and despite the differences will still be of
use both to the Faculty and departments.

3. Occupational Health and Safety
Maths - PS advised the committee that the metal covers on the ground in E7B were
raised and consequently were a hazard. JtH to check.
Phys - DC reported that there had been a spill of Ph14 in a wet lab. It had not been
reported so the culprit was unknown. It had been cleaned up and had caused some
damage to the top of a metal filing cabinet.
JtH reported on a number of incidents:-
     soundproofing is to be installed in F9C in the next semester break;
     the quote for the drying ovens of $1000 appears to be quite accurate; No
        ‘standards’ could be found but JtH is looking into a stand-alone oven
        temperature protection which will switch off the mains supply to the oven;
     there had been a diving incident involving the biology boat, a technician (Peter
        Tung) and a student. Peter Tung behaved very responsibly and avoided what
        could have been an unpleasant incident;
     fire drills are currently taking place;
     JtH thanked the committee for responding to his request for the names of
     a member of staff has been hit by a taxi on Research Park Drive, fortunately
        the injury was very minor. JtH is following this up. PS suggested that the
        pedestrian crossing on Eastern Road is in the wrong place and should be at the
        junction with Wally’s Walk. JtH to investigate;
     the asbestos has been removed from F9B;

Document1                                                                     18/08/2012
       it has been recommended that the phones in the laboratories should remain
        analogue. It was also suggested that analogue phones should be placed on the
        walls in corridors for emergencies. KD advised that quotes for installing the
        new computerised phones seemed to be excessive. PC to investigate;
       JtH queried the need for a Faculty wide After-hours policy. The Dean advised
        that there is a working group looking at this for the university, reporting to the
        Provost. Postgraduate students are given guidelines at induction. The
        committee agreed that there are many issues relating to this and generally, it
        was to be discouraged.

4. Y6B Refurbishment
The Dean has been advised that OFM are planning to install compactus’ and a
mezzanine level in the Faculty’s portion of the Y6B shed, to accommodate the
rock/soil sample storage needs in part of the base level and some lightweight
compactus and static shelving storage on top of the mezzanine level. The Dean
informed the committee that the space should be used as short-term temporary storage
space and for longer-term storage for items not currently in use but which will be
needed again. Any storage has to be regulated with a clear commitment to revisit
items stored on a regular basis. JtH requested either a forklift bay or an elevator for
items in the mezzanine level.

5. Budget – Rules for Preparation
PC had sent the HoDs the rules for preparing the 2011 Operating budgets. This has
been amended to reflect discussions during today’s meeting (see attached). The
following items were discussed:-
1.1 Travel Support. After some discussion it was agreed that for fixed-term
academics, the operating budget was to be used in support of travel rather than
funding the full cost of travel. Another source of funding was to be looked for in the
first instance. PC to ask Finance to re-categorise the items in the travel budget to
differentiate between Academic and Professional staff and the hire of vehicles etc.
MP is organising a conference for next year and he asked where this should be
included in the budget. PC to check the details of ‘New Business Initiatives’.
1.7 METS charges are to be budgeted for in Department accounts. Following
discussions with each Department, ST and PC will decide whether this should be
rolled together and put in the Faculty budget. However, departments are to provide
advice of their estimated costs.
1.8 HDR Support - HN asked if completion stipends could be increased. Following
discussion it was agreed that this could not be a line item but each case will be
examined individually.

The committee were asked to include an explanatory text with their budget
submissions. This should highlight any activities relating to the strategic outcomes of
the university (cited in PC’s advice to HoDs).

The meeting closed at 10:30 am.

Date of next meeting:- Friday 10 September

Document1                                                                         18/08/2012

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