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									Agenda   Ericsson Confidential   1   2006-03-02
Agenda   Ericsson Confidential   2   2006-03-02
What is so different from GSM?

 Number of different Radio Bearers
     – Speech, video, streaming, up to 128/384 PS, up to 384/HS
     – Combinations of different Radio Bearers
 Number of features in Radio Network
     – Connection Handling and Channel Switching
     – Handover and Power Control
     – Significant impact on RAN capacity
 Number of features in Transport Network
     – Inverse Multiplexing over ATM
     – AAL2 Quality of Service separation
     – AAL2 switching and Transport Aggregation

               Ericsson Confidential   3                2006-03-02
                   WCDMA Network Topology
                                                                         CS Core

                                                            MGW                 MSC/Call Server

                                                                Iu CS
                                                    Iu     ATM Switch

                                                  RNC         Iu PS
                         ATM Switch (RXI/MSN)

                                 WCDMA RAN

                   Mub                                        SGSN
Uu                                                                    PS Core
                                                     RNC                        GGSN
  UMTS Layered Architecture

         Services/                                 Service Capability Servers          Application
         application                                                                    Servers
         layer              Servers

                        MSC                                       HLR/AuC/FNR GMSC/Transit
                        Server                                                 Server


                                                                                GGSN          Internet
                                        SGSN                                                 Intranets
                       GSM                                                                   Control
                                                                                             User data

Agenda                 Ericsson Confidential   5                                             2006-03-02
  General Features of a WCDMA
    Wide bandwidth
         – Chip Rate of 3.84 Mcps
         – Bandwidth of 5 MHz
         – The wide bandwidth reduces sensitivity to muti-path fading
    Power Control
         – Common shared resource that makes WCDMA RAN flexible
         – Allocates power to each subscriber and ensures that each
           user and service creates the minimum of interference
    One-cell Frequency Reuse
         – Supported by RAN through Orthogonal Variable Spreading
           Factor (OVSF) codes for channelization of different

Agenda            Ericsson Confidential   6                   2006-03-02
  General Features of a WCDMA
    Frequency Division Duplex
         – Used when UL and DL are on different frequencies
    Macro Diversity
         – Used for transmission between Ue and RBS
         – Allows simultaneous use of links between the Ue
           and two or more RBS’s
         – Provides smooth transition as Ue moves:
               Between cells of the same RBS (softer
               From one RBS to another (soft handover)

Agenda           Ericsson Confidential   7          2006-03-02
High Speed Downlink Packet
    Speed
         – More advanced audio & video content & larger file transfers
         – Reduced down load time
         – Peak data rates 8 -10 Mbps
         => Improved end-user experience
    Less delay
         –   Web browsing (WWW)
         –   New services with very high requirements on response times,
             e.g. gaming applications
         => Improved end-user experience
    Capacity
       => Reduces the cost per Mbyte for operators
    HS-DSCH coverage as good as R99: => No need for new sites

Agenda               Ericsson Confidential   8                       2006-03-02
                                             UMTS Network

         TE           MT                     WCDMA    CN Iu         CN                TE
                                              RAN     edge        Gateway

                                      End-to-End Service
         TE/MT Local                                                        External
         Bearer Service            UMTS Bearer Service                    Bearer Service

                                                              CN Bearer
                                             RAB               Service

                          Radio Access Bearer (RAB)
Agenda               Ericsson Confidential    9                                   2006-03-02
                    RAB Examples

         Conversational Speech         12.2 kbps Circuit

         Conversational CS Data        64 kbps Circuit switched

                                       57.7 kbps Circuit
                         Streaming     switched

                                       Variable rate Packet
                         Interactive   switched

                                        Combination of
                         Multi-RAB      Conversational Speech and
                                        Interactive 64/64

Agenda    Ericsson Confidential   10          2006-03-02
  WCDMA RAN: End-to-end view

               end-to-end application traffic
         PDCP                             RBS             RBS or RXI                   RNC
                                          3000            3000 820                     3810
          MAC                                                                             MAC
         WCDMA          WCDMA                AAL2           AAL2        AAL2             AAL2
         PHY L1         PHY L1                  ATM         ATM          ATM              ATM
                                           Transmission   Transmission Transmission   Transmission

