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       “Micheal! Ben! Wait up!” Jeff yelled, “We were already waiting for you,”

Ben explained. “Okay I’m good,” Jeff replied, “ Hey, have you realized that Andy S.

and Robin are both ignoring us?” “Yea I’ve realized that,” Ben answered, “they

would roll us their eyes or nor pay attention to me or just look away.” That’s

happening to me too,” Micheal added on. Just then Jeff saw that he passed his street,

“See ya guys!” he yelled at them. As he turned around he ran back on the usual road,

knowing where every STOP sign, decoration, and turn was. He skidded to a stop once

he saw his house. “All home,” he happily thought. He walked into his house and

yelled, “MOM, I’M HOME!”

       The next morning, Jeff, Micheal, and Ben, at morning recess got together and

started a game of raptor tag. Only a few people joined, Andy N., Steven P., Tom,

Andrew, Mervin H., May S., Steven g. Maxwell A. aka Max A. Most people might

think that’s a lot of people but for Jeff, Micheal, and Ben, it’s nothing because they

are the most popular people in Sunny Hills elementary school. Everybody knows

them. “Let’s start!” Tom yelled, “Yea, lets start!” Max A. and Max S. yells as well.

All they could do was start, Jeff started to do Iny Miny Mini Mo, and landed on Max

A., “Crud,” Max A. Murmured under his breath. “Count to 40 Max!” Steven P.

yelled. “I am,” Max A. replied not opening his eyes, “Now go HIDE!”
           For over 20 minutes they ran and ran at recess not getting caught by Max A.

and the other people that he caught. Jeff, Micheal, and Ben thought it would be all

fine. In reality something bad would happen that has already started.

           Over the next 1 and a ½ day, Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, nothing was

wrong, except the fact that there was a decrease of people playing raptor tag with

them. Other then that everything was perfect, including the struggle of Homework!

Everything was perfect till Thursday.

           It was a normal morning for Jeff as he woke up. Everything was in a blur, the

ceiling, his posters, his toys, his dirty and clean clothes, and other things. He used his

hand to wipe the blur out of his eyes and groggily stood up and did his usual morning

things, the whole time there was a word stuck in his eyes from his sleep…… popular,

popular, popular, popular,   popular, popular,   popu lar…

           When he got to school he noticed everybody was like 5 feet away from him,

Micheal, and Ben. “That’s weird,” he thought, “I thought we’re popular?!?!” “Isn’t

this weird,” Micheal and Ben exclaimed at the same time. “Yea, very,” Jeff replied,

“they usually crowd around us trying to get our autograph. What’s up with everyone,

they’re like steering like 5 feet away from us,” Ben added on, “I have a bad feeling

about this,” Micheal answered……

           After school at home, Jeff was frustrated about everybody ignoring them at

school. He sprinted up to his room, to use his computer. Why? To find a way to get

popular again at school. He’s heard of people getting famous and rich by trying to
make something that they find off the Internet. So he tries to find something he can

make to get popular and famous, at least in Sunny Hills elementary school.

        He searched for a second… he searched for 30 seconds… he searched for an

hour… he searched for a day… he searched for a week… he searched for 2 weeks…

he searched for a month… “JACKPOT!”

        “MAGIC BOX” it said. He clicked on the page. The description showed up

“All ingredients can be in your house! No batteries required! Can be homemade!” He

thought, “It’s perfect! I just need to tell Micheal and Ben.”

        “How can we trust this project you described?” Ben asked, “Huhhh??” “Well

it’s the only plan we’ve got,” Micheal said back, “So stick with it.” Okay then I’m

in,” Ben answered, “ So sleepover tomorrow afternoon, see ya!” Jeff finally said as he

dashed of into his street.

        Jeff waited at the front porch for Micheal. Ben was already here. “What’s

taking Micheal so long!?!?” Ben asked with a confused tone, “Dunno, maybe T.V. or

something else,” Jeff replied with a grin on his face. “He he, very funny Jeff, but what

if he doesn’t come?” Ben questioned. “We might have to abor-“ Jeff never got to

finish before Micheal crashed in to him with a “BANG” “I told you that’s not our

greeting!” Jeff said with an annoyed tone. “Okay, but then let’s get started!” Micheal

said in a excited tone.
       “Okay, we need a large box, 1 cup of fresh water, pencil or pen, 2 metal

conductors…” Jeff’s voice trailed away. “We’ve got the ingredients Jeff,” Ben said

while he put down the cardboard box. “Okay, lets rest, we’ll start again at 7:00 P.M.”

Jeff finally said while everyone dozed off.

       “Okay guys, lets start working,” Jeff whispered. They hammered, chiseled,

and nailed as silent as the night. As the final piece was put in, everything stopped and

Jeff said, “Lets go to sleep, we need to let the glue dry off.”

       The next morning, everyone, Jeff, Micheal, and Ben, were full of excitement.

They did their chores with no complain and no end. When they finished they all

zoomed up the stairs to the “Magic Box”. No one knew if it would work or not as they

zoomed up to Jeff’s room.

       Once they got up to Jeff’s room they opened the “Magic Box” and Jeff

climbed in. “Go to bathroom,” Ben and Micheal heard. BZZZZZOOOOO! “The

sound was so loud! Am I in the bathroom?” he thought while he rose out of the

“Magic Box”. He saw the shiny white tiles from the bathroom’s wall. “YES, IT

WORKED!” he yelled.

       “Wow! What’s that?” one guy asked, “it’s a box of course!” Another guy

answered. “Yea, but it’s made fro-“ he never got to finish. “FREE RIDE FOR 1

DOLLAR!” Jeff’s, Micheal’s, and Ben’s voice rang in the air.
       Jeff, Micheal, and Ben got very rich when they were in there 40’s. They were

all multi-Billionaires! Their friendship never was forgotten and the recipe was never


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