          UE                        Node B                    ATM Switch                  RNC

Agenda            Ericsson Confidential    11                                         2006-03-02
  Inter Radio Access Technology
  (RAT) handover
                                          Inter RAT Handover

          Using the WCDMA Frequency

                                                         Using the GSM Frequency

         WCDMA Coverage                                        GSM Coverage

Agenda       Ericsson Confidential   12                                 2006-03-02
Sample rollout timeline of 1RNC/200 RBS

                                              Standard 8wks delivery
                                              However can be quicker.
                                                                        This phase dependent on total
                                                                        RBS count and weekly run rate

  TCM can actually start to
 generate script as soon as
      ATND is done.

Agenda                        Ericsson Confidential   13                                 2006-03-02
Access Transport Network Design

 What is ATND?
    –   RAN Topology Model
    –   ATM Aggregation Strategy
    –   Transport Network Topology
        towards Circuit and Packet
    –   Transport Network Topology
        between RNCs
    –   Optimizing Node B Clusters
        Connectivity within the RNS
    –   RNC Iub, and Iur Dimensioning
    –   QoS Design - Coordination of
        ATM Service Category and
        Traffic Descriptors

                  Ericsson Confidential   14   2006-03-02
 WCDMA Access Transport Network

 Why?
   –   To effectively plan new networks and
       enable utilization of existing transport
       infrastructure for transportation of
       WCDMA services and applications
   –   Future proof network planning and
       design (growth & expansion)
   –   Design consideration to meet key
       operational and future optimization
   –   Design of ATM network characteristics to
       aim for optimum end-user perceived
   –   Resilience and Recovery

                  Ericsson Confidential   15      2006-03-02
WCDMA Access Network –
Problem Statement
   How can I achieve a balanced RAN Transport Design that meets
    my short, medium and long term goals?
   What are my design considerations to ensure a future proof
    network planning & design?
   How do I handle configuration of additional T1 capacity for user
   Do I need to establish further redundancy in my network?
   How do I know my Iub and Iur dimensioning can meet my
   How many ATM PVCs should I have for user and signaling data?

                 Ericsson Confidential   16                  2006-03-02
3G Access Transport Network Design

                                                                ATM Aggregation
        Ericsson WCDMA TN

                            WCDMA RAN

                              Common                           Transmission

                                  Ericsson Confidential   17          2006-03-02
ATND Process Flowchart
    Nominal Cell Plan

                                                 Topology Model


                                              RBS, Cluster, PoC
                                             Capacity Calculation

                                                    Iub, Iur, Iu

                                                   Topology &
                                                  Capacity OK?
                                                                         Nominal Transport
    Detailed Cell Plan                                                         Plan

       Physical Link

     Physical Circuit                            PVC Detailing


                                                  Link & Node

                                                                         Detailed Transport

                         Ericsson Confidential       18                                        2006-03-02
RAN Access Transport Network
Design Process                                                            Requirement
          Project                                                                                          Solution
          Plan                                                                                             Specification

           Start-Up of                                                      Access Transport
             Project                                                        Network Planning

   Acceptance and                            Detailed Transport                    Review and Finalize
                                                                                       ATND Spec
   Conclusion                                    Network

   Network Design                                                                    High Level
   Report                                        Detailed
                                                 Design Specifications               Design Specifications

                                                                   - Network Design activities
                                                                   -Network Design service deliverables

                    Ericsson Confidential   19                                                     2006-03-02
    ATND Service Deliverables
                                                     1.    Project Management
                                                     2.    Knowledge transfer
   Design Input:                                    3.    ATND Network Topology
                                                     4.    Requirements on external transport
          Overall E2E Architecture                  5.    Logical Network Layout
          Forecast of number of customers,          6.    Physical Port Layout
           Services and Deployment                   7.    Control Layer signalling design
                                                     8.    Basic IP Addressing Plan
          Traffic profile
                                                     9.    UTRAN Network Modelling
          Existing Transport Network                10.   Iub and Iur design
           Infrastructure                            11.   ATM/AAL2 QoS and traffic descriptors
          IP Address Space                          12.   Design of MTP3b Signaling POC for Iu/Iur
          SS7 Signaling Point Codes                 13.   Final report containing detailed design
          Possible / Preferred Location of New            specification document
           Equipment                                 14.   Complete ATND Questionnaire for network roll-
          Preferences on Network Design

                      Ericsson Confidential   20                                   2006-03-02
ATND Experience & Lessons Learned
   RAN Access Transport Design is a long, complex and iterative
    negotiating process involving
       –   RF Design
       –   Circuit Core Network Design (possibly from another vendor)
       –   Packet Core Network Design (possibly from another vendor)
       –   RAN-Core Transport Interconnect
       –   Configuration Mgmt &
       –   Network Rollout
   Requires in-depth competence and experience not only with General
    ATM & Sonet, but also with the RAN Vendor implementations of ATM
    and Sonet
   Design is only done on paper, translating this into implementation
    requires extensive coordination with multiple organizations
   Requires a good understanding of short, medium & long term
    requirements while maintaining a healthy balance between all of them

                   Ericsson Confidential   21                      2006-03-02
    Experience & Lessons Learned Cont.

   RAN Access Transport Design should be coordinated together with Core
    Network Design
       – ATM PVCs, ATM VPI and VCI Addressing Schemes
       – IP Addressing
       – Signaling & User Plane dimensioning and design
   Some key access transport design aspects that require special attention
       – Access Transport (ATM) Aggregation Strategy
       – Striking the right balance of the available capacity between
               Voice
               R99 Packet data
               HSDPA
       – RBS distribution within the RNC
       – Capacity vs. Redundancy issues

                      Ericsson Confidential   22                       2006-03-02
Packet Core Network Design Service
                             What is included
  SGSN Questionnaire (CIQ)
         –   SGSN Node properties
         –   Iu-PS interface
         –   Gn/Gp interface
         –   Gom interface
         –   Gr interface

 Only 10 RNCs
  per SGSN due to

Agenda              Ericsson Confidential   23   2006-03-02
Core Network Design (CS)

   High level Design and a Proposed Architecture Solution
      –  Identifies nodes, functions and capacity, including high-level
        routing policies, robustness and redundancy
      – High level inter-site traffic figures/Call flows
      – Signaling design and synchronization
   Detailed Node Design (MSC Server & MGw)
      –   Traffic profile used for design/dimensioning
      –   MSC-S capacity (CPU and memory)
      –   Link dimensioning (SS7 and SIGTRAN (GCP,BICC,MAP,RANAP))
      –    T1 mapping/PCM range allocation)
      –    IU design / Port assignments
      –   "Traffic to SIGTRAN route assignments in MGW and MSC-S

                 Ericsson Confidential   24                   2006-03-02
Core Network Design (PS)
   High level Design and a Proposed Architecture Solution
      – Packet Network Topology Model per region, including connectivity
        design, routing, robustness and redundancy
      – High level inter-site traffic figures/Call flows (Intra and Inter SGSN)
      – Signaling design and synchronization
   Detailed Node Design
      –   Traffic profile used for design/dimensioning
      –   Planning connection to other PLMNs - Gp as applicable
      –   Gn, Gi & Gom Planning
      –   Iu OC-3 Link Dimensioning
      –   IuPS Traffic Descriptors
      –   RNC ID Numbering Scheme and IP Addressing Scheme
      –   Support system (DNS/NTP)
      –   SS7 dimensioning (Gr)

                 Ericsson Confidential   25                     2006-03-02
    Core Design Service Deliverables

   Design Input:                                            Deliverables

          Overall E2E Architecture
                                                                 Project Management
          Forecast of number of customers,
           Services and Deployment
                                                                 High level design and network
          Traffic profile                                        architecture (planning phase)

          Existing Transport Network
           Infrastructure                                        Detailed network design including a final
                                                                  report containing detailed design
          IP Address Space                                       specification document
          SS7 Signaling Point Codes
                                                                 Complete and ready design
          Possible / Preferred Location of New                   Questionnaire for network roll-out
          Preferences on Network Design

                             Ericsson Confidential   26                                 2006-03-02
RAN Architecture – Traffic and O&M
                        FTP,                       Ericsson               Citrix,
                       Backup                      OSS-RC                DNS, NTP
                       Server                                             Server

                                    IP/Ethernet                 IP/Ethernet

                O&M                                O&M
                                                                                                      PS Core

                           IPoATM                                    IPoATM
                                                                                                      Un Ch.
                                                   IPoATM                                              OC3

  RBS              Sonet                                                                              ATM VC
                                                  ATM/AAL2      Un Ch.        RNC   Un Ch.
  (200     T1      ADM                Ch. OC3                                                           XC
                                                   Switch        OC3          C13    OC3
NodeB's)          (DACS)

                                                                                                      Un Ch.

                                            RAN TND                                                   CS Core

                    Ericsson Confidential   27                                           2006-03-02
OAM Network Design

                                           RXI                                                RNC
   RBS (NodeB)                                                                                                          O&M
                                                                                                     ET Board 1

      Eth. Port
                    ET Board 1
                     Port 1           Eth. Port
                                                      ET Board 1                                       Port 1
                                                                                                  Router A
      (Node IP                                            Port 1                Eth. Port
      Address)                        (Node IP                                  (Node IP            ET Board 2   ET Board 2        Address)
                                                    Eth. Port 2                 Address)
                                                      ET Board                                        Port 1
                     Port 1                         (Node IP                                        Eth. Port
                                                    Address) 1
                                                                                                    (Node IP
                                                                                                                       Router B

    Mub                                                                OAM Network                                 WNSNet Core
    Mut                                                               OSS, RANOS, etc.


Agenda                           Ericsson Confidential                28                                               2006-03-02
O&M Network Design

 Deliverables
     – Detailed IP addressing plan
     – Dimensioning for RAN Mut, Mub and Mur interfaces,
       COMINF services dimensioning
     – Citrix, Alex and netback up dimensioning
     – O&M network topology OSS RC/COMINF servers
     – Planning network connectivity through FW and O&M
     – O&M VLANs for O&M and backup traffic
     – Ethernet switch ports planning

              Ericsson Confidential   29               2006-03-02
UTRAN tools and analysis

 Performance statistics (Radio and Transport, GPEH)
     – Analysis and "data mining" to identify performance
       improving actions
 Call flows (UETR, TEMS, Protocol Analyzer)
     – Root cause analysis of unexpected behavior
 Logs (Alarm, Event, Availability, NE error logs)
     – Analysis to identify network instability and possible software
       or configuration faults

    Need of End-to-End UMTS knowledge to understand
    how different parts of the system (UE, Radio Network,
     Transport Network, Core Network) affect the overall
              performance and user experience.

                Ericsson Confidential   30                   2006-03-02
Lessons learned from similar projects

 T1 quality has been a problem in RF tuning
     – Log file analysis to classify dropped calls
     – Initiated a process to collect statistics for T1 quality
       monitoring and open CTS tickets based on them
 GPEH analysis to identify missing neighbors
     – Supported first round of RF tuning with two sets of GPEH
       analysis to identify missing neighbor definitions
 Identified AAL2 setup problem in the Core Network
     – Access failure root cause was identified and isolated to CN
     – Detailed analysis and testing was performed in one market
       to provide a workaround to UMSCs across the markets

                Ericsson Confidential   31                        2006-03-02
Lessons learned from similar projects

 IRAT (UMTS to GSM handover)
     – UTRAN had the leading role in IRAT configuration and
       testing nationally
     – IRAT problem on I-5 North was isolated to Los Angeles
       GSM network and successfully resolved
     – Reason for current poor IRAT KPIs was identified and
       isolated to the Core/GSM Network
 Uplink interference investigation
     – UTRAN has been supporting the ongoing uplink
       interference investigation with snapshot and average values
       of interference and transmitted code power

               Ericsson Confidential   32                 2006-03-02
Ericsson Confidential   33   2006-03-02

